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Best Solar Companies in Massachusetts

SunPower reviews

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ADT Solar reviews

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Zenernet Solar reviews

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Best National Provider SunPower

SunPower has an established reputation as an industry leader, particularly with its solar panels. SunPower uses Maxeon solar panels, which spun off from SunPower. The panels rank as some of the most efficient on the market. SunPower offers seven types of high-quality solar panels that maximize output and save you time and money.

Most reviews seem to say that SunPower panels are a bit more expensive than other solar panels out there, yet other companies don’t have the efficiency that SunPower does. Pricing isn’t available, so those interested will have to contact them for more information.

SunPower provides a leasing service, giving you a fixed monthly payment that covers all charges. SunPower also offers an agreement which is a power purchase plan for users who would rather make arrangements to pay for how much energy they use.

  • Design studio allows you to picture solar installed
  • Panel quality and options
  • 25-year warranty
  • Pricing not available online
  • More expensive
  • Power purchase agreement not available

ADT Solar

Outstanding Regional Installer ADT Solar

Sunpro Solar has already installed the second-most kilowatts of power systems in 2020 and ADT’s acquisition is likely to help the business grow even more. There are various warranties for both the installation process and how long power will last.

ADT Solar used to prefer to install LG solar panels but LG announced it will no longer produce them. ADT has a variety of solar panel providers, but insiders considered LG the second-best on the market, just behind Maxeon. There’s been some changes made over at ADT Solar, and it’s left some people concerned that they’ll be getting a lower quality of panels installed now.

  • 25-year guarantee on power production
  • Can monitor system with an app
  • Labor guarantee
  • Questions about panel providers
  • Pricing not available
  • Financing information difficult to find

Zenernet Solar

Outstanding Regional Installer Zenernet Solar

Zenernet states that it does not require in-person visits, which could better accommodate the needs of homeowners. In order to provide you a thorough look at your home, however, Zenernet requests that you take photos so they can put together a complete understanding of your property

“Zenernet’s modular pricing allows you to pay for what you want and not get locked into features you don’t want,” explains Zenernet, “making it more like an ala carte service.” Strikingly, Zenernet places a big emphasis on its transparent pricing but getting it means filling out an application first.

  • Modular pricing
  • Remote process
  • Instant quotes
  • Only available in 14 states
  • Uses contractors for installation
  • Leasing and PPA not available

Momentum Solar

Best Regional Coverage Momentum Solar

One thing that makes Momentum Solar different than other solar providers is that they operate in states where net metering is in place – this means you can sell your excess energy back to the electric company. Momentum isn’t just one company, but an entire store filled with solar-related products and services. This place can help people learn about the financial side of going solar and could even help get them set up with their first home installation.

Momentum offers a range of excellent financing options, like EBATES, cashback, solar loans & leased solar that can offer tax incentives. However, there are some less restrictive (and quicker to get) choices on finance such as EBATES and cash back.

Momentum does not provide quotes or pricing online because incentives vary from state to state.

  • Variety of financing options
  • Intentionally serves states with net metering
  • Features a selection of seven solar panel brands
  • No instant quotes or pricing online
  • Less availability
  • Younger company

Palmetto Solar

Outstanding Regional Installer Palmetto Solar

Palmetto is a relatively newer company, but has grown quickly. They have other services that have made them stand out from their competitors. Their panels produce 350 watts but at 21.4% efficiency, which might be a consideration for some homeowners with high energy needs.

Palmetto Energy can help you with all of your solar needs, including rental, loans and PPAs. While permitting can sometimes take longer since installers handle that, Palmetto offers a suite of services with fast turnaround time.

  • Panels have 21.4% efficiency
  • Palmetto Protects offers real-time monitoring and one-click customer support
  • Expansive services
  • Fewer financing options
  • 350-watt panels
  • Permitting may take longer

How to choose the best solar panel installation company for you

Choosing a solar company comes down to what you need. Some companies provide incentives while others can find the best panels that produce the most electricity. It all depends on your needs and required features/benefits. Solar companies usually hire their own installers or outsource the work. Find a solar energy contractor that suits your needs.

Solar Panel Incentives in Massachusetts

According to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Energy Efficiency, Massachusetts has 114 incentives for renewables and energy efficiency. Many of those are residential-focused..

The federal investment tax credit for solar energy projects is really robust. This tax credit allows you to reduce your taxes by up to 26% and it’s supposed to last until 2023. The problem is that congress will have to renew this credit for 2024 and beyond, so it could be a little tricky.

Massachusetts has a $1,000 state tax credit and a sales tax exemption on new solar installation. There is also net metering in Massachusetts, which means that homeowners that produce surplus energy can be reimbursed for the extra electricity by their local utility company. For more information on solar prices and incentives in Massachusetts, check out our guide.

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