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A leader in the solar energy industry, Modern Mill Solar provides customized solar power systems for homes and businesses. To make going green simple and affordable, they provide a range of services including solar panel installation and solar-powered energy systems.

Modern Mill Solar overview

Solar energy system design, installation, and maintenance for residential and commercial sites are the areas of expertise for Modern Mill Solar, a renewable energy firm. Along with continuing monitoring and maintenance, they provide a variety of services, such as system design, financing alternatives, and site assessments. In order to assist customers in maximizing energy use and reducing energy expenses, they also provide energy consultancy services.

What Modern Mill Solar has to say about itself

By cleverly handling their intricate and expanding energy demands, Modern Mill Solar seeks to assist clients in harnessing the sun's limitless energy to become energy-independent. No matter where you reside, solar energy may benefit you, your house, or your place of business. According to estimates, solar power systems may boost the value of your home or place of business more than they cost, and they provide 25 years of energy at a fixed rate.

Modern Mill Solar Solar Review

Year Started2007
Service AreasIL, IN, WI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow batteries.

Modern Mill Solar website review

You can rely on the information on Modern Mill Solar's official website. looks and functions professionally, with a user-friendly menu and logically laid out information. The site presents various aspects of the company's activities, from services and products to customer reviews and company contact information. The site also regularly publishes news and updates on the company's activities. The site also has a secure payment gateway where users can confidently purchase goods and services. If you want information about Modern Mill Solar, the place the company officially maintains is trustworthy.

Modern Mill Solar price policy

PackagesSolar System Design and Installation: Starting at $2,500, Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance: Starting at $99, Solar System Repair: Starting at $99, Solar System Monitoring: Starting at $9/month, Solar Battery Storage: Starting at $3,000
Payment optionsCredit card, check, bank transfer, PayPal, and financing
Payment discounts5% Early Payment Discount, 3% Pre-Payment Discount, Quantity Discounts (up to 15%), Referral Discounts (up to 10%), Military Discounts (up to 10%)

Modern Mill Solar online reputation

Positive customer reviews for Modern Mill Solar mostly highlight the company's reasonable costs, friendly employees, and dependability. Customers also laud the company's long-term viability and its use of cutting-edge technologies and techniques to provide outcomes that endure. Clients who have used Modern Mill Solar's services often have nothing but good things to say about the business and its products.
"In August of 2021, we talked to a representative from Modern Mill and made plans to have solar panels installed on our Wisconsin home and produce electricity by the end of the year. After months of silence, we finally got word a few weeks before the end of the year that they would be coming to set up the panels. They did that, and as they were finishing up the installation, they informed us that they couldn't turn them on just yet because it was too late in the day (there was no sun). Upon contacting their office, we were instructed to simply flip a switch to activate the system. Early in the month of January, we did that, and based on the information provided, we assumed that we were using only solar power. After 30 days, it was obvious that we were not. Since then, we've tried to get in touch with them, but every time we do, they give us a new excuse and promise that someone will be there the following week, when in fact, no one ever shows up. It has been nearly a year since we first started this process, and we still haven't gotten anywhere. We're not the only ones in the area dealing with this; some of our neighbors have even gone so far as to hire attorneys or hire a competing business to complete what they couldn't. The main point is that it has been over a year and we are still not up and running, despite their repeated promises to do so." - David B.
"Avoid making a purchase from Modern Mill Solar at all costs, as the company will not check in with you after the installation is complete nor offer any assistance if anything breaks. They say they'll back you up, but that's not the case." - Leo T.
"Modern Mill Solar put the solar array on my house in 2019. With this configuration, I was able to utilize solar energy to power my home and use a smartphone app to monitor it from a distance. My system's 3G modem would soon cease working correctly, and an independent vendor told me early this year that I would need to replace it with a $499 extra modem in order for the monitoring service to continue operating. Upon contacting Modern Mill, I was informed that they were aware of the issue, were investigating it, and would provide me with an update. I phoned again after a bit in case there was any answer. Since June 1st, 2022, my PC has not gotten any new software upgrades. I made careful to contact Modern Mill Solar this time. They said that I had no choice but to pay the $499 to have a new modem installed. After informing the representative that the hardware given was unable to provide the services specified in the contract with Modern Mill, I explained that it was illogical for a client to keep paying for a system that they had previously bought. There were no further options offered by the phone representative. Despite my confidence in the solar product's quality, I am unable to trust Modern Mill as they won't accept accountability for breaching a service contract without raising the cost to the client." - Luke N.
"After the installation was finished, I was stuck with SolarEdge for months while they investigated the mysterious transfer of kilowatts of power to my home. The sales guy at SolarEdge made me feel like a baby when I asked for a fully functional system after pleading with them to send me replacement parts." - Julian S.
"From the start, I was skeptical of MM. Knowing what was to come, I asked a lot of questions about why they wanted so much personal information, how come they were so pushy, and what the deal was with the arrogance of the "management" on the phone. When it comes to my solar panel installation, I've been lied to, promised the moon, and repeatedly disappointed. In the first place, they used a fib on my loan application about my income to guarantee a positive outcome. My accusers said I made nearly three times as much as I did. Secondly, the promised completion date and the resulting savings were both WAY off. Their setup procedure was also subpar. Third, since the disappointments began pouring in, I have had a hard time getting in touch with anyone, let alone being helped. NOT deal with Modern Mill!" - Hudson V.
"The Modern Mill staff worked tirelessly through the storm and the cold to get the building operational. One of them had to handle everything on their own for an entire day. Solar panels installed on the roof were so well concealed upon completion that onlookers had to double-check that they weren't hallucinating. Throughout the process, Jayden was cordial and informative. Because installing the converter in my garage would have been so challenging, he was honest about his inability to do so. Not only had he never attempted such a thing before, but he also would have needed permission from higher-ups before moving forward. It would have cost me more money to do so, too. Jayden was very honest in his defense, and that won my respect." - Luca C.
"The team who assembled Modern Mill performed a fantastic job. This group's proficiency and effectiveness are exceptional. They persevered and battled the storm with dignity. Winds of 20–30 miles per hour greeted their first day on the job; lows of -12 degrees Fahrenheit were experienced for the remainder of the week; 10 inches of snow fell the next week; and winds of 30–40 miles per hour the week after that. They would give us a call at the end of each workday to update us on their progress and to let us know when they would be arriving at our home the next day. Sadly, this group was forced to spend three or five days inside. I appreciate Modern Mill bringing their "A" team to my house; they are dependable, diligent, and ready to assist me with everything I need for my family and residence." - Anthony R.
"Not only did the installers continue to work, but several of them remained late to address unforeseen issues. Before leaving, they made sure I was satisfied and took care of my belongings. I wholeheartedly endorse them and their company." - Dylan P.
"The best possible business! For every subject discussed, there were thorough explanations provided. It simply took a day to install the solar panels. The support was given quickly. Mike, the electrician, was a delight to deal with since he was neat, courteous, and meticulous in his job. The greatest electrician I've ever worked with, without a doubt. All things considered, they are a pleasure to deal with." - Lincoln E.
"My choice of Modern Mill was based on a friend's recommendation. I also used their services. The work of the solar engineers and electricians is exceptional; they gave it their all. The manager was in charge of our transaction and provided us with a lot of information. The most alluring offer came from Modern Mill's partner, even though their system was more costly because of their very low financing rates. As said, the setup time is almost the same. Both the demand, which is behind schedule, and local permits might cause delays. If you have any questions, feel free to discuss them with one of the specialists you will be collaborating with on the project. It took me around seven or nine weeks to complete." - Thomas O.

Modern Mill Solar Social media
Modern Mill Solar uses visually appealing photos, videos, and infographics on Facebook to show the advantages of turning green. Links to more details about the company's services and commitment to quality are also provided on the website. Fans may see on this regularly updated website what the solar energy firm is doing to better the environment. The Modern Mill Solar Facebook page has a professional and trustworthy appearance. Readers are invited to provide input, and each post is thoughtfully written. For gathering and arranging customer feedback and ideas for the business, it's an excellent technique. Finally, if you'd want to know more about Modern Mill Solar's solar energy services and the entrepreneurs who founded the firm, a fantastic place to start is by checking out their Facebook page.
Using cutting-edge solar technology, Modern Mill Solar advocates for a healthier and more sustainable world. The firm caters to both residential and business clients. Products, services, and energy solutions that lower your carbon footprint are described on the corporate website. Modern Mill Solar's profile on the professional networking site LinkedIn is well put up. Following the in-depth explanation is a rundown of the business's plans, objectives, and targets. Links to films, blogs, and other online resources that discuss solar power are also provided. Many people rely on and enjoy visiting the Modern Mill Solar website. The information is fresh and well-written, and the site is often updated. The administrators of the pages are also quite quick to reply to comments and resolve any questions or issues that may have been raised. The LinkedIn profile for Modern Mill Solar is credible and presents a professional image overall.
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Modern Mill Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews813.9


Modern Mill Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cost-effective
  • Experienced
  • High Initial Investment
  • Maintenance
  • Limited Product Range

Modern Mill Solar Final Conclusions

Modern Mill Solar is a respectable and trustworthy business dedicated to developing sustainable energy solutions. The company has mostly gotten favorable comments regarding its offerings, goods, and customer support. Consumers highlight the usage of top-notch equipment, professionalism, and reasonable costs. On the other hand, some unfavorable evaluations also bring up installation delays. The business has a strong social media following and produces high-caliber, polished designs. Customers have given the company an overall rating of four well-earned stars.

Modern Mill Solar locations

Main Address3518 Broadway Fort Wayne, IN 46807
Phone Number8444402880

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