Momentum Solar review

A firm called Momentum Solar is committed to offering residential and commercial customers all around the country sustainable energy products and services. The business focuses on providing solar energy systems that save consumers money on electricity bills and provide low-cost, clean energy. The skilled specialists on the team at Momentum Solar put the needs of their clients first and provide installation services as well as ongoing support.
Momentum Solar review

Momentum Solar overview

A firm called Momentum Solar is committed to offering residential and commercial customers all around the country sustainable energy products and services. The business focuses on providing solar energy systems that save consumers money on electricity bills and provide low-cost, clean energy. The skilled specialists on the team at Momentum Solar put the needs of their clients first and provide installation services as well as ongoing support.

What Momentum Solar has to say about itself

Momentum Solar is a top full-service solar supplier, providing residential and business clients with a complete solar energy solution. Momentum Solar has established a reputation for superior customer service, creativity, and fine artistry. Each client receives a unique design and unmatched support from the Momentum Solar team, which is geared toward meeting their specific requirements. Momentum Solar promises the greatest level of safety, effectiveness, and quality on every work while employing the most recent technology available.

Momentum Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasNJ, NY, SC, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and saltwater batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB

Momentum Solar website review

The solar energy sector loves Momentum Solar's website, The website offers a variety of services and has an appealing look. The website includes images and videos of finished projects as well as references to the business's social media pages. When you initially visit the website, you may quickly get feedback. The website also contains important data and corporate specifics. A portion of the website is devoted to answering commonly asked questions about solar energy. Additionally, new solar energy-related content may be found in the "Blog" area. Customers will be able to receive the information they need to make an educated decision because of the site's user-friendly and appealing design.

Momentum Solar price policy

PackagesStarter Package: $15,999, Standard Package: $19,999, Premium Package: $23,999, Elite Package: $27,999, Platinum Package: $31,999, Ultimate Package: $35,999
Payment optionsVisa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are all accepted payment methods.
Payment discountsFor qualified customers, there is no upfront cost and 0% financing. For those who prefer to make a down payment, 0% financing with a 20% down payment is available. Paying in full saves you 5% while paying in full with a check or ACH payment saves you 10%. Customers who pay with cash or check can also receive a 3% discount.

Momentum Solar online reputation

Momentum Solar has received average ratings from its customers for the performance of its work. While some report successful installation and solar systems performing according to contract terms, others report problems with the installation process and customer service. Problems include long wait times for callbacks and technical issues. While most customers remain satisfied with their installed solar system, Momentum Solar should throw all of its efforts into fixing the problems that already exist.
"The panels were successfully installed. It's been a nightmare going through the inspection procedure. Due to improper installation of wiring at the home, you failed two inspections. The original permission applicant must come to my house with a torque wrench to correctly tighten the wires after the GRU inspector locks your junction box after the second failure. I have been calling your customer support line to settle this issue for the last two weeks.I requested a personal callback after your department issued three cases to me, but I haven't received one. On my most recent phone, I was sent to a supervisor who promised to get in touch with me, but I haven't received a call yet. If you don't resolve this problem, my payments will start on August 1st and I won't have a functioning solar system. Do you have the power to make this issue go away?" - Den O.
"Momentum Solar rots from the head, as they say about fish. Their President, attempted to downplay a well planned effort to return three years after I DID NOT AGREE to purchase. They insisted that I had a contract that wasn't terminated in a timely manner, admitted that there was no completed contract, attempted to pressure me into obtaining solar by threatening to charge me a hefty cancellation fee, and eventually admitted there was no contract. Along the process, four separate persons who were each examining the information that their systems should have produced inconsistent results. In utter dispute, they both asserted that they were referencing facts rather than views. Prevent them!" - Bob K.
"Lease Agreement signed in March 2020. They agreed to remove and replace once without charging me, according to the contract I signed. This mattered to me since I had another 6–7 years before I needed to repair my roof. Now that it is leaking, I contact and am informed that they are no longer servicing my panels and that the loan company is in charge. The Financing Company claims to have cut ties with Momentum. I've started my campaign to warn New Yorkers everywhere about using Momentum! I need to get my system removed if there is no further support for the next 20 years!" - Jacob D.
"Please reconsider if you are thinking of getting solar from this firm. They are a group of crooks and liars. The seller doesn't mention the backup battery at all. They came to my house to offer their services, and after I asked the salesperson all the right questions, he made a lot of empty promises. Power while there is an outage and a low electric bill are both lies. Falsely communicate once again. as soon as I tell them I need the system removed, they hang up on me on the phone." - Alex R.
"Installed batteries and solar panels. I was informed that once the necessary paperwork is completed, the government would issue you a cheque to cover the installation costs. There is no government program, which is the first falsehood. that installs solar panels and provides you a payment for the installation. When you go to file your taxes at the end of the year, they do have a tax credit, but it is not even close to what we were promised. 100% backing Second lie contacted twice daily and is still awaiting a callback to respond to my inquiries. Third falsehood never received any documentation outlining the timing, amount, and duration of the payments. Should I continue on here? will never install solar on a new home. never again use solar momentum for anything." - Albert А.
"All is OK thus far. The salesman wasn't very clear about the "production vs. utilization" metrics, so I just wish I had looked into them more further. My whole arrangement would have been much more beneficial if I had included a home battery. But as is, everything is good. My PECO electric bill is much reduced in the summer because a lot of credits are sold back to the grid (but it will never be less than $12 since PECO is greedy no matter what we try to use less energy)." - Lola D.
"Momentum Solar put solar panels on my roof, and I'm really pleased with them. They are now operating perfectly and have been for two years. My electricity expenses are minimal. This winter, I received money returned from the power company instead of having to pay for energy for three months. I don't worry about summer power expenses as central Texas's sweltering summer draws near. While the cost of power will continue to rise (it has climbed 7% so far this year in central Texas), I'm relieved to know that my costs will stay the same during the 20-year term of the loan." - Bren S.
"Momentum placed our solar panels more than two years ago. We have 42 solar panels on our west-facing roof, and since they were set up, we have not received a single utility bill. Since it was completed, we have never had any issues with our solar system. Over 130% of our houses' electricity needs are met by our solar panels, which also power our electric vehicle. We support Reliant's Reliant Solar Payback 12 strategy. Our surplus solar energy, which is sent back into the system, has always been sufficient to cover our electricity costs. No matter the time of year, our solar panels have always provided more energy than our house needs. With our Momentum solar installation, we are thrilled." - Karl W.
"Very excellent overall. As one of the first ground mount clients, Momentum specified the system and completed the installation at the price provided. Although I had my doubts, the salesman's ROI projections turned out to be correct. August 2018 saw the system's installation, and by early 2022, it had paid for itself in full. It is, in my opinion, my finest property investment to date. I now pay just $5 for line use on my power bill, yet it earns around $3,000 in SREC sales annually. The inverters utilized have a high failure rate, and although they are under warranty, the older the system becomes, the longer it takes to repair the failing inverters. If I have a complaint, it is about these inverters." - Michael F.
"My solar system was operational and providing electricity for about 4 months after I signed the original contract. Waiting for local government and energy supplier restrictions took up the majority of that time. There was a little issue with the install, which Momentum was able to resolve quickly. Overall, I am pleased with my system thus far. I do have a few inquiries. Momentum could have showed me why they put the panels in the way they did by including me in the design of my solar system, which would have been wonderful. This would have eliminated inquiries as to why they chose not to do anything a certain way. If they had built them that way, would they not have been able to accommodate more panels on the side of the house that receives the most sunlight? Participation would reduce the amount of speculating and questioning. Instead, they chose not to, and as a result, I now have some unanswered queries." - Lena O.

Momentum Solar Social media
Momentum Solar's Facebook page looks very attractive and professionally designed. It has all the contact information, links to other company resources, and briefly described information. The page has more than 24000 subscribers and more than 23000 likes, which indicates its popularity. In addition to being updated frequently with useful news about the company, the page has informative and entertaining content about solar panels. Almost under each post, customers leave comments, and one of the main disadvantages of the page is that there is no section where you can leave feedback to customers who have already installed the system. In conclusion, we can say that the page is very useful and informative; by finalizing small details, the company will achieve a unique page on solar energy.Momentum Solar's page on LinkedIn is very well done. The fact that the page has more than 48,000 fans shows that its customers find it useful. The page has the company's contact information, a short introduction, and a big gallery of their finished work. New, helpful posts are always being added to the page. The posts have hashtags, pictures, and videos, and they are put up every day. Customers like and comment on them all the time. New clients always sign up for the page to find out what's going on with the company. Check out Momentum Solar's LinkedIn page if you want to learn more about the solar business from a trusted source.
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Momentum Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews11083.6
AVG 3.61


Momentum Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism
  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Limited geographic presence
  • Limited customer service
  • Expensive

Momentum Solar Final Conclusions

Momentum Solar is a residential and commercial solar panel installation company rated 3.7 out of 5 stars based on consumer reviews. According to consumers, the reviews are mostly positive, with customers noting cost savings and efficient customer service. However, customers have encountered a lot of wasted installation time and improper wiring. Since the company has a huge customer base that shows the number of reviews, and partly bad reviews did not correspond to the themes of the company, spoiling its overall rating. The social networks of the company have a high level of informativeness and quality of design. Overall, Momentum Solar offers good value for money for its cost-effective solar panel installation services.

Momentum Solar locations

Main Address325 High Street Metuchen, NJ 08840
Phone Number7329026224

26 local offices

New Jersey – South Plainfield 3096 B Hamilton Blvd, South Plainfield NJ, 07080
New Jersey – Cherry Hill 1931 Onley Avenue, Cherry Hill NJ, 08003
New Jersey – South Plainfield 3096 Hamilton Blvd, South Plainfield NJ, 07080
New Jersey – Cherry Hill 1931 Olney Ave, Cherry Hill NJ, 08003
Texas – El Paso 11540 Pellicano Dr, El Paso TX, 79936
Texas – Austin 9007 Tuscany Way, Austin TX, 78754
Texas – San Antonio 6035 Randolph Blvd, San Antonio TX, 78233
Texas – Houston 5365 W Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston TX, 77041
Texas – Dallas 725 N Royal Ln, Dallas TX, 75261
California – Orange 539 W. Walnut Avenue Suite A, Orange CA, 92868
California – Orange 600 City Pkwy W, Orange CA, 92868
New York – Plainview 45 Fairchild Avenue Suite B, Plainview NY, 11803
New York – Plainview 45 Fairchild Ave, Plainview NY, 11803
Connecticut – Stamford 500 West Avenue, Stamford CT, 06902
Connecticut – Berlin 80 Clark Dr, Berlin CT, 06023
Connecticut – Stamford 500 West Ave, Stamford CT, 06902
Florida – Orlando 8248 Parline Blvd Suite 100, Orlando FL, 32809
Florida – Tampa 5910 Benjamin Center Drive Suite 110, Tampa FL, 33634
Florida – Tamarac 6001 North Haitus Drive Suite 9B, Tamarac FL, 33321
Florida – Orlando 6210 Hoffner Ave, Orlando FL, 32822
Florida – Fort Myers 5272 Summerlin Commons Way, Fort Myers FL, 33907
Florida – Jacksonville 6196 Lake Gray Blvd, Jacksonville FL, 32244
Pennsylvania – Lancaster 1004 New Holland Ave, Lancaster PA, 17601
– Norcross 1745 Corporate Dr, Norcross Georgia, 30093
Nevada – Las Vegas 6185 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas NV, 89118
– Tampa 5910 Benjamin Center Dr, Tampa Florida, 33634

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