Moxie Solar review

Moxie Solar review
MOXIE was founded in 2008 out of a desire to bring new energy options to the country and to help educate people about the many benefits of solar energy and electric vehicles. Since then, MOXIE has grown to be the United States' leading provider of solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural applications. With over 1,500 successfully completed projects and predominantly 5-star customer reviews, we're proud of our role in creating a more sustainable future for our clients and our world. MOXIE stands apart from the competition with in-house solar experts that make the process of going solar quick and easy. Not only do we focus on solar education before sales, but we are the only solar company in the nation with a Rapid Installation Team (R.I.T.). This team of specialized solar experts makes the process of going solar lightning-fast, without ever sacrificing quality, customer service, or attention to detail. With our real-time protocol, we have a laser focus on every customer's "Solar Experience" and using our unique virtual processes, the MOXIE R.I.T. can install your system up to 3X faster than the national average! This means you start saving green and being green faster than ever before. MOXIE is also proud to offer a special solar discount program for Healthcare Professionals, First Responders, and Active-Duty/Veteran Military and Reserves members. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation virtual consultation!
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Main Office Address 323 W Cherry St, North Liberty IA, 52317


Hudson Greenaway
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    zacharysean00 - Stockport, Iowa March 14, 2022 at 3:14 am

    UPDATED 6/26/2020: They admitted their errors and have recently went above and beyond to make sure system is up and running properly. Including sending an electrician to look over the system after hours.—–Bought a 42 panel array December 20, 2019. Finally installed and turned on April 24, 2020. It was a ground mount and was told it’d move ahead of the roof mount systems. June 17, 2020 the #1 inverter quit working according to the SolarEdge app. Numerous phone calls, emails, and submitted tickets have all went unanswered by this company. However when I select free consultation for new customer someone answers the phone. Then transferred to another voicemail. They don’t care about systems they’ve already sold. Just the next dollar for the system they’re going to sell.

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    Randall and Lisa Rolph - Coralville, Iowa April 16, 2022 at 6:21 am

    Moxie is not what you think. They will take your money and leave you with a system that doesn’t work. Having spent just under $20,000.00 for an 18 panel system I was left with only 9 panels working. All our attempts to have Moxie come out and correct the problem has been met with excuses, misrepresentations, and more excuses. What we have is a non-functioning solar system and refusal by Moxie to correct the problem or to refund the portion of the system that does not work. This problem which was recognized in November 2019 continues today, January 2020 with no relief in sight. Has was related to my wife, Moxie is not concerned with service has all their resources are directed to installing sold systems. Further, Moxie in North Liberty has only 2 female service personnel responsible for putting installed systems on line and servicing their warranties. When Moxie told us their systems are serviced and warranted for 25 years, we had no idea they meant it would take 25 years to address issues.

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    KLC - Milan, Illinois June 2, 2022 at 1:09 am

    We had a flawless experience from the free estimate/consultation to the email process for all the paperwork to the install of the panels/electrical! I would recommend this company and its workers to anyone! Thank you for making this process so easy and enjoyable!

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    JOHN - North Liberty, Iowa September 21, 2022 at 11:53 am

    first, the office was local, second the response from the salesman and installation team was very cordial and helpful.

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    CAP55 - Anamosa, Iowa October 2, 2022 at 2:14 pm

    Update: Moxie finally contacted me and apologised for the delay in contacting me. They admitted their fault in lack of communication. I was told that they did some offsite trouble shooting and my inverter was bad. They ordered me a new one and told me it would be in the next week. Well I got 2 more calls later that same day saying they found one in stock and would be at my house that day to install it, which they did. We had some problems getting the app to communicate but they came back and fixed that as well. I am happy with the level of service provided after our initial problems. They service staff is very nice and professional. We bought a solar system from Moxie early September 2019 and were told we just missed the 2019 guaranty date by 2 or 3 days but since it was so close, they said it would be done that year to take full advantage of the tax credits. Well due to giving us the wrong email address of the bank for financing and then quoting the system wrong, we experienced many delays. They had no sense of urgency. I was calling and not getting call backs. Finally my husband stopped in the office to talk to someone. After that, things began to progress. We got installed in late November, and with Alliant approval and only a week to go, they still hadn’t come out to turn the system on. We finally did it ourselves. Now 6 months later, we have had a non functioning system for 5 days during the longest, sunniest days of the year when we should be covering our usage and banking for the winter. Several phone calls and emails have gone unanswered. We don’t know what the problem is still. We were told when we spent 30 grand that they would monitor the system and inform us when a problem arose. They said they would know before we did. That did not happen. They still have not contacted us since it went down. It is very clear on the monitoring system that it is not producing energy. The promised monitoring was the deciding factor between 2 quotes we had. Stay clear of this company. I wish I had used the other provider.

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