Mynt Solar review

We've been helping the community since 2016. Imagine working with a service provider you can have faith in. That was our goal in creating Mynt. Ever since we originally opened, our number one priority has been to provide our clients with the highest quality service at the most affordable rates available.
Mynt Solar review

Mynt Solar overview

We've been helping the community since 2016. Imagine working with a service provider you can have faith in. That was our goal in creating Mynt. Ever since we originally opened, our number one priority has been to provide our clients with the highest quality service at the most affordable rates available.

What Mynt Solar has to say about itself

Mynt Solar & Roofing is distinguished by its investment in cutting-edge technologies. We are unique among solar energy providers in that we do not primarily engage in door-to-door marketing. Our firm is a year-round solar installation service in Utah, Nevada, and California, not a seasonal one. Our success depends on being honest and forthright with our clients. These fundamentals contribute to minimizing expenses. Our dedication to client satisfaction and our extensive knowledge ensure that our solar installations and roofs are among the finest in the business. Adding solar panels to your house will make it more energy efficient and get rid of your monthly power cost. The addition of a battery may help prevent potential power outages. You can help your family save money without sacrificing comfort or convenience by installing solar panels. Every one of our clients comes first. You're not just a client at Mynt Solar & Roofing, you're a neighbor. Our mission is to provide affordable, straightforward answers to the complex concerns of our communities.

Mynt Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasCA, UT
Service TypesResidential solar power, Commercial solar energy, Energy audit, Energy monitoring, Sale and installation of batteries, Roof replacement
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries

Mynt Solar website review

The website has a simple, contemporary look that exudes trustworthiness. Its major color palette is blue and white. The website's informational and appealing content includes parts devoted to the business's goods and services as well as a blog area with useful articles on renewable energy sources. Additionally prominently featured on the website are the company's mission and values, which contribute to a feeling of openness and trust. Additionally, the website has a phone number and a contact form that users can use to get in touch with the business and ask questions about their goods or services. Additionally, there is information on the company's completed projects on the website, which may help prospective clients trust the business. The website seems to be overall well-designed and practical, with educational material that successfully conveys the business's principles and services.

Mynt Solar price policy

Packagesstarts at around $3,000 and can go up to $30,000 or more
Payment optionscredit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers
Payment discountsdiscounts for customers who choose to pay in full at the time of installation

Mynt Solar online reputation

According to user reviews, Mynt Solar seems to have several problems with operations and customer support. While some customers have enjoyed working with the firm's suppliers and contractors, other customers have encountered delays, misunderstandings, and missed deadlines. One consumer even claimed that Mynt Solar failed to notify them of an unexpected power interruption. Customers have commented that Mynt Solar provides competitive pricing and incentives, making it an excellent alternative for individuals wishing to save money on their solar installation despite the operational concerns. The quality of the solar panels and the installation process also pleased several clients. Overall, it seems like Mynt Solar could be a decent option for individuals searching for affordable solar installations, while they still need to work on their operations and customer care to better serve their clients.
"Mynt's solar costs are highest. Due to their low fees and promotion, I got 50% more electricity at a lower cost than other local solar companies. Kind, hardworking people dealt with me. They run poorly. in order... 1. Missed initial sales call, phoned later with "whoops, a system error sent it to our California branch and they didn't call you or us" 2. December installation objective (really April) 3. No deadlines. Often for the same process, I needed status explanations. 4. Misfiled paperwork delays 5. Unexpected municipal authorities turning off my power to do anything owing to lack of notification. They may have cut my power without me. 6. I continually requested monitoring onboarding. Service technicians promised information I never received. Many voicemails. Seeking information from the CEO at the main office. Reminders put up. The CEO claimed my worries were shared. If matters weren't resolved by the next workday, he gave me his phone. New clients are given timelines and additional work, according to the dialogue. I can't judge by others' experiences. The preceding implies. 1. Check other recent reviews after 6-12 months. That should show if their operations are fixed. 2. Conserving money may delay you if you can't wait. 3. Avoid post-sale assistance. I'm unsure about service. After being stood up on the phone once, I would have picked a different service, but the pricing and reviews were so fantastic that I was willing to take a risk. Despite much frustration and uncertainty, I got a good installation and price. Hope Mynt can fix operations. Business fundamentals ruin such a good deal." - ADL
"Utahns vary from Californians. I was excited to go solar after reading so many excellent reviews and finding their SoCal location. I chose over solar-industry buddies. I felt. You want someone who follows up. Sadly, no. After funding. My Edison salesman hasn't called since I applied.Great contractors completed my house in a day. Salesman was the only issue. Fantastic inspection planner electrician. I called because he didn't. Despite requests, I followed up. He offered me last-minute updates, like telling me the solar would be installed the next week when I wasn't ready, and he didn't help me with the HOA procedure. Unannounced municipal inspections were another issue. He'd call and say they made a mistake. I loved the personnel and contractors, but I won't conduct business till they have a new salesman or deal with Utah. Salesman unnecessary. Edison hasn't approved my application yet, so I need updates. I texted him about my application. He must sign financial forms to be paid, but it's been two days with no response. Draws and calls fast." - Paul Vargas
"Good start. Trent sold well. Trent understood our panel concept, and his 3D home model wowed us. Since I mine bitcoin and have servers at home, he knew we needed to monitor and generate energy. Our 30-panel Enphase system produced 53kWh. They got two stars since the equipment works. Discuss concerns.Garbage pallets were placed on our curb after panel installation. Trent ordered rubbish collection in anger. Trent left. "Sense" power use meter installer missed my appointment. Not sure why. Mynt said the Enphase box would have the exterior use meter. Will see. Our system failed Rocky Mountain Power inspection. They won't reveal how Mynt failed. New electrical box and house. Before we could turn on the panels, Mynt failed inspection. After many emails, Mynt came and conducted more work, passing inspection. By October 19, our roof had panels. Rocky Mountain power installed the meter to sell extra electricity to them and turn the system on.Mynt never answered. System orientation never came. I entered into the system and discovered that the Enphase box's consumption meter was never installed (two $50 forks that go into your power box, it already has all the other components).The last notification was a loan e-sign. As usual, Mynt botched the financing process. I refused to sign until Mynt called to address my use meter, which they had neglected for a long time.I recounted the narrative knowing they knew. They'll test Sense and Enphase with me. The customer care representative was kind, but it was about the loan. They sought loan approval in the end.My fiancé said "don't you think they'll just not do it when you approve the loan"? Yes, but the Sense is just $200 and the Enphase consumption meter pieces are $50 (they still need to be installed by an expert, which is why Mynt should have kept their promises). They irritated me.Trent and other Mynt execs left to build a solar company. Risk dealing with the left. If they're still there in five years, I'll sue for system help.December 10, 2020: Mynt Solar supplied the Enphase monitor and Sense. I'm giving 3.5 stars." - James Chambers
"Some solar companies are difficult to rely on, and I have received quotes from my fair share of dubious installers. Because Mynt was so well-regarded, I decided to give them a try. They were great, Chris was great to deal with, and the installers did a great job of cleaning up everything after themselves. They went above and above by upgrading our electrical panel for us and having the contractors match the stucco color to our home. Very happy and looking forward to not having to pay Edison much longer." - Agnes Hanson
"After originally meeting for estimates with three different solar providers and detesting every minute of it, Mynt showed up and provided a much-needed breath of fresh air. Neither tried to upsell us on anything we didn't need nor used any of the standard slick sales cliches like, "I'm a big believer in transparency, so I'm going to be brutally upfront and honest with you." From the first meeting to go over choices, to scheduling, to installation, and afterwards, the whole experience was fantastic. Their genuine concern for their work is evident." - Austin
"Mynt has been a great company to work with. Jonas Christensen served as my solar salesperson. He won't attempt to sell you a system that is overpriced and overproductive. I bought solar on my second house after doing so on my first because the service and solar were so great. I'll refer all of my customers, relatives, and friends to Mynt." - Brandon Hoyt
"When we filled out a survey while considering solar, we started receiving calls almost immediately. I conducted some research, scheduled some meetings, and somehow had two firms arrive at the same time; they should have been here a few minutes earlier. They cordially offered to return, gave some basic pricing, and then walked away. After looking at four or five businesses, we asked them to return. Despite not being the cheapest, they were open to working with me to get what I wanted. In the end, we received it and at a cost that was more than reasonable. The job was outstanding, and ever since, we have remained in touch. It was obvious that they should be contacted when looking at a battery backup system. Once again, they are working with me to achieve my goals and are going above and beyond to attempt to get the greatest deal possible. Anybody should use them, in my opinion." - Ronnie Thompson
"I've worked with Mynt Solar, and I couldn't be happier. When the installation was finished, Mynt was always there for us, unlike so many other businesses that abandon their customers to fend for themselves. When a problem developed, they gave fantastic customer service, responded to concerns, informed us that our system was operating at top efficiency, and re-emailed the paperwork we needed to submit an application for the tax credit (my mistake). My experience has led me to strongly suggest Mynt Solar to anybody thinking about installing a solar system." - Maximus

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Mynt Solar average reviews

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Mynt Solar Pros & Cons

  • Limited choice of panel types
  • Installation may be more expensive in some regions
  • Higher upfront costs compared to other providers
  • High Performance Panels
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible payment options

Mynt Solar Final Conclusions

Based on customer reviews, Mynt Solar has a mixed reputation. While some customers have had positive experiences with the company, others have reported communication issues, missed deadlines and delays in post-sales support. However, it is worth noting that some customers also highly appreciated the quality of installation and the professionalism of contractors. Overall, it seems that Mynt Solar may have some areas for improvement in terms of customer service and operations, but they also have many successful installations and satisfied customers. As with any solar company, it's important for potential clients to do their research and consider their options carefully before making a decision.

Mynt Solar locations

Main Address2901 Bluegrass Blvd, #200-61 Lehi, UT 84043 United States
Phone Number8016821724

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