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National Solar is an Oregon-based PV solar firm that provides complete solar energy systems for homes and businesses. Our company in Bend, Oregon is a pioneer in the solar energy industry. Thousands of homes and businesses have benefited from the expertise of our licensed journeyman electricians and mechanical installation professionals in achieving their green energy objectives.

National Solar overview

National Solar is an Oregon-based PV solar firm that provides complete solar energy systems for homes and businesses. Our company in Bend, Oregon is a pioneer in the solar energy industry. Thousands of homes and businesses have benefited from the expertise of our licensed journeyman electricians and mechanical installation professionals in achieving their green energy objectives.

What National Solar has to say about itself

We've been serving the state of Oregon as a dedicated company for over a decade, and we take great pleasure in giving back to the local community. We are committed to our work and motivated by a shared desire to encourage people to choose renewable energy. We take pride in our staff of highly trained and skilled experts that are determined to making the switch to clean energy as easy as possible for our consumers. Our commitment to our customers and our communities is as long-lasting as the products we create. We guarantee that our work will continue to be a good match for our clients for the foreseeable future by placing a premium on open lines of communication, tailored solutions, and ongoing support.

National Solar Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasOR, WA
Service TypesSolar panel system design, installation, financing, monitoring and maintenance, and energy efficiency consulting
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, FSEC

National Solar website review

The website offers details on the advantages of solar energy, the company's services, and contact information for prospective clients. The website also has client endorsements, a FAQ area, and a blog with solar energy-related content. The website's design is straightforward and contemporary, with an emphasis on images and simple navigation. The website is user-friendly on desktop and mobile devices and responds well to changes in screen size. Overall, seems to be a reliable business selling solar power solutions based on my examination of the website.

National Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountsDiscounts for military personnel, first responders and educators

National Solar online reputation

Customers have given National Solar varying ratings, with some complaining about the company's performance and customer service. One customer complained about the company's poor follow-up and communication, as well as the dearth of energy generation in their system in Central Oregon. Another client felt he wasn't given all the information before buying the system and was unhappy with the unforeseen extra expenditures. Other customers, nevertheless, have rated National Solar well. The professionalism and effectiveness of the installation crew delighted one customer, while the assistance and response of the personnel throughout the process thrilled another. Another customer expressed satisfaction with the simplicity of the online application process for financing and tax credits. Despite the company's generally unfavorable reputation, some customers' good experiences with it suggest that it may provide high-quality solar panel installations together with helpful and courteous customer care.
"Beware of this business; after several efforts to reach us, we have not received a response. We reside in Central Oregon, yet their address indicates that they are from Bend, Oregon. They promised to get in touch with us the next time they passed through our region. We installed this system, but we are still paying a hefty power bill, and we can't seem to get them to come take a look. When someone did finally appear, it was their finance manager called Justin who promised to contact us quickly. That was almost a year ago. does not even generate enough energy in central Oregon's sunshine to pay our electricity bill throughout the summer." - Fred
"I was pleased to get solar. They haven't had much of an opportunity to produce since I haven't had it for very long and it's been winter. However, I was never made aware of the fact that the power company would charge me in addition to the solar payments, which cost more than simply paying the electricity bill. All I'm ordered to do is take down a 100-year-old tree that I've already pruned down, and I feel like I've been duped. They have plenty of light, but they weren't prepared for the additional expense. If I had known the tax and bill would quadruple the price, I wouldn't have purchased them. There is also now a panel payment." - Ctschaeffer
"When my neighbor installed solar panels on her roof, I was somewhat taken aback. I looked into National Solar since she had highly recommended them. Soon after, I was scheduled to have an array placed on my roof, which is precisely situated to get the most amount of sunlight. The installation team did an excellent job and completed the task in under a half-day. Amazing. I am currently capturing solar energy, and I feel good about it." - Mark S.
"The information was delivered upfront and in a very professional way, including all I needed to know for my personal case. Everything went just as they were supposed to, and I was kept updated every step of the process. The staff was prompt, thorough, and really friendly and competent. The city official said, "Wow, they did a really nice job." My inquiries about the installation were addressed the same day. This business has my highest recommendation." - Holli's Oregon Home
"On our house in Tangent, Oregon, National Solar put up fifteen panels eleven years ago. We choose to add an additional 18 this summer. We went with National Solar as the provider. From the install team to the sales and engineering staff, everyone there was a pleasure to deal with. It was simple to complete all of the paperwork for financing and tax benefits online. When making the major decision to go solar, we heartily advise contacting National Solar." - John Dunn
"I was anxious about starting this project and wondering whether it would be beneficial for my area. The people were there with answers, information, instructions, and updates from the moment I made my initial enquiry until I turned on the switch. They performed the analysis, presented me with my alternatives, explained the procedure, obtained the necessary licenses, and then started work. They arrived for the installation in the morning and left the same afternoon about 2:00. Overall, they were quite workmanlike and cleaned up all of their debris." - Andrea
"From the first consultation to learn more about solar until the panel installation, National Solar was extremely helpful. They installed the equipment quickly and with great professionalism. Only because of the solar panels on our roof and the yard sign they were given permission to place in our yard did you even know they were here. The whole personnel, from the salesperson to the installation team, was kind and professional. Regards for a work well done." - Wally & Lisa Bowen

National Solar Social media
National Solar is an Indian solar firm offering services including expert installation and financial advice. Follow them on Facebook to learn about new services, get advice for solar-related projects, and learn about advancements in solar technology. Over 1,200 people are following the page because of the regular updates it provides on solar-related goods and services. They also include interesting client success stories, such as solar water pump and solar rooftop installations, on the platform. Their blogs are meant to promote solar energy and educate readers on how to properly install solar panels. The portal is very appealing and contains several images and videos. It's worth noting that they're missing out on an easy approach to engage their audience by not offering polls or prizes on their page. They might also put more effort into interacting with their fans by replying to questions and comments. In general, National Solar's Facebook page is an effective medium for disseminating information about the company's products and services to the general public. This is a fantastic method for the organization to keep its audience interested and informed. To further engage their audience, they should prioritize replying to questions and developing more interactive material.
Indian enterprise National Solar specializes in solar solutions, financial advice, and professional installation. They may promote their services and expand their professional network by using their LinkedIn profile. With more than 113 followers, the page is often updated with interesting updates on its offerings and the most recent advancements in solar technology. They also give advise on solar installation on the platform and promote completed jobs and satisfied clients. They do this in an effort to provide their fans meaningful material and create long-lasting connections. The page is attractive and has a polished appearance. By establishing contacts with experts in the field, they might provide interactive material, such as surveys, contests, and Q&A sessions. They should also concentrate on answering questions and starting more engaging discussions with their fans. Overall, the firm can promote its services to the public on a superb platform thanks to National Solar's LinkedIn profile. It is a fantastic tool for the business to network with people in the field and develop ties. They ought to be able to increase engagement even further by paying closer attention to thought-provoking discussions and engaging material.
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National Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews914.5


National Solar Pros & Cons

  • High quality solar energy systems
  • Financing options available
  • Variety of accepted payment methods
  • Installation costs can be expensive
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Not all areas offer renewable energy loans

National Solar Final Conclusions

Based on customer feedback, National Solar has both strengths and weaknesses in service. While some customers have had negative experiences with communication and energy production, others have praised the company for its professionalism, efficiency and willingness to help. It is clear that National Solar has successfully installed solar panels for some customers, but it is also clear that customer service and transparency about possible additional costs can be improved. Overall, National Solar's results seem mixed, and potential customers should do their due diligence before deciding to partner with the company.

National Solar locations

Main Address2709 NW Crossing Dr, Bend, OR 97703
Phone Number(800) 808-1955

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