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Solar Companies in Nebraska

Here’s some good news if you reside in the Omaha region. Nebraska solar companies enable net metering, which makes it simple to connect and gives you credits for feeding your solar energy back into the grid.

Without stricter regulations, though, the current environment might change, leaving homeowners who wish to install solar power in the cold.

Nebraska is a lovely state with a wealth of natural beauty that needs to be preserved. But where is the legislature, which with a few straightforward measures, could launch a solar revolution in Nebraska as we’ve seen in other states when even citizens of one of the state’s most progressive communities have shown tepid enthusiasm in backing solar?

Homes in Nebraska have year-round access to plenty of sunlight, which gives an excellent chance to save money by installing residential or commercial solar panels.

Depending on the precise location of a project site within the state, Nebraska receives between five and six peak sun hours per day on average, with the west being somewhat sunnier than the east. Now let´s meet some solar panel installation companies popular in Nebraska.


GenPro Energy Solutions

Outstanding Regional Installer GenPro Energy Solutions

Dwight Patterson established GenPro as a distributor of solar water pumps in Rapid City, South Dakota. GenPro has worked to uphold the fundamental values of honesty and world-class service from the very beginning. By adopting these values, GenPro swiftly amassed a large number of new dealer partners across North America. The market was ravenous for information and a straightforward product offering. New commercial prospects emerged both domestically and globally as GenPro’s reputation increased.

Several places come to mind, including the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Cayman, Haiti, Jamacia, Turks Caicos, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. As a result of GenPro’s rapid expansion, new talents from both within and outside the industry sector have been added to meet the changing demands of the energy market. The top authority in the area of integrating renewable energy and energy efficiency is currently GenPro.

GenPro focuses on three key industrial areas, including energy management, energy efficiency, and solar-powered solutions, and is currently one of the nation’s top co-developing EPCs. In order to satisfy its client’s economic, environmental, and social demands, GenPro continues to strategically extend its technological solutions.

  • Most efficient panels on the market
  • National coverage
  • Cradle to Cradle sustainability certification
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Expensive
  • Customer service varies by local dealer

Everlight Solar

Outstanding Regional Installer Everlight Solar

In order to restore collective confidence in energy, Everlight Solar provides a safer and greener alternative. Instead of renting energy from a utility company, Everlight Solar enables homes to own their own energy. Going solar should be painless and hassle-free. This top solar panel company provides solar panels and handles all the installation for no up-front fee because of this. Eighty percent of the carbon dioxide emissions in use today come from the power produced by fossil fuels. It’s also pricey. In order to restore collective confidence in energy, Everlight Solar provides a safer and greener alternative. Because solar panels produce energy far more effectively than conventional utilities, you can offset high power rates.

  • Many financing options
  • Family-owned and -operated
  • Makes charitable contributions
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively short workmanship warranty

Icon Solar

Solar Veteran Icon Solar

ICON Solar-en Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a member of a Central Indian corporate group with a 30 million USD market cap and a wealth of expertise in the mining, automotive, tobacco processing, infrastructure, and real estate industries. Its most valuable resource is the extraordinarily dynamic workforce, which consists of a team of young individuals with exceptional potential and seasoned industry experts.

It adheres to the principle that everyone should be treated with trust, patience, and respect.

It considers the solar business to be one of the most exciting industries in the world, and it considers it an honor to be associated with the most remarkable solar module manufacturing sector.

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • NABCEP-certified technicians
  • Relatively young company
  • Slightly limited service area

Great Plains Renewables

Outstanding Local Installer Great Plains Renewables

You may be surprised at how affordable and simple it is.
If you want to save money while also reducing your carbon impact, Great Plains Renewables is the energy option you require. It provides you with solar energy solutions for:

Farm: Use solar energy for agricultural purposes; Home: Use geothermal energy for home heating; Business: Install solar panels on your roof. Are you prepared to discover more? For more information about geothermal heating and cooling, see the page on it or contact 402-709-4750.

Install solar panels on your property to produce clean, renewable electricity and use the direct sunshine for more than simply growing crops. Solar energy is dependable and efficient in addition to being clean. With assistance from Great Plains Renewables, make the simple move. The crew may install the most recent and cutting-edge solar panels on your home. Call now for more information.

You may transition to sustainable energy with the help of Great Plains Renewables. Call them to set up an installation time, and they will take care of the rest. All of Nebraska, along with Iowa, Colorado, and South Dakota, are included in our portfolio. For our own geothermal heating and cooling systems, they employ cutting-edge machinery. Additionally, they provide solar energy options.

  • Affordable solar solutions
  • Long company history
  • Great warranty coverage
  • Installs many top-tier brands
  • Full-service company
  • No leases or PPAs accepted
  • Large company size sometimes leads to below-average customer service

Premier Improvements Solar

Outstanding Local Installer Premier Improvements Solar

More than 1,000 successful renewable energy projects in Nebraska have been completed by Premier Improvements Solar, a company that has been building clean energy systems for more than 20 years. Premier Improvements Solar is a pioneer in the fields of smart home automation, solar energy, and battery backup. To fulfill all of your solar energy demands, they provide a range of programs and solutions. In order to ensure that your solar energy system is installed with the highest expertise, all of the personnel are highly qualified specialists.

With value-added services like solar battery storage and home automation systems, the company provides clients with sustainable solar panel solutions that help them lower their power expenses. Make sure you get your solar panels installed by the top local solar installers in Hartford, CT, for the greatest value and expert outcomes.

The staff is devoted to serving consumers by installing solar panels of the highest caliber using a reliable, expert method. Every solar project reflects a strong sense of purpose and a culture of excellence.

It is a community-minded local solar installation business. Premier Improvement Solar is among the best solar firms in Nebraska since they successfully complete a lot of solar installations each year.

  • Great customer service
  • Certified SunPower dealer
  • Relatively affordable
  • Many years of experience
  • Only one equipment brand offered
  • Relatively small service area

Solar Federal Tax Credit in Nebraska

Nebraska households can take advantage of the federal government’s solar investment tax credit. This incentive offers a 30% tax credit on the whole cost of the solar system, including the cost of the battery system. In addition, tax credits that are not fully utilized in the initial tax year carry over to the next one.

So why are you still waiting? The moment is now to lower or do away with your power cost, raise the value of your house, and lessen your environmental impact.

The 30% ITC from the federal government is the only large tax credit available to Nebraskan homeowners that install solar panels. This is a fantastic benefit that immediately deducts a sizable percentage of the upfront cost of your solar panels, and if your tax bracket isn’t high enough to take advantage of the whole tax deduction in one year, you may split it into two payments.

A word of caution: the federal tax credit will be cut to 10% upon expiration of the current 30% credit in 2020. Go solar if you intend to before the tax credit expires! Additionally, Nebraska offers a local tax credit for solar energy. However, it only has a value of $0.0005/kWh.

Solar Rebates in Nebraska

Rebates and performance rewards tend to be scarce or nonexistent in states without a Renewable Portfolio Standard, a pattern that is consistent across all states. This is true for Nebraska, where Lincoln Electric is the sole utility company that provides refunds.

  • You receive a $375/kW credit for a south-facing PV system.
  • You receive $475 per kWh for a tracking or west-facing PV system.

This corresponds to a subsidy of $1875 or $2375 in Nebraska for a 5-kW home PV installation, depending on orientation. This is fantastic since it means that your PV system’s payback period will be shortened by two to four years!

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