NEC Solar review

NEC Solar review

Since 2008, Newport Electric Construction & Service has provided great customer service while exceeding expectations. Our business has expanded to provide a range of services as a result of the patronage of our loyal consumers. Residential electrical requirements are the main emphasis of our Mr. Sparky business. With thousands of successfully completed installations, Newport Electric Construction has established itself as a preferred installer for some of the biggest solar firms on the market. We're delighted to provide NEC Solar consultancy in RI and MA to give home and business customers a more individualized level of service.

Fast Facts
Year Started 2008
Service Areas MA RI
Types Panels
Warranty Options Up to 25 years Parts, Labor, Production through Panasonic Tripleguard Protection
Content Phone 781-856-6856
Main Office Address 121 Broadcommon Rd, Bristol RI, 02809


In addition to keeping on the cutting edge of innovative solar technology, NEC Solar takes pride in its outstanding safety and customer satisfaction records. We are a provider of turnkey solar installations with highly qualified engineers, journeyman electricians, installation teams, and advisors. With our wide, combined experience in policy, structured finance, engineering, construction management, and environmental protection, we address challenges across disciplines. Having the knowledge to create completely optimized systems that maximize clean power, performance, and return on investment, our team is an elite collection of people.

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    Ashley123 - Needham, Massachusetts March 27, 2022 at 12:45 am

    We had a great experience with NEC Solar and we are very happy with our solar system. Artie, our sales person, was very patient with us as we worked through all our numerous questions and it was his willingness to think outside the box with our system that made us choose this company over their competitor. The installation team was very professional and quick, respecting our home and time constraints. The project coordinator Megan also did a great job keeping us informed on the next steps of the project. The best part is now we get to watch the solar energy roll in. We are creating more solar energy than we are using, even with our unusual roof orientation. Overall, we would not hesitate to choose NEC Solar.

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    John McGeachy - Portsmouth, Rhode Island March 31, 2022 at 1:54 am

    It was an absolute pleasure to work with NEC. From the initial engagement through to when our system became operational, everyone that we interacted with was professional, honest, and overall great. I would highly recommend NEC for any future solar projects.

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    Mike Conway - Charlestown, Rhode Island May 13, 2022 at 5:25 am

    The entire team was professional, courteous and conscientious. Originally, I committed to another company and then I received a call from Dana Goodman and she made me feel so at ease and exhibited excellent sales skills by not taking no for an answer:). She was great to work with me and design the right roof configuration for me. She listened to what I wanted and we were able to settle on something that met my needs. Then came Meg. She did a great job of introducing herself and what the next steps would be. She went over the project and had a initial review of the roof done. She stayed in contact with me until the project was completed. The framing crew, panel crew and electricians were all great to work with and they completed all of the work within 2 days. All done without a hitch. They worked well with the town inspector and only one minor wiring change needed to be made. Meg promised NEC’s work would be completed in November and it was. Overall, I was very satisfied with the experience. Thank you.

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    Kevin S - Providence, Rhode Island February 20, 2023 at 3:48 am

    Working with NEC was a delight. We chose them after going through the quoting process with 3 companies. We found their sales approach to be honest and friendly. They did not inflate the benefits or provide unrealistic expectations on what we would be able to install. They do no door to door sales, which I prefer too! NEC is family owned and has a history of electrical construction work. They are pleasant and helpful, and they do their own installs (we found that many companies sell the project, and outsource the installation). The quality of work was very high and we are very very happy with how the array looks on our roof. Their pricing was extremely competitive and they are transparent with cost. Surprisingly, they were unique in our experience, by showing the project total cost, and different break downs on tax credits and finance options. Some companies were a bit more secretive on total cost, and less flexible on payment options. If you are looking to go solar, I’d recommend getting a quote from them, we are so happy we took the time to shop around and found them!

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    Dan - Holliston, Massachusetts February 20, 2023 at 7:08 pm

    Dana was really kind, really thorough with her information and presentation. She knew we were trying to take some time to balance our budget, find the right financing option, and she was patient with us through all of that. When it came time for the install, Megan was also incredibly thorough. From her walk-through inspection, to always willing to answer our questions when it came to contracts and language when it came to the program paperwork, all the last-minute details that come up on home construction projects, I couldn’t speak highly enough about how she handled our project.

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