NEC Solar review

NEC Solar is a leading supplier of solar energy solutions, offering professional PV system design and installation for homes, businesses, and factories. The organization provides a wide variety of services, beginning with site analysis and proceeding through project management and monitoring after installation. NEC Solar also offers solar system servicing and financing solutions.

NEC Solar overview

NEC Solar is a leading supplier of solar energy solutions, offering professional PV system design and installation for homes, businesses, and factories. The organization provides a wide variety of services, beginning with site analysis and proceeding through project management and monitoring after installation. NEC Solar also offers solar system servicing and financing solutions.

What NEC Solar has to say about itself

For businesses of all shapes and sizes, NEC Solar offers the best solar energy solutions and services available. Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative, cost-effective solar energy solutions that meet their unique needs. Our knowledgeable staff is excited about the potential of solar energy to aid businesses and organizations in their efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

NEC Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasMA, RI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, CSA, IEC

NEC Solar website review

NEC Solar is an industry leader in solar power, and their website,, is where you can learn more about them. The website features in-depth descriptions of the business, its offerings, and its dedication to sustainable energy practices. The website is well made, simple to use, and packed with useful information. You may find useful contact details, such customer service and technical support numbers, on the website as well. The website seems trustworthy and is a dependable source of information. It is updated often, and its correctness is reviewed frequently, to guarantee precision. In general, is a dependable online resource.

NEC Solar price policy

PackagesStandard Solar Package – Starting at $9,800, Premium Solar Package – Starting at $13,500, Deluxe Solar Package – Starting at $17,000, Custom Solar Package – Price varies, Battery Storage Solar Package – Starting at $20,000, Solar + Storage Package – Starting at $25,000
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, and direct bank transfers.
Payment discounts10% discount on bulk purchases, 5% discount for seniors, 5% discount for veterans, 5% discount for non-profit organizations, 3% discount for commercial customers

NEC Solar online reputation

The majority of NEC Solar's satisfied clients have recommended the company to others. The organization has received high marks for its adaptability, professionalism, and treatment of customers. However, some clients have voiced dissatisfaction with the company's offerings, namely with its delivery delays and customer service. Despite this, NEC Solar remains a go-to for dependable solar power equipment and services.
"Even though they were recommended highly after they were paid and your system is paid for but not operational because they forgot to complete the necessary documentation with the utility provider, they disappear." - Robin A.
"If you have any issues after NEC Solar has completed the sale and installation, you are on your own. My solar panels have been sitting in the water for almost a week due to a leak in the roof. Two folks I spoke with on the phone, and one more I texted. I've been told nothing except that someone will contact me. In the meanwhile, I have water leaking into my chamber. I'll have to hire a professional to do the necessary repairs and then charge NEC Solar. Ugh. The customer service is terrible, and to think I recommended them to numerous others." - Luke K.
"We finally wrapped up our "project" after 8 months of hard work. They were wonderful at first, but when we signed the contract, they totally ignored us. The high employee turnover rate at this firm suggests that it is a wholesaler of some type. There were several mishaps with paperwork, permissions, and timing. These thugs ultimately went into total hiding from us. For months, indeed months, they ignored my calls. They'll tell you that your project manager is unavailable whether it's 10 a.m. or 2 p.m. They didn't even bother to contact us after the job was finished. Our electricity provider notified us through email. Please do yourself a favor and choose someone else." - Ross T.
"There has been no installation after 4 months. They messed up our home, didn't do what they said they would, and broke their word in many ways. As a result of their carelessness, we now have water damage and leaks because the pipes they ran through our walls were not properly sealed, and while installing the panels, their employees nailed STRAIGHT THROUGH OUR ROOF. Oh, and I brought it up three or four times throughout the installation, and each time they assured me that everything would be OK since they do a great job and leave no stone unturned. If I hadn't been put in charge of everything, we may still be without solar after TWELVE MONTHS... we're on the verge of hiring attorneys." - Roy B.
"The system produces electricity and functions as intended. But they tried to sell me monitoring for every broken panel. The monitoring data I need to see whether the power provider is providing me full credit has proved elusive. I called Jack, and his crew came out to drill a huge hole in my wall and install an outside cable from my router. The Ethernet cable was simply threaded through an opening and a drywall repair was placed over it. It's a piece of junk. Actual expert job, NOT. That was four weeks ago now. There is no active connection to the monitoring system. He mentioned the necessity for updated software. You ignored my calls. Then I phoned him, and he said he'd get back to me with a day that would work for the staff to come over after hours to perform the download and setup. Ignored my calls. They are too busy working six days a week, he told me when I contacted him today. So now I have to wait three more weeks till he possibly can send someone, he says. So, take caution. Choosing these men. You'll have to badger them continually if you want them to deliver on their promises. They sold me a monitoring system and assured me they would check in on it and any others they set up to make sure everything was running well. This nonsense has never worked and never will since it was never connected." - Oliver P.
"Our home's solar system was professionally installed by NEC Solar. Their work, beginning to end, exemplified professionalism, promptness, and high quality. We didn't have to do anything; they dealt with the state and the electricity company. (This is not a trivial matter). I wholeheartedly endorse solar panels if you're thinking about going that route." - Daniel T.
"The 8 kilowatt system NEC built for us has been running without a hitch for the last 17 months. The teams who did the actual installing were efficient and well handled. Ankit was our main point of contact, and his promptness, consideration, and expertise were major factors in our decision to go with NEC. When I contacted other solar sellers, I was surprised by how little they knew about the systems they were offering. That's because some of them are merely middlemen that bring in the real contractors (like NEC) to execute the installs, as I found out later. NEC also stayed with us after the system was live, assisting us with the documentation required by National Grid to activate our SMART credits. Strongly recommended!" - Dylan T.
"NEC Solar put solar panels at my home last year, and the process was quick and easy. Manish did a fantastic job of putting my wife and I at ease with his thorough explanations of the process, and I have full faith in the durability of the items they utilized. The installation crew performed a fantastic job and were extremely responsive to our demands. We didn't want any unsightly pipes or cables going over the roof, so they concealed them in the ceiling and walls. It's fantastic not to have to pay an electric bill or worry about price hikes since the system was scaled correctly and I produce enough power to cover my whole electric bill. A job well done, NEC Solar!" - Randy B.
"I am quite satisfied with NEC as a whole. I insisted we "interview" many solar energy providers before making our final decision so that we could compare and contrast the various options and services on the market. From Kate, who showed us what NEC offers, through our project manager, we had a fantastic time working with NEC. I had a wonderful time dealing with them and would confidently suggest them. The nicest aspect is that we had no problems at all, and the communication was excellent." - Jack F.
"The whole experience with NEC Solar was fantastic, and we are thrilled with the results. They carefully worked with us from the beginning to tailor their services to our specific requirements, clarify the steps involved, and keep costs to a minimum. Everyone in the staff, from Kate to the manager and the electricians, worked together effectively and kept things clean and organized. NEC Solar did a great job of coordinating the activation of the system, tax credits, rebates, etc. with the power provider, the municipality, and the state. Finally, a beautiful method for converting light into useable energy has been developed." - Nikhil P.

NEC Solar Social media
The NEC Solar official Facebook page stands out as credible and one of a kind. Its sleek, contemporary design is helping it gain popularity rapidly. The blue and white color combination used throughout the layout exudes an air of serious professionalism. The firm has few subscribers and provides few details about itself. The website is quite empty save from a few photographs and videos and a few postings with links. There is evidence of active management on this website in the form of information about the company's offerings and current deals and discounts. The content on this website might need some work, but it looks to be a reliable resource for learning about the firm and the products and services it offers.
NEC Solar is a solar energy company located on LinkedIn. Judging by the page's appearance, it can't be trusted. The page's design is generic, with few bells and whistles. There are very few subscribers and almost no information is provided about the company. As such, this page may not be the best source of reliable information about NEC Solar. Furthermore, it doesn't appear to be very popular as there is limited engaging content. All-in-all, if you're looking to learn more about NEC Solar, this page may not be the best source of information.
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NEC Solar average reviews

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solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews574.9


NEC Solar Pros & Cons

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Reliable Performance
  • Global Reach
  • High Upfront Cost
  • Limited System Life
  • Limited Installation Locations

NEC Solar Final Conclusions

Photovoltaic systems for commercial and residential use are the specialty of NEC Solar, which also provides installation and maintenance services. Site surveys, system design, project management, and more are just some of the many services it provides. It focuses on residential, commercial, and government projects. Customer service, efficiency of installations, and quality of goods are often cited as reasons for NEC Solar's excellent approval ratings.

NEC Solar locations

Main Address121 Broadcommon Rd Bristol, RI 02809
Phone Number7814447020

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