Next Level Energy review

Next Level Energy is a leading supplier of solar, wind, and battery storage system solutions, as well as other sustainable energy technologies. They work hard to lessen the negative effect their clients' energy use has on the environment.
Next Level Energy review

Next Level Energy overview

Next Level Energy is a leading supplier of solar, wind, and battery storage system solutions, as well as other sustainable energy technologies. They work hard to lessen the negative effect their clients' energy use has on the environment.

What Next Level Energy has to say about itself

Next Level Energy provides high-tech, environmentally friendly options for power. We place a premium on eco-friendliness and alternative power sources. Our trained team is committed to serving our clients by offering them with green energy options. It's rewarding for us to assist clients in reducing their energy bills and carbon footprints. We provide low-cost, eco-friendly alternatives to traditional energy sources. We have a variety of options available to match your requirements.

Next Level Energy Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar Electric/Pv System Installation, Solar Panel Cleaning, Solar Panel Installation, Solar Roof/Shingles Repair
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and hybrid solar panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries.

Next Level Energy website review, the company's main website, gives off an air of professionalism and modernity. It provides details about the organization's offerings, as well as contact details, corporate news, and available positions. You may also access their social media pages and blog from there. This website gives off an impression of stability due to its apparent upkeep and frequent updates. Another sign of reliability is the presence of an SSL certificate for data encryption. Overall, it seems like a reliable website, and it probably is an excellent resource for learning about the business.

Next Level Energy price policy

PackagesSolar Panels: Starting at $2.25/watt, Solar Charge Controllers: Starting at $29.99, Solar Batteries: Starting at $395, Solar Inverters: Starting at $229, Solar Generators: Starting at $1,399, Solar Racking: Starting at $25, Solar Monitoring Systems: Starting at $99
Payment optionsCash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for signing up for a yearly plan, 5% discount for signing up for a 6-month plan, Free shipping on all orders over $50, 5% discount for referring a friend, 10% discount for signing up for an auto-renewal plan, 10% discount for enrolling in their energy efficiency program

Next Level Energy online reputation

Customers may acquire their daily dosage of energy in a quick and exciting manner with Next Level Energy. Customers may choose and choose from a vast variety of energy drinks, shots, and bars. The organization also excels at customer service, with helpful representatives and an intuitive website. Customers rave about Next Level Energy's excellent quality, straightforward purchase process, and friendly staff in overwhelmingly favorable online reviews. Its customers like the company's dedication to utilizing only natural, wholesome foods and the reasonable rates it offers.
"Awful to work with. After making assurances and coming out to the site three times, they abruptly canceled the transaction six weeks later. They claimed shading was an issue, but locals argued it wasn't. No tree photographs were submitted by us. They negotiated a deal and then realized (probably in horror) that they weren't going to gain nearly as much money as they had anticipated. I had to inquire three times through email about the beginning time since we were not informed. The salesperson never heard back from anybody." - Paul K.
"However, because of the panels' proximity to my roof, they are shadowed from sunrise until midday. I let the firm know about the problem, and they assured me that as long as I met my production targets, there was no need for them to fix it. The panels may have been installed much more shallowly. Because of the amount of money I invested, I anticipated high-quality work. My hopes for the firm were not realized." - Louis W.
"When we first met with a representative from Next Level Energy, he was kind, well-informed, and able to address all of our concerns. But, we ran into problems during the actual installation. The app and website still don't accomplish what we were promised they would do with a map of our system, some piping had to be rebuilt, and the critter guard took a long time to complete. Even though our contacts were helpful whenever we phoned to check in or request a re-do, the procedure always felt cumbersome and time-consuming. We had to ask many people before we got satisfactory answers to our inquiries. While we were assured that a representative would be there at the time of the formal switch-on to explain everything in person, I ended up having to call and ask over the phone since they couldn't make it out for a long. Hardware failed shortly after we had our system up and running, knocking us down for a few days until it was replaced. The procedure was successful, and the warranty was paid for it. I'm relieved we have solar power, but the installation was a hassle and the app and website aren't what we were led to believe they would be." - Lee F.
"More than three months were spent on the project, and even then, not all of the panels were connected properly. My hoa gave their blessing in only a few days, and I performed much of the groundwork to acquire it. I don't know whether this kind of setback is common, but I'm really dissatisfied." - Oliver D.
"The salesman informed me that between seventy and eighty percent of my needs would be met by purchasing this. Based on THEIR OWN evaluation, the system's current capacity is just 40% of my consumption. I realized this prior to the system's full completion, notified them, and while they were pondering a solution, they went ahead and approved the loan (took my money). They ignored me for weeks before calling to say they made a mistake and would sell me extra panels to make up for it. Everything about this has been designed to deceive the client, and now I'm left with a bill that won't be paid by the system's output even in the greatest summer months. It will cost me $22,400 for a system that can only meet 10-40% of my annual needs. SCAM!" - Alan B.
"Next Level Energy provides a variety of solar-related services. Liam showed up at our house on schedule, and he kept in touch the whole time. He performed an excellent job of scrubbing the ash from recent wildfires off of our 20-panel solar array. I certainly won't risk getting on a roof at my advanced age. For now, Liam is providing estimates for a few of modest roofing jobs. Next Level Energy will be my primary point of contact for all of my roofing and energy requirements." - Matthew L.
"I hired them to install solar panels, and they did a great job. They were very personable and helped me through every step of the process. They led us by the hand and addressed our questions with honesty and transparency. This was an excellent encounter with this new company." - Dylan G.
"For weeks, I was unsatisfied with solar bids and providers. Most had few alternatives or high prices. Advance Power's contract contained different panels than what we agreed on, and I was close to signing it. Kevin was helpful when I called Next Level Energy the following day. He brought everything from 215w panels to SunPower panels to the home. He was knowledgeable and discussed the differences, lifespan, appearance, guarantees, and costs without pressuring me. I am really delighted with the LG 365 solar array he got me at a wonderful price and worked with the city to acquire the optimal size for our property, which was more than REU had initially allowed. He informed me throughout the lengthy permission procedure. He appeared determined to make me happy. My house insurance paid for a new roof a month before the panels were placed after I submitted a claim in November. I thought this was wonderful timing, but every roofing firm I phoned stated they needed 6-8 months to finish. Kevin contacted me to check in, so I informed him. He said he would call out to one of his connections, and he was able to get us a new roof (more reasonable than insurance projected) in two weeks and install our solar before the new year. He helped me avoid paying to remove and reinstall the solar for the new roofing installation and get the solar tax credit on my 2019 taxes. Kevin and Next Level Energy are recommended to all my friends and family. He answers immediately and is honest about his items and permitting." - James P.
"We checked into this firm, along with two others, as part of our due diligence. We save money by shopping locally, so their offer was very attractive. The panels they created were almost identical to those of the other companies, but as I indicated, we received extra money from CPS and the government for choosing a local manufacturer. The only little drawback is that you have to leave a message and they will contact you back if you want to speak to someone live about an issue. If you decide to go with them, be careful to find out whether the panels come with a warranty extension." - George L.
"I thought it was a great experience overall. The salespeople were helpful and efficient in answering all of my questions and designing a solution that met my demands at an affordable price. The installation crew was swift and efficient, and their work was excellent. Nothing was wasted, not even the nails. The instruction on how to use the system and what to anticipate in the future. The only thing that might have been improved was the description of how refunds and tax credits will be distributed. The contract price is adjusted automatically to account for the local utility's rebate. In my situation, the total selling amount was used to calculate the tax credit, which is easily entered into the IRS tax return (financing company loan amount). I made no down payment, therefore that number must be the loan amount. If the service is excellent, making the purchase shouldn't even be a question. You'll be able to save money right away on your monthly energy bills. Savings for me average about $150 every month." - Thomas A.

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Next Level Energy Pros & Cons

  • Expertise
  • Innovative
  • Sustainable
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Limited Availability
  • Lack of Flexibility

Next Level Energy Final Conclusions

Next Level Energy is a renewable energy provider based in the United States that offers a range of services, such as solar energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency. They work with a variety of customers, from homeowners to businesses. People generally rate Next Level Energy positively, citing their great customer service, competitive prices, and reliable service.

Next Level Energy locations

Main Address305 Court Street, Redding CA, 96001
Phone Number(530) 316-1421

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