NM Solar Group review

NM Solar Group is an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based renewable energy firm. They specialize in the installation, design, and maintenance of home and commercial solar energy systems. In addition, they offer energy efficiency services and consulting to guarantee that clients optimize their energy use and save money.

NM Solar Group overview

NM Solar Group is an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based renewable energy firm. They specialize in the installation, design, and maintenance of home and commercial solar energy systems. In addition, they offer energy efficiency services and consulting to guarantee that clients optimize their energy use and save money.

What NM Solar Group has to say about itself

If you decide to install solar panels, we will love to handle the entire process. After installation, we will supply the design, permits, equipment, installation, connections, monitoring, and servicing. We want everyone to become solar, and we are confident that both we and our clients will benefit from such an efforts.

NM Solar Group Review

Year Started2015
Company Websitenmsolargroup.com
Service AreasNM, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC, IREC

NM Solar Group website review

The website https://nmsolargroup.com/ appears trustworthy. The website includes clear contact information, a detailed "About Us" page, and a range of customer reviews. This indicates the company's credibility and reliability.

NM Solar Group price policy

Packages1. Solar System Installation Package includes the cost of installation, permitting and inspection services, system design, and engineering. Prices start from $6,000. 2. Solar System Maintenance and Monitoring Package includes the cost of monitoring, maintenance, and repairs. Prices start from $400. 3. Solar System Lease Package allows customers to lease their solar system with a fixed monthly fee. Prices start from $0.12 per watt.
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, wire transfers, and PayPal, check and cash
Payment discounts• A 5% discount for paying in full before installation • A 3% discount for paying with a check • A 2% discount for paying with a credit card • A 1% discount for paying with a debit card

NM Solar Group online reputation

The NM Solar Group's online reputation is generally good. Consumers have acknowledged the company's customer service, professionalism, and quality of work. Positive feedback has also been received on the company's capacity to accommodate particular client demands. On platforms such as Yelp and Google, the majority of customer reviews are positive, and many consumers rate the firm highly.
Everything and everyone in this company has been fantastic. My first salesman, Oscar, was great and is still reachable whenever I have a concern. I was ready for a problem with pnm because he was upfront about the timeline and potential hitches in the process from the start. My system is up and operating perfectly, and I know NM Solar is available if I have any questions or concerns. Thank you New Mexico Solar Group! - Victor M.
My husband and I are extremely happy with NM Solar Group's solar installation service. Peter in sales, Alicia the project manager, and everyone else we interacted with were kind, knowledgeable, competent, and simply pleasure to work with. They installed the most modern available equipment. They handled the numerous inspectors in a professional manner, allowing things to go fast. As earlier mentioned, we are quite thrilled. - Amily R.
We have had our solar panels for four years now. From the minute salespersons rang our doorstep until now, service has been fantastic. Even four years later, if we have questions, we still call and ask, and the service has not changed. With NM Solar Group, we want to add additional panels in the near future. Strongly suggested. - Tony S.
We were attracted to NM Solar group because they are a small firm among a sea of big national corporations that have recently flooded Albuquerque during the solar boom. We were tremendously rewarded! Brendan, the owner, was extremely industry-savvy and a pleasure to work with. He worked closely with us and was always available through text message whenever we had questions. NM Solar installed a 6-kilowatt system at an affordable cost. The installed system was reasonably priced and is operating as planned. We had complications with the city and PNM waiting to link the system, but Brendan tracked out the problem and was able to resolve it in 1 week. All of the promises made during the sales pitch were met, and we have no concerns. Would recommend NM Solar Group without hesitation! - Amy O.
Our solar panels were installed in March 2018. From the salesmen, Arthur Ott, through the installers, Daniel Meyer, the level of professionalism, skill, and attention beyond our expectations. We are glad because we got a tax credit, our bill decreased from about $170 to $9 and we are doing our part to preserve the environment. What could possibly be more desirable? If you are considering solar installation, contact New Mexico Solar. We received offers from other providers, and NM Solar was the most competitive. - Rick K.
Everyone reading this should avoid New Mexico Solar Grup. It took almost four months to install the solar panels, and I was simultaneously making loan payments and PNM payments. My electricity use skyrocketed after the installation. We're frustrated because when we've contacted New Mexico Solar Grup and PNM, they both point the blame at each other, but no one is prepared to investigate the situation. I wonder whether I need to go to court in order to have the system removed and New Mexico Solar Group repay the money. - Will O.
Possibly the worst customer service and communication I've ever encountered from a business. Except for the fact that they stained my entire tpo roof red with whatever they used to draw their lines, the installation went fine. The system subsequently failed PNM inspection, and it took over  three months to fix. I had to contact them at least six times to get a response. The sales rep was terrific, but their project managers are terrible at their job. I immediately requested that they install a cornice to hide the mounts from the view of the road, as was first negotiated, and they wanted to charge me extra. A simple solution that would have compensated for the horrible experience. I'm thrilled to be producing electricity on my roof, but oh, what a terrible experience. - Nick A.
NM Solar was unable to complete their project requirements. All deadlines have been missed and repeatedly delayed. It is tough to get replies from the staff by email and phone, as their phone tree constantly redirects calls to voicemail that is never answered. Our project was finalized in July, installed (and paid in full) in early November, and activated on March. Within a month, malfunctioning components brought a third of the system down. It took five weeks of calls to finally get their service team to fix the problem (they even tried to cancel last minute). We are still expecting their submission of the tax paperwork promised at the time of purchase in December.  - Dick P.
After they've performed the first setup, you can forget they exist. Paul Ortiz promised to contact me with a water damage on five separate occasions but never did. My kitchen ceiling has been damaged. I also requested installation of an usage meter, but received no response. I regret choosing NM Solar Group! - Mia D.
This company is an absolute nightmare. Countless promises given. Our monthly expenses have exceeded $300. Added to the payment. There are just two people living in this 1200 sq ft house. This has continued for months. - Emily K.

NM Solar Group Social media

If you're looking for reliable information and guidance related to solar energy, the NM Solar Group's Facebook page is an excellent place to start. The page presents in a polished and expert manner. It is routinely updated with the latest developments in the industry, product updates, and consumer testimonials. More than 5,400 people have liked the page, and there has been a steady response with recent postings. Images, movies, and connections to more resources are also provided. Solar installation guides, frugal living advice, efficient energy use, and other eco-related subjects are just a few of the many available options. You may trust the data and recommendations presented on this page as an authoritative resource in the field of solar energy.
When it comes to solar power systems, you can put your faith in NM Solar Group. An up-to-date biography of the firm, along with data, connections to ongoing projects, and media coverage, may be found on their LinkedIn page. They also provide light on the progression of solar energy in the region and beyond. The layout and graphics on this website are clean and professional looking. Over 1,300 people have liked the page, and many more individuals and businesses are following it. It's also quite lively, with plenty of followers actively participating in discussions and responding to postings daily. Since NM Solar Group has been around for a while, people have reason to believe in their credibility as a solar energy provider.
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NM Solar Group average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1174.6


NM Solar Group Pros & Cons

  • Highly experienced staff
  • Access to the latest technologies
  • Advanced installation techniques
  • Limited Financial Resources
  • Competition
  • Limited Customer Base

NM Solar Group Final Conclusions

NM Solar Group is a comprehensive solar energy supplier for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Their services include installation of solar panels, design of solar energy systems, and maintenance of solar energy systems, among others. In addition, they provide a range of solar financing alternatives to fit all budgets. T hey also provide energy efficiency analyses and energy audits to help clients find potential energy savings areas. Clients may also take advantage of tracking and reporting for their solar energy installations to guarantee proper functioning. NM Solar Group attempts to offer the most cost-effective solar energy options available.

NM Solar Group locations

Main Address3831 Singer Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone Number5053571198

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