Nova Solar review

Nova Solar is a renewable energy company that specializes in installing solar panels for homes and businesses. At each stage of your solar energy project, from design to installation to maintenance to finance, they will be there to provide a hand.

Nova Solar overview

Nova Solar is a renewable energy company that specializes in installing solar panels for homes and businesses. At each stage of your solar energy project, from design to installation to maintenance to finance, they will be there to provide a hand.

What Nova Solar has to say about itself

At Nova Solar, we're on a mission to alleviate some of the monetary and ecological strains that people and places face by developing long-term, low-cost energy solutions. We have been providing solar technology and installations for over 15 years, and we aim to provide the greatest value for top-quality service and materials.

Nova Solar Review

Year Started2012
Service AreasDC, MD, VA
Service TypesEngineering, installation, maintenance, and monitoring.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.
CertificationsLEED, NABCEP, IAW, GBCI, QSI

Nova Solar website review

Nova Solar's main website may be found at It provides a wealth of information about the company's offerings and how to get in touch with them. The website is simple to use and full of useful information about the business and its products. It also includes testimonials from satisfied clients to assist you to make up your mind about whether Nova Solar is the best option for you. Customers may feel confident in knowing that the website has been kept up to date and is secure. In sum, is a reliable resource for learning more about the firm and its offerings.

Nova Solar price policy

PackagesMonocrystalline Solar Panels: $0.50/watt, Polycrystalline Solar Panels: $0.45/watt, Thin Film Solar Panels: $0.30/watt, Solar Battery Storage: $2,000 - $10,000, Solar Inverters: $400 - $2,000, Installation Costs: $2,000 - $10,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, bank transfers, and cash
Payment discountsLoyalty Discount: 5%, Referral Discount: 5%, Military Discount: 10%, Senior Discount: 5%, Multi-System Discount: 10%, Early Payment Discount: 5%, Cash Payment Discount: 5%

Nova Solar online reputation

Nova Solar installs residential and commercial solar panels. Nova Solar gets good accolades for its customer service, expert installation, and economical prices. Their sales team is well-informed and helpful, according to clients. Nova Solar is known for its dependable, long-lasting solar panel installations with extensive warranties. Nova Solar's great customer service, trustworthy goods, and affordable prices explain its favorable reputation.
"They ditched me! Neither the company nor the individual I spoke with got back to me after I left many voicemails. They obviously didn't want my business, therefore I'll take my money elsewhere. A huge blunder. Massive. Large." - Richard K.
"This is the worst business ever! To put it mildly, I'm really disappointed. They botched the installation, and now I'm experiencing problems since it didn't pass county inspection. Home Depot is lagging behind and contributing little. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from this firm. Surely there is a firm out there that is superior to this one. I'd give it zero stars if I could, but the app doesn't let you." - Terry J.
"Nova Solar took almost $55,000 from us. It's been a terrible ordeal from the start. Over ten months later (the attached receipt is what they provided us for our taxes, our installation was in October 2019), we discover that six of our panels have never worked since installation, despite the fact that they were supposed to inspect and make sure that everything was working properly before they signed off. When their technician came out for the annual inspection, that's when we learned of the problem. As this explains why we've never gotten the promised zero-dollar power bill, he expressed disbelief and promised that someone would be out immediately to fix the problem. We have tried calling them several times since then, but their voicemails are always full. There was utter silence. Eventually, after threatening to contact an attorney on a voicemail, we got a call; their technicians come out and totally shut down our system so they can go buy parts; however, it has been a full week since this occurred, and neither they nor we have heard from them since. All of our electricity needs have been met by TECO. Nova Solar has never compensated us for the many months we paid for non-functioning panels, and I highly doubt they would start doing so now that ALL of our panels are broken. Sincerely, I lament that we did not more thoroughly investigate this firm before investing so much money in them." - Victor F.
"An acquaintance of one of the employees at the office works for Nova Solar. He provided him with my name and information but instructed him to not contact me. I get in touch with Jonas by phone and fill him in on what's going on. When I return home, I send him an email with a copy of my bill and then wait for Nova Solar to arrive. Maybe no one ever would have, but I am called into my second job and have to postpone my meeting with Jonas by text message. Getting no response. Seriously. No response. Companies often fail to see that even if they have the best product available, they will fail if their customer service is poor." - Harry R.
"The figures were great, and the panels were erected promptly for their advantage, but it took them two months to finish the job after I paid the loan. I sent them many emails and texts, but they either didn't respond for a few days or took forever to get back to me. Thus, I can only give a rating of 2 stars; more interaction and clarity during product sales would get my full endorsement." - Eric F.
"We compared bids from various solar energy firms before selecting Nova Solar to build and maintain our system. We were impressed by their dedication to keeping us abreast of developments at every stage of the project and with the quality of their work throughout. The electrician's work, in particular, stands out since he rectified many of the mistakes made by the prior professionals. In contrast to the typical cable installer, he said, "I can't bear to leave a job where the final work would reflect negatively on me." Nova Solar performed a fantastic job, and their employees were very skilled." - Christian N.
"Nova Solar conceived and implemented our system, and it is now up and running well. By taking care of all the behind-the-scenes permissions and approvals, Nova helped the process run more quickly and smoothly than we could have imagined. They were extremely good at explaining technical ideas and keeping us updated on the status of our project at all times. Everyone we dealt with was helpful and kind. Recommend them without reservation." - Derek B.
"Working with Nova Solar (and, more especially, with LB as our PM) was a wonderful experience, and I am thrilled with the results. They were really helpful with my numerous inquiries throughout the whole quotation process, and they finally created a system that maximized production by fitting as many panels as possible into our available area. LB took care of everything in terms of design, permits, and approval, and we were kept in the loop the whole time. Even though they were installing monitoring devices and working in a highly crowded electrical panel, he and the crew did an incredible job on installation day and had everything set up in record time. Equally painless were the final approval and activation of the system, at which point it began functioning properly. Despite beginning operations during a period of low solar activity, we have already seen numerous days in which our production exceeds our consumption. LB also included a number of images showing the installation and completed system in his wrap-up email, which was a great touch and means I won't have to get out a ladder to satisfy my interest in the future. I'd love to work with LB and the rest of the crew again if we decide to increase the size of the system or relocate." - Jerry H.
"From my first request for a bid, all the way through to the final wrap-up, Nova Solar's responsiveness was much appreciated. While we weren't the easiest customers (it took us a long to commit to going ahead as life became hectic), they were always accommodating and quick to respond to our queries. The panels are beautiful, too." - Marty M.
"I think they have a very strong squad overall. I decided to utilize Nova Solar after reading overwhelmingly positive feedback, and I must say that the reviews were spot on. Our brand-new home comes with a ground mount system as opposed to solar panels for the roof. The finest thing about them, in my opinion, is their ability to communicate, which is crucial to the success of any endeavor. Getting our rebates set up after the installation was completed was a breeze; all I had to do was provide the necessary paperwork. I have already recommended them to a few friends and family members, therefore they have my highest recommendation." - Riken P.

Nova Solar Social media
Nova Solar's Facebook profile seems just as robust and businesslike. There are lots of comments, which gives the forum a lively atmosphere. Whoever was responsible for the design of the page has done a good job of keeping it up to date. The company page is frequently updated to include photos and videos of solar panel installations. Customers can keep up to date by following the page links. The company's page has over 500 likes, a testament to the success of the business. This is a fantastic resource for consumers wanting to learn more about Nova Solar's cutting-edge contributions to the solar industry.
Nova Solar is an established solar energy provider with a polished LinkedIn presence. There are over 250 people that follow the page. Visitors to the site may learn more about the firm and its environmentally friendly solar energy solutions. Readers may also get inspiration from the experiences of satisfied customers who have benefited from the company's top-notch solar energy products and services. Additionally, the website has links to additional reading materials and informative solar energy guides. For individuals curious about solar power, this website contains a wealth of information about Nova Solar and the quality of its services.
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Nova Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews875


Nova Solar Pros & Cons

  • Expertise
  • Quality
  • Customer Service
  • High Initial Investment
  • Maintenance Requirements
  • Weather Dependent

Nova Solar Final Conclusions

Nova Solar is a solar energy supplier. They provide solar energy systems for homes and businesses, as well as energy management and storage options. Nova Solar has received mostly good reviews from those considering a conversion to solar power due to the company's reputed expertise in the field.

Nova Solar locations

Main Address3305 Dye Dr Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone Number7036798607

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