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NRG Clean Power is a renewable energy provider that serves business and residential clients around the country. The firm provides a variety of solar services, including solar panel installation, solar energy storage, and solar hot water. Energy audits, efficiency upgrades, and other energy-saving services are just some of what NRG Clean Power offers its customers.

NRG Clean Power overview

NRG Clean Power is a renewable energy provider that serves business and residential clients around the country. The firm provides a variety of solar services, including solar panel installation, solar energy storage, and solar hot water. Energy audits, efficiency upgrades, and other energy-saving services are just some of what NRG Clean Power offers its customers.

What NRG Clean Power has to say about itself

NRG Clean Power has been a frontrunner in the residential electricity sector for over 30 years. We are an energy-efficiency and sustainability-focused home performance firm. We have received the renowned Diamond Certification for four consecutive years since customer satisfaction is the foundation of our company. NRG Clean Power provides the most excellent solar equipment at the lowest prices and the most flexible payment plans in the industry.

NRG Clean Power Solar Review

Year Started1987
Service AreasCA, TX
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Architecture, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline panels, polycrystalline panels, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, and flow batteries.

NRG Clean Power website review

NRG Clean Power's main website,, exudes an air of competence and reliability. Case studies and industry news complement the company's stated goals and services on the website. The website's layout and structure make it simple to find one's way around. The information is written in a manner that is interesting and accessible to the target audience. A customer service inquiry form is conveniently located on the website. The website gives clients access to relevant and current information about the business, lending credibility to the site as a whole.

NRG Clean Power price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation: $3,500 - $5,000, Solar Panel Financing: Starting at $0 down, Battery Storage: $5,000 - $6,500, Solar Leasing: Starting at $0 down, Solar Monitoring Services: Starting at $9.99/month, Solar Tax Credit: Up to 30% of installation costs, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Starting at $1,299
Payment optionsCash, check, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) as well as PayPal.
Payment discountsNew customer sign-up discount: 10%, Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) purchase discount: 5%, Solar energy purchase discount: 10%, Referral discount: 5%, Auto-pay discount: 5%, Multi-year contract discount: 5%, Military discount: 10%

NRG Clean Power online reputation

NRG Clean Power is a renewable energy provider that serves both business and residential clients. The firm has made a name for itself by providing first-rate customer service and developing novel, low-cost solutions that facilitate environmental sustainability. Customers have praised NRG Clean Power's dependability, expertise, and affordability in several online reviews. NRG Clean Power has earned high marks from its clientele for its eco-friendly practices and devotion to lowering its clients' carbon footprints.
"The quality of service immediately plummeted once the agreement was struck. Reviews and guarantees were major factors in my decision to go with NRG. My intuition told me to be more cautious when the salesman sent me a faulty link to the estimates rather than an attachment. It "worked for him," he kept saying. Then he had me sign a contract saying I had to upgrade my main panel when in fact I did not. They'd just attach a new section. Not going to happen if you have to honor the deal for the next two decades. Without any kind of formal introduction, I was handed off to someone else in charge of setting up the site visit. That individual contacted me late on a Thursday afternoon, requesting a meeting time on Friday evening. Due to my oversight, I had to confirm my attendance and indicate my availability by email twice. Someone else who is "helping out" with the site assessment texts me to indicate that he will be 45-60 minutes late and won't be there until then. On my third try, I even offered a full day of availability, minus 45 minutes. There is complete silence here." - Ryan P.
"Since NRG had the best ratings and the lowest price, we decided to go with them. Lisa, who helped us at the store, was fantastic. However, once we signed the contract, things rapidly deteriorated. Their staff came out to evaluate the site, and a week later we got a call saying the price would go up dramatically because of where our sub-panel was located. Our home is a townhouse. They suggested a workaround, but I would need HOA permission to extend conduit from the main panel through our shared garage to our side. Without the HOA's formal clearance for the conduit run, they refused to draw out the necessary designs. All plans, including this one, should be submitted to the HOA at the same time for consideration. I decline! If you decide to work with this firm, proceed with care." - Sam G.
"My financing was authorized and the project was set to begin, and then the firm fell quiet. I had to repeatedly contact my adviser to attempt to obtain responses to my emails from the project team. She kept me in the dark and kept pushing my project up the priority list. After three months, the lender finally emailed me to let me know that I had successfully cancelled the debt. After another email to the adviser, who then escalated the matter, I received word that my project had been scrapped and that my location was no longer in service. Really? Why did it take three months to figure this out when it was first unclear? Really bad assistance. Don't bother with this firm if you want to go solar but don't reside in a major metropolis. Now I have to start again in my search for a new job and the subsequent loan application, both of which will have negative effects on my credit history." - Larry J.
"Up until we signed the contract and paid the first payment, NRG was really helpful and attentive. After then, there would be months with no more communication. Over the duration of the project, we had four different managers. At one point, I was certain that we had been scammed since we couldn't get anybody to answer the phone or respond to our emails. (this was after we had paid most of the cost up front). I realize there were problems with the supply chain, but we could have avoided a lot of headaches with better communication. Then there was the problem with arranging the city inspection; we rearranged our schedule to fit the date of the inspection, but it was planned at a period when city employees were on vacation. NRG hires a third party to do the installation. Thankfully, the local subcontractors they engaged looked competent and took the time to walk us through setting up the monitoring software for the system. It was a trying journey, but we managed to get the system up and running and authorized in the end (after approximately a year)." - Ethan D.
"What a terrible waste of time! The procedure slowed significantly after I signed the contract on or around June 12th. On or around the 18th of July, we visited the place. The roofers ultimately informed me that I needed to spend an extra $12,500 on new roof tiles on August 1. From the outset, I had informed them that my flooring was made of concrete tiles. The salesman was probably inexperienced and didn't realize the importance of the tiles. It was a waste of time since I went with a different solar energy provider." - Roger A.
"NRG performed a fantastic and trouble-free solar installation for me. The sales personnel and project management staff were also fantastic, with Jason, in particular, standing out for his helpfulness. The inverter (Solar Edge) has been the source of my biggest problems, and the warranty is useless. Because of this, they have no need to guarantee their product's quality. After discussing my problems with NRG, I was provided a credit to assist alleviate the situation and was advised that NRG no longer uses SolarEdge inverters due to similar difficulties. Regarding Solar installation and servicing, I wholeheartedly endorse NRG. Due to the lack of a performance guarantee and the use of SolarEdge inverters, I have deducted one star. Much appreciation, NRG!" - David N.
"A few years ago, I purchased solar panels from NRG; now, I utilize a zigbee gadget that communicates over wifi to monitor my output. For the second time since I bought the Solar, the zigbee stopped operating in the past month. Lucky for me, the NRG tech support line sent me straight to Dean. He went above and above to assist me and even supplied instructions for resetting my zigbee. If I couldn't get the wifi back up and running, he was also going to assist me with the zigbee warranty. Dean was a joy to work with. He called me back many times to make sure I understood everything and to check in on my progress. He checked on my panels to make sure they were functioning and reported back to me. Thanks to Dean and his excellent follow-up, I was finally able to reset my zigbee." - Clive M.
"Except for a little delay due to weather, our installation went off without a hitch. The installation could not have been done safely in the rain, but getting back on the schedule was simple and required my presence at the home very briefly. My install coordinator was wonderful and put me at rest." - Peter T.
"About three years ago, NRG installed solar panels on our roof. NRG took care of the installation, utility approvals and permits. (smooth process). I was concerned that our failure to design the solar system effectively led to a recent spike in our electric bills. The problem was quickly identified when I contacted and expressed my concerns to Diane (who helped design our system). Due to a Solar Edge inverter malfunction, we could not use the solar power to our advantage. Derek solved the problem and delivered a new inverter under warranty in less than three weeks. Within days, Derek monitored the system and its performance to make sure it was producing the expected amount of electricity. I appreciated the quick responses and careful monitoring. I think you will really enjoy NRG." - Scott H.
"We started our solar project with another local company and it went left right off the bat. We then approached nrg solar who was a runner-up during my shopping journey. They have a large staff and will get the job done. They were also the only company able to secure the panels I wanted which were the REC 400 power rating. The other company told me they have them and right after we started they said they were "no longer in stock". Nrg actually does have them and will deliver them." - Terry L.

NRG Clean Power Social media
There are many fans of the affable and reliable Facebook page run by the solar energy provider NRG Clean Power. The material on the website is arranged into sections for each product, customer service, frequent updates, and tales about their solar energy endeavors. They also provide information on how to locate the nearest installation crew, how to make the most of their goods, and the most recent developments in solar technology. Numerous images and videos on the website provide views into corporate activities as well as demonstrations of the solar panels in use. A section with connections to the business's website, special deals, and social media platforms is also included. Overall, it's a great resource for anybody interested in learning more about the advantages of solar energy.
NRG Clean Power is an industry leader in solar power, and it has a strong presence on LinkedIn. This firm has been prominent on the web for years, and its logo and profile pictures are both professional and well-done. Green energy products and services are highlighted with customer reviews, industry news, and job openings to create a well-organized and informative website. Its credibility is supported by the fact that it has garnered over 1,400 followers. Additionally, new information is added often, adding to the page's authority among LinkedIn users. Overall, NRG Clean Power is a well-known, trustworthy solar energy firm on LinkedIn, and we strongly advise all of our readers to connect with them.
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NRG Clean Power average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews1484.6


NRG Clean Power Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost-Effective
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Expensive Initial Investment
  • Limited Availability
  • Dependence on Weather

NRG Clean Power Final Conclusions

NRG Clean Power is a California-based renewable energy company. The firm installs solar panels, stores electricity, and improves energy efficiency as part of its sustainable energy offerings. Many satisfied clients of NRG Clean Power have provided testimonials applauding the company's responsiveness to their needs and the high quality of its renewable energy solutions.

NRG Clean Power locations

Main Address7012 Owensmouth Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303
Phone Number8006986627

5 local offices

California – Canoga Park 7012 Owensmouth Avenue, Canoga Park CA, 91303
California – San Jose 111 N. Market Street, San Jose CA, 95113
California – Los Angeles 7012 Owensmouth Ave, Los Angeles CA, 91303
California – San Jose 75 E Santa Clara St, San Jose CA, 95113
Texas – Austin 600 Congress Avenue, Austin TX, 78701

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