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Solar Companies in New York

The Empire State has sunshine in abundance. Despite the tall buildings and dense forests, New York receives more than 2500 hours of sunshine each year. With solar panels, you can convert a lot of solar power that would usually be wasted.

We have researched and ranked the best solar companies in New York. If you are eager to transition to solar power in New York, we most certainly can help you out. This article will introduce you to the services, costs, pros, and cons of solar companies in New York. We’ll give you the information you need for your next steps.


Venture Solar

Outstanding Regional Installer Venture Solar

Venture Solar is our top pick among other solar companies in New York. They can direct you to local tax incentives and a reputable net-metering program. Net-metering is a billing system in which you are compensated for any excess solar energy generated by your home solar panels.

Venture Solar also offers a range of solar panels that are both attractive and highly efficient. Their technology is powered by monocrystalline panels with attractive triple-black panels. The Venture Roof Jacks make your system symmetrical, add no visible wiring or mounting devices, and have a critter guard for the long term.

Venture Solar offers three payment options for its solar energy systems. The cheapest option is a full, lump-sum purchase, which is the most cost-effective. A cash purchase is one of the best ways to start using solar energy, and you avoid paying interest rates. You can also take advantage of the federal solar tax credit plus state incentives to lower your overall costs.

If you need help financing solar panels, Venture Solar offers solar loans and leasing options. With these, you’ll have monthly payments to plan for. On the other hand, leasing does not entitle you to ownership of the system in question. This means that you won’t be able to take advantage of tax incentives which can greatly reduce your costs.

  • Offers $0 down on leasing and solar loans for qualifying customers
  • Includes a 25-year product warranty
  • Installs perfectly symmetrical solar systems with no visible wiring or mounting devices
  • Provides no pricing information online
  • Doesn’t cover workmanship or have a performance guarantee

Momentum Solar

Best Regional Coverage Momentum Solar

The goal of Momentum Solar is to make the switch to solar energy simple and enjoyable. They manage every step of the procedure internally, including design and installation, as well as pricing and financing. They also provide solar panels in a variety of designs, sizes, and forms. You may choose from a wide selection of manufacturers, providing you with more alternatives to choose the best solution for your needs.

It’s one of the top solar companies in New York, offering the highest-quality solar panels. It also provides a mobile app, allowing you to keep track of your solar power system from anywhere and read the most recent blog pieces to ensure you’re always learning about solar energy. These tools help you make the most of your solar panels and get the savings you seek.

Only locations with net-metering systems, government rebates, and tax credits can purchase Momentum Solar. Utility businesses are not all created equal. Momentum is aware of the proper documentation, licenses, and incentives to give you the impression that you are an expert in electric cost-saving measures and to assist in connecting you to a net-metering program.

Momentum Solar accepts upfront payments, leases, and loans for its solar energy projects. With a lease, you won’t be responsible for any purchase or installation charges; instead, you’ll only be charged for the power used by your system.

  • Offers seven solar panel brands for better customization
  • Partners with Enphase to offer a solar battery
  • Takes a full-service approach that includes handling permit paperwork and helping customers enroll in savings programs
  • Doesn’t provide online pricing information
  • Has mixed customer reviews


Best National Provider Solar4America

Solar4America’s service model is ideal for DIY customers and those completing smaller projects. The company manufactures a wide range of solar panels and other solar products, such as solar batteries and EV chargers. If you want professional installation, then you should check with Solar4America if they have an associate in your area. Otherwise, there are solar panels available to buy and install yourself.

Solar kits are an affordable way to power otherwise non-affordable off-grid projects. The Solar All-InClear kit is an inclusive DIY solution that provides 100 watts of solar power and starts at $200. These solar panels can easily provide power for a small RV or boat and can cost as little as $4 a day for everyday use.

Solar4America offers two different purchase and maintenance plans; you might want to try them both and see which one suits your needs best. To ensure you take advantage of tax incentives, looking into a full purchase or solar loan is a no-brainer.

  • Offers solar kits for RVs and boats
  • Regularly updates its website with ongoing deals and promotions
  • Manufacturers all solar products in-house
  • Varies availability according to ZIP code
  • Has potentially more expensive solar kits than other solar installation services


Best National Provider SunPower

SunPower is one of the best choices for solar panels and other products and our number four among other solar companies in New York. The company has expanded since its founding in 1985 to offer a variety of solar panels and products. SunPower’s partnership with Maxeon means that their solar panels have one of the highest efficiency rates at 30%. All aspects of the company’s solar systems are designed to work together, too.

At SunPower, it is more than just solar panels. The team helps make solar technology part of your everyday life with a range of finance products.

  • Works with Maxeon to produce high-quality solar panels
  • Has some of the highest efficiency rates on the market
  • Includes a 25-year warranty for both labor and equipment
  • Tends to cost more than average
  • Customer reviews vary by location

Solanta Solar

Solar Veteran Solana

Solanta Solar is exclusive to New York state, so it’s a top pick for homeowners in the area. The company is deeply knowledgeable about the ins and outs of solar installation, local tax incentives, and permitting in New York, which means you receive in-house knowledge from experts there.

Solanta Solar offers a variety of different services, including solar integration with smart home automation and security systems. We also offer roofing services if you’re remodeling your roof or reroofing your New York City home.

Solar customers may buy their solar energy system outright, opt for a solar lease, or take out a loan with as little as $0 down. Qualifying customers can take advantage of all three options to find out which one is best for them and their budget.

  • Works exclusively in New York, so it knows the ins and outs of solar installation in the state
  • Can integrate your solar system with smart home and home security systems
  • Partners with Pearl Certification to increase your home’s value
  • Has a lackluster warranty when compared to competitors
  • Provides limited pricing information online


Best Regional Coverage Sunrun

Sunrun offers two solar lease programs: a monthly payment one and a 25-year prepaid plan. Both are great, but you should decide which fits best with your budget. The prepaid plan is great because it comes with free monitoring and maintenance. Consider getting it for the benefits you’ll get that you may not find with other lease options.

Sunrun is also a US-based solar installer that provides an additional bumper-to-bumper system warranty. Along with active monitoring & free equipment replacement, we also have a ten-year comprehensive insurance policy on your panels.

Sunrun offers you two different leasing options. To explore their offer further, please visit, and if you don’t want to lease with Sunrun–they also work with in-house financing and up-front payments.

  • Offers two comprehensive solar lease options
  • Provides 24/7 customer support through an online chat feature
  • Offers panel insurance to protect against theft or damage
  • Varies solar battery availability depending on your location
  • Does not have pricing information online

Palmetto Solar

Outstanding Local Installer Palmetto Solar

Palmetto Solar provides peace of mind in the form of a Unique Protection Plan. For an additional $12 per month, this plan provides you with labor, guaranteed service timelines, and discounts on cleaning or removal services. You can also reduce your energy bills with one-time or monthly payments! On Palmetto Solar’s website, they offer a plan called ‘Peace of Mind’ where they give $1,975 in discounts at the annual cost of $144.

The company offers an additional 25-year warranty for inefficiencies and a tool to calculate your potential savings. With your address and monthly electric bill, Solar Estimate helps you figure out how much your next utility bill would be with solar power. Solar Estimate also makes it easy to track energy usage and find 24/7 customer service without ever leaving home.

Customers can now buy Palmetto Solar panels through a buy-out, a solar loan, or entering into a solar lease/PPA.

  • Offers the Peace of Mind Protection Plan, which includes additional monitoring services and discounts on maintenance
  • Has 24/7 customer support
  • Provides an online calculator for estimating solar savings
  • Requires an additional fee for active monitoring
  • Does not provide pricing information online

How To Choose the Top Solar Company in New York

There are several things to think about when hiring the best solar installation companies for your home. We’ve listed some of the most important aspects below, so you can make an informed decision when choosing.

Panel Options

The type of solar panels you use plays a large part in the efficiency and overall cost of your system. Monocrystalline solar panels are typically more expensive but are more efficient, with an efficiency rate of 20% to 30%. Some providers offer polycrystalline or thin-film panels. These may be more affordable if you need less power output or have a smaller project, such as a solar-powered shed.

Additional Equipment

You should always make sure to install solar backup batteries if you want the best experience with your solar panels. Solar batteries store up the energy from your solar panels during power outages or at night when you don’t have access to sunlight. If you own an electric vehicle, a solar battery may be a great investment for you.


In order to make sure that your solar energy system is protected in the event of damage or malfunction, it’s important to have a solid warranty. Different companies offer slightly different coverage, and there are also many different warranties for different aspects of the system. Overall, a warranty that passes the 20-year mark is a solid warranty for a solar panel. We’ve outlined the different types of warranties that come with a solar system in detail below.

Product warranty: This covers malfunctions or defects in materials. For example, if the solar panels have defects or need to be replaced, manufacturers will cover the cost of repairs and replacement. If it’s a product warranty, the customer will have to pay for all costs related to services, installation, and maintenance of your solar panels. 

Performance warranty: This warranty ensures your solar panels produce the amount of electricity estimated in your contract. Another way to ensure that you have this issue covered is to ask an installer or the manufacturer directly. 

Poor workmanship doesn’t just mean a lack of finesse. Carelessness may also lead to damages, leaks, or fires. This warranty covers issues brought about by bad workmanship when we install your solar panels in your home

Customer Service

Collecting solar energy to power your home has many benefits. Keeping in mind that there are many confusing aspects and plenty of issues can be helpful. We always recommend that you read through customer reviews to make sure a company will be able to help you in the process in a timely manner. Pay close attention to what their customer support is like, too.

Which New York Solar Company Is Right for You?

After reading our research, we think you should invest in residential solar energy in the state of New York. We have found that Venture Solar is one of the most reputable solar companies in New York. Our products and services provide the following: Symmetrical and Efficient Monocrystalline Solar Systems, in-house customer support to connect you with a reputable net-metering program, and other New York solar tax incentives.

Momentum Solar is a completely different offering, but they offer more customer support and education. If you want to take control, Solar4America has you covered, regardless of whether you’re RV-bound or not.

There are plenty of new york solar companies to be found all over the Empire State. It’s worth looking at availability in your zone because it can change depending on your ZIP code.

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