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Renewable resources are the focus of Our World Energy. For companies and homes alike, Our World Energy offers unparalleled sustainable energy solutions. To help our customers become less dependent on fossil fuels, we offer alternatives including solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

Our World Energy overview

Renewable resources are the focus of Our World Energy. For companies and homes alike, Our World Energy offers unparalleled sustainable energy solutions. To help our customers become less dependent on fossil fuels, we offer alternatives including solar, wind, and geothermal energy.

What Our World Energy has to say about itself

Businesses and households alike may benefit from Our World Energy's clean, renewable energy options. To lessen harmful emissions and improve the earth, we provide alternatives like solar and wind power. Our group is committed to developing sustainable and reasonably priced energy options. We work hard to simplify the process of transitioning to renewable energy for all users.

Our World Energy Solar Review

Year Started2016
Company Websiteourworldenergy.com
Service AreasAZ, NM
Service TypesInstallation, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Our World Energy website review

The official Our World Energy, renewable energy business website is located at ourworldenergy.com. The website features in-depth descriptions of the firm's offerings and its network of business associates. In addition, it has a webshop where people may buy sustainable energy equipment and services. Additionally, it offers in-depth details on renewable energy technologies, environmental advantages, and modern developments in the field. The website reads like a reliable resource overall. The content is current, accessible, and well-presented. The website's security features additionally make it an agreeable spot to do financial transactions. There's also a customer service area for any inquiries or worries clients may have.

Our World Energy price policy

PackagesSolar System: starting at $7,400, Battery Back-Up System: starting at $7,000, Generator System: starting at $4,000, Solar Thermal System: starting at $7,500, Insulation System: starting at $2,500, Radiant Barrier System: starting at $1,500, HVAC System: starting at $5,000, Lighting System: starting at $2,000
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsVolume Discounts: up to 10%, Military Discounts: 10%, Referral Discounts: 10%, Senior Discounts: 5%, Government Discounts: 10%

Our World Energy online reputation

Customers have responded positively to Our World Energy. Many users are content with the assistance they've received and value the accessibility of the website. Customer service has been criticized by those who say they have to wait too long for a response. Despite these concerns, customers continue to rely on Our World Energy as a trustworthy provider of energy services.
"When I agreed to have solar panels installed, I was assured that not only would I get rid of my energy costs, but I would also get a tax refund of $8,200 (which I did not). That's not the case at all, unfortunately. When I try to contact the person who provided these assurances, all I hear is that his email is full. These panels contain misleading information and I want them deleted. They put themselves in a very false light. Scammers and con artists. Dishonest people/businessmen." - Manish D.
"The OWE sales department did a wonderful job. The whole initiative was scrapped once the client account was given to the office staff. I've never before been associated with a team of such ineptitude. The installation crew needed four weeks to get the panels up. The bureaucracy delayed the permit application for another four months. I maintained regular communication with SRP's Solor Division and learned that neither OWE nor the City had sent the necessary paperwork. I made first contact with municipal officials, who informed me that OWE had never sent them the necessary paperwork for approval before sending it on to SRP. The OWE office staff and salesperson blamed the city and SRP the entire time. If I could go back in time, I would have never let them through the door. If anything makes you uncomfortable about buying from them, don't. Oh, and as a cash client, I must express my extreme frustration. It took them four months to switch on the system after they had me pay $23,000 for it after the panels were installed. What kind of business asks for payment in full despite unfinished work?" - Randy V.
"Since August 2021, my system has been operational; OWE assured me that, should it fail to meet expectations, they will send someone to add extra panels. Aps's monthly electricity expenses have been steadily increasing ever since the solar array was activated. Even though I have repeatedly contacted them and sent them copies of my Aps power bills, they have never once contacted me, much alone attempted to examine why my system is only generating a third of what it should be. While its maximum output is 1200 kw, between December 10 and January 12, it only generated 402 kw. After installing solar panels and paying the associated fees, my power bill has increased to $316. When I asked this company for assistance with my computer, they disappeared without a trace. Don't believe they're "we want you to be a customer for life" or "we will make it right" spiels. Not a chance in hell!! After receiving their payment, they will stop caring about you." - Donald B.
"They haven't delivered the promised solar energy, and they haven't responded to my emails, letters, or phone calls. Please have real-time connectivity and replace any non-functioning panels or add more as needed. They lied through their teeth to get the deal, and now they won't stand by their service or goods. They didn't switch it on until November 2021, and ever since then there have been issues." - Elvis F.
"YOU SHOULD NOT USE THIS BUSINESS. The sales staff is fantastic, and the men are very kind and helpful. There were zero hiccups throughout the installation process. A short time later, we are still receiving power bills and experiencing problems with our panels. The receptionist assured me that the appropriate parties will contact me shortly. There has been no response after two weeks. I refer to both of them as simply "." It takes at least two months to settle a single problem. Managers will say things like "I get why you're frustrated" but will do nothing to make things better. Nothing ever gets resolved, but everyone in the workplace is always apologizing and saying they're sorry for the trouble they've caused. We are still waiting for a problem we reported on December 20 to be resolved. DO NOT WORK WITH THIS BUSINESS! I regret enrolling in solar." - Ericson A.
"OWE has provided me with a fantastic experience. After looking over 14 different solar energy suppliers and receiving bids from 7 of them, I decided to go with OWE (second lowest pricing; best value). Emely did a fantastic job of working with me to develop the appropriate size system. They took care of getting all the necessary permits from APS, the city of Surprise, and my homeowners' association. Since we activated the system in July 2021, the installation has gone well, and it has performed as promised. About two months ago, some pigeons decided to make a home under the panels. Customer support was difficult to reach through phone and email, but once I did, they promptly sent an installation staff to my home to put up bird netting at no extra charge. I'm glad I chose OWE." - Ross K.
"We interviewed six different firms before settling on Our World Energy, and we're really pleased with our decision. We looked into the contracts of several firms and found that despite their grand claims, they were all for nothing. Our World Energy was able to accomplish all of our requests and more. They were straightforward and honest with us throughout our installation with them in the summer of 2022. Since we didn't install in the spring, we won't have time to accrue solar credits, so we can expect a couple of higher bills this summer. They were so eager to assist that they paid for two of our summer expenses. We only had two $42 bills, which was a major surprise. There are a lot of credits in our QCell/Enphase system this spring. We're done with our summertime bills now. Much appreciated, OWE!" - Samuel N.
"In September of 2022, my wife and I become OWE members. We were up and running by September's end. The switch was flipped, and now each month we add to our growing balance of negative utility credits. We're due money from the power provider. We're overjoyed with the performance of the Tier-1 gear we installed. Choose this business; you won't be disappointed with the level of service you get." - Jovanny O.
"The installers called me the day before to arrange a time and date to come and put the solar panels on our roof. Team 10 installers showed up there on time, and they asked if it was okay to proceed with the installation despite the rain. The installation was scheduled on that day after some deliberation. The installers were prompt, courteous, and skilled. The task was completed on schedule, and the crew seemed to collaborate well. After Andy finished his part of the installation, he invited me to inspect it and answer any questions I might have." - Damon P.
"The whole Our World Energy crew was fantastic to work with. The installed equipment, customer support, and installation timeframe were all excellent values. The installation they did was also quite professional. My next-door neighbor used a different business for his installation but now regrets not going with OWE. Since we installed our system over a year ago, we haven't received a single charge from APS. Positive emotion. 10/10" - Fred K.

Our World Energy Social media

A solar energy firm with a thriving Facebook presence is called Our World Energy. The page itself has a professional appearance, is quite current, and has a lot of material. Images, movies, and videos abound showcasing solar power installations, client success stories, and the business's favorable environmental effect. More than 5,300 individuals "liked" the page, and many more engaged with postings. Additionally, they add fascinating information about sustainable energy, which further engages the audience. This page is trustworthy given the huge amount of material and the interactive links. When picking a solar energy supplier, it is essential to be able to determine where the firm stands on all relevant topics. All in all, the Facebook page for Our World Energy is excellent.
A solar energy business built on LinkedIn is called Our World Energy. From its professional profile page, it seems to be a reputable company. The page has a solid history of interactions with consumers and followers, is actively maintained, and is often updated. It is well-liked and has around 1,400 followers. Numerous favorable evaluations highlight the company's outstanding solar energy goods. The website is neatly organized, with distinct divisions for goods, services, goals, honors, and more. This provides prospective clients with a wealth of information to aid in their decision-making. We have more faith in the company since the website is well-created and appealing to the eye. Overall, Our World Energy seems to be a respectable company that can be relied upon to provide clients with high-quality solar energy goods.
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Our World Energy average reviews

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solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews5664.5


Our World Energy Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost-Effective
  • Responsible
  • Limited Financial Resources
  • Lack of Market Awareness
  • Limited Production Capacity

Our World Energy Final Conclusions

Energy solutions for homes and businesses are the focus of Our World Energy. They provide conventional power generation in addition to alternative energy sources including solar, wind, and geothermal. Positive feedback from consumers often mentions the helpfulness and friendliness of the employees.

Our World Energy locations

Main Address20809 N 19th Ave Suite 1 Phoenix, AZ 85027
Phone Number8445141639

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