PacificSky Solar review

We are dedicated about assisting clients with installing stylish, long-lasting solar panels to significantly reduce their energy costs. Solar energy has never been more accessible or cost-effective.

PacificSky Solar overview

We are dedicated about assisting clients with installing stylish, long-lasting solar panels to significantly reduce their energy costs. Solar energy has never been more accessible or cost-effective.

What PacificSky Solar has to say about itself

With PacificSky, going solar gives you access to 20 years of solar installation experience all under one roof. With over 10,000 installations and over 24 years in business, PacificSky Solar evaluates your house or project with caution and realism. We take pleasure in being accurate and meticulous in how we handle your job while thoroughly enlightening you on the whole scope of work. Never has black and white looked better! You deserve the dependable, excellent work for which we are renowned and adored! Our business is unique in its unwavering dedication to quality and ethics.

PacificSky Solar Review

Year Started1994
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsPolycrystalline and thin-film
Backup BatteryEnergy storage systems
CertificationsSEIA, BBB, American Solar Energy Society

PacificSky Solar website review

The official website of PacificSky Solar, a solar installation business with over 24 years of expertise, is The website provides a variety of services, such as energy storage solutions and solar power system design, installation, and maintenance. By completing the form on the website's front page, visitors will find it simple to submit their contact information. Additionally, there are links to the business' social media pages, which improves PacificSky Solar's ranking. A drawback is that there is no information on the website regarding how much it will cost to install panels.

PacificSky Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

PacificSky Solar online reputation

PacificSky Solar is a business that specializes in offering residential and commercial clients solar panel installation services. According to user reviews, PacificSky Solar has a reputation for offering superior solar solutions and top-notch customer support. Many clients have applauded PacificSky Solar for their expertise and integrity. They point out that the staff members of the business are knowledgeable about the most recent solar technology and are able to walk consumers through the whole solar panel selection and installation procedure. Some people, however, weren't happy with the lengthy wait for panel installation and the shoddy repairs on their roofs.
"Excellent pricing, but you pay for what you get. If you're not computer smart and don't mind babysitting them, don't employ these folks. The right hand is working without the left hand's knowledge. The benefit: I received the lowest price out of all the offers. - Only business has a SolarEdge battery in stock within a 50-mile radius. They were accommodating while we were preparing, and they put up with my nitpicking about the layout. - They don't ask you to sign an unjust arbitration agreement, unlike Orange County Solar. If required, small claims court is still an option. The negative: - No specific project manager. You hire a sales representative, but as soon as the contract is signed, all they can do for you is pass your emails to the appropriate parties. However, no *one* person that you have access to is fully knowledgeable about your project. The tasks of site evaluation, design, installation, inspection, and commissioning are all carried out independently by separate parties without coordination. Unless you ask, no one will be proactive and let you know what to anticipate or what will happen next. - The paint job was awful but the installation was tidy. Workers smashed ornamental plants forcefully and left a lot of trash all over the land before walking away silently. - without seeking my opinion, decided to put a cellular connection on the inverter. No, I'm not interested in a mobile connection that will stop working in a few years. (good thing I did my research and knew to watch out for this - nobody from Pacific Sky warned me that this would be on the horizon). I repeatedly urged them to switch it to an ethernet connection, and they eventually complied. - Warning stickers were positioned carelessly and at sharp angles. - You won't be given any instructions on how to keep an eye on your system or modify its import/export preferences. - Delays and repeated inspections as a result of the plans not matching the installation. - Due to the incorrect form factor for what was placed inside, one of the electrical panels doesn't truly shut all the way. - Since I now have a battery backup, they had to transfer my important load circuits to a different panel. They installed one pair of 20 A + 15 A circuits as well as each pair of 20 A circuits on two-pole 40A breakers. This poses a serious fire risk. They were instructed to rectify it by the inspector, made a commitment, and the inspector authorized the installation in exchange for that commitment—but they never did. - In a message to me, they made it clear that they don't really watch any of their installations. - before they had really completed installing all of the required gear, they sent me a final invoice. - I haven't received any emails back after paying the final fee, which has been more than two weeks." - Max P.
"I had a contract in place to build a $35k system, so stay away from these individuals. They broke the agreement and demanded an additional $10,000. I could bore you with all the facts, but suffice it to say that they are shady. I saw that the owner made multiple answers claiming that they were being mistaken for another business. In the West Valley, on Bahama Street, was PacificSky Solar, with whom I had a contract. No error." - S. S.
"Use this company at your peril! You've been forewarned. I paid in full for my $6,000 system, but all that was installed was trouble. Too many, not to mention issues with S.C.E. and my regular expenses. I'm breaking up my relationship with this business." - Taylor F.
"Please refrain from using them. I have a large house as well as a guest house, and my solar installation cost around $100,000. At the beginning of the year, we began the project and put in the solar panels. Unsurprisingly, a big task. Although I had received cheaper quotes from other well regarded organizations, the sales representative, Eric, was so incredibly kind that he persuaded me to hire them. Yes, I had read all the positive reviews at the time and was pleased. Based on their advice, I was able to get a loan from a credit union via them to pay for the solar, which was fantastic. The issue was that the loan was financed, and on April 5th, I began making the monthly installments of slightly over $1,100. Surprisingly, my service provider continued to send me power invoices! Every other person I know who put solar informed me that their system began operating right away! When I contacted, emailed, and complained, I was given the runaround and given reasons why. My power expenses throughout the summer exceeded $1,200 per month, so in addition to making system payments, I've also been paying extremely expensive utility bills. Rafael Pagus, the owner and the person on the contractor license number, and I have been in touch constantly, but he is not open to working with me. He claimed to me that he didn't earn a lot of money off of my system and that the inspection took too long and was too expensive. That's not even logical.I'm going to sue them after that.
"Three years ago, we replaced our roof and also added solar power. The solar panels performed as expected. We are delighted with that aspect. Sadly, a year after the restoration was done, the front bedroom's roof started to leak. The Pacific Sky Solar-recommended roofer Avi promised to get back to us. We didn't really care since the winter was rather dry. The bedroom ceiling is still leaking and now poses a concern of collapsing as we get more rain. Our calls to Pacific Sky Solar and Avi go unanswered. We've given up on them, and the issue is being resolved by a different roofer. Estimated cost is $980. Honestly, I didn't want to leave this negative review. I wanted the issue resolved. Do not anticipate receiving long-term help if you choose this firm." - Bonnie F.
"I criticized Pacific Sky Solar in a previous review and said that you can't rely on them to stand by you if things don't work out. I'm delighted to say that I was shown to be mistaken. To set things right, the business's owner personally came to see me. I really admire you for this. He was able to fully accept responsibility for what went wrong and make amends that I am more than happy with. Like I wrote in my first evaluation, you can determine a company's integrity not by how they behave when things go well, but by how they behave when things don't go according to plan. As a result, I want my review to show how Pac Sky Solar restored my trust in their ethics. They could have simply disregarded my review in this day and age and carried on with their company, but they choose to do the right thing. Congratulations, Pac Sky Solar. The next time you need solar work done, you should give them some thought since you've earned back my business." - malibru
"Overall, the installation went really well. Amazing salesperson made all kinds of promises. Robert provided extremely helpful and careful quality control. He assisted me throughout the monitoring procedure. Only the cooperation with the permissions has to be authorized. To be more effective throughout the winter, I would want a little greater azimuth angle." - Victor Chavira
"The concept was first rejected by Solar City, but when I discovered Pacific Sky Solar, they made everything feasible. As a result of their service and the positive ratings I had read, I am glad I chose Pacific Sky Solar. They have supported me throughout the endeavor and have always been truly polite. Robert showed up and was really supportive. He was accommodating to my hectic schedule." - Carol Brown
"Excellent at closing deals, Eric kept all of his promises. They were kind, efficient, and they addressed my questions during the installation. The customer service was fantastic; they called me often to keep me informed about the process. Robert provided excellent after-support; he was highly knowledgable and made learning simple for my wife and myself. You are welcome to see the art at my home by scheduling a time with Eric if you wish to see it in person." - Rudy Nowak
"David was really helpful, patient, and made the sales process very simple. The solar was installed by great installers who performed an outstanding job. Robert arrived to our home on schedule, demonstrated the monitoring system to us, and satisfactorily addressed all of my inquiries." - Robert MacDonald

PacificSky Solar Social media
A solar energy business situated in the Pacific Northwest is called PacificSky Solar. They provide a range of solar products to their clients, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, and more. They make an effort to post up-to-date information about their goods, services, and business news on their Facebook page. The Facebook page for PacificSky Solar is quite active, with regular posts on their goods and services as well as business news. Additionally, they provide information on local solar fairs and workshops. Additionally, they promote forthcoming events and their services on the page. The Facebook page for PacificSky Solar receives a lot of comments, likes, and shares from fans. The majority of comments are encouraging, and the website appears to effectively address concerns and requests from users. Additionally, they have a number of customer testimonials available to help potential clients decide whether to deal with PacificSky Solar after doing their research. Overall, PacificSky Solar's Facebook page is appealing and active. It is in good shape and gives clients and potential clients important details about their offerings and the solar sector in general.
The LinkedIn page for PacificSky Solar is a fantastic resource for networking, updating clients, and promoting the business. PacificSky Solar offers information about its numerous solar energy-related goods and services, as well as news and updates on its projects, on its LinkedIn profile. Additionally, they showcase client endorsements and list open positions for prospective recruits. With more than 2,000 followers, PacificSky Solar's LinkedIn page has a sizable and engaged audience. Most articles on the page receive dozens of likes and comments in addition to a consistent number of followers. This demonstrates that readers are engaged with the information that PacificSky Solar publishes. Overall, connecting with your customers and followers may be done extremely effectively and effectively using PacificSky Solar's LinkedIn page. They make use of the site to show off their work and client testimonials, as well as to share pertinent news and updates with their members. It is evident from their large following and frequent interaction that PacificSky Solar's LinkedIn profile accomplishes the goals that they set out to.
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PacificSky Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews824.4


PacificSky Solar Pros & Cons

  • Offers products from leading manufacturers
  • Simple and effective consultations
  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Limited service area
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Price

PacificSky Solar Final Conclusions

A firm called PacificSky Solar specializes in installing solar panels on both residential and commercial buildings. Customers who were pleased with the business gave it positive ratings and reviews. The company's dedication to customer satisfaction is another feature of PacificSky Solar that is often cited by clients. Numerous reviews said that the crew of the business is accommodating to their wants and prepared to go above and above to guarantee their satisfaction with the outcome. For instance, several customers noted that the business assisted them in navigating the procedure for applying for licenses or communicating with their utility provider. Overall, PacificSky Solar is a renowned business that has gained its clients' confidence and happiness by providing high-caliber work and first-rate customer service.

PacificSky Solar locations

Main Address20640 Bahama St, Los Angeles CA, 91311
Phone Number(877) 237-6477

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