PES Solar Inc. review

PES Solar Inc. is a renewable energy solutions provider that designs and engineers PV solar systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Solar energy is harnessed using photovoltaic cells in these setups.
PES Solar Inc. review

PES Solar Inc. overview

PES Solar Inc. is a renewable energy solutions provider that designs and engineers PV solar systems for commercial and industrial buildings. Solar energy is harnessed using photovoltaic cells in these setups.

What PES Solar Inc. has to say about itself

Reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable W-2 staff. You can trust the best in the industry with hundreds of hours of experience. This team delivers the sun. Don't let the initial investment scare you off. PES Solar makes solar financing simple. A zero down payment allows you to stop paying the energy company and invest in something that will save you money and add value to your home for decades to come! Money Savings. Our solar panels allow you to turn off your electricity and save money!

PES Solar Inc. Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasAL, FL, GA, NC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Thin-Film, Bifacial, Smart panels.
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead acid, and AGM batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, OSHA 10, C10, NREL, NABCEP, NATE, LEED

PES Solar Inc. website review

The renewable energy company Proesolar, which makes and sells solar panels and other solar energy solutions, has its own website, accessible at Detailed product descriptions, how-to guides for setup and upkeep, and cost estimates are just some of the resources you'll find on their website. The site also features a blog with helpful advice and resources for homeowners interested in harnessing the power of the sun, as well as customer support and news and information about solar energy.

PES Solar Inc. price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Package: $2,500, Comprehensive Solar Package: $3,500, Premium Solar Package: $4,500, Ultimate Solar Package: $5,500, DIY Solar Kit: $1,500
Payment optionscash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express), PayPal, checks.
Payment discountsVolume Discounts: minimum of 25 panels or more may be eligible for a volume discount. Early Payment Discounts: Customers who pay for their order within 30 days may receive an additional 5% discount. Referral Discounts: Customers who refer a friend or family member may receive a 5% discount on their next purchase. Military Discounts: Active duty military personnel and veterans may receive a 10% discount on their purchases.

PES Solar Inc. online reputation is an online store that sells solar energy solutions for homes, businesses, and factories. Solar panels, solar charge controllers, solar batteries, solar inverters, and solar energy monitoring systems are just some of the things they sell. Customers have said good things about's knowledgeable staff, a wide range of products, and low prices. People have said in many reviews that the customer service is great and that the shipping is fast. Online reviews of have been mostly positive, with customers praising the ease of use and high quality of the products they sell.
"DON'T GO THERE. They lie over and over again. We've had our system for a year, and this is the first billing cycle where it produced more kWH than we used. Since PES installed the system 11 months ago, we have been paying $59.00 more each month. Based on how we've used it in the past, the numbers they gave us about how much we could save are completely made up. The salesperson also told us that the Federal Government would send us a check to help pay for it, but that was a lie. In a few months, the terms of the note will change, and in the best case, we'll be paying $116 more each month than we were before PES got us. Don't listen to anything they say. When we told them that the system wasn't working well, they sent us a rude email saying, "That's not something we can fix." We are seniors on a fixed income, and based on what they told us, we thought this would save us money and help the environment at the same time. Instead, they told us what they thought we wanted to hear, and now we'll have to pay on this loan until we die. Just DON'T DO IT and stay away from this business. Documentation to support my claims is available upon request. UPDATE: After dealing with the "new" head of customer service for a few days and sending PES 19 Duke Energy bills to back up our claims, Alex Kennard, who claims to be General Manager, "generously" offered to give us two free extra panels if we bought a third for $2200. The first set-up included 37 panels. 37 times $2200 is $81,400, which is a lot more than we paid for the whole system, so Mr. Kennard's offer to "give" us something for free was really just an attempt to scam us out of more money." - Lewis K.
"Stay away from PES SOLAR and PRS Roofing if you want to go solar. We hired PES Solar to put in solar panels and a generator as a backup. We told our sales rep that we wanted our metal roof to be cleaned, coated, and sealed before it was put up. He said the owners of PES also own PRS, a roofing company and they could handle the entire project from start to finish. In short, PRS did a terrible job on the roof and made an even bigger mess in the process. The sealant looks uneven and VERY MESSY. They spilled a couple of gallons in my gutters and got roof sealer on my freshly painted wall. The solar panels were put on top of the messy sealant in the wrong way. It took a while, but the solar panels finally passed inspection by the county. I wrote a few bad reviews, and the owner told me that if I took them down, they would add four more panels to make everything square and help cover some of the bad sealant work. As a sign of "good faith," I took down the reviews about PES. Even though it's been more than 6 weeks, I'm still in the same place with a project that isn't done. They told the company that gave them the money that the job was done. With Duke, I'm still looking at a bad sealant, panels that aren't even, and no net meter. So I have an electric bill AND a solar bill for a project that isn't finished! Not to mention all the promises that weren't kept and appointments that were missed when we took time off work to be here. I could keep going on about property damage and mistakes, but since PES doesn't want to fix anything, I'll save the rest for court." - Milton F.
"Since a month ago, they have been assuring me that my permit has been submitted to the city of P Pines to be authorized. When I called the city to find out what was going on, I was taken aback to learn that they had not received any communication from PES Solar. When I called them, they informed me that they were having issues with the company that they hire. But their sales rep Claude told me that they do everything themselves, which means that they have been lying to me about how the solar panels are doing for the past month. This is because Claude told me that they do everything themselves." - Glen L.
"Ten weeks have passed since the solar panels and backup battery were installed in the building. During that time, I was only able to use the system for a total of three weeks, and it has been out of commission for the past two weeks. The controller is broken, but PES is not moving quickly enough to fix the issue in spite of the urgency with which it should be addressed. Because I paid cash for the installation, I should be reaping the benefits of my investment; however, I find myself annoyed and remorseful that I went with this particular company. I call each and every day, but I always get a different answer." - Harvey N.
"Blake, the salesman, was great, but everything else has been terrible. The installation didn't take too long, and the techs did a great job. Now it's time for the city checks... 6 tries didn't work! Part of the problem was with the inspectors. I had to talk to the city to find out what was going on, and then I told PES what I had learned. After that, things started moving again. Now comes the paperwork for hooking up to the power company. They never got it, so I had to step in again to get it to them. The application was sent to me by email, and I filled it out and sent it back to PES within an hour. After several emails and phone calls, I never heard back. When I called the utility company, they told me that PES had not sent over the rest of the paperwork that was needed. I called them again, and they said they would call me back after sending it. I've been home for hours and still haven't heard back. I've taken time off of work and made a lot of phone calls to try to finish this project, and I'm very frustrated right now. The only good thing about all the failed inspections was that the inspector found out that the whole system was wired wrong and wouldn't have worked anyway. Also, the installers put an outside disconnect inside and made a big mess of the wall, which needed to be fixed. PES paid for that, but I still have this disconnect box in my hallway that has a big gap around it that I will need to fix up to make it look better. My biggest problem is how PES and I talk to each other. I shouldn't have to call them and beg for progress reports. I'm the customer, and I just paid a lot of money for this. Who's paying me for the work I did for them? Considering how good you are at what you do, why don't you know how the paperwork and processes work in each town? I would think that someone would call that town and utility ahead of time to find out what they need. If I can't get this up and running in the next couple of weeks, I'll ask them to take it all away and have a company that wants to keep my business do it." - Antonio B.
"Last year I had a 10 kW system installed, and ever since then I have received NO ELECTRIC BILL. Seven different solar energy providers were interviewed, and they were all the same in key respects: inadequately sized systems, exorbitant costs per watt, aggressive sales tactics, outsourcing most of their work, and establishing their headquarters in distant states. After stopping at three houses at random in central Florida, including one each in Winter Garden, Clermont, and Orlando, I was given the business card of Professional Electrical Services and told to contact them if I ever needed any electrical work done. Every day, I pass through these regions on my commute. The two in New York City and Washington, D.C., took about three years to set up, while Orlando's took less than a month. Their work ethic, customer service, and unbeatable pricing for higher-quality equipment than any other installer were praised by every single one of their clients. I'm glad I took the time to approach those shoppers and inquire. PES Thank you so much for the chance to do business with you and join the Solar Family. Your only choice for solar electricity in Central Florida is Professional Electrical Services, your friendly neighborhood experts." - Connor V.
"WOW!!! These people are the real deal when it comes to the sun. I had numerous solar electric installation firms come out and give me quotes, and I was about ready to call it quits on the typical bull**** when Professional Electrical Services called. It was so wonderful to see them again! A company run by real people who care about their clients! They didn't bring some phony Ipad video to make me feel smarter about anything; rather, they brought me the real deal and schooled me on the whole shebang. When compared to other similar products, PES is unrivaled. My solar panels have been up and running for years!! reduced investment of $300 to one of $150 with zero out-of-pocket expense... NO-BRAINER! Even though the system is performing better than expected, they still drop by occasionally to check on us. If there was a higher rating than 5, they'd get it from me. The same was true for the other five households in my area where they performed a SOLAR installation." - Tristin G.
"Over the course of a few months, I investigated a variety of businesses, conducting background checks and confirming that they held valid Florida licenses. Professional Electric, led by Brian Miller, a licensed electrician with a stellar reputation in the area, was the only company that checked all the boxes. An engineer's license in Sanford, Florida, who worked on the blueprints, was the next most important qualification. Our initial intention was to take advantage of the current tax credit, but we have since shifted our focus to achieving energy independence through solar. Almost 13 KW is being produced by our 44 panels. After having the roof replaced on the office in 2019, we plan to make the switch to solar power. You get a tax break twice for that. Instead of dealing with some kid reading from a brochure, you can speak with trained experts who will make sure everything is handled properly." - Troy С.
"After shopping around and meeting with several solar companies, we found that Professional Electrical Services had the best product and price. I was looking for a good roofing company because I just had my roof replaced. We felt comfortable working with them because they had been in business for twenty years, they had a warranty for twenty-five years, and we met with a representative in person. I have already told my friends and family who are thinking about going solar for their homes that they should use them." - Tommy D.
"PES Solar was the best option for me thanks to their transparency, competitive pricing, and excellent reputation. They kept their word and did everything they said they would, and ever since we bought our 11.52k over six months ago, we have had nothing but positive experiences. As of late, our monthly bill has increased to $35 because we recently had a pool installed in our backyard. Because I have referred so many people to this company, Austin personally answered the phone for me, and he informed me that they will add three additional panels to cover the price difference at no additional cost. Excellent Business! If you are interested in solar energy, you should contact PES Solar and mention that Jerry referred you." - Rick S.

PES Solar Inc. Social media
If you're looking for credible data about solar power, go no farther than PES Solar Services' Facebook page. It seems polished and credible because to its uncluttered layout and logical presentation of information. More than 1,800 people have chosen to follow this page, which speaks much about its reliability and popularity. Photos, movies, and connections to other useful sites make up some of the page's abundant material. It's a great place to learn about the company's offerings and the advantages of solar power. This site is an excellent resource for keeping abreast of developments in the solar energy sector. The Facebook page for PES Solar Services is a trustworthy and well-structured resource for learning more about the business and solar power in general. It's a fantastic read for anybody curious in this dynamic profession.PES Solar is a LinkedIn-based solar energy business. All the most recent information about their offerings and announcements is presented in an attractive and well-organized way. While the page's popularity is undeniable, the relatively low number of subscribers casts doubt on the company's credibility. There are mostly news items and corporate updates on the website. There is hardly any user-generated content and a preponderance of company-generated material. Even if the website seems nice and gives you a lot of information about the business, you can't really tell whether it's trustworthy or not.
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PES Solar Inc. average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3054.6


PES Solar Inc. Pros & Cons

  • High upfront costs
  • Limited service area
  • Limited product selection
  • Quality Service
  • Cost Effective
  • Expertise

PES Solar Inc. Final Conclusions

The goal of PES Solar Inc., a solar energy company, is to meet the needs of our residential and business clients by giving them renewable energy solutions that are both affordable and good for the environment. They offer audits and other services to improve energy efficiency so that their clients can get the most out of their solar power installations. Customers give PES Solar Inc. high marks because of how knowledgeable its employees are and how well they do their jobs.

PES Solar Inc. locations

Main Address290 Springview Commerce Drive, Suite 3 Debary, FL 32713
Phone Number3866684222

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