Pivot Energy review

A leading national supplier of solar energy, Pivot Energy designs, finances, constructs, owns, and operates solar and energy storage projects. Pivot provides a distributed energy platform with a number of services and software geared on supporting the whole solar ecosystem.

Pivot Energy overview

A leading national supplier of solar energy, Pivot Energy designs, finances, constructs, owns, and operates solar and energy storage projects. Pivot provides a distributed energy platform with a number of services and software geared on supporting the whole solar ecosystem.

What Pivot Energy has to say about itself

Pivot Energy is steadfastly committed to quickening the energy industry's shift to a greener, more decentralized method of power production. With more than just renewable energy, we are dedicated to positively influencing the local communities and the individuals we support. We think that the danger posed by global warming to our world is so great that we must do all in our power to lessen it. Pivot is a national solar energy provider that designs, finances, constructs, and operates solar energy and energy storage projects that aid in the decarbonization of our country's power, broaden fair access to clean energy for local communities, and provide substantial cost savings to American households and companies.

Pivot Energy Solar Review

Year Started2017
Company Websitepivotenergy.net
Service AreasCO, MO
Service TypesEnergy efficiency, system installation, energy storage solutions, energy management and consulting services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion battery backups

Pivot Energy website review

The website is simple to use and has a contemporary, clean design. On the site, a slider leads users to the company's services and solutions with sharp calls to action and high-quality graphics. Each of the company's primary services, such as Commercial Solar, Community Solar, and Utility Solar, has its own page on the website, which is neatly structured. Each page includes case studies, testimonials, and other supporting material in addition to comprehensive information on the particular solutions and services provided. A blog part on the website features educational articles about solar energy and related subjects. The blog postings highlight the company's industry knowledge and are well-written and educational. Overall, pivotenergy.net's website gives visitors clear information about the company's services and solutions and looks to be professionally designed, educational, and user friendly.

Pivot Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $4 to $7 per watt
Payment optionsCredit/debit cards, check, ACH, cash, financing, and solar lease/PPAs.
Payment discountsUp to 25% discounts when paying with a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) or other renewable energy credit

Pivot Energy online reputation

Online reputation information will be added as it becomes available.

Pivot Energy Social media

The Pivot Energy Facebook page offers details on the business's renewable energy solutions and other relevant subjects. With over 300 likes, the page is expanding. The content mostly focuses on sustainability, alternatives to fossil fuels, and the technology, goods, and services offered by the business. There are also sporadic tweets urging followers to take steps against climate change, including promising to offset their carbon impact. Informing text, videos, photographs, and links are frequently included in the entries. By posing queries, soliciting comments, and providing updates on recent developments with renewable energy, the page also engages readers in the debates. The page admins encourage followers to interact with the content by asking provocative questions and using interesting language. To boost interaction within the page's community, there are sporadic gifts, competitions, and promotions. Overall, Pivot Energy's Facebook page serves as a useful platform for connecting with its fans and disseminating information about its products. In order to increase interactive engagement with followers and motivate them to participate in climate change projects, the page admins employ cutting-edge tactics.
The Pivot Energy LinkedIn profile serves as an excellent platform for the business to introduce itself to the public and establish rapport with prospective clients. Over 11.6k people have liked the page, and that number keeps rising. The site includes a statement of the company's beliefs and objectives in addition to thought leadership pieces, new products, and job listings. Typical content includes announcements of new job opportunities and general information about the firm and its industry as well as any recent events or initiatives. The administrators of the page use interesting and useful information, text, and photographs to promote the company's brand and encourage participation from page followers. Likes, shares, and comments, among other forms of interaction, are actively encouraged from page visitors. In addition, they invite viewers to join the company's page in order to get news about their ongoing projects. The Pivot Energy LinkedIn profile serves as a fantastic medium for the company to interact with its audience and spread the word about its offerings. The combination of catchy language, eye-catching graphics, and useful information leaves a good taste in one's mouth about the business. Those in charge of the page have made it easy for fans to get information about Pivot Energy and the renewable energy products and services they provide.
YouTube Channel
1600 Subscribers

Pivot Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews14


Pivot Energy Pros & Cons

  • Competitive rates
  • Customer support fast and reliable
  • Various plans and services
  • No long term contracts
  • Amount may not be feasible for some customers
  • Tariff changes

Pivot Energy Final Conclusions

Leading renewable energy firm Pivot Energy has helped improve the sector. Pivot Energy is a leading industry participant due to its unique approach and sustainability. Pivot Energy's community solar projects let people and businesses use solar energy without bespoke installations. This method increased solar energy availability and popularized sustainable energy nationwide. Pivot Energy has also developed solar energy projects for commercial and industrial customers, saving them money and reducing their carbon impact. The firm collaborates with utilities and other stakeholders to promote renewable energy. Pivot Energy has helped advance renewable energy in the US.

Pivot Energy locations

Main Address1536 Wynkoop Street Suite 400, Denver CO, 80202
Phone Number888-734-3033

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