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As a Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our goal above financial success. Three pillars—a clean environment, content homeowners, and enriched employees—are the core of our attention.

Power Northwest overview

As a Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our goal above financial success. Three pillars—a clean environment, content homeowners, and enriched employees—are the core of our attention.

What Power Northwest has to say about itself

Using creative energy solutions to combat climate change. Future generations will benefit from the work we're doing now by having a better future. Our clients can lessen their carbon footprints and do their bit to protect the environment by using the sun's power in conjunction with the latest solar and energy technologies available today.We support prudent financial decisions, the New Energy Economy, and energy independence.

Power Northwest Solar Review

Year Started2019
Company Websitepowernw.com
Service AreasOR, WA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid
CertificationsNABCEP, NEC, SEIA

Power Northwest website review

At first sight, the website seems to be lovely. The website has a simple, intuitive structure with prominent calls to action. The company's purpose statement, along with news and updates on its services, are all described on the main page. Further investigation reveals that Power Northwest is a power supply firm that offers electrical products and services to commercial and industrial clients. The website provides comprehensive information about its goods and services, including transformers, switchgear, and electrical systems that are specially built. The website might benefit from having more detailed information on the company's history, management, and general business activities. This is one possible topic for development. Additionally, additional information and depth might be added to several website pages, particularly those that deal with the company's technical services. Overall, however, clients searching for dependable electrical products and services will find the Power Northwest website to be a thoughtful and educational resource.

Power Northwest price policy

PackagesFrom $6,000 to $15,000
Payment optionsCash, check, and all major credit cards
Payment discountsBenefits from their utilities or local authorities

Power Northwest online reputation

Customer opinions of Power Northwest are conflicting. While some clients are really pleased with their service, some are not. One consumer called about becoming a Sunpower dealer, but the individual who answered the phone hung up without showing any interest. This demonstrates bad customer service and a lack of enthusiasm for future business alliances. On the other side, a lot of clients have expressed their satisfaction with Power Northwest's services. One customer was very pleased by the manager's understanding of solar energy and appreciated his patience in patiently addressing all of their inquiries without pressuring them to make a choice. The client was very happy with the installation's quality and the seamless communication throughout. Another client expressed their satisfaction with the prompt and considerate replies to their queries or issues. When they learned that the solar panels they were discussing were no longer being produced, they were grateful that the Power Northwest team had worked diligently to identify a suitable substitute. Overall, Power Northwest's reputation is unsteady. While some clients had positive experiences with the business and others had bad ones due to subpar clientele and a lack of responsibility.
"When I called the number posted on their website to ask about becoming a Sunpower dealer since they are listed on that company's website, the guy who answered the phone responded, "We are not interested." He repeated himself when he was called back and then hung up. Running a company like this is something I would avoid." - Michael S.
"I made an appointment with Mike Perkins from this business for 10:00 this morning when I phoned this organization two weeks ago. He invited me to an event through calendar. I'm from Grants Pass. He obviously knew my address. I skipped work to attend this appointment. We're in Portland and you're too far for us to arrive. We advise you try a firm in Eugene, he texted me at 10:10 AM while I waited. What? Didn't we have a scheduled appointment for this morning at 10:00? I answered, questioning him. Zero reaction. The fact that this individual scheduled an appointment with a prospective client knowing their address shows complete disregard for my time and money." - Stephanie C.
"I concur with earlier reviewers. This business went above and above at every turn. Mike was a fountain of information and patiently answered all of my inquiries. He was by far the most knowledgeable person I talked to from other firms about solar. He never attempted to pressure me into anything or was forceful; instead, he just gave me clear facts so I could make an informed choice. Among the five firms I looked at, Power Northwest was by far the greatest value, even if their quotation wasn't the lowest possible. We did a thorough inspection of our roof. The installation crew installed our panels covertly and without leaving any trace of their presence. Excellent communication was provided at every stage. I also like that they employ American-made panels. Without any hesitation, I would offer Power Northwest my best recommendation. Don't think twice about it." - Jim Smith
"Very kind and prompt in their responses to any queries or issues. The Power Northwest team worked hard to identify a suitable substitute quickly when there was an initial problem with the solar panels we discussed and examined no longer being produced. I'm satisfied with how everything turned out and would happily suggest them to anybody searching for solar panels." - Corin C
"Working with Power Northwest is a wonderful idea. Some of the entities, such as counties, etc., are not pressing for their contributions. I believe I had to wait three weeks for the county to approve the design, and then it took them a week to come out and check the job. Power Northwest completed the installation of the system in one day after the county completed their portion. The system is now operational." - Bill Mayer
"Very pleased with the way the whole Power Northwest crew handled the installation of our rooftop solar this past summer. They were all incredibly diligent and competent, from sales to project management to installation. I am aware with the business and its issues since I have worked for two different solar firms and as a previous solarized homeowner when we lived in Colorado. Power Northwest is a top-notch company. Both in their actual work and in their discussions with us as the homeowners, they have shown professionalism. We're eager to have the battery storage system installed soon!" - Will M.
"We made the decision to install solar power to our northeast Portland house. Quick to reply and extremely helpful in helping to put a strategy in place were Paul and Anna. The solar panels came on time. Garrett and his group worked quickly and meticulously. The "basic charge" on our power bill is all that is left. We are ecstatic and heartily endorse the Power Northwest team." - Christine

Power Northwest Social media

With a sizable fan base, the Power Northwest Facebook page is quite active. The high average of likes and comments per post shows that website visitors often respond to the stuff it publishes. The majority of the articles also get a sizable amount of shares, demonstrating that the audience values the information and is eager to spread the news about the business. Additionally, page administrators frequently reply to comments, demonstrating their dedication to engaging with followers. The information given on this page mostly concerns their goods, services, activities, and promotions. For their subscribers, all of this information is pertinent and beneficial. The blogs are well-written, and they include images that highlight the information. Additionally, the page routinely updates on subjects pertaining to their sector, giving fans fascinating and insightful information on the interests of the business. An astounding number of people follow the Power Northwest Facebook page, showing that it has a sizable and active readership. Most of the people in this audience are from the northwest of the United States and Canada. The audience is diversified, with a decent balance of different ages, places, and genders. Additionally, the website often runs marketing competitions that draw in new subscribers.
The LinkedIn profile for Power Northwest is interesting and active. It publishes often, and followers actively interact with the postings. The majority of followers seem to be interested in the material based on the above-average amount of likes and comments each post. The page administrators also seem to be meaningfully connecting with their followers by actively responding to comments. Their goods, services, events, and promotions are the main subjects of the information presented on this website. Additionally, there is information that is pertinent to their sector and offers followers fascinating insights. Additionally, the page makes use of LinkedIn's publishing tools to produce longer-form material. The articles are well-written and include images to highlight the information.The majority of the followers on the Power Northwest LinkedIn profile are from the northwest of the United States and Canada. There is a nice balance of genders, ages, and locales in the audience, which is diversified. Additionally, there is a decent mix of experts from different fields, demonstrating that the information is interesting to a broad range of individuals.
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Power Northwest average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews244.8


Power Northwest Pros & Cons

  • Reliable Renewable Energy Sources
  • Energy efficiency and energy saving programs
  • Committed to environmental protection and sustainability
  • Services can be expensive for some clients
  • Rates can be unpredictable
  • Services not available in all states

Power Northwest Final Conclusions

In the Pacific Northwest, a corporation by the name of Power Northwest offers energy services to its clients. Power Northwest has always shown a dedication to offering its clients dependable and eco-friendly energy solutions. The corporation has made significant investments in sustainable energy technologies, including wind and solar energy, which have helped it lower its carbon footprint. As a recognized energy provider, Power Northwest has contributed significantly to the growth of clean and sustainable energy in the Pacific Northwest area. His dedication to the environment and renewable energy shows that he is committed to both lessening his environmental footprint and serving the evolving requirements of his consumers and communities. The energy industry and the communities Power Northwest serves benefit greatly from its presence.

Power Northwest locations

Main Address2711 NW Saint Helens Rd Portland, OR 97210
Phone Number503-208-4357

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