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Powered By Elevation Solar designs, installs, and takes care of systems. This company installs solar panels and takes care of them. They can plan the system, install the solar panels, monitor it, and help with any problems. Solar energy is attractive because there are many payment plans that are low cost.

Elevation overview

Elevation designs, installs, and takes care of systems. This company installs solar panels and takes care of them. They can plan the system, install the solar panels, monitor it, and help with any problems. Solar energy is attractive because there are many payment plans that are low cost.

What Elevation has to say about itself

For clients wishing to move to sustainable energy sources, both business and residential, Elevation offers knowledgeable solar solutions. The business provides high-quality services with the aim of delivering cost-effective energy solutions and a greener future. With decades of expertise in the solar sector, Elevation is well-situated to provide its customers with cutting-edge solutions. It aims to develop reliable energy systems that provide long-term cost reductions while satisfying consumer demands for efficiency and stability.

Elevation Solar Review

Year Started2014
Company Websitepoweredbyelevation.com
Service AreasAZ, CA, FL, NV, NC, SC, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, hybrid.
Backup BatteryLithium-Ion batteries, Flooded Lead-Acid batteries, AGM batteries, Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) batteries, and Solar batteries.

Elevation website review

The primary website of the solar firm, poweredbyelevation.com, is a fantastic resource for details on its goods and services. The website is organized and provides information on a variety of readily accessible solar goods as well as specifics on solar financing. For anybody who wants to learn more about solar energy solutions, this makes it a fantastic option. You may read customer feedback and reviews to find out more information about the business and in-depth descriptions of the goods and services offered on the website. Anyone considering purchasing a solar energy system from the company may find this informative. Generally speaking, the poweredbyelevation.com website for the solar sector is beneficial and lets customers learn more about what the business provides. To make a decision about buying a solar energy system, you need accurate, unquestionably accessible information.

Elevation price policy

PackagesComplete Solar Home Package: starting at $16,800, Solar Hot Water Package: starting at $7,100, Hybrid Solar Hot Water/Photovoltaic Package - starting at $11,700, Solar Photovoltaic Package - starting at $13,800, Battery Backup Package - starting at $6,000, Solar Pool Heating Package - starting at $7,500.
Payment optionsCash, Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Check, Bank Transfer, Financing Options
Payment discounts0% financing for up to 24 months, 10% off for military personnel, 5% off for first-time customers, Referral discounts of up to $500, Special discounts for seniors and veterans, Discounts for additional solar installations, Discounts for signing up for automatic payments.

Elevation online reputation

Customers have generally been pleased with Elevation. While some commend the business for its forthright attitude and comprehensive security, others have complained about tedious delays and communication problems. Unfortunately, some customers have also brought up complaints about Elevation staff quality and customer service quality. Despite this, a lot of consumers have had positive experiences with Elevation and have expressed satisfaction with the whole purchasing procedure and customer support.
"Everything about Elevation has gone wrong. On the first day, they put panels on the wrong side of the roof (facing north). They voided the warranty on that part of my roof, moved the panels, and then didn't talk to me for months while the project stalled. They put in the wrong paperwork for my inspection, so I failed it the first time. After that, they sent me the wrong plans again for the inspector to use on the next inspection. Even after all that, and even though I paid for a battery system, the system is set up so that some of my panels won't produce power during a blackout because of wiring restrictions that they didn't tell me about before I signed the contract. During a power outage, solar would be even more important to me. I signed the contract in 2021, but they didn't finish the PTO until February 2022, and they haven't cared about my system connectivity problems for weeks. I was hoping to avoid things like this by going with EnergySage and using their reviews system, but that did not help me at all." - Victor K.
"Terrible business with no morals or shame. I regret not doing more homework on this business. My experience was similar to others' in that they dragged their time and attempted to install without the necessary permissions. They also had poor or dishonest communication. I often visited city hall only to learn that the cause of all the issues and delays was elevation. In a fair society, there would be some kind of class action lawsuit or executive reprimand for squandering so many people's time and money." - Jessie Z.
"I finished what was required of me about six weeks ago. After a period of six weeks, there was NO RESPONSE ON THE ACTUAL DESIGN. Elevation carried out two site visits, during which it sent contractors who possessed very limited knowledge of the project and who had not been briefed on it. Both attempts were unsuccessful, at which point they once more turned to me for further information. Again, there was no response after I provided that regarding the design or the final price." - Neil T.
"Since July of 2022, I have been in communication with members of Elevation (when we decided to go with them after months of research). To begin with, I have spoken with many different solar energy companies, and this one has the worst communication. No one bothered to keep me apprised of the status of my project from the initial sales consultant to the "concierge customer service" and the southern California sales director. I was the one who had to initiate contact for updates, and even then the replies were brief and cryptic. A paraphrase of an email "My name is Customer Concierge, and I will be your point of contact for the duration of your solar installation. I'll be in touch with you at crucial junctures of the project to fill you in on progress. Automatic text message updates will be sent to you as well. You are our top priority, so I want to make sure you fully grasp the steps involved "total nonsense, as I was never contacted in any way. Each time I needed something, I had to reach out and ask, and when it came time to approve the permit, they messed up the paperwork without telling me. Three months have passed and I still don't have an installation date. I'd like to speak with someone who can move my project to the next level and give me better communication and service regarding the timeline for having solar panels installed on my roof." - Ted W.
"On March 29, 2022, we signed a contract with Elevation to have solar panels installed on our roof alongside a battery backup system; the work was to be completed within 120 days. After paying a $1500 deposit and having Elevation file the required paperwork with the city of Chino, we received approval just a few short weeks later. On May 23, 2022, they will begin the setup process. No one from Elevation showed up on that day. After contacting their office, we were informed that 06/14/2022 had been set as the new installation date and that the previous date had been a "tentative" one. None of the expected attendees showed up on that day. We pressed for an explanation but were instead told that we would have to reschedule until the week of 06/27/2022. Still, no crew showed up, so we followed up again on 06/30 when Liz said that they likely wouldn't have a crew qualified to install the batteries until the week of 07/05. Actually, no one showed up. Elevation didn't give us any advance warning, but the backup battery showed up at our house the very same week. Liz informed us via email on 07/20 that "parts have not yet arrived at our warehouse," which was the latest information we could get at the time. We didn't hear back from them for almost a month, so we followed up again on August 17th. Liz informed us that the missing parts would be arriving within the next 10-14 days, at which point they would be able to schedule an installation date. After waiting for 14 days, we still hadn't heard back from them (even though we asked for updates). It's now the end of September and we still haven't heard anything from Elevation. They promised to keep us informed and provided an update two days after we asked for one (10/3): their scheduler is working on the installation date. We have been very patient with Elevation for the duration of the contract's 120 days, but at this point, we no longer trust the company and no longer wish to do business with them. Simply put, we seek a refund. Since we filed a complaint with BBB on October 5th, we haven't heard back from Elevation. Keep away from that Elevation!" - Nick B.
"I got a good deal on my solar panels from a reputable business, and I like the fact that they have been in operation for a while. Ryan was very helpful in answering my many questions. Ryan informed me that Elevation has been around for 10 years and that their warranty is insured so that if anything were to happen to the system, it would be taken care of." - Wiley F.
"I bought solar panels from Elevation throughout the last summer. It is something I would suggest in general. I was informed in advance that because solar installation is a construction undertaking, it may experience unforeseen obstacles if we wind up needing to replace our main panel. I truly like how they established the right expectation from the start, as opposed to other firms who appeared to be promising the world and made me feel like I was being "sold" to. shown that the supply chain issues are the same for all solar companies. It will take a bit longer even though I know I'm taking my time and doing the job well. The fact that they provide lifetime system protection in addition to an arrangement with EnergyStar and ASU impressed me. Although I won't be active until the next week, their attitude to my solar installation has so far really pleased me." - Morris B.
"Our decision to go with Elevation Solar for our solar panel installation back in 2021 came after we compared prices with four other companies. I appreciated their forthrightness. Unlike the other salespeople, Ryan was completely forthright and reliable, and he made going solar seem like a breeze. He was also the only one to point out that, like any construction project, going solar could take longer than expected if, for example, we needed to upgrade our panels or ran into problems getting them installed. There's more to Solar than I gave it credit for, and he's right. They have a staff that will fill out all the necessary forms and coordinates the complex aspects of the project on your behalf. It took a while to get set up, but we're very happy with our decision to go with them. Taking a ride on the sun's rays." - Clark C.
"In a market with a thousand or more solar companies, I'm relieved I chose Elevation. Salespeople all push the same product, but I feel safe knowing that they install it themselves and have offices in multiple states. Even though my neighbor has a system from a company that has since gone out of business, I prefer Elevation because of the comprehensive security it provides. They are insured, so that makes me feel safe about using them." - Stuart A.
"For my solar panels, I went with a reputable business and think I got a fair deal. A conversation with the head expert cleared up everything I needed to know. The Elevation team has been in business for 10 years, and I was assured that any problems with the system would be covered by their warranty, which is backed by insurance." - Orlando N.

Elevation Social media

More than 2,600 people have liked the official Elevation Facebook page. The images are of high quality, and the content is easy to grasp. Visitors to the website may learn more about the company, solar potential, and related information via frequent updates. In addition to reading evaluations, customers may get a visual representation of the company's products and services. Additionally, the page has messages and updates from people and companies. Since the company updates and maintains the website often, the information there may be trusted. In general, Elevation on Facebook is available to anybody with an interest in solar systems.
On Elevation's LinkedIn page, you may get truthful data and dependable customer support. Nearly 5,000 people follow the page, which has a professional design and incorporates the brand name in the logo. Relevant company news and postings regarding completed projects are continuously added to the website. The company's operations, including the creation, upkeep, and installation of solar equipment, are described on the website. The website also offers helpful details about the company's goods and services, as well as a job listing. Accurate information about the business and its operations may be found on this website.
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Elevation average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews11964.5


Elevation Pros & Cons

  • Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Variety
  • High upfront costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Weather dependency

Elevation Final Conclusions

Elevation has a solid rating of 4.3 out of 5 since many of its customers are happy. Reviews are largely favorable, with clients complimenting the business for its straightforward approach and thorough security. On the other side, some clients lament long wait times and communication issues. The company's website provides current information about its goods and services and exclusive discounts. Additionally, the business has helpful and informational sites on Facebook and LinkedIn. Customers may feel secure knowing they are in excellent hands thanks to a thorough security program and practical payment choices.

Elevation locations

Main Address2425 S Stearman Dr, Suite 220 Chandler, AZ 85286
Phone Number8662584381

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