Renu Energy Solutions review

Since 2010, Renu Energy Solutions has been assisting homeowners and businesses in reducing their energy use and associated expenditures. Each customer's demands are met with a selection of solar products ranging from home to commercial and industrial. They have earned a stellar reputation for their devoted attention to clients, high-quality goods, and foolproof installations. Renu Energy Solutions is devoted to assisting clients in meeting their renewable energy objectives with the assistance of a team of qualified experts. In this evaluation, we'll look at their service, client experience with installation, and how satisfied the clients were.

Renu Energy Solutions overview

Since 2010, Renu Energy Solutions has been assisting homeowners and businesses in reducing their energy use and associated expenditures. Each customer's demands are met with a selection of solar products ranging from home to commercial and industrial. They have earned a stellar reputation for their devoted attention to clients, high-quality goods, and foolproof installations. Renu Energy Solutions is devoted to assisting clients in meeting their renewable energy objectives with the assistance of a team of qualified experts. In this evaluation, we'll look at their service, client experience with installation, and how satisfied the clients were.

What Renu Energy Solutions has to say about itself

Having installed solar panels for more than 5,000 homes and 85 businesses, Renu Energy Solutions has been the region's go-to solar provider for well over a decade. To ensure our clients get the greatest possible long-term savings and energy efficiency, our certified installers use cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, to guarantee that our clients get the most out of their solar experience, we back all of our panel choices with a 25-year warranty on quality, performance, and labor.

Renu Energy Solutions Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasGA, NC, SC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Energy Auditing, Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and hybrid
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, Product range includes solutions from leading manufacturers such as BYD, LG Chem, and Sonnen.
CertificationsASES, BBB, NABCEP, SEIA, Tesla Powerwall, Generac PWRcell, Enphase

Renu Energy Solutions website review

Renu Energy Solutions is an innovative and dependable Charlotte, North Carolina-based solar firm. They offer residential and commercial solar solutions to satisfy the energy demands of their customers with the assistance of a skilled and knowledgeable staff. They thoroughly evaluate the demands of each client in order to deliver the optimal solar system for their personal circumstance. Their educated team is always accessible to answer questions and give exceptional customer service, from installation through maintenance and repair. Their dedication to customer satisfaction and extensive selection of services make them a fantastic option for anybody interested in solar energy solutions. Renu Energy Solutions provides high-quality equipment and services at cheap pricing, making them an excellent option for solar energy investors. Moreover, they provide superior customer support and help, ensuring that their customers are comfortable and confident in their choice. Renu Energy Solutions is an excellent option for anybody seeking a dependable solar energy solution.

Renu Energy Solutions price policy

PackagesResidential installation: $9,950 to $25,000, Commercial installation from $12,000 to $65,000
Payment optionsCash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), PayPal, and check.
Payment discountsTier 1: 10% discount on all packages, Tier 2: 20% discount on packages with 10kW or larger solar systems, Tier 3: 30% discount on packages with 20kW or larger solar systems

Renu Energy Solutions online reputation

Many consumers have praised Renu Energy Solutions' superior customer service, affordable prices, and dependable goods in internet evaluations. They have an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 4.6 out of 5 star average review from customers on Google Reviews.
"Recently, Renu Energy Solutions installed solar panels at my Charlotte home. The procedure was quite simple, and the personnel that was sent to accomplish the task was competent and effective. In the end, I was provided with a functioning system and everything was as promised. Nonetheless, I was quite dissatisfied with the customer service I received. I felt like I had to continually follow up with the firm to receive answers to my inquiries, and the employees often seemed overburdened and unable to deliver them. In addition, their costs are more expensive than those of other solar providers in the region. Overall, my experience with Renu Energy Solutions was just satisfactory." Matt K.
"I just hired Renu Energy Solutions to install solar panels in Charlotte. Overall, the procedure was satisfactory, however there were a few glitches along the road. The installation itself also took longer than anticipated. The installation personnel was pleasant, but they lacked apparent experience. The final product appears fine, but I'm not sure whether the quality of the solar installation is comparable to that of other firms. I hope that everything will work out, but I'm not quite certain." Mark T.
"Recently, I acquired solar panels from Renu Energy Solutions, and I am generally pleased with the transaction. The installation went without a hitch, and the personnel was competent and professional. Still, I experienced a couple troubles with customer support. I thought that they were unresponsive to my inquiries and unable to address some of my more technical inquiries. Renu Energy Solutions was a touch more expensive than I anticipated, so if you're looking for the greatest offer I wouldn't suggest them." Henry R.
"I just had Renu Energy Solutions install solar panels on my property, and the process was generally unimpressive. The installation procedure was rather simple, however the customer assistance was substandard. The customer support representatives I interacted with were unfriendly and made me feel like a nuisance. In addition, the end result was not what I anticipated, and the quality was worse than I anticipated. Renu Energy Solutions is not a company I would suggest to anybody seeking solar panel installation." Phillip J.
"Renu Energy Solutions solar company was a mediocre experience for me. The prices were quite high and the installation quality left something to be desired. The installation team seemed inexperienced and not very knowledgeable about the product. They took a long time to install the solar panels and the final product was not up to the standards I was expecting. The customer service was also not great; the representative I spoke to was not very helpful and seemed rushed. Overall, I would not recommend Renu Energy Solutions solar company. The prices are too high and the installation quality is not up to standard. If you are looking for a solar company, I suggest looking elsewhere." Janice D.
"Renu Energy Solutions is a leading solar energy provider. They provide reasonably priced solar panels of superior quality, and their installation is of the highest caliber. The installation procedure was swift and effective, and their staff was really competent and polite. The solar panels they placed are already having a significant impact on our energy costs and look wonderful. The customer support crew was always ready to answer my inquiries, and they were quite helpful in describing the process and advantages of getting solar. The cost was also quite affordable, and the staff was able to negotiate the best offer for us. Overall, our experience with Renu Energy Solutions has been excellent. We would strongly suggest them to anybody contemplating solar energy. Their goods and services are of superior quality, and their customer service is outstanding." Fred H.
"Renu Energy is an exceptional solar business that I strongly recommend. They provide a variety of services, such as solar panel installation, solar energy storage, and solar energy monitoring systems, among others. Their services are trustworthy and of superior quality. The installation procedure was quite effective, and the personnel was competent and courteous. They took the time to thoroughly explain the goods and services and answer all of my queries. The installation was performed with speed and accuracy, ensuring that everything was flawless. The cost is cheap and competitive. In addition, they provide excellent discounts and financing alternatives, making it simple and affordable to get the solar energy you want. Overall, my experience with Renu Energy Solutions has been excellent. They delivered an outstanding product and service, and I strongly suggest them to anybody seeking solar energy options." Frank C.
"Renu Energy Solutions is a leading solar energy provider. The personnel is competent, pleasant, and professional. They took the time to explain the full installation procedure and address our concerns. The procedure was speedy and effective, and the installation was of superior quality. The cost was really reasonable, and they provided a variety of options to meet our requirements. We chose the whole solar package and are very pleased we did. The system is already operational and is already reducing our power expenses significantly. We enthusiastically endorse Renu Energy Solutions. They are devoted to offering high-quality solar solutions and are a trustworthy and dependable firm. We are really satisfied with the service and installation and have no hesitation in recommending them to others." Raynold D.
"Renu Energy has provided us with exceptional solar installation services. The workforce was always professional, kind, and well-informed, and the whole procedure was handled efficiently. They provided us with competitive price and extensive details about the available choices. The installation was handled efficiently and fast, with no disruption or mess. The specialists labored extensively to ensure that everything was correctly set up and that all of our inquiries were answered adequately. We were highly impressed with the quality of the equipment and the care with which it was installed. Renu Energy Solutions is our top recommendation for anybody seeking a cost-effective and efficient solar installation. Their installation has been of the finest quality, and their customer service has been fantastic. We are certain that our solar system will continue to provide us with inexpensive, eco-friendly power for many years to come." Amanda R.
"Renu Energy, what can I say? They provide superior installation quality, superior customer service, and cheap prices. For our surprise,the personnel was competent, kind, and professional. Before commencing the installation, they made sure I was completely informed and comfortable by answering all of my concerns regarding the procedure. The installation itself went off without a hitch. They performed the project without any delays or complications. I was quite happy with the installation quality and the final product. Now that my system is fully operational, I can enjoy the advantages of solar energy. Renu Energy Solutions has extremely reasonable prices. I am really delighted with the value I obtained since I was able to get a terrific price. Overall, my experience with Renu Energy Solutions has been exceptional. I would strongly suggest them to anybody searching for a reputable solar provider." Carl H.

Renu Energy Solutions Social media
With the help of their engaged and active Facebook page, Renu Energy Solutions is able to provide information about their goods and services and solicit feedback from pleased clients. The business often publishes twice a week, focusing on customer happiness and highlighting its energy solutions. They share a broad range of stuff, such as quotations, links, movies, and photographs. Additionally, they utilize the site to get consumer feedback, promptly responding to comments and inquiries. Renu Energy Solutions has developed a significant following on Facebook by regularly interacting with its fans and sharing relevant material. They place a strong emphasis on client happiness and utilize their content to inform their audience about their brand, as well as the goods and services they provide. They have produced a visually engaging website that grabs the attention of their followers and entices them to become more engaged in the business via the use of visuals, videos, and quotations. All things considered, Renu Energy Solutions has done a great job using Facebook to interact with consumers and spread brand awareness.
Renu Energy Solutions is quite active on Linkedin and has a well-designed profile that highlights their brand identity and invites interaction from prospective customers. In addition to articles regarding their product offers, technological advancements, customer service, and business news, their page focuses on supplying useful material. They typically publish twice a week and provide prompt answers to questions and comments. Renu Energy Solutions has engaged with prospective clients and business professionals through interacting with followers on Linkedin. They engage with their audience, provide useful tools to address concerns, and promote their business. The team has also used visual material, such as photographs and videos, to lure people in and grab their attention. Overall, Renu Energy Solutions' LinkedIn profile is well managed and provides its audience with insightful material. The business has done a fantastic job of using this platform to broaden their reach and cultivate connections with clients and business associates.
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Renu Energy Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3454.6


Renu Energy Solutions

  • Professional installation and maintenance services
  • Experienced team of professionals
  • Comprehensive warranty coverage on all solar system components
  • Limited warranty coverage
  • Lack of transparency in pricing and contracts
  • Long wait times for installation and repairs

Renu Energy Solutions Final Conclusions

Renu Energy Solutions is the premier solar firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. They provide solar panel systems of superior quality, as well as batteries and maintenance. Their rates are competitive, and they provide discounts for repeated system purchases. Their installation procedure is efficient and expert, and their customer service is outstanding. Renu Energy Solutions provides a range of solar alternatives to suit your requirements. They provide a variety of solar system sizes, as well as customizable choices for batteries and maintenance. Their batteries are durable and dependable, and their maintenance packages include all required services. Installation of Renu Energy Solutions is straightforward and stress-free. They offer clear instructions and respond to any inquiries. The installation staff is friendly and professional, taking the time to ensure that everything is appropriately placed. Renu Energy Solutions places an emphasis on customer service. Their customer care representatives are competent and polite, and they are always eager to answer your inquiries. In addition, they provide warranties and customer satisfaction assurances, so you can be certain that your system will operate efficiently. Renu Energy Solutions is an excellent solar energy provider. They provide affordable rates, dependable goods, and superior customer service. Renu Energy Solutions is the company to contact if you're searching for a dependable solar energy supplier in the states of North Carolina, South Carolina or Georgia.

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Main Address801 Pressley Road, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28217
Phone Number7045256767

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