Rising Sun Solar review

Rising Sun Solar is a reputable solar energy solution provider. For more than four decades, the company has provided superior solar panel installation, maintenance, and monitoring to both residential and commercial customers. Rising Sun Solar exerts a great deal of effort to provide its customers with dependable energy solutions while also being committed to the environment and considerate of their needs. Because of their prompt, knowledgeable service and commitment to quality, they are a market leader.

Rising Sun Solar overview

Rising Sun Solar is a reputable solar energy solution provider. For more than four decades, the company has provided superior solar panel installation, maintenance, and monitoring to both residential and commercial customers. Rising Sun Solar exerts a great deal of effort to provide its customers with dependable energy solutions while also being committed to the environment and considerate of their needs. Because of their prompt, knowledgeable service and commitment to quality, they are a market leader.

What Rising Sun Solar has to say about itself

Rising Sun Solar is a cutting-edge solar solution supplier committed to assisting individuals, organizations, and communities in using solar energy. Rising Sun Solar continuously offers top-notch installation and maintenance services because to its significant industry expertise. They are the best option for taking steps toward a better and healthier future since their goods are renowned for their effectiveness and dependability. Rising Sun Solar is the go-to solar solution supplier for all needs since they are reliable and enthusiastic.

Rising Sun Solar Review

Year Started1986
Company Websiterisingsunsolar.com
Service AreasCA, CO, AZ, NM, HI
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, SRCC

Rising Sun Solar website review

RisingSunSolar.com's main website has a polished, businesslike appearance. Numerous details about the business, its goods and services, and even client reviews are included. You may learn about the company's background, goal statement, and dedication to environmental preservation on the website. The website also lists the certifications that Rising Sun Solar has earned. Rising Sun Solar is a reputable business in terms of dependability. You may be certain that the business is trustworthy and respectable since it has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and many client testimonials. Additionally, it features a straightforward return policy and price structure. The RisingSunSolar.com website is trustworthy and credible as a result of all of this.

Rising Sun Solar price policy

PackagesResidential Solar System - Starting at $15,000, Commercial Solar System - Starting at $55,000, Battery Storage System - Starting at $5,000, Solar Water Heating System - Starting at $9,000, Electric Vehicle Charger - Starting at $2,800, Solar Pool Heating System - Starting at $5,000, Solar Panels - Starting at $2,500, Solar Post Lights - Starting at $300, Solar Landscape Lights - Starting at $1,500, Solar Attic Fans - Starting at $800
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, check, and wire transfer.
Payment discounts5% Discount for Military and Senior Citizens, 10% Discount for Repeat Customers, 10% Discount for Referrals, 5% Discount for Group Purchases, 5% Discount for Cash Payments, 2% Discount for Early Payments

Rising Sun Solar online reputation

Numerous reviews of Rising Sun Solar have been published. While dealing with the company has brought some customer satisfaction, it has only for some of them. Some customers have had communication issues when they need the company's assistance, while others have not received the services or products they paid for. Other customers, however, were happy with the level of service and commended the organization for its prompt installation and extensive support. The fact that the vast majority of customers still gave the company excellent assessments should be underlined.
"Rising Sun put in an inferior switch that failed after just a few months and never came up to fix it. I submitted a bad review previously in error. After giving it some consideration, I believe that everyone should seek for alternatives. You may be confident that I am not a flake since I worked as a nurse in Hawaii to rescue and mend the lives of newborns and kids. RS IS NOT WORTH THE RISK; DO NOT USE IT!" - Stella O.
"It is almost hard to get in touch with them in an emergency. Unexpected problems caused the setup to be continually delayed. Recently, we have had problems with our two-month-old system. I've twice requested for a system tour since we weren't there for the final installation. The business has not yet reacted. Our brand-new system's inability to provide our house with adequate energy, according to the firm, is the cause of the current issues we are experiencing." - Antonio K.
"I eventually got my system back up and operational after battling with Rising Sun for two months, but it was a nightmare. I granted them access to my internet account so they could monitor the situation, but after a two-month wait, they still hadn't visited my home to disassemble my system and correct the problem. I phoned Enphase since I didn't understand what was happening, and they conducted an online assessment of my system before advising me that all I need was a firmware update, which they then remotely performed. After receiving an Enphase remote firmware update, my microinverter is now completely functional, and the whole system is generating power as intended. Rising Sun Solar is a fraud that makes false promises to be your go-to source for all of your photovoltaic requirements. Beware. Beware." - Connor F.
"You should avoid doing business with this organization. We were lied to right from the start. The cottage still demanded a $1,500 deposit despite our guarantees that we would not be adding solar panels to the structure. We were advised that no work would be done on the cottage at this time; the deposit was only to get things started for whenever we decided to move in. Two independent cost estimates, one with battery backup and the other without, were given to us. We decided against having the batteries fitted since the price difference was so substantial. In the end, we learned that the county would not accept our application unless we paid an additional $20K for the battery system we had earlier said we couldn't afford. After finding that our application had been rejected, we requested a refund, and were informed that we would only get $150. They argued that because they had already invested time in the design, they should be compensated for it. They never once said they would retain our money even if the project was shown to be unworkable. The salesman acknowledged how odd this was. Even though we agreed that no system maintenance would be done, they are still attempting to retain $450 from us as a cottage deposit. The money would not have been an issue if we had simply changed our minds and opted to cancel, but this is out of our hands. We keep making attempts to make up for our losses. You should simply avoid dealing with this company to save yourself the bother." - Julian D.
"Calls and emails are not returned by office staff for 30 days. Without informing you, they will dispatch a troubleshooter, and when they phone to say they are waiting outside, I am already at work. Additionally, the components that the troubleshooter said should have been sent by mail did not. Evidently, the day after they came unexpectedly, the items they need for the repair arrived. The troubleshooter promised to get in touch with me to reschedule the service, but nobody ever did. The worst business practices I've ever seen may be found there. When you are passed off to four or five different persons in various parts of the process, there is no continuity of information flow. I am quite dissatisfied with this company. Stay away, do yourself a favor!" - Aidan P.
"very capable. Outstanding effort. very skilled specialists for setup. A construction that is totally perfect. The fact that they support the best system design sequence—GET EFFICIENT FIRST—is quite encouraging to me. I would characterize them as fair, upfront, and honest. I'm certain they'll be prosperous in the near future. I intend to join them shortly! Harold's Concerns are sincere and include peak oil, climate change, carbon emissions, imparting these principles in my children, protecting the environment to the best of my ability, and the expensive energy costs on Maui. However, as I just moved to Australia, my current costs for electricity and fuel are respectively 14 cents per kW and $1.60 per liter. Oh, come on! I am certain that the system has raised my home's worth by at least the amount I invested in it. With costs beginning at $0.45 per watt and rising, why wouldn't it? Wait till gas is at least $6 a gallon." - Conner S.
"We heartily recommend Rising Sun as a superb dining establishment. Fast and competent assistance was provided. Working with Paul, Scott, and the installers was a pleasure. As a result of Peter, our installer, pointing out the problems with the way our new roof was put on, the roofers came back to correct them. Apart from the installation of the panels, Rising Sun did all it claimed it would do. We are very happy we chose to put up solar panels and live "off the grid."" - Dave R.
"We were pleased with the whole procedure. The salesman was trustworthy and informed. Our project wasn't very massive, but it was on the larger side. When we needed to come in at a specified price, they were agreeable. Some elements, including where the panels were placed, required visual confirmation. They also helped us out with it. Everyone we interacted with, including the salesman, the phone operator, the team that designed the solar panel arrangement, the team that installed the solar panels, the electricians, and any of the project managers (and we dealt with a number of them), were kind and helpful. I would suggest them to others since they provide an acceptable level of service. I'm grateful. Team Rising Sun." - Seth K.
"The progress of Rising Sun in its early phases really amazed me. Ivan was eager to accommodate our schedule in order to teach us more about solar energy and the installation process. As we have made choices, conducted surveys, and set up our project, Ivan and the rest of the Rising Sun team have been supportive and understanding of our numerous inquiries. Without factoring in the time required for permits and inspections, the installation took two days, and when it was finished, I was extremely pleased with the results. Everything was done professionally, including the wiring and labelling on the electrical panels as well as the electrical panels themselves. In the end, I believe you should set up Rising Sun. Despite everything, they have maintained a respectable and professional demeanor." - Riley G.
"After comparing three different solar installers, I decided on Rising Sun. One business I looked at attempted to sell me many more solar panels than I need and was really aggressive about it. The second vendor attempted to market a brand of panels that was far more pricey and costly. Working with Dan at Rising Sun was simple, he understood my needs, and his project proposal had a fair pricing. He was always available to respond to inquiries and walk people through the process of installation, obtaining permissions, and obtaining tax benefits. The system setup took a bit longer than I had anticipated, but that was because the city took its time approving the permits. Dan went to the municipal office to expedite things since he was frustrated with how long it was taking to gain clearance. After a few weeks of operation, my system is doing a bit better than I had anticipated. The installers performed a fantastic job and were extremely kind. Anyone who is serious about switching to solar should contact Keith at Rising Sun straight immediately." - Brian L.

Rising Sun Solar Social media

With more than 5800 fans, Rising Sun Solar's corporate page on Facebook is well-liked. The profile includes connections to other social networks, complete contact details, and a synopsis of the company. The page's postings have a nice appearance and are updated often. Customers also submit likes and comments underneath the postings, which are also useful and feature photographs, videos, and links. The Rising Sun Solar corporate page should be visited by anybody interested in finding out more about the organization and the solar energy sector.
The corporate page that Rising Sun Solar maintains on LinkedIn has a significant presence on the platform, with over 1,114 users having subscribed to their profiles. This website provides regular updates in the form of postings that include a substantial amount of written information that is simple to process and is supported by material in the form of videos and photographs. In response, clients demonstrate their participation by favoriting and reading the postings in question. This website provides all of the important and helpful information that one would need to learn about the firm.
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2 Subscribers

Rising Sun Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews424.9


Rising Sun Solar Pros & Cons

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Cost Effective
  • Customer Service
  • High Initial Investment
  • Limited geographical coverage
  • Limited product offerings

Rising Sun Solar Final Conclusions

A dependable and effective solar energy source is Rising Sun Solar. The majority of favorable comments show the company's dedication to quality, effective service, and customer pleasure despite the fact that some consumers do experience service or component concerns. Rising Sun Solar is one of the leading suppliers of sophisticated solar energy solutions thanks to its flawless performance, certifications, and modernized social platforms. Customers gave the business a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Rising Sun Solar locations

Main Address810 Kokomo Road Suite 160 Haiku, HI 96708
Phone Number8085752202

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