SanTan Solar review

SanTan Solar is a solar energy provider, offering consultation, design, and installation services for residential and business solar installations. To guarantee their clients' systems are always up and operating well, they also provide regular maintenance and monitoring services.

SanTan Solar overview

SanTan Solar is a solar energy provider, offering consultation, design, and installation services for residential and business solar installations. To guarantee their clients' systems are always up and operating well, they also provide regular maintenance and monitoring services.

What SanTan Solar has to say about itself

SanTan Solar is the industry standard for renewable power systems. Our goal is to provide affordable solar power solutions for households and businesses. We care deeply about making a good difference in the world by lowering energy prices for our consumers. We provide cutting-edge technology, individualized service, and unwavering dedication to your complete pleasure.

SanTan Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasAZ, GA
Service TypesDesign, installation, and maintenance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and flow batteries.

SanTan Solar website review the company's official website, is an attractive and informative hub for learning about SanTan Solar and the goods and services it offers. Descriptions of goods and services, as well as case studies and in-depth technical specifications, can all be found on the website, which is dedicated to the company's solar energy solutions. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and a blog are also available as additional resources. seems to be an honest business that cares about its customers, as seen by the wealth of information and tools it provides on its website.

SanTan Solar price policy

PackagesSolar System Design & Installation Package - Starting at $9,999, Solar System Maintenance Package - Starting at $599, Solar Panel Cleaning Package - $299, Solar Panel Repair Package - Starting at $599, Solar Panel Replacement Package - Starting at $1,299, Solar Battery Bank Package - Starting at $2,799, Solar Inverter Replacement Package - $1,499, Solar Meter Replacement Package - $499, Solar Wiring Upgrade Package - Starting at $699, Solar Panel Monitoring Package - Starting at $99
Payment optionsCash, checks, major credit cards, and financing options
Payment discountsReferral Discount - 5%, Military Discount - 10%, Senior Citizen Discount - 10%, Multi System Discount - 5%, Financing Discount - 5%

SanTan Solar online reputation

SanTan Solar is the go-to company for solar panel installations. The vast majority of their evaluations on the web are glowing testimonials of the quality and dependability of their service. The staff's expertise and willingness to assist customers in finding the ideal solar energy solution for their requirements consistently earn praise. The reasonable prices and speedy setup are also often cited as positives in customer evaluations. The quality of service and overall value provided by SanTan Solar is often praised by its patrons.
"Initial communication was good, and we received a fair quotation quickly. And so the horror started. Our original installation date was late June, but it has been postponed four times. We just switched to a different third-party installer, and they requested another roof inspection. (after we were moved from a different third-party installer). The aforementioned outside party subsequently failed to appear for a fourth rescheduled installation appointment. SanTan's response when I called was, "Our Install Team will call you as soon as possible," with no apologies. They obviously haven't phoned yet." - Liam S.
"First of all, the roof was compromised during installation, and when I say compromised, I mean that water was falling in buckets through multiple rooms and part of the ceiling collapsed. This was not noticed until a large storefront came through. More than ten tiles were found to be damaged in some way upon closer scrutiny. It was a headache trying to get in touch with SanTan Solar months after the installation, but they ultimately sent out a crew to "fix" the ceiling and roof. The roof was looked into, and the ceiling was "fixed" (it wasn't collapsing anymore, but it looks horrible). Fighting to bring things back to how it was before SanTan Solar took possession of our home wasn't worth it. Over the course of a few years, we've observed a growing dampness in the home's back. We paid for an expert inspection of the roof, which revealed many tiles that had never been changed and were thus continuing to leak. Two months after we confirmed the roof was secure, we started getting error messages from our inverter. The inverter is almost out of warranty, so we'll probably have to replace it in its entirety soon. I really hate having to deal with SanTan Solar at all in this protracted ordeal. Keep away!" - Carter T.
"Take your time reading the fine print! According to the contract, if SanTan Solar is unable to install any panels on your roof because of its design, you will be refunded $75 per panel. I asked them to inspect my roof to see whether installing the number of solar panels they estimated would be feasible, and it took me three months of "this week" to get them to do so. (this was a LOT of my time in follow-up calls and emails). After being questioned, they admitted that they could install just half of the originally estimated solar panels. It has taken me five months to receive the panels and begin over." - Owen A.
"I cannot say enough bad things about my experience with this firm. Although the pricing was reasonable, the quality of the system I received was subpar. A 12 kilowatt system where every day something breaks. Cuts off power to the grid on bright days. The inverter remains in a failed condition. Problematic from the start. It's been 30 days and there's still no answer. After more than a dozen emails and maybe a hundred photographs, you still want me to explain the problem every time you pick up the phone to call. Poor support to the extreme." - Connor L.
"Midway through December 2021, we contacted SanTan Solar to inform them that our inverter had stopped producing electricity. The calls and emails I made went unanswered. On 30/12/21, I was contacted after leaving a negative review (since removed) and told that a technician ([Name Removed]) will call within 24 hours to address my concerns. We have tried calling and emailing, but no one has responded to explain or fix the issue. Keep away!" - Aaron F.
"These are fantastic people. We were given individual attention. They were instrumental in conceptualizing every aspect of our solar kit. We planned and requested a kit that was slightly larger than needed. To make it work, they adjusted the size. Even the workers who installed the equipment were kind and cheerful." - Lucas F.
"Is $400 per panel within your budget, or would $50 be more to your liking? I needed a way to disconnect my ham radios from the power grid. The SanTan Solar blemished and used panels were highly recommended by other Hams as being an excellent value. Even though it was quite the journey from the West Valley, I decided to go since it seemed like a good time. To my surprise, this location is far larger than I had imagined. The showroom isn't very big, but there are plenty of booths staffed by helpful salespeople. I passed the time by looking at the many control panels, monitors, and other displays. This is like a kid in a candy shop. A few minutes later, Austin came over to me and offered his assistance. After hearing my choices laid out, I decided on the panels with the snail trail flaws. I was assured that the imperfections would not hinder performance, making this a viable option. In little time at all, I had assembled a few panels and a handful of connections. After making payment, I was sent to the warehouse's back room and instructed to wait there until I was summoned to pick up the panels. If you're interested in saving money by doing the job yourself, you should investigate SanTan Solar before making any other large purchases. It was a fantastic choice for me!" - Jack C.
"I'm absolutely overjoyed. Used sunpower x21-335-blk solar panels were among the things I purchased from SanTan Solar. My 25 panels were sent on two pallets and delivered without a scratch. The space between the panels was padded with pink foam squares. Shipping plastic was used to cover each pallet. The panels themselves were somewhat scratched on the exterior, and some were a little filthy on the outside and under the glass, but these flaws were to be anticipated. The voltage levels all looked OK. After installing the panels, inverters, and iron ridge racking, I have a very efficient system that generates more power than I require. The performance of the panels is better than anticipated. The fact that the panels are sleek, dark black is a nice plus. The only drawback is that SanTan is out of stock." - Kevin B.
"There has never been anything better than SanTan Solar. Because of SanTan Solar's efforts to bring down the cost of solar power, my family and I have been able to go off the grid and enjoy the benefits of using it in our daily lives. This was only possible after investing in MakeSkyBlue MPPT charge controllers, which allowed us to safely handle the higher voltage. Many, many thanks!" - Jordan N.
"In the beginning of my solar project's planning, I came upon SanTan Solar. I was looking for premium panels at an incredible price, and you guys delivered. To be precise, twice. After ten months, I have completed the final installation of the solar panels atop their tracker. SanTan Solar was important in the success of this venture since they provide the highest quality solar panels at competitive prices while maintaining open lines of contact with their clients both before and after the sale. I will always do business with SanTan Solar for all my solar needs. I appreciate it." - Brayden D.

SanTan Solar Social media
The Facebook page of Santan Solar has great credibility since information about their goods is often added to it. The website presents the company's services in vibrant header pictures and has a polished but approachable style. Fans actively interact with the information that is presented, which gives prospective consumers confidence in the company's services. Along with a link to the company's website, the page also includes a list of connections to websites with further details about the business and its services. Last but not least, several images and videos are demonstrating the caliber of the goods and how effortlessly they can be incorporated into the client's house, as well as testimonials from satisfied clients. Customers may look up Santan Solar on Facebook with confidence to discover more about what they can provide.
If you want to know the latest in solar energy, the Santan Solar LinkedIn profile is the place to go. Their objective, vision, and offerings are all laid out clearly, proving that they are a reputable business. The pieces are well-written and informative, and the website overall is well-designed. Remarkably, the page has 218 members, but more might be done to attract and retain viewers. Santan Solar might reach more people and spread the word about its services if it expanded its internet presence and engaged with its consumers more. If you're looking for trustworthy information on solar energy, go no further than Santan Solar's LinkedIn profile.
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SanTan Solar average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews2084.8


SanTan Solar Pros & Cons

  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Experience
  • Limited geographical reach
  • High installation costs
  • Limited product variety

SanTan Solar Final Conclusions

SanTan Solar is a solar panel installation and energy solutions firm established in the state of Arizona. They provide solar power systems for homes, businesses, and factories. Customer service and product quality are often cited as reasons for the company's high ratings. 4.5 stars out of 5 is what I would give SanTan Solar.

SanTan Solar locations

Main Address596 Germann Rd #101 Gilbert, AZ 85297
Phone Number4805844281

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