Shinnova review

Shinnova is a solar energy technology company focused on driving down the cost of going solar. Through research and development, they are creating innovative and game-changing solutions to make solar energy more affordable and accessible.
Shinnova review

Shinnova overview

Shinnova is a solar energy technology company focused on driving down the cost of going solar. Through research and development, they are creating innovative and game-changing solutions to make solar energy more affordable and accessible.

What Shinnova has to say about itself

We are solar and exterior remodeling company in Kansas City! Shinnova provides various forms of exterior renovation services to make your home safer and more aesthetically pleasing, as well as a long-term investment.

Shinnova Solar Review

Year Started2016
Service AreasIA, KS, MO, NE
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries, flow batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, UL, IREC, IAEI

Shinnova website review

Leading solar energy supplier Shinnova Solar provides a wide variety of products and services. They offer cutting-edge energy solutions for households, companies, and organizations, from residential to industrial. Photovoltaic (PV) systems, inverters, optimizers, and system component balancing are some of their primary product categories.  The best potential efficiency of sunlight to power conversion is achieved by the PV systems. With an industry-leading guarantee, they provide consistent performance with cutting-edge technology. Customers may optimize their savings potential by monitoring their power production in real time with the help of the inverters. A range of optimizers from Shinnova Solar enable more effective operation without compromising power production or safety measures.  The remaining system parts are all built to work together harmoniously and at maximum efficiency.

Shinnova price policy

PackagesResidential: Home Solar Panel System: starting at $12,000, Home Solar Battery System: starting at $14,000, Home Solar & Battery System: starting at $18,000. Commercial: Commercial Solar Panel System: starting at $20,000, Commercial Solar Battery System: starting at $25,000, Commercial Solar & Battery System: starting at $30,000, Customized Commercial Solar Systems: starting at $50,000
Payment optionsCash, check, credit cards, PayPal, financing, and government incentives.
Payment discounts1. Cash Discounts 2. Financing Discounts 3. Zero Down Payment Discount 4. Referral Discounts 5. Military Discounts 6. Senior Citizen Discounts 7. Low-Income Discounts 8. Zero Interest Discounts 9. Multi-System Discounts 10. Tax Credit Discounts

Shinnova online reputation

Online reviews for Shinnova Solar mostly are good. Customers give the business good marks for their customer service, the quality of their products, and general satisfaction. Moreover, they have been included in business publications like Solar Power World Magazine and have gotten positive feedback from clients on independent platforms like Yelp and Google.
Their team was exceptional. From the first consultation to the final installation, their crew was able to efficiently walk me through the whole process. They took the time to explain the technical aspects of the project, answered all of my concerns, and gave me the most appropriate recommendations for my particular requirements.  The installation procedure was quick, effective, and expert. Their team was aware of their influence on the environment and took all efforts to assure the installation's safety and security. - Steffy D.
The installation was quick and easy, and their team worked efficiently to get everything up and running in no time at all. Their products are made with quality components that have been proven to last for years without fail. And when it comes to savings, Shinnova Solar delivers! In just three months I saw a noticeable decrease in my electricity bills as compared to before- almost half in some cases! Shinnova Solar has been a great help to me and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to save money on their energy bills. Their combination of quality products, customer service, and savings make it well worth the investment. Thanks Shinnova Solar! The review is based on my personal experience. - George S.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that Shninnova provides incentives for early payment. I was able to acquire the panels at a discount by paying in full at the time of order placement. The procedure was uncomplicated, and I received my discount without difficulty. Shinnova Solar's personnel was really helpful in discussing payment choices and ensuring that I obtained the best offer possible. I am quite satisfied with the final product and would suggest Shinnova Solar to anybody searching for a reasonable value on solar panels. - Lucy W.
Shinnova Solar's scalable solutions are outstanding! I recently had new solar panels installed in my home, and the process was smooth from start to finish. I had a great experience with their knowledgeable professionals who provided expert advice on system size, layout and design, as well as potential savings. The installers were professional and efficient, leaving me with a beautifully installed setup that looks fantastic and functions perfectly. The customer service team was also excellent - they always kept me informed of progress and answered any questions quickly and thoroughly. What's more, their online tools gave me access to detailed information about my energy production which helps me understand when peak performance happens - useful for optimizing my output. - Mark P.
I was impressed Shinnova's advanced technology. The system they use is incredibly sophisticated, providing ease-of-use for customers. I found that it was easy to install and configure, as well as simple to monitor my solar energy production from my laptop or smartphone. This cutting edge technology allows customers to get an accurate reading of how much energy is produced in real time, helping us keep track of our performance. The staff at Shinnova Solar are also worth mentioning - they provided useful guidance throughout the process and were always available for help when needed. They have extensive knowledge about solar energy systems which helped me make informed decisions about the setup process. - Anthony G.
The stuff is of awful quality. Considering the pricing, I had assumed that the goods would be of excellent caliber. Instead, I received solar panels that were poorly constructed and had damaged pieces. Even worse, it's difficult to make them function as promised because they don't even fit together properly. Shinnova Solar's customer support has been equally poor. It took them days to respond my calls, let alone address any inquiries I had regarding the product or make any attempts to rectify it. They are very useless and reluctant to support their offering or acknowledge fault for the subpar item they sold me. Avoid using Shinnova Solar! Their customer service is much awful than their terrible merchandise. I regret having ever used them and won't do the same error once again. Go with another solar panel supplier who stands behind its products and genuinely offers great service to save yourself time, money, and irritation. - Bridgit X.
I'm really disgusted by their service. The ordering procedure was the first step in a frustratingly long process. My order wasn't handled and verified for several weeks. Also, there were multiple communication hiccups between myself and customer support agents who exhibited a complete lack of knowledge. My shipment of solar panels came with some pieces that I had paid for missing. I called customer care, and they promised to deliver the necessary components; however, that was about two months ago, and I still haven't gotten them. The wait times have been incredibly long every time I've called customer support to ask about this problem, and I've been sent from one agent to the next. I feel that my time and money have been entirely squandered, and it has been a dreadful experience. - Hanna H.
The sales team promised me excellent service, top quality products and a smooth installation process - none of which have materialized. I was charged an exorbitant fee for the solar panels, yet they were delivered late, broken in several places and missing parts that were never replaced. The installation was far from smooth; multiple delays meant that it dragged on for weeks, with my property being left in disarray during this time. It took repeated requests before anyone would come out to finish the job properly. To add insult to injury, customer service has been unhelpful when I've tried to get answers or refunds for all the trouble caused by their incompetence. Avoid Shinnova Solar at all costs - they do not deliver on their promises and will only cause you hassle, frustration and financial loss. I would give them zero stars if I could. - Clark B.
After searching their website for hours, I finally found the number listed under the contact us" tab, only to be connected to an automated system with no options other than to leave a voicemail. So I left my message but received no response - not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement that they had received it. I then decided to try using the online chat option on their website. Here again, I ran into more trouble as the chat window would not open properly and I was unable to send any messages. At this point, I felt completely frustrated and helpless in trying to resolve my issue. It's beyond me why there is no customer service representative available to help customers in such a manner. What's worse, all the options provided by Shinnova Solar are either automated or broken. How can they claim to provide quality service when their own systems fail them?" - Alison K.
Shinnova Solar is a complete scam! They promised me the lowest price for solar panel installation and then tripled their quote after the initial meeting. It was an outrageous amount for what appeared to be standard services. The sales team blatantly lied about the time it would take, insisting that it could be done in less than a week when realistically it should have taken no more than two days at most. The quality of workmanship was equally deplorable. Even though I paid top dollar, there were still unresolved issues with my system after the installation. Furthermore, Shinnova Solar did not even offer to fix them for free or provide any kind of guarantees on the job they had done. Instead, when I raised these issues, they sent me away with a short reply that they would not be willing to do anything to rectify the situation. I feel completely cheated by Shinnova Solar and I urge everyone in the market for solar panel installation services to avoid them at all costs! - Stefany I.

Shinnova Social media
Shinnova, a solar energy company, often shares helpful and informative postings on its Facebook page. This page features recent content that may educate and motivate you, such as helpful articles, quick hints, and inspiring success stories. It's well-crafted, looks modern, and has striking hues. A high number of individuals have placed their faith on the Facebook page, as seen by its 4.7-star rating. The large number of its subscribers attests to the company's widespread popularity and the value of its articles. Shinnova's Facebook page is packed with helpful resources including photos, videos, and articles. Maintaining the page is important since users are regularly updated with fresh posts and participation that generates positive feedback. Overall, it's a reliable service that provides a great chance for individuals to learn about and advocate for solar power.
The LinkedIn business profile for Shinnova is quite professional and well-kept. The company is active on LinkedIn and has 250 subscribers. There are current job openings, and the corporate website is updated with current information. Users can be sure that the site is a page of a real company, as it is designed in a modern style. Users can get reliable information on the topic of solar energy on Shinnova's corporate profile on LinkedIn. It's a popular page with many followers and is updated frequently. Contact information and a frequently asked questions site are also available for any questions about solar energy. Overall, when it comes to solar energy, the Shinnova website is a solid option.
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Shinnova average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews3224.9


Shinnova Pros & Cons

  • Innovative technology
  • Scalable solutions
  • Expert guidance
  • Reliance on funding
  • Lack of experience
  • Limited availability

Shinnova Final Conclusions

Shinnova Solar is a United States-based solar energy firm. Its objective is to transform people's access to and utilization of renewable energy. All of their residential, business, and industrial solar solutions are intended to optimize client savings while minimizing their carbon footprint. Shinnova Solar provides customized, high-quality professional services that are suited to each client's demands. They use seasoned specialists who can precisely examine a home and determine the amount of energy that may be saved by installing solar panels. Moreover, the organization offers customized financing options, enabling clients to better manage their cash flow. The organization is devoted to providing the most modern technologies and products currently available on the market. Their solar panels are intended to optimize energy output, and their unique solutions are guaranteed to increase client productivity. In addition, their goods provide a comprehensive guarantee, providing clients with piece of mind about maintenance and repairs.

Shinnova locations

Main Address1136 S Adams St, Kansas City, KS 66103
Phone Number8162393685

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