Simple Solar LLC review

The solar energy experts at Simple Solar LLC provide turnkey solar power systems to homes, businesses, and even government agencies. Clean and sustainable solar energy is generated through the systems they design, install, and manage. Energy efficiency solutions are another service they provide to their consumers.
Simple Solar LLC review

Simple Solar LLC overview

The solar energy experts at Simple Solar LLC provide turnkey solar power systems to homes, businesses, and even government agencies. Clean and sustainable solar energy is generated through the systems they design, install, and manage. Energy efficiency solutions are another service they provide to their consumers.

What Simple Solar LLC has to say about itself

Simple Solar LLC's mission is to streamline operations, keep lines of communication open and deliver a high-quality end product quickly. Starting with a simple online estimate, you can take care of everything from the comfort of your desk. NABCEP-certified solar specialists with years of experience lead our team of energy consultants and installers. To ensure long-term savings on your energy bills, we will make every effort to learn about your specific requirements.

Simple Solar LLC Solar Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasMO, IA, IL
Service TypesInstallation, consultation, maintenance, system design, engineering, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and repair.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries.

Simple Solar LLC website review, the company's main website, is a well-designed, educational resource. It is an all-encompassing look at everything Simple Solar has to offer in terms of goods, services, and solutions. The website is user-friendly and contains extensive details about the company's offerings. In addition to contact details, the site has connections to other resources including customer testimonials and news items. The website seems trustworthy and can be depended on for dependable information due to its professional design and extensive content.

Simple Solar LLC price policy

PackagesSolar Panels: Starting at $1,850, Solar Installation: Starting at $2,500, Solar Battery Storage: Starting at $2,500, Solar Panel Maintenance: Starting at $350, Solar Generator Installation: $1,000 - $3,000, Solar Carport Installation: $10,000 - $20,000, Solar Financing: Starting at $0 down, Solar Leasing: Starting at $0 down
Payment optionsCash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), debit card, and PayPal.
Payment discounts10% off for signing up for automatic payments, 5% off for purchasing multiple solar systems, 10% off for referring a friend, 5% off for veterans and military personnel, 10% off for senior citizens

Simple Solar LLC online reputation

When it comes to solar energy solutions, nobody does it better than Simple Solar LLC. They are well regarded by their clientele for their dedication to their needs. Products and services are available in a wide price range. The skill and helpfulness of the personnel have been commended by the customers. Customers and critics alike have praised the firm's unwavering dedication to providing superior goods and services.
"Simple Solar assured me that I would produce enough energy to offset my annual bill to the tune of only the customer service cost. Even after more than a year, my bills haven't gone down, and Simple Solar claims they botched the numbers and failed to provide enough panels. Overall, their customer service is terrible, and I was meant to hear back from the owner and our sales agent about our issue. Finally, after registering a complaint with the BBB, I heard back from them, indicating that their representative missed our backyard trees. Didn't see a forest in the backyard? As a result of this blunder, they have begun chopping down my trees. Customer service at an all-time low!" - Marty C.
"When it comes to getting the work done, they're fantastic - until they get paid. It's been almost a month after my permission was authorized, and they still haven't sent the package to the power company. They told the BBB that a permit was in the works when it wasn't. On the day I received the passed inspection, they specifically said that the county required further work. My suggestion is to not go there." - Larry K.
"Almost three years ago, I had Simple Solar set up new solar panels at two of my residences. I'll take two sets so that my in-laws may have their own. A strong sense of remorse has developed since its installation. Their equipment's quality and dependability is their main problem (mostly the converter). At least twice a year, the system fails in each of the two residences. Since then, we've had to wait at least two weeks for someone to come fix them, and then another week or more for Simple Solar to compensate us for our lost electricity costs during that time—and even that's no guarantee. This occurs twice or thrice annually. While I paid more for my power before installing the panels, I could always count on them. Recent installs are less likely to have troubles, and I've seen that the bulk of these evaluations across several sites come from them. Just give it a couple of months, and you'll see problems arise. Although I applaud efforts to reduce carbon emissions, I believe the solar sector might benefit from standardized tools and a system for keeping current installations in good working order." - Adam P.
"Choose Simple Solar if you want endless delays, poor communication, and shoddy service. After signing the contract, we have heard nothing except excuses for the delay in installation. They can't use the "it's in engineering" line of defense since I routinely commission engineering drawings. Totally false claims." - Carlos H.
"They drilled a hole in the center of our roof so that pipes could be run down inside the home; the result is unsightly; the solar panels are still inaccessible; they refuse to complete the project; they won't answer my queries; and my salesperson promises to leave as soon as he sells the unit. They have not yet chopped the trees, despite the fact that the loan was not meant to become active until after the work was concluded. We lost tens of thousands of dollars because of this sloppy business." - Eric M.
"After doing some research, I decided Simple Solar was the best option for me. The manager helped me determine what size system I needed and ended up saving me a lot of money compared to what I was originally offered by another company. After researching solar panels and inverters, my husband decided that Simple Solar had some of the best on the market. The engineer and technicians were knowledgeable, and I was impressed with how quickly they put the system in place. If you are thinking about installing solar panels, choose Simple Solar." - Eva L.
"They simplified solar energy for me, a complete novice. I really regret not installing solar panels sooner; I could have saved so much money! Inquiries were promptly returned, and I never felt pressured to buy from Simple Solar. They continue to check in to make sure everything is working well and answer any queries I have even after I went live. I can't sing their praises enough!" - Jonas K.
"By the beginning of November 2021, I had simple solar put panels on my roof. The setup went off without a hitch. Problems arose when I asked for a refund of the first year's fees and was instead offered a full energy analysis of my house. I had to send quite a few emails and leave many negative ratings until the problem was fixed. Nonetheless, simple sunlight eventually returned and resolved the issue. There was no progress made on doing a full energy assessment of the house. But, when I told simple solar about this, they credited me $75, and my energy provider charges just $75. I got my first year's salary plus some more for the bother I went to have things sorted out. The solar panels on my roof are quite reliable, and I love the smartphone technology that lets me track how much energy they generate every day." - Noah V.
"Excellent work! They took an unproductive plot of land and converted it into a money-saving solar power farm. They were excellent in every way. I was beginning to lose hope that my idea wouldn't be realized until I kept hearing, "We can do that." The lifetime savings I'll be receiving makes me ecstatic. Do it right now!! Local and federal tax benefits are limited, so act fast!" - Oliver G.
"When it comes to solar panel installation in the Springfield region, no one compares to these folks. Less than three weeks from signing the contract to the installation being finished, excellent communication, and the lowest prices in the neighborhood. I can speak highly enough of them, and the finished panels look great!" - Larry B.

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There is a Simple Solar profile on LinkedIn, as the company is a leading provider of solar energy. The page has a polished, professional style and layout, including standard elements found on home pages such as photos, text and navigation. The site's openness about company goals, staff and promotions is a clear sign that Simple Solar places a high value on honesty and openness. More than 250 people have signed up for the page, which speaks volumes about its credibility. Customers interested in Simple Solar can learn more about the systems, guarantees, and financing options available, as well as contact customer service to get started. Overall, visitors to Simple Solar's LinkedIn page have access to a reliable and helpful resource.
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Simple Solar LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews564.6


Simple Solar LLC Pros & Cons

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Professional Installation
  • Limited Product Range
  • Limited Technical Support
  • High Installation Costs

Simple Solar LLC Final Conclusions

Solar power solutions for homes and businesses are the specialty of Simple Solar LLC, a sustainable energy firm. Solar panel installation, solar system monitoring, and energy efficiency improvements are just a few of the many services they provide. Customer testimonials consistently highlight Simple Solar's professionalism, high-caliber output, and prompt service. Four out of five stars for Simple Solar LLC.

Simple Solar LLC locations

Main Address2514 N. Patterson Avenue, Springfield MO, 65803
Phone Number4179860360

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