Simply Solar review

For Californian residents and companies, installing solar panels is an economical investment. At Simply Solar, we combine the knowledge and skill of a committed construction firm with the efficiency and effectiveness of a technological firm. Every step of the process is handled by our own teams of qualified, top-tier installers, who make sure that every Simply Solar system meets our exacting standards.
Simply Solar review

Simply Solar overview

For Californian residents and companies, installing solar panels is an economical investment. At Simply Solar, we combine the knowledge and skill of a committed construction firm with the efficiency and effectiveness of a technological firm. Every step of the process is handled by our own teams of qualified, top-tier installers, who make sure that every Simply Solar system meets our exacting standards.

What Simply Solar has to say about itself

If you're going to invest in solar, you should do it with a business that was designed from the bottom up to provide top-notch support and services in the solar sector. We utilize our expertise as a solar construction firm, which we have had from the beginning, to provide our community the most complete information possible. Our company has over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, and over that time we've created a customer-focused strategy that helps us provide our clients the best value and most delightful experience possible. To do this, we put our best foot forward when it comes to the technology we use, the in-house professionals we educate and certify to standards that are at the forefront of the industry, and the devoted support teams we draw upon to guarantee the client receives the finest design and installation possible.

Simply Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion battery Sonnen Eco, Tesla Powerwall, and the Enphase AC Battery
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA, BBB

Simply Solar website review

The website features a simple, contemporary layout and a color palette that is appropriate for a solar energy business: green. A large banner picture of solar panels and a conspicuous call-to-action button on the homepage entice website visitors to get a quotation. A simple navigation at the top of the page and links to pertinent information, including the company's services, goods, and financing alternatives, make it simple to explore the website. The website also offers educational materials regarding solar energy, such as explanations of its operation and advantages. Potential clients' confidence may be increased via the website's customer reviews and case studies. The website seems to be well-designed, educational, and user-friendly overall.

Simply Solar price policy

PackagesFrom $3,000 to $25,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, debit cards, checks, and wire transfers
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay by cash or check, discounts for customers who purchase multiple systems or add additional components.

Simply Solar online reputation

Customers have both great and bad things to say about Simply Solar, according to reviews. Despite the positive interactions some customers have had with salesmen, installation crews, and project coordinators, other clients have had difficulties in communication and customer service. Frustration and unhappiness have been expressed by several consumers due to staff inaction and communication delays. The prompt resolution and effective management of concerns, such as a panel monitoring issue and the repair of a defective inverter, have, nonetheless, been welcomed by several consumers.
"16 solar panels were put on my roof by Simply Solar. My ceiling was damaged by a leak. My daughter's room, age 10. The horror started when I called the sales representative, who immediately took care of the leak. Delt in the office with Sara. I had to phone her every week to arrange for the repair of my ceiling. and all the black mold. She always seemed perplexed when I called regarding my needs. Weekly reminders were necessary for her. It took more than a month to fix the ceiling. Both her emails and phone calls go unanswered. After receiving no answer for week after week, I had to phone her. It took place four times. Now that I'm dealing with having my ceiling painted, my emails have not been answered after a week and my phone calls have not been returned either. Horrible!!! Horrrible!!! But the salesperson was excellent. The only positive comment I have is that. Unacceptable conduct in the workplace." - Keith Phillips
"They have wasted my time and money with their very delayed communication and misunderstandings, and I will update my evaluation after they have completed the task. I chose the business to repair my roof and subsequently install solar panels because of David F. Although Sara is a polite phone contact, the business as a whole is obviously disjointed and lacking follow-through. I advise staying away from Simply Solar for the time being, but feel free to get in touch when they ultimately (and hopefully successfully) complete my project." - Jason D.
"Customer service is essential, so here's the idea: I contact you ONCE, explain what I need, and ask you to get few bids before calling me back. Simple enough, right? Well, i've phoned more than once because you ALL missed the mark." - Local E.
"Following my Yelp review and further correspondence with the business, Simply Solar reacted in less than 24 hours and replaced the inverter with a new one. I appreciate the quick answer and the functioning (so far) solar system. The key takeaway is to persevere. Another thing to mention is how well the management and salespeople at Simply Solar communicated." - Luisa B.
"Writing this is difficult. We needed a roof to go solar. After the Santa Rosa fires last year, we chose a metal roof for fire protection and found that solar panels clipped to a metal seam roof without drilling holes in the roof for support (a TWO-FER). Only this company and Peterson Dean did metal roofs and solar during our contractor search. Tom Bickford sold us Simply Solar. He brought the roofing director, answered all our questions, and even handwrote comments on the contract when his computer couldn't handle the language. However, this firm lost our favor after July's project start. If you want Rockin Roofers to work on your home, please read my individual evaluation. Roofing was a disaster! I endorse this company's solar division. Jake, the manager, cares. The solar staff was prompt and polite. The roofers' schedule and performance caused us communication issues. I would have awarded this firm 5 stars for solar solely. The roofing part of this firm seems to be unsupervised by Jake or his personnel." - Janice B.
"I had a wonderful experience switching to solar with Simply Solar. And I'm delighted with the outcomes. David F. went through all of my choices with me and laid out the steps and timetable. Our daily coordinator, Ally, was a delight to deal with. It took a day and a half, and the installation team was excellent; they were punctual and meticulous. a wonderful team. My power bill has also been paid!" - David JF
"Before choosing Simply Solar, I asked for four quotations. Our installation was finished in April 2022, and we have been pleased with the whole process so far. Along with installing solar, we also had Simply Solar replace our electric panel, for which we also requested many quotes. We had excellent interactions with all the staff members, including the original sales personnel who answered our call, the project coordinator, the installation team, and the electricians. Our salesperson was extremely helpful and low-pressure. The salesperson spent time explaining the items they use and giving us thorough information so we could go on to do our own study to see how the components they use compare to the market. We have had NO regrets so far. Although I'm usually wary of having holes in the roof, after speaking with the installers and the crew commander, I feel quite certain that there won't be any leaks as a result of their installation. We were informed that it would be our obligation to paint the framework that was installed around the new panel by the workers that upgraded the electric panel, but they even returned to do it. Gotta like the focus on detail!" - Shan Beau
"Throughout the course of my preparation and study, these people have been kind, effective, and professional. A small monitoring problem with one panel was immediately fixed during the busy summer season, and the installation continued without a hitch. I discovered that sending support emails through email was ineffective, so I began contacting their production department. The handful phone conversations were nice, and they satisfactorily addressed my queries and one concern. Good people." - SimplySatisfied
"When selling me my solar, they were sincere and non-pushy. So that I wouldn't have to worry, they moved quickly and took care of everything between the sale and installation. The installation went really well, and now I can always see how much energy and money I'm saving thanks to the app and the panel outside! Because of their professionalism and honesty, I'd suggest them to everyone." - Robert R
"Use this solar business instead! Several businesses submitted bids for the project, and it was immediately apparent that Simply Solar was unique. They choose things that are ideal for the consumer, provide excellent customer service, and work quickly. On the day we signed our contract, our neighbors had solar panels installed. Due to how promptly the Simply Solar team submitted the application to PGE, we received final inspection results for both projects on the same day and received our PGE authorization to operate 2 weeks sooner. Ally, our project manager, was outstanding! She kept us updated throughout the process, was really responsive, and was always happy to answer our concerns. The way they used technology to make every stage of the process simple struck me as well. It was quick, easy, and efficient from organizing appointments and signing documents to collecting funds and completing the paperwork. I performed a lot of research and questioned a number of businesses, but only Simply Solar demonstrated to us that they wanted satisfied clients for the long term. We're very glad we went with Simply Solar!" - Mike J.

Simply Solar Social media
A firm called Simply Solar provides its clients with solar and sustainable energy solutions. They have more than 1,000 followers on their Facebook page, and they have an engaged and active following. They update often, typically twice daily, and the most of their posts are on their goods and services as well as news from the renewable energy sector. Additionally, they sometimes post competitions and promos and update readers on new projects and events. The page is well-run, and comments and inquiries are answered promptly. To keep their information interesting and relevant, they also use a variety of multimedia elements, including videos, photos, and infographics. The "Call Now" option on the website also makes it simple for visitors to get in touch with them if they have any queries. In general, Simply Solar's Facebook page is thoughtfully designed to attract visitors. They consistently publish high-quality material and have an engaged community. The website is well handled and optimized for business enquiries, which perhaps helps explain their performance as a whole.
The Linkedin profile for Simply Solar is appealing and well-organized. Their page has more than 1200 followers, and they often publish updates on their staff, forthcoming events, and thorough explanations of their goods and services. Additionally, they promote employment openings and joint venture possibilities. To demonstrate their development, the website also offers a variety of interesting multimedia components including films, infographics, and case studies. Users may contact the business by phone or email by clicking the "Contact" and "Subscribe" buttons on the website, respectively. In conclusion, Simply Solar's LinkedIn profile is a fantastic illustration of how to utilize the network to interact consumers and promote a company.
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Simply Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews674.5


Simply Solar Pros & Cons

  • Reliable and experienced team of installers
  • Wide range of solar panel systems, batteries and components
  • Offers of financing and payment of discounts
  • Installation cost can be high
  • Limited geographic coverage
  • Not all services are available in all locations

Simply Solar Final Conclusions

A firm called Simply Solar focuses on offering solar solutions to companies and homes. The business effectively provides a variety of services, from installation to maintenance, and has assisted several clients in lowering their energy costs and promoting a greener future. Overall, Simply Solar has shown that solar energy is a realistic and viable substitute for conventional energy sources. The business has become a leader in the solar sector because to its dedication to client happiness, experience, and top-notch service. It is probable that Simply Solar will continue to play a significant role in assisting individuals in making the switch to clean, renewable energy as more people become aware of the advantages of solar energy.

Simply Solar locations

Main Address1740 Corporate Circle Petaluma, CA 94954 United States
Phone Number(707) 776-9043

2 local offices

California – Petaluma 1740 Corporate Cir, Petaluma CA, 94954
California – Fremont 4021 Clipper Ct, Fremont CA, 94538

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