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To hasten the transition to renewable energy sources and provide a fantastic place to work. We want to reduce the expense of electricity while making homes and businesses cleaner, more energy-efficient, and more self-sufficient.

Skywells Energy overview

To hasten the transition to renewable energy sources and provide a fantastic place to work. We want to reduce the expense of electricity while making homes and businesses cleaner, more energy-efficient, and more self-sufficient.

What Skywells Energy has to say about itself

Join the over a million Americans and millions more across the globe who have made the transition to solar power.We are a comprehensive renewable energy firm designed for the most selective clientele. Using state-of-the-art solar systems, top-tier energy efficiency goods, LED lighting, HVAC, and energy management platforms, we want to reduce the price of power for your house or company.We make your house or business become an energy producer, rather than a consumer. You may avoid the growing energy costs that everyone is talking about by generating your own clean, cheap power. For an obligation-free consultation, please contact us immediately.

Skywells Energy Solar Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesEnergy storage, solar energy, energy management, energy consulting and energy efficiency services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SRCC

Skywells Energy website review

You may discover a cutting-edge platform devoted to sustainable living and renewable energy solutions at The website delivers a thorough and simple user experience and gives users helpful data and tools to advance toward a greener future. When you get on the site, you'll notice a slick, contemporary layout that represents our dedication to sustainability and innovation. With a clean menu bar at the top of the page, navigation is simple. Important parts like Home, About, Services, Projects, Blog, and Contacts are easily accessible. Our website contains all the information you need to make knowledgeable choices, whether you are an individual, company, or community seeking for sustainable energy options. The aim, values, and experience of the business are described in the "About Us" section. The Blog area has a wealth of educational articles and resources for individuals looking for information and inspiration. This is a priceless tool for anybody who wishes to stay current with the most recent advancements in the industry. Just visit the "Contacts" section to get in touch with them. They have readily available contact details, including a phone number, email address, and physical location. You may also contact us directly by filling out our convenient contact form, which will guarantee a prompt response from our helpful staff. Overall, Skywells Energy's website is attractive to the eye and easy to use, showing the company's dedication to green energy and sustainable practices. A website is your route to a cleaner, greener future, regardless of whether you're a homeowner, company owner, or community leader.

Skywells Energy price policy

PackagesFrom $3 to $6 per watt
Payment optionsCredit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay in full prior to installation, discounts for customers who pay by cash or check

Skywells Energy online reputation

According to user comments, there seems to be a lack of consensus on Skywells Energy. Some customers complain about the company's dependability and unethical conduct, as well as their unfavorable experiences with it. Complaints include pushy sales techniques, disobeying "no ask" signs, inadequate communication, shoddy installation, and a failure to address consumers' complaints. The integrity of the business and the quality of its services are called into question as a result of this unpleasant encounter. However, there are also testimonials from customers who were pleased with Skywells Energy. The professionalism, friendliness, and response of a few staff members, including Ben, Eric, Sean, Ramon, Eric, and Jack, are praised by these users. They appreciate the company's assistance, openness, and effective solar panel installation as well as other energy efficiency upgrades.In conclusion, consumer testimonials show that the reputation of Skywells Energy is unsteady. While some customers were pleased with the professionalism and amount of care they got, others had terrible experiences with sales techniques, communication, and installations. Potential customers should be cautious when engaging in any transaction with Skywells Energy and consider both the good and negative comments. Anyone thinking about doing business with the organization would be prudent to do extensive research, ask for referrals, and get comprehensive information regarding services and warranties.
"You should not consider this firm to be trustworthy. They give off the impression of being devious and dishonest. For your own protection, you should approach any business relations with them while keeping both eyes open at all times." - Argon
"Please explain why it's OK for your staff to ignore my "do not solicit" sign and come knocking on my door. So why don't you reverse my sign? These exceptional workers lied about being on a ring door bell since they didn't know what it was. It wasn't until I showed them the cameras that they got it. when exactly. They said it was "all in good fun." Having such high-caliber employees raises questions about the rest of your business. I'm curious as to what more they've managed to get away with.They refused to provide a single point of contact for my issue. This is it, then. The first social networking tutorial!" - Michael
"Even when I pointed out the sign and informed the salesman numerous times that I am not interested, he persisted in trying to sell me anything, even though I have a prominent no sales/soliciting sign on my door. Has been very offensive, condescending, and intimidating. What nonsense!" - Victoria
"Two minutes later, a solar salesperson from APS knocked on my door. Undeniably dubious." - Lyndon
"Working with Skywells Energy was a frustrating experience for me. The solar panel installation was everything from easy and trouble-free, despite their assurances. The installation was not scheduled on time, and communication was poor. It was annoying that I had to keep checking back for updates. In addition, the installation was sloppy, with misaligned panels and other oversights. It required several complaints and demands for the problems to be fixed. In general, Skywells Energy fell short of my expectations for quality of service and completion of project." - Mason
"Last Friday, I had my solar panels put and my main panel updated. Working with everyone at Skywells was a fantastic experience. Ben was very helpful in explaining everything to me, answering my concerns, and negotiating the terms I requested. A little problem arose the day after Eric installed the major panels, but he fixed it without any questions or complaints. The level of professionalism and care given to customers is exceptional. I cannot praise Skywells enough. I have included a photo of my main panel, but the solar panels themselves are too high to be seen." - Narsay
"Working with Sean at Skywells Energy was a pleasure; he exceeded our expectations at every turn. He kept us apprised of the project's status at all times and responded to our inquiries promptly. Permitting was quick and easy, and the installation went off without a hitch. When problems arose, Sean worked tirelessly to fix them. I'm thrilled to suggest Sean and Skywells Energy since going solar was a great decision for us." - Dominique
"I had a fantastic time...I'm excited to have my system set up. Ramon and Erik have been excellent in answering my questions and addressing my problems. Fantastic, expert business dealings. Strongly suggest!" - Claudette
"Solar installation process with these folks was awesome. Jack's assistance was invaluable throughout it all. I was able to make my home more energy efficient by having new insulation put in, having my air conditioning ducts sealed, and by installing solar panels. The whole procedure was completely noninvasive. Everything was handled smoothly and expertly. If you're looking for a solar energy provider, I strongly suggest Skywells Energy." - James
"Putting solar panels on our roof and making other improvements to our home that helped us save money went well. We were provided with expert assistance by professionals who knew what they were doing; the installation took just a few months and had little effect on our regular operations. Much appreciation to Jack, Nick, and everyone else at Skywells!" - Kailee

Skywells Energy Social media
Solar energy products are the focus of Arizona-based Skywells Energy, a provider of sustainable energy. Since its launch in 2016, their Facebook page has gained more than 1,000 fans. News and updates regarding the business, its goods and services are posted on the website on a regular basis. Customer testimonials, product images, and videos are also included. The page also has hyperlinks to the organization's website, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Customers may also ask inquiries or provide comments using the contact form on the page. In general, the Skywells Energy Facebook page offers users an interesting and educational platform to learn more about the business and its offerings.
Skywells Energy is an Arizona-based renewable energy firm that specializes in the production of solar energy-related goods. Their LinkedIn profile has been active since 2013, and there are presently more than 30 people following it. This page includes recent corporate news, updates, and advertisements for open positions. In addition to that, it has photographs and videos of products, as well as client testimonials. Additionally, there are connections to the company's Twitter and Facebook profiles on this page, in addition to a link to the company's website. In addition, there is a contact form on the website, via which consumers may submit their inquiries or comments. In general, the LinkedIn profile that Skywells Energy maintains provides clients with a useful resource for learning more about the business and the goods it sells.
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Skywells Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews644.8


Skywells Energy Pros & Cons

  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
  • Quick and easy installation process
  • First-class solar panels and energy storage system
  • Higher upfront cost than some other providers
  • Limited availability in some regions
  • Not suitable for all roof types

Skywells Energy Final Conclusions

Skywells Energy's reputation and general performance seem to be quite inconsistent. While some customers have expressed satisfaction with the professionalism, promptness, and assistance of the organization, there are quite a few unfavorable reviews that raise questions about dependability, impolite conduct, and subpar service quality. Aggressive sales practices, disobeying no-ask signs, inadequate communication, and shoddy installation are all mentioned in negative customer evaluations. The company's honesty and capacity to provide high-quality services are called into question as a result of this encounter. Skywells Energy's customer service and problem-solving skills are further questioned by reports of a lack of response and the need of filing several grievances to address problems. On the plus side, several consumers commended specific firm personnel for their eagerness to assist, openness, and effective solar panel installation. This great experience demonstrates that Skywells Energy employs staff members who are dedicated to offering excellent customer service and keeping their word. The varied feedback suggests that Skywells Energy's performance and reputation are not always favorable. Before selecting to work with the organization, prospective clients should carefully read the evaluations and balance the good and bad elements. A better educated choice may be made by doing thorough research, getting suggestions, and inquiring about services and warranties in great detail.

Skywells Energy locations

Main Address2390 E Camelback Rd, Suite 130, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone Number4804935400

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