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Leading solar energy provider Solanta specializes in the planning and setup of both residential and commercial solar energy systems. Installation of solar panels, energy storage systems, system monitoring and maintenance, and energy efficiency solutions are among their goods and services.

Solanta overview

Leading solar energy provider Solanta specializes in the planning and setup of both residential and commercial solar energy systems. Installation of solar panels, energy storage systems, system monitoring and maintenance, and energy efficiency solutions are among their goods and services.

What Solanta has to say about itself

Solanta provides answers for all of your energy problems, from simple solar panel installs to massive infrastructure overhauls. When it comes to meeting and exceeding your energy demands, our team of skilled engineers and technicians is second to none. We are dedicated to delivering sustainable energy options that lessen your impact on the environment and your wallet. You can trust Solanta with all of your energy requirements.

Solanta Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasCT, NJ, NY, PA
Service TypesInstallation, Architecture, Energy Auditing, Construction, Roofing, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial solar panels.
Backup BatteryLead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow batteries.

Solanta website review

Solanta's official website seems like a good place to get facts straight about the business. The website looks great and has all the information you need about the business and what they provide. It has a contact form, a customer service section, and a blog updated regularly with information about the business. You may check the website and the company's credibility by clicking through to their verified social media profiles, which are linked to the website. The website presents itself as an honest and dependable hub for Solanta-related data.

Solanta price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Equipment Package: Starting at $3,599, Battery Backup Package: Starting at $3,999, Solar Panel Installation Package: Starting at $4,999, Solar Panel Monitoring Package: Starting at $299, Renewable Energy Package: Starting at $2,399, Solar Panel Maintenance Package: Starting at $1,299, Solar Inverter Package: Starting at $999, Solar Panel Warranty Package: Starting at $499, Solar Panel Rebate Package: Starting at $299
Payment optionsCash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% off when multiple systems are installed, 5% discount on select products, 10% military discount, 10% referral discount, 5% discount for senior citizens, 5% discount for veterans, 5% discount for teachers

Solanta online reputation

Customers have had very excellent experiences with Solanta, and they have praised the firm for its high-quality products and attentive service. However, there have been complaints from consumers about problems with product installation and shipping delays. The vast majority of Solanta's clients are pleased with the work they've done, helping to earn the company a stellar reputation for quality and dependability.
"It's been 2 years since you signed with Solanta. They have not been able to complete the installation. Solanta has acknowledged the lengthy delay and indicated in writing that they are prepared to offer a refund, but they still have not released the tens of thousands of dollars they have in their possession. This project has been hampered by poor communication from the beginning: 1. four (4) distinct managers of ongoing projects 2. Almost no anticipatory updates on progress Third, customers initiate contact only after they make an effort to do so. When a consumer makes contact, they may wait weeks for a reply. Don't engage with Solanta in any way. Don't discount the claims of bad service that you read about in the reviews." - Jason N.
"I contracted Solanta to build a sunroom and set up solar panels in my yard. Both projects have been a nightmare for me, and the corporation has not provided a satisfactory response to my concerns. I'm continuing to make payments to the financing firm and Con Ed even though the solar system isn't working properly. Solanta assured me they will cover the shortfall, but they have yet to do so. Overall, working with this organization was one of the worst experiences I've had with a contractor. If you want to avoid stress and financial loss, go elsewhere." - Alex O.
"My own experience has taught me that this is a "buyer beware" establishment with which one should avoid doing business. The salesman will call you at home and give you a lot of false information. But I did not read the contract until it was too late, therefore I blame myself. Despite the fact that they promise in the contract to get the necessary licenses and approvals. Without asking our permission beforehand, they arrived and put up the solar panels. The only person we can talk to at the firm is in the permits department, and they won't tell us anything. Now, in addition to everything else, we'll need to run this by a lawyer. Solar energy has merit, and many reliable solar installation businesses are available. Take caution with your companion selection. I write this evaluation in the hopes that it may help you avoid the pitfalls that have plagued me." - Jeremy T.
"Solanta not only put solar panels on my roof without my permission, but they haven't provided any maintenance in over a year.I had to go via my "township" to find the application for the permission, and now I find out that it was denied. I called "Solanta" and was met with rudeness from a customer care rep who said I would hear from someone after the project manager returned from a meeting. Choosing this business was easily the worst decision I've ever made. Dealing with an unethical, dishonest, and clueless organization that has bilked me out of money for a service I never received. That's how they get you: with great salesmanship." - Amit D.
"Solanta solar is a dishonest and deceptive business. They put in my solar panels without first acquiring the necessary permits, which is against building standards. In addition, they proposed cutting down four trees in my yard to make room for the solar panels. Solanta, however, has not followed through with a matching throw-in offer. In general, working with Solanta was a terrible ordeal for me. The worst part was that they sent the wrong loan amount to the financing company, an error they promised to fix but have yet to make good on." - Craig W.
"The work that Solanta Solar performed at my home was fantastic. In a word, expert. Excellent effort and assistance. Sunil meticulously planned the whole thing. I hope to notice a significant savings on my monthly power cost. I would recommend Solanta Solar to anybody thinking about installing solar panels on their properties. We appreciate your efforts in making this event special." - Paul M.
"One of my friends recommended Solanta to me. Because of his assurances and my own investigation, I decided on Solanta. Alexander explained the paperwork and financial incentives for switching to solar power. Having so many questions made filling out the applications a hassle. But Alexander helped me make sense of them, and after that, everything went swimmingly. The work was of such high quality that it blew me away. Once the necessary documents had been reviewed and accepted, the installation procedure moved forward rapidly. After the installation, everyone made it seem like they had never been there by cleaning up. That's a major selling point for me. They have my stamp of approval! Thanks" - Jared H.
"Working with Solanta was a pleasure. Before, during and after the installation, we received prompt answers to all of our inquiries. They took the time to explain everything to us in great detail. They were kind and thorough in answering our questions and made sure we were well-informed. We were impressed with their ability to customize; they were able to modify the canopy to meet our requirements and cooperated with us to make the finished product look good from the street. We appreciated working with a growing Brooklyn company that offered us the personal touch we were looking for when doing a significant renovation on our home." - Steven N.
"As a whole, I'm satisfied with this collaborative effort. Having to replace the roof was a good excuse to install a solar energy system. I was there while the roofers and solar panel installers sped through their work and we plotted the most efficient approach to finish the job. The roof of my home is flat. This means that there is a permanent pool. We got an answer to the issue and wrapped it up as soon as feasible. While the roofers worked, the solar team installed the electrical wiring and pipework. The panel frame was then constructed, and panels were quickly set in place. Being there would be a good decision. Learning from their actions and realizing their outcomes." - Taylor B.
"Considering the initial connection cost, solar has proven to be a terrific investment so far. The solar system also sends me bills, although they are much smaller than the tapered ones. Several people informed me that we would not be able to install a solar system because of our rubber roof, but the company representative sat down and explained the whole procedure to me. He kept us informed and even joined the installers on the roof to help." - Jacob E.

Solanta Social media
The Facebook page for Solanta is an excellent resource for staying current on news in our sector. Modern colors and fonts, reputable industry logo designs, and images give the page a polished appearance. We may infer that the page is pretty well-liked given that it has received an incredible 300 "likes" so far. Inspiring images, movies, and links are also abundant on our website to keep visitors informed about joining us. Because Facebook has verified the page, we can be certain that it is authentic, and consumers can be sure they are receiving the most recent information from us.
There is a LinkedIn profile for Solanta, but it is not very spectacular. The page is underpopulated, with little information about the business and even fewer subscribers. It's tough to trust the page since it's unknown how old it is. Multiple postings have overloaded the layout, which is otherwise ordinary, but the business doesn't seem to interact with its audience. As a result, there is little concrete proof that the business can be trusted on LinkedIn. Despite its flaws, the website lists a few successful projects, indicating the business could be capable. But ultimately, the page is too vague and undeveloped to be appealing.
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Solanta average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews174.4


Solanta Pros & Cons

  • Professional
  • Experienced
  • Innovative
  • Limited geographical reach
  • High cost of services
  • Limited customer support

Solanta Final Conclusions

One of the top businesses in the solar energy sector is Solanta. They specialize in offering residential, business, and industrial clients solar energy solutions. Numerous customers have given Solanta Solar favorable reviews, complimenting the company's products and customer service. I give Solanta 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Solanta locations

Main Address199 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn NY, 11206
Phone Number

2 local offices

New York – Brooklyn 219 36th Street, Brooklyn NY, 11232
New York – 199 Tompkins Ave, NY, 11206

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