Solar Gaines review

For big, sophisticated solar construction projects, Solar Gaines is your go-to partner because of our decades of expertise in related sectors. Our expertise in the business side of becoming green, in addition to our innovative solar solutions, sets us apart from the competition. We have the experience and up-to-date industry understanding to carry out projects anywhere in the middle Atlantic. Solar Gaines is capable of handling any challenging job, and we welcome the opportunity to prove it.
Solar Gaines review

Solar Gaines overview

For big, sophisticated solar construction projects, Solar Gaines is your go-to partner because of our decades of expertise in related sectors. Our expertise in the business side of becoming green, in addition to our innovative solar solutions, sets us apart from the competition. We have the experience and up-to-date industry understanding to carry out projects anywhere in the middle Atlantic. Solar Gaines is capable of handling any challenging job, and we welcome the opportunity to prove it.

What Solar Gaines has to say about itself

Solar Gaines is a Baltimore, Maryland-based commercial solar construction firm. In the states of Virginia, Maryland, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, we are the premier commercial solar supplier. With a track record dating back to the 1980s, our business has the experience to carry out construction projects of any scale or complexity. We utilize only premium supplies, and our expert staff will be there every step of the way to help you, from conceptualization to completion. Our goal is to provide detailed and effective project management for our customers. In return, we aid them in getting up and running as soon as possible, which increases the value of their investment.

Solar Gaines Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasDE, DC, MD
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, General Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film amorphous, and bifacial
Backup BatteryTesla, BYD, Sonnen, and SunPower
CertificationsNABCEP, STI

Solar Gaines website review

A comprehensive and user-friendly website for people and businesses interested in using renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy, is Solar Gaines ( The website, which has a clean and contemporary design, provides a plethora of knowledge and services about solar installations, financing alternatives, and sustainable energy sources. Visitors to the Solar Gaines website are welcomed with a visually appealing homepage that highlights the business' dedication to renewable energy and its knowledge of solar power systems. The user experience is smooth because to the interface's clarity and simplicity. The website offers a wealth of informational resources and instructional tools to walk users through the solar energy implementation process. Users may go through a variety of educational materials, blog entries, and FAQs to learn more about solar energy and its advantages, whether they are novices in the industry or seasoned solar energy lovers. The Solar Gaines website provides a helpful calculator tool that customers can use to calculate the possible savings and environmental effect of converting to solar power, in case they are thinking about installing solar panels. Visitors who use this tool are better able to make judgments and comprehend the long-term financial advantages of solar electricity. Solar Gaines offers a thorough rundown of its services in addition to educational materials. Visitors may discover more about the steps involved in solar installation, such as site assessment, system design, and getting permissions. The website promotes the business' dedication to quality and client pleasure by including client testimonials and emphasizing their staff of skilled specialists. To assist people and companies understand the financial advantages and potential savings involved with deploying solar energy, Solar Gaines provides information on the financing choices and government incentives that are available. The website gives customers comprehensive details on tax credit, grant, and loan programs so they may make wise financial choices. The Solar Gaines website is an all-encompassing platform that blends educational information, engaging features, and a simple user experience. It is a helpful tool that provides direction, assistance, and access to sustainable energy options for anybody interested in using the power of solar energy.

Solar Gaines price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 to $20,000
Payment optionsMajor credit cards, PayPal, and check
Payment discountsCash rebates, tax credits and low interest loans, financing options with zero or low interest rate, with monthly payments ranging from 6 to 20 years, Rent

Solar Gaines online reputation

There are both favorable and bad comments about Solar Gaines in the offered customer reviews. Here is a synopsis of the most important issues that were discussed: Low, low costs. In the Baltimore/Washington area specifically, Solar Gaines has been commended by several clients for its low prices. Excellence in customer service and professionalism. The office personnel and salespeople who assisted customers with paperwork, tax credits, and rebate programs were well regarded for their expertise and friendliness. Professional Setup: Several clients spoke highly of the installation crew, praising their professionalism and the excellent quality of the materials and workmanship. productivity and cost reductions. Customers are pleased with the performance of their solar systems, which are able to provide all of their energy demands and even feed any extra back into the grid. Money saved on utilities and made from selling Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) have been cited as advantages. Price and billing problems. One buyer complained about being hit with a 3% surcharge while using a credit card, even though they had already agreed to a flat fee. Another customer complained that invoicing was inaccurate and that payment troubles were delaying the completion of their job. Management of projects and communications. Several customers complained about problems with updates and follow-ups. There have been reports of people waiting for replies, losing track of their orders, and failing to remember important appointments. Restoration work after installation was also seen by a client. One client complained about the lack of post-installation help, namely with regards to the paperwork for selling SREC, and received no response from Solar Gaines. Keep in mind that the opinions expressed here are just those of the reviewer(s), and not necessarily representative of what all consumers will experience. Recent customer reviews and ratings, industry certifications, and any other accessible information should all be taken into consideration when assessing a firm.
"Avoid using SolarGaines at any costs. For the Baltimore/Washington region, their pricing are quite competitive. As the adage goes, though, you get what you pay for.SolarGaines presented me with a number of problems:First, the sales guy and I agreed on a price in writing. This was supposed to be a flat rate, and I was told I could put the whole cost of the job on my credit card without incurring any interest. However, when it came time to pay 2 weeks later, they added a 3% fee since I paid with a credit card. My first deposit for the job had already been taken. The sales representative effectively gave me the option to pay the extra 3% or back out of the deal.At the time of the panels' installation, I was informed that the inverter they had bought was defective and would need to be replaced. Within a week, my system would be operational, or so I was told. The project manager said he "forgot to order the new parts but he would try to get to it that afternoon" when I phoned him four days later. He estimated a week for delivery of the replacement components. I asked for an overnight delivery of the new component, but they refused. It is a shame that they want me to pay thousands of dollars for solar panels without being willing to invest a few more dollars to replace the defective components.They messed up the area next to my breaker panel. The wall was only partially restored and repainted; the framework surrounding the fuse box had been pulled out entirely. When the billing department approached me for final payment, I said that I was waiting for the project to be completed before handing over any funds. That should have been enough of a carrot to get them to the finish line. They told me they will show up on Monday, so here's hoping! I remained home from work in anticipation of the crew's arrival, but they called me just five minutes before their scheduled arrival time to say they could not make it because they were finishing off another job. They promised to contact me with a new appointment time. Without any prior notice or arrangement, the team showed up at my doorstep the next morning at approximately 11 a.m. My room was repaired in the end (they did an OK job, not a wonderful one), but the whole renovation effort was badly overseen.After the work is done and they are paid, the corporation stops communicating with them. I contacted them for help completing the paperwork necessary to sell SRECs, but I never heard back from them.
Having said that, I still rated them 2 stars since it seems like they installed the panels adequately. You should know that working with them is a hassle in advance." - Oliver
"Though I am a little late with my rating, I still want to offer Solar Gaines a perfect score. We had a system built in April of this year, and it has worked well. When we phoned for a quotation, they handled it like any other home improvement job, which was a terrific first impression. They dispatched a technician who would outline the work that needed to be done and provide us with a cost estimate, rather than a salesperson. They were pleasant to deal with throughout, and an employee did all the legwork required to get the tax credits on our behalf, from filling out initial applications to following up with the county months later to check that our name was still on the property tax credit waiting list. With a 100% funded system, we are able to break even due to savings from not having to pay for certain things and income from selling renewable energy certificates (SRECs). Stop reading these reviews and go get your solar system installed by this fantastic local business." - Henry
"I had my solar system put in the first week of June, turned it on on the 21st, and waited until after its first full month of operation before writing this evaluation. In every way, from the initial sale to the expert installation and ongoing reliability of my system, I am completely satisfied. Paul Miller, the sales consultant I worked with, was very knowledgeable and helpful. I felt no pressure to make a purchase. The team who installed the 36 panels and connected the inverter to my home's electrical system performed a superb job in only two days. The net meter was installed by the utility company after a delay of about two weeks. All paperwork for the meter and for all state and county rebate programs was filed by the SolarGaines office staff. The state's $1,000 payment to me has already been sent. In terms of functionality, the system generated enough power to supply my home for the whole summer. During that time, I have also re-supplied the grid with about 150 kWh. If you are looking to have solar panels installed, SolarGaines is who you should call." - Sandy
"I began my adventure into solar by reading widely over the course of a year. Surprisingly, only around half of the installers I contacted even acknowledged my inquiry after I contacted almost all of them. I had originally gone with a different firm, but I was dissatisfied with their sales and design staff and decided to leave. Finally, SolarGaines. The whole experience was fantastic. My needs were heard and respected by the sales team, who did not pressure me into buying anything I did not want. The designers also did an excellent job. The office staff was extremely good at keeping us updated on our bills, utility applications, and tax documents. The installation crew arrived early and did a fantastic job. They were well-groomed and gave the impression of enjoying their work. There were zero complaints with the quality of the materials or the craftsmanship. When everything was finished, it seemed as if they had never been here save the new technology. In the midst of my BGE billing cycle, the system was commissioned, and I recently paid my first post-installation cost of $10.49. SolarGaines is an excellent choice that I strongly endorse." - Mike
"SolarGaines had the greatest pricing, the finest equipment, and the biggest system capacity after I compared many local rooftop solar installation companies. Being a do-it-yourselfer, I'm wary of hiring professionals since they never seem to put in as much effort as I would. SolarGaines, on the other hand, performed an excellent job, paid close attention to detail, and had a pleasant installation crew.The following are additional reasons why I think you should choose SolarGaines instead of another provider:Fast feedback (by phone, email, or their project portal)It took around 3 days (consecutive) to install 42 panels, and the whole job took about 2 months (much of that time was spent waiting on government bodies and electricity providers).Not involved in PPAs Even though PPAs are designed to benefit the installer and not the end user, I think this shows how dedicated they are to their clientele.- The paperwork required for different rebates, licenses, SRECs, etc., might be difficult to decipher. It's all taken care of for you, so relax." - Laurel
"I researched several other installers and do-it-yourself options before settling on Solar Gaines. Logan was a pleasure to talk to and seems like he would be a lot of fun to work with. He was price-competitive since he didn't want to lose a deal. When I found a competing offer I couldn't refuse, I was prepared to make a purchase. The rain was our major issue and caused us to be late. It took three days to install because of two days of rain that forced the staff to cut their day short. Matt was very helpful in responding to my inquiries.The administrative staff was pleasant to work with. The process of changing the meters was rapid.The system's performance has exceeded expectations." - Jack

Solar Gaines Social media
Customers may get a detailed summary of Solar Gaines' services, goods, and corporate purpose on their Facebook page. Users may easily browse and explore the page's offers because to its clear structure and organization. Regularly updated posts provide an overview of prominent subjects covered by Solar Gaines, including solar energy, energy efficiency, and sustainability activities. Additionally, the website offers broad details on the company's management, alliances, client feedback, and events attended. Additionally, customers may keep up with business news, such as updates on projects and new product launches. A wide range of visual components are also included, including photos, films, and infographics with illustrations. Additionally, there is a call to action on the website encouraging users to write comments or ask questions. A link to their website, where further details are available, is also included. Customers may get a thorough insight of Solar Gaines, its goods and services, and environmental activities via the company's Facebook page. Users are encouraged to connect and provide comments on the page since it is constantly updated, has a wealth of informative material, and is frequently updated.
Customers and prospective customers may learn more about Solar Gaines by visiting their LinkedIn profile. Viewers may read customer reviews, examine the company's detailed portfolio, learn about their sustainability activities, and get information about the company's purpose and services on this website. The page includes links to the company's website where further information may be accessed, as well as comprehensive information about the administration of the business. He writes about his most recent initiatives and aggressively advertises his goods and services. With calls to action that urge visitors to follow the page, comment on content, and provide feedback to share on the page, the page also promotes user interaction and feedback. Images and videos are visual components that interest users and facilitate easy and intuitive website navigation. In general, customers and prospective clients may learn a lot about Solar Gaines from its LinkedIn profile, including information about the business, its services and products, and its sustainability activities. With regular updates, many images, and calls to action that promote user participation, the website is both educational and entertaining.
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Solar Gaines average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviewsNo reviewsNo reviews


Solar Gaines Pros & Cons

  • Wide range of options offered
  • Many state and local incentives
  • Professional installation services
  • Services are relatively expensive compared to other providers
  • Installation can be a lengthy and complicated process
  • May require significant investment of time and research

Solar Gaines Final Conclusions

A reputable and effective solar energy service supplier is Solar Gaines. They provide a number of choices, including financing, leasing, and bespoke designs that may fit a range of budgets. Additionally, they have a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. They have also promised to provide benefits and incentives that would make it simpler for homes to convert to solar power. Even yet, their services may be more expensive than those of other vendors, and the installation procedure can be drawn out and challenging, but this is an issue that solar sellers often face. The general efficacy and repute of Solar Gaines seem to be mixed, according to consumer reports. While some customers have had favorable experiences and appreciated features including affordable prices, good installation work, and excellent system performance, others have voiced concerns about billing difficulties, communication problems, and a lack of follow-up assistance. Customer evaluations should be viewed with the caveat that they may only represent a small portion of the customer base and reflect the experiences of a select few.

Solar Gaines locations

Main Address9 Schilling Rd, Ste 210, Hunt Valley, MD 21031
Phone Number4107851760

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