Solar Harmonics review

Solar Harmonics is the top solar panel installation in Northern California, a multi-award winning company, and a quick to respond solar energy contractor. We provide an informal meeting full of practical advice to help you optimize your energy use and reduce your PG&E bills, whether you require a whole house fan, a variable-speed pool pump, or even ground mount solar for your home, business, or farm.

Solar Harmonics overview

Solar Harmonics is the top solar panel installation in Northern California, a multi-award winning company, and a quick to respond solar energy contractor. We provide an informal meeting full of practical advice to help you optimize your energy use and reduce your PG&E bills, whether you require a whole house fan, a variable-speed pool pump, or even ground mount solar for your home, business, or farm.

What Solar Harmonics has to say about itself

Most of our customers are on the lookout for a reliable solar energy partner. Solar Harmonics is the most reliable company to trust to finish your solar construction on time, under budget, and to your satisfaction due to our ten years in the industry, positive internet reviews, and Diamond Certification. Our goal is to develop the most cost-effective solar panel system possible, one that will last for 30–40 years and provide electricity dependably. Unless the utility corporations benefit, everyone wins if our customers' financial aims and our founder's global and environmental ambitions coincide.

Solar Harmonics Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign, installation and maintenance of solar panels, financing, energy audit of houses
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film solar panels and hybrid solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-cadmium batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Solar Harmonics website review

The site has a modern and professional design. The color scheme is the same for the entire website, the main colors are white and orange. The images used are of high quality and match the content. The website provides comprehensive information about the company's services, including residential and commercial solar panel installation, energy storage solutions, and maintenance. The website also features customer testimonials, awards, and certifications that help establish credibility with the company. The contact form and phone number are prominently displayed, making it easy to contact potential customers. Overall, the website appears to be well thought out, informative, and user friendly.

Solar Harmonics price policy

PackagesA typical 5kW solar system can cost $10,000 to $15,000, while a 10kW system can cost $20,000 to $30,000.
Payment optionsCash, checks and all major credit cards, Financing Options (Service Finance)
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay by cash or check, bulk discounts for customers who buy multiple solar systems or components.

Solar Harmonics online reputation

Solar Harmonics is a top-notch solar service provider because of their dedicated staff and their careful attention to each customer's needs. Solar Harmonics, according to its clientele, provides reasonably priced, high-quality solar panels with first-rate support. They have a history of offering dependable services and clear, concise communication from the time permissions are sought through the installation's final inspection. Customers also like that the company's staff is quick to reply to their inquiries and concerns, as well as well-versed in the solar sector. It seems like Solar Harmonics has a solid history of keeping consumers informed and making the installation procedure as easy as possible. Reviews suggest that Solar Harmonics is a reliable business that sells high-quality solar panels and provides excellent support to its customers.
"This past spring, I had solar panels put, and I went with Solar Harmonics because of their low quotation, high Diamond Certified rating, and lengthy history in the industry. Jamie was helpful in navigating the system to get the necessary permissions, applications, etc., and the project ran well as a result. The final inspection by the municipal inspector went well, and he congratulated me, saying, "You hired the right guys - they did an excellent job!" The system has been operational for three weeks with PG&E's approval, so I'm good to go. I'm looking forward to spending a lovely, cool summer indoors." - Reinhart
"We chose Solar Harmonics since they were highly recommended on the Diamond Certified website. Both them and another nearby company provided us with estimates. The panels offered by Solar Harmonics have a greater manufacturing capacity and cost roughly 20% less. Our previous installer went out of business, thus this job included adding six panels to our already-existing system. Since this job included just a minor modification to an already functioning system, Solar Harmonics was kind enough to provide us with a price. The replacement panels were installed and commissioned without a hitch, despite a slight hiccup in the plans. The installer and I had excellent communication. Solar Harmonics has provided excellent follow-up, and the panels' output is somewhat higher than predicted. Solar Harmonics comes highly suggested by me." - Tom
"Our hunt for a solar energy service provider was long and arduous, but in the end we went with Jamie and Solar Harmonics. It was a brilliant plan of action. I knew from away that Jamie was more interested in assisting me than he was in making a sale. He grasped my needs and immediately informed me of my suitability for solar power. Jamie was in constant communication with us once we were identified as strong contenders, and she was quick to respond to our inquiries. I consider that to be crucial, and Jamie has always provided me with rapid responses. Jared, who oversees operations for him, is likewise outstanding. He was very patient with my inquiries and kept me updated the entire time. We're very happy with our decision to work with Solar Harmonics, and if we ever need additional solar panels in the future, I know who to call." - Emil
"I first tried to seek quotes for solar panel installation from a more established company, but was met with unsatisfactory service at every stage of the process. Jamie did a wonderful job of outlining the process and providing both a precise budget and strategy. I appreciated Jamie's competence and patience in addressing my many questions and concerns. The installation was finished on time (with no delays) and Solar Harmonics was available all the way until its registration with PGnE. Solar Harmonics comes highly recommended for anybody considering solar panel installation." - Conrad
"Two or three years ago, I was considering going solar. I shopped around and found Jamie at Solar Harmonics after getting many different prices. After reading the testimonials and having a conversation with Jamie, I made my final decision. But I ended up doing something different, so I urged him to hold off on the solar investment for now. This year, I contacted him again, and thankfully he remembered who I was, so we wasted no time getting started. There were no hiccups, and the system seems reliable. Using the mySolarEdge app, the team demonstrated how everything works. I'm pleased I waited and went with SH, since the system has exceeded my expectations. Jamie assured me that everything would be well with the city, and in the end, it was. A big debt of gratitude is due to Jamie and his colleagues for their efforts in bringing this system live." - Manish

Solar Harmonics Social media
A forum for potential clients to connect with Solar Harmonics' services is provided by their Facebook page, which specializes in sustainable energy solutions. The page offers crucial details about the company's services and goods in addition to messages that stress the value of converting to sustainable energy sources and create awareness of renewable energy sources. Additionally, it provides regular updates and commentary from the team of the business, allowing prospective customers to see how the business is organized and get more individualized advise when thinking about investing in renewable energy solutions. The page promotes user interaction by routinely posting articles, pictures, and videos about renewable energy. Users are invited to comment on and like items to show their support and take part in the conversation. Overall, the page offers thorough information and tools on renewable energy in a user-friendly manner, reflecting the business's adherence to the values of dependability and sustainability.
Based in California, USA, Solar Harmonics is a solar energy installation and contractor. The business's LinkedIn page provides a thorough rundown of its background, goals, and staff. Additionally, it demonstrates the business' dedication to customer satisfaction, sustainability, and energy efficiency. It is impressive that the page has more than 100 followers considering how small the renewable energy company is. A range of company updates, such as project launches and customer satisfaction surveys, are also included in the page's content. The business further demonstrates their dedication to excellence on their website by including videos and pictures of their installation procedure as well as some of the work they have done. The history, purpose, and ideals of Solar Harmonics are beautifully highlighted on the company's LinkedIn page. Additionally, it enables prospective clients to learn more about the company's dedication to excellence, sustainability, and customer support. Ultimately, anyone trying to learn more about Solar Harmonics might benefit greatly from visiting the corporate page.
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Solar Harmonics average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews555


Solar Harmonics Pros & Cons

  • NABCEP Certified Solar Installer
  • Suggest financing options
  • Offer volume discounts
  • Prices may be higher than competitors
  • Installation time may be longer than expected
  • Limited service area

Solar Harmonics Final Conclusions

Based on the analyzed customer feedback, it is clear that Solar Harmonics is a respected and professional solar service provider that focuses on customer satisfaction. Their competitive prices, high quality solar panels and excellent service have resulted in many satisfied customers. The Solar Harmonics team is knowledgeable, responsive and patient in responding to customer requests and concerns. In addition, they have excellent experience working with local authorities to ensure a hassle-free installation process. All in all, Solar Harmonics seems like a great choice for anyone looking to install solar panels and reduce their carbon footprint while still getting great service.

Solar Harmonics locations

Main Address2010 Crow Canyon Pl Suite 100, Suite 100 San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone Number9257566944

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