Solar Holler review

With Solar Holler, our old mountains will be home to cutting-edge renewable energy technology. Every single Appalachian deserves access to solar energy, so we work tirelessly to find new ways to make it affordable.
Solar Holler review

Solar Holler overview

With Solar Holler, our old mountains will be home to cutting-edge renewable energy technology. Every single Appalachian deserves access to solar energy, so we work tirelessly to find new ways to make it affordable.

What Solar Holler has to say about itself

Solar Holler offers comprehensive solar service across the state of West Virginia. We're one of a kind: a certified electrical contracting organization that also understands politics and funding, stays abreast of emerging technologies, and is dedicated to reviving Appalachian villages via the use of solar electricity.

Solar Holler Review

Year Started2014
Service AreasVA, WV, MD, KY, IN
Service Typesinstallation, maintenance and repair of solar energy systems, energy efficiency, LED lighting, solar water heaters and energy storage systems
Types Panelspolycrystalline, monocrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Batterylead-acid, lithium-ion, and flow batteries

Solar Holler website review

The Solar Holler website seems to be contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, and simple to use from a design perspective. Showcasing a business's goods and services effectively involves the use of huge, high-quality photographs and videos. The website is also mobile friendly, which means it has been designed to be seen on a wide range of gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets. The website looks to be well organized in terms of functionality, with distinct headers and menus that make it simple for users to discover information. Additionally, the website has links to Solar Holler's social media accounts so visitors can easily connect with the business via social media. The website's content clearly conveys the company's goal, vision, and values, as well as its offerings in terms of goods and services. A blog that discusses solar energy and related subjects is also available on the website.

Solar Holler price policy

Packagesaround $2,500
Payment optionscredit card, check, and cash
Payment discountsdiscounts for veterans, seniors and low income families

Solar Holler online reputation

Customer reviews indicate a variable level of satisfaction with Solar Holler. Some customers have had bad experiences with the business, including property damage, sluggish progress, and poor communication. Additionally, there have been issues with unfinished work and refund processing times. Customers that have installed the device effectively and found that the personnel is knowledgeable and helpful have left excellent evaluations, nevertheless. Customers applauded the business for its dedication to solar energy and its efforts to make renewable energy economically feasible. Overall, it seems that while though Solar Holler has had some difficulties in the past, the business is working to fix them and provide its clients high-quality services. Before making a choice, it is crucial for prospective customers to do extensive research about the business.
"Stay away, The initial part of the installation caused damage to my property, and now that they have had my money for over a year, the project is still unfinished, and I am appealing for a refund. They communicate with clients incoherently and move as slowly as molasses. Sales makes promises that operations are unable to fulfill. Before my installation was finished, I suggested them to a neighbor because they had trashed all over his yard, damaged the wiring for his garage door, and then left without fixing the problem. I regret advising anybody to use these..." - David Sagal
"My driveway needs work and is not drivable. After the electric for solar power installation, the driveway was left in this state." - gina biller
"They caused damage to my property, didn't finish the work, gave their recommendation to the neighbors, and dumped rubbish all over their yard. They and I entered into a contract in October 2020, and as of July 2021, they had not completed the work and had withheld about $20,000 of my money. After a week, I requested a refund, but it was not handled. After speaking with a salesperson, I gave them another chance, and they said it would be possible to do the remaining work within a month. I then got a call from them saying I would have to wait an additional month, and I politely declined. Even though I got an email claiming they had 15 workers ready and waiting to install said batteries, the COO contacted and battled with me, saying they could only perform 1 battery install per month. The right hand works independently of the left hand. Beware of the buyer." - David
"I requested a quote through the Solar Holler online application, but I never received a response—not even an email. After two to three weeks, I contacted the Solar Holler number and left a message on their voicemail, but no one ever called me back. It seems like Solar Holler is primarily interested in working with government organizations or scenarios where it will be able to cash out government tax credit incentives rather than offering solar power systems to the general public or the average consumer. If businesses like Solar Holler are unable to make a profit by constructing a 5–10 kW grid-tied and battery backup solar power system for individuals like me, then the solar industry will not be able to survive." - Alan Comer
"Swiftly responded, but after that only said, "Based on a satellite image, you are not a candidate for services." It would have been good if they had agreed to visit the location to go through the possibilities, but they didn't. I wish them well, but I'm not sure how quickly they intend to expand their company." - Michael
"In August of 2019, we made the decision to purchase solar panels, and everything was completely completed that fall. Since then, we have saved over $3000 in Potomac Edison bills and earned a 30% tax credit on our installation expenses due to Solar Holler. Every time, Solar Holler adhered to their schedule and addressed all of our inquiries. Their professionalism, knowledge, and support for West Virginia as a leader in renewable energy have me ecstatic. Solar Holler comes highly recommended." - Kate
"The Solar Holler is a fantastic organization! Throughout the entirety of my experience, I was given assistance! My cladding is just stunning!!" - Elizabeth
"I'm Solar Holler's first Maryland client. After reviewing various offers, I chose Solar Holler because I loved many of their basic beliefs and wanted to help them build a footing in western MD (I reside in Frederick County).My salesperson was the most real and least sales-y of all the salesmen I talked with. This gave me confidence in choosing Solar Holler. In March 2022, their assessor visited my house and approved it.Solar Holler installed panels on my roof in July 2022, a minor delay due to supplies. In August, the electricians hooked them up, and I was good to go.The first project in a new state has drawbacks. My project was finished in January 2023 after months of obtaining approvals. Solar Holler, although annoying, did all they could to get my project ahead and took full blame for the delays. I suggest them as contractors since we worked well together. Despite the challenges, I'm glad I chose the company to install my panels because of their values and dedication. Everyone was competent, kind, and motivated to helping me get panels on my roof." - David
"Working with Solar Holler has been fantastic; it was easy for us to make the switch to solar power. Every individual we dealt with, from the first consultation to the last step of electrical wiring, was very knowledgable and kind. Going solar couldn't have been easier or more pleasant than it was thanks to Solar Holler. To anybody considering going solar themselves, we heartily suggest Solar Holler." - Dykota
"We have direct experience of what a waste of time it is to combine business knowledge with the green goal of universal solar roof panels. One net-zero roof at a time, the creativity and dedication of Solar Holler are improving our planet. The remainder of the Solar Holler team, led by Dan Conant and Phil Roth, is tenaciously committed to making solar power economically viable. They are consistently responsive and diligent. By dispelling regional prejudices and paving the way for a bright future without coal for both their employees and consumers, they have succeeded in exceeding that high standard with our house, the homes in our neighborhood, and the buildings all around West Virginia. Bravo for their fresh energy and wise perspective! We are beyond happy with how well our system has performed and with Solar Holler's continued sensitivity to our demands." - Charlotte

Solar Holler Social media
A excellent example of a business using social media to successfully reach their audience is Solar Holler's Facebook page. The page is full of interesting articles regarding solar energy and sustainability issues, as well as news about new programs and future events. Additionally, the portal has client endorsements, including images and testimonies from homes who have enlisted Solar Holler's services. There is a request to arrange a solar assessment along with a link to the business' website. The website includes a range of images, including pictures and videos that highlight the products and services the firm provides. Additionally, Solar Holler is effectively using Facebook to reach their target demographic as seen by the page's excellent following of over 17,000 followers.The LinkedIn profile for Solar Holler is a great tool for networking and marketing the business. The firm, its purpose, and its services are all clearly described in the profile, which has been finished. Visitors are prompted to "Follow" and "Like" the page at the top of the page, which encourages additional followers and aids Solar Holler in connecting with past and present customers. The website also includes testimonials from numerous customers, displaying actual instances of the top-notch service provided by the business. Finally, Solar Holler's LinkedIn profile seems to be robust and effective with over 700 followers.
YouTube Channel 263 Subscribers

Solar Holler average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews274.2


Solar Holler Pros & Cons

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Representatives are experts on local policies
  • Great warranty coverage
  • No leases or PPAs
  • Limited brands of solar equipment available
  • Slightly limited service offerings

Solar Holler Final Conclusions

It is evident from the client reviews that Solar Holler has delivered uneven service. While some customers have enjoyed working with the business, others have complained about a variety of problems, such as property damage, ongoing work, inadequate communication, and delays in project completion. Clearly, Solar Holler has to take action to solve the issues brought up by disgruntled consumers. Improved customer communication, timely and successfully performed work, and preventative measures against property damage are a few examples of what this may include. Overall, it is apparent that the firm has to enhance its project management and customer service procedures in order to fulfill its full potential as a premier supplier of solar energy, even if it has shown a dedication to renewables and a desire to increase access to solar energy.

Solar Holler locations

Main Address132 West German Street, Shepherdstown, WV 25443
Phone Number(304) 362-9615

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