Solar Negotiators review

Solar consumers are given further security by Solar Negotiators' special Lifetime Warranty. We inspect your panels and system for performance concerns, do thorough diagnostics, and implement permanent fixes as soon as possible so that you can get back on track.
Solar Negotiators review

Solar Negotiators overview

Solar consumers are given further security by Solar Negotiators' special Lifetime Warranty. We inspect your panels and system for performance concerns, do thorough diagnostics, and implement permanent fixes as soon as possible so that you can get back on track.

What Solar Negotiators has to say about itself

If you're a homeowner searching for a long-term, environmentally friendly energy option, going solar should be high on your list of considerations. The amount of money you save and how happy you are with your purchase in the long run are both affected by the business you choose to install your solar panels. It is our first priority at Solar Negotiators to secure lasting cost savings for our clients. Our special, lifetime solar craftsmanship guarantee is just one way we achieve this. As part of every solar contract, we provide monitoring and maintenance services to ensure that our staff is always holding themselves responsible to our clients.

Solar Negotiators Review

Year Started2009
Service AreasCA
Service Typesinstallation of solar panels, financing, design and engineering and monitoring of the solar system, inspection and maintenance of solar systems
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, CSI, BBB

Solar Negotiators website review

A distinct emphasis on solar energy solutions for homes and companies can be seen throughout the Solar Negotiators website's professional and contemporary design. A slideshow of pictures and information illustrating the advantages of solar energy, such as cost savings on energy bills, rising property prices, and environmental sustainability, may be seen on the site. The website has a unified and eye-catching design thanks to its constant use of color and font. Each page includes helpful consumer tools and information, such as details on solar systems, financing choices, warranties, and client reviews. Customers may ask inquiries and get answers from Solar Negotiators staff members in real time using the website's live chat function. The website's mobile friendliness is one possible area for development. The Solar Negotiators website is generally educational, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing.

Solar Negotiators price policy

Packagesfrom $10,000 to $15,000
Payment optionscash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountscash discounts, referral discounts and military veterans discounts, discounts for customers who buy their solar panels in bulk

Solar Negotiators online reputation

Based on customer feedback, Solar Negotiators has received mixed reviews. While some clients praised their professionalism and experience, others had a negative experience with the company and customer service. One customer reported that his solar system was inefficient even after six years of purchase and would shut down whenever the grid went down. They stated that nothing can be bought from the Solar Negotiators. Another client praised the seller and the installation team, but felt that the company missed the mark during the "intermediate" procedure. They promised to keep the customer informed, to be open and honest about their plans, but this did not happen. However, some customers had positive experiences with Solar Negotiators, with one of them praising the company representative for his knowledge and experience that helped them choose the best possible option for their system. The installation was quick and hassle-free, and the customer appreciated access to the company's software for tracking energy consumption and generation. Another client was satisfied with the work of Solar Negotiators from the very beginning of the procedure until today, as the representative easily solved any problem. In general, while some customers have had positive experiences with Solar Negotiators, there have been negative reviews about solar system efficiency, customer service, and quality of work.
"Solar Negotiators sold us a solar system with two battery backups for $63,400. Nearly six years have passed, and our system is still ineffective. Our solar system also shuts down whenever the grid does. When the next power loss occurs, they declare it to be rectified when they come out. NOTHING SHOULD BE PURCHASED FROM SOLAR NEGOTIATORS!" - Al
"Average system. Nothing special. However, my two batteries make me special. I seldom meet somebody with a battery. I want to power myself throughout the day and night. I'm normal. I hear radio and TV commercials. Solar Negotiators radio states "No True Up" My annual true-up bill is $1,400. I feel duped. Solar Negotiators lied to me and on the radio. Solar panels and two batteries are plenty. Day or night, I should pay for power. They grabbed my cash for my equipment and fled. I'm supposedly utilizing more electricity than expected. "You are the experts" Power never falls down, although I've bought panels and batteries three times and anticipated expertise. Are my batteries low? Do I lack panels? Why am I paying for electricity when I can use my own day and night? No one likes to admit error or require new batteries or panels. Nobody contacts me. Ever . I have "Ken"'s mobile phone number, one of their most experienced installers, but he never returns calls. Why ? Solar Negotiators should know that a cash-paying client is equally as crucial as one that makes them more money. I anticipated more but got less... Not happy." - Jones
"My experience with this firm was erratic. The installation went well without any problems, the workers were extremely courteous and cleaned up after the installation, and the last stage of the procedure was very professional. The salesperson was on point and maintained his word about staying in contact and guiding me through the process. The most crucial stage of the procedure, the in-between one, is where the ball was dropped. The business promised to keep me informed during our weekly conversations and to be open and honest about their plans. But that didn't happen, and even though I called many times and expressed my worries, nothing seemed to change. In the end, I felt let down by the lack of interest shown throughout the "middle" procedure." - Kevin
"I attempted to contact this business for a quotation. I made an online appointment, but neither a call nor a visit was made at the given time. When I attempted to contact them, I was informed that the appointment had been canceled because I replied with "Stop" to what I believed to be spam text. I was never given a call attempt. The child I was speaking to apparently unconcerned about missing the appointment and made no effort to apologize. There were no managers accessible when I sought to speak to one. I requested a call from one, received a message a few hours later, and received no apologies. I attempted to contact that individual back, but they weren't accessible. The next morning, someone did phone, and I just answered. They don't apologize, and it seems they don't need my business. Lack of professionalism. I can only assume that this will translate to the quality of the job they provide. Why should somebody toil so hard merely to get a quote? I'm going with a different business that is skilled and really considers its clients." - Christine
"The ceiling repair from the previous time is shredding, and after recent rainstorms it was discovered that there are still leaks. I will now have to wait another month for them to return and "fix" it once again. They are asking $198 to come see whether it is their responsibility, even though the home was spanking new and had never had an inspector examine their terrible work. I regret getting solar, particularly from this provider. Additionally, they said that they will have staff members keep an eye on the production and panels. However, we just learned that one panel had been inactive for three months. It seems that different individuals are needed to repair the panel than to repair leaks or the ceiling." - Chris
"Amazing as always, Emmanuel! He quickly replaced our electrical panel and restored our electricity. He spoke on the forthcoming solar industry's next-generation panel and manufacturing process. Emmanuel's integrity and skills are much valued." - Rachel
"The team at Solar Negotiators was very competent in all areas of business. But the business they suggested we use as a "sub-contractor" fell well short of our expectations. When compared to the competition, Cutlass Consulting is a far cry. Solar Negotiators has to separate themselves from them." - Schmitz
"Solar Negotiators was a group of very competent professionals. However, the "sub-contractor" they suggested was a business that fell well short of expectations. Cutlass Consulting doesn't even belong in the same category. It's best if Solar Negotiators stays well away from them." - tim
"There is no better solar option than Solar Negotiators. There aren't enough stars in the sky to recognize Daniel Gibby, who does a fantastic job representing his company. His knowledge and expertise were invaluable in guiding me to the best possible choice for my system; he is prompt, attentive, and collaborative throughout the whole process. There were no hiccups while set up. Roof (supplied by their contractor) and installation of the system each took about a day and a half. What a speed! The greatest thing is that solar negotiators gives you access to their own monitoring software to keep tabs on your energy use and output. This way, you can be sure there will be no surprises on your final payment." - Aaron
"I've been happy with Solar Negotiators from the very beginning of the procedure to the current day. Dawn has been my ally and has made dealing with any problem a breeze. The installation crew showed up on time (January 2021) and performed a fantastic job. My request for minor aesthetic adjustments was promptly attended to. Getting solar panels has been a great decision on my part. Solar Negotiators has my highest recommendation. Veteran-owned and -staffed local business." - Michelle

Solar Negotiators Social media
The Facebook page for Solar Negotiators is focused to provide resources and services for solar energy. They are referred to be a solar energy business that provides services including solar panel installation and financing in the "About the Company" section. The website often publishes solar energy-related material, including articles on the advantages of solar panels, legislative changes about renewable energy, and announcements regarding their services and special offers. Additionally, they disseminate connections to solar energy-related articles and videos from other websites. The Solar Negotiators Facebook page has more than 1,000 likes and followers, which indicates high involvement. Their postings often get a few to a few dozen likes, shares, and comments, which is a reasonable quantity. Generally speaking, the Facebook page for Solar Negotiators is a reliable source of data and services pertaining to solar energy and can be of interest to people or businesses looking to learn more about solar energy or investigate alternatives for setting up and financing solar panels.-
YouTube Channel 84 Subscribers

Solar Negotiators average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews11674.8


Solar Negotiators Pros & Cons

  • In some cases, installation costs can be high.
  • Not available in all states.
  • Limited Warranty on Select Products
  • Wide range of solar panel options
  • Financing and discount options available
  • Comprehensive monitoring and maintenance after installation

Solar Negotiators Final Conclusions

It seems that Solar Negotiators' performance has been rather inconsistent based on the consumer comments offered. While some clients have had positive interactions with the business, complimenting the staff's professionalism, the efficiency of the installation process, and the caliber of the monitoring software, others have had negative interactions, citing issues with system performance, subpar clientele service, and problems with subcontractors. Customers should carefully consider all the pros and cons of working with Solar Negotiators before making a decision. In general, it seems that the company has its own strengths and limitations.

Solar Negotiators locations

Main Address4603 W. Jennifer Ave Fresno, CA 93722
Phone Number5594471557

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