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Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, Solar On Earth can help you get the solar panels you need. Services including solar system design, installation, and maintenance are the company's forte. Rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels, in addition to solar energy storage options, are just some of the solar solutions they provide.

Solar On Earth overview

Whether you're a homeowner or a business owner, Solar On Earth can help you get the solar panels you need. Services including solar system design, installation, and maintenance are the company's forte. Rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels, in addition to solar energy storage options, are just some of the solar solutions they provide.

What Solar On Earth has to say about itself

The goal of Solar On Earth is to provide sustainable, cost-effective solar energy options. We provide our consumers with a broad variety of high-quality solar energy goods and services. Our mission is to become our clients' go-to resource for lowering their energy use and carbon impact. Get the most out of your solar energy investments with the aid of our knowledgeable team of engineers and technicians. Being a part of the shift toward clean energy is something we take great pride in.

Solar On Earth Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasMA
Service TypesInstallation, maintenance, financing, monitoring, and design.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Solar On Earth website review

It would seem that, the company's official website, is regularly updated and contains relevant information regarding the company's offerings. SSL encryption on the website is another sign that the corporation cares about client privacy. The website's credibility is boosted by the availability of contact details and connections to the business's social media pages., as a whole, seems like a reliable resource.

Solar On Earth price policy

PackagesSolar System Design & Installation Package - $2,500-$15,000, Solar System Maintenance Package - $200/year, Solar System Monitoring Package - $100/year, Solar Energy Storage Package - $2,000-$7,000, Solar System Financing Package - Varies, Solar System Education Package - $150-$300, Solar System Repair Package - $300-$1,000, Solar System Performance Evaluation Package - $250-$500
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% off first orders, 5% off for returning customers, 10% off for referrals, 10% off for military personnel, 10% off for senior citizens

Solar On Earth online reputation

Solar On Earth has provided satisfactory service, according to their clientele. Several users have commented on the excellent customer service and quick setup they received. However, there have been complaints about the cost and difficulty of installation from a small number of clients. Despite this, Solar On Earth has built a solid reputation because of its commitment to providing superior service.
"Worst business enterprise ever!! They claim to have an electronic signature allowing them to charge me a $7,000 cancellation fee even though I never signed a contract with them. The salesperson was so agitated that he said we might take a year to determine whether or not to proceed with the installation. Worst customer service ever; this firm is dishonest and refuses to let me talk with management. I regret not reading the reviews before deciding against doing business with this firm." - William R.
"I, like the other people who gave one star reviews, have had to wait. I joined up with them around the first week of June, and it's been three months since I was supposed to go live. I keep getting the runaround that "we are working on getting it scheduled" whenever I call. They are unable to provide me with any sense of time. If you can help it, stay away from them." - Jaden C.
"Solar On Earth was not even hired by me. Based on my investigation, I realized that they were unreliable. The installation, which took five months, was supposed to take only a few days. Because they never completed the work, water gushed into my attic and they did not take responsibility for the damage they caused. Solar On Earth is out of the question. They have a hotline that always says "we're closed now," no matter what time of day it is. Even though I started making payments for the system in March when the installation was completed, as of late June I still have no monitoring. A lot of money has been wasted on this disaster." - Mike F.
"CANCEL ALL TRANSACTIONS WITH THIS FIRM IMMEDIATELY!! The firm lied to me and said I'd earn $700 for referring two neighbors who also ended up going solar, but I never saw any of that money. In 2019, I invested in solar panels, and today I received a charge for $800. When I contacted to report that the system was broken, Solar On Earth said it had been acting up since November and that they would charge $118 to take a look at it if it wasn't covered under warranty. Two years after spending fifty thousand dollars on solar panels, they still don't work." - Henry D.
"This is the worst possible choice in terms of solar energy. Four months after the panels were placed, they still haven't secured the necessary operating licenses. When you phone Solar On Earth, no one answers. The loan service has already deducted the money from my account, and now Solar On Earth is texting rather than phoning to remind me. What a spineless bunch. Find a different business that values its customers more. Put off purchasing Solar On Earth." - Evan N.
"When working with Solar On Earth, I never once had to worry about anything. Everyone that helped us with the assignment was really kind and professional. Brad was a kind and helpful sales representative. The crew arrived there on time, took precautions as needed, cleaned up completely, and collaborated well. We have constant updates. They oversaw the application process, construction, inspections, and final certificate of occupancy issuance." - Ankit S.
"The first round of classes was fantastic. Their president, took the time to educate me on solar energy's operation before I made a purchase. Their salesperson was knowledgeable about solar and framed the questions in a way that I could easily implement them, so the lengthy sales process required nothing of me beyond answering a few simple questions. It was a really expert installation. I would suggest Solar On Earth to everyone." - Manish K.
"After researching a dozen various companies, I settled on Solar On Earth to install my solar panels. They got back to me quickly, have a wonderful work ethic, and the installation turned out well. They went above and above by removing the disconnected and unused electrical cables left behind by the previous contractor. They were upbeat but otherwise reticent. While they were installing the solar panels, I was able to continue working from home without interruption. So far, the panels have worked well, and I've seen a big drop in my energy costs. The app shows us precisely what is going on in real time, and we are able to export energy." - Kaleb R.
"We wanted to go solar to help the planet and save money on our electric bill, but we didn't know where to start. Solar On Earth walked us through the entire procedure and told us about the many alternatives we could choose from, both them and their competitors. They were the best option, and the convenient location was a great bonus. Solar On Earth helped us find the best credit terms for our situation and kept in constant communication with us while we installed the system. Now that the solar panels have been up and running for a while, we like to check the app throughout the day to see how much energy they are generating." - Harry K.
"I was very happy to get a call from Solar On Earth to let us know that we had qualified after a fruitless search for solar energy suppliers over many months. Larry provided us with excellent service from the beginning, helping us with all the necessary paperwork and carefully explaining the procedure. The installation of the panels was delayed by the inspector and municipal inspector, but still took just over a month from our first meeting. We would like to add more in the future. highly recommend We appreciate the professionalism of the company and the high quality of service we received from each employee." - Chris F.

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According to LinkedIn, Solar on Earth is a real business. Over 1,200 people are following them because of the interesting and useful content they share about their company activities weekly. The content is updated and displayed attractively, making it simple to learn about their offerings. Information on their staff, testimonials from satisfied clients, and acknowledgments from industry peers may also be found on this website. All of this data helps in determining how credible they are. If you're interested in solar energy goods, this firm looks to have a good reputation and is worth investigating further.
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Solar On Earth average reviews

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energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews114.5


Solar On Earth Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Responsible Practices
  • Quality Service
  • Limited Geographic Reach
  • High Upfront Costs
  • Dependence on Weather

Solar On Earth Final Conclusions

Solar On Earth is a sustainable energy business that offers solar power systems to both homes and businesses. They assist clients in lowering their energy bills by installing and maintaining solar power systems. Solar On Earth has received mostly positive reviews from customers, who appreciate the company's efficient solar solutions and friendly customer service. Positive feedback from customers is widespread.

Solar On Earth locations

Main Address11 Willow Road Ayers, MA 01432
Phone Number8447652582

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