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Solar Power Pros is a leading provider of solar energy solutions, offering both residential and commercial services to customers across the United States. The company specializes in turnkey solar projects, providing all the components necessary for a successful installation, including high-efficiency photovoltaic (PV) panels, string inverters, racking systems, and monitoring equipment. Solar Power Pros takes a personalized approach to each project, working closely with customers from start to finish to ensure their system meets their needs and budget.
4.8Expert Score
Market Leader

7332 S Alton Way Centennial, CO 80112, 3037976527

Solar Power Pros Overview

Expert Score: 4.8/5
Founded in: 2013
Service Areas: CO
Services they provide: Freedom Forever offers a unique solar panel known as the Freedom Forever Solar Panel. This panel is designed to fit the needs of a modern household and is compatible with all climates. It has a sleek, slim, and modern triple black design.
Certifications & Licences:
Solar Power Pros, established in 2013, has been an active participant in the solar industry, providing services across 1 states. Our evaluation takes a closer look at their offerings, customer experiences, and industry standing, presenting you with an unbiased perspective to aid in your solar journey decision-making.
At a Glance: Solar Power Pros’s Offerings
Customer Experience: With an average rating of 4.8, customer feedback highlights both strengths and areas for improvement.
Diverse Services: Offers a range of services related to solar solutions including Freedom Forever offers a unique solar panel known as the Freedom Forever Solar Panel. This panel is designed to fit the needs of a modern household and is compatible with all climates. It has a sleek, slim, and modern triple black design..
Online Presence and Engagement: Their website attracts 23152 visits monthly, with a positive trend, indicating their market presence and public interest.
Reach and Impact: Their services span across CO, demonstrating their commitment to spreading solar energy solutions to a wide audience.
Certifications and Reputation: The company holds certifications such as -, and maintains a BBB rating of A+, reflecting their industry compliance and service quality.
Whether you’re considering Solar Power Pros for their reputable services or weighing your options due to mixed reviews, it’s essential to review detailed evaluations based on comprehensive data. Our analysis, derived from 10 independent sources, aims to equip you with the necessary insights to make an informed decision.

Independent Sources

Solar Power Pros Reviews

 SourceVotesAverage Score
consumeraffairs.comNo reviewsNo reviews
trustpilot.comNo reviewsNo reviews
angi.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1554.7
Expert Score4.8

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Based on Company Info

Solar Power Pros Reviews

Year Founded2013
Areas ServedCO
Services OfferedFreedom Forever offers a unique solar panel known as the Freedom Forever Solar Panel. This panel is designed to fit the needs of a modern household and is compatible with all climates. It has a sleek, slim, and modern triple black design.
Roofing service
Tesla energy equipment installation
Panel OptionsGrid-tied solar panels: These are connected to the electric grid and can share electricity with it. When your solar panels are not producing enough electricity (at night, for example) you can use the grid for backup power. The downside is that when there is a power outage, your solar panels will automatically turn off. Grid-tied solar panels with battery backup: These work the same way regular grid-tied solar panels do. The difference is that they have a battery, which is charged by the solar panels and can be used for backup power whenever you need it, including during a power outage or to avoid time-of-use electric rates. Off-grid solar panels: These are not connected to the electric grid. They are more complex than grid-tied solar panels and tend to be more expensive.
Battery InstallationsLithium-ion Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) Lead-acid Flow Saltwater Nickel-cadmium
Military discountsyes
Solar system leases service
Expands dealership network
Delegates installation to subcontractors
BBB RatingA+

Solar Power Pros Website Visits Trend: negative

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Popular Myths About Solar Panels Busted 5

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What do Customers Say about the Solar Power Pros?

Solar Power Pros, a solar energy system installation company, has received positive feedback from customers on EnergySage. They are praised for their high-quality installations, excellent customer service, and multiple purchase options. Customers have also appreciated their monitoring capability and critter guard with all of their systems.
However, there was a negative review from a customer who had to wait over 16 weeks for the reinstallation of their panels after a roof replacement. The delay, which was longer than the initially promised 4 weeks, resulted in additional costs for the customer.
Overall, Solar Power Pros are recognized for their response, quality, and value, although their service rating is slightly lower.

Positive reviews highlight the company’s clear communication, competitive pricing, and timely installation. One customer from Fort Collins praised the company for explaining the process clearly and completing the work on time.
However, there are some negative reviews as well. A customer from Lafayette pointed out the need for better post-installation customer care. They mentioned that they had to follow up multiple times to get responses to their queries and felt that the company could improve in this area.

Positive Reviews:

Customers praised the company for its clear and competitive pricing.
The installation process was reported to be smooth, with projects completed on schedule.
The sales process was appreciated for being straightforward and devoid of pushy tactics.

Negative Reviews:

Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the post-installation customer care1. Issues were reported with response times to queries and problems.
There were instances of communication gaps, such as changes in project management personnel not being communicated.

No reviews

Positive Aspects:

Clear Explanation: Customers appreciate that everything from start to finish was explained clearly during the solar installation process.
Competitive Pricing: Solar Power Pros’ competitive prices stood out among other quotes.
Informative Approach: Their approach is refreshingly straightforward, avoiding pushy sales tactics.
Installation Quality: Customers report quality installations without any issues.

Negative Aspects:

Post-Installation Customer Care: Some customers express dissatisfaction with post-installation customer care. Issues like inverter malfunctions and communication gaps were reported.
Project Manager Transition: At one point, a project manager quit without notifying customers, leading to communication challenges.

No reviews

Positive aspects include a productive work environment and camaraderie among the field staff. Employees appreciate the company’s growth and the constant availability of work. They also highlight the fun crew to work with and the ease of requesting days off.
On the negative side, some employees have expressed concerns about the lack of benefits, fair management, and long work days. There are also criticisms about the company’s post-installation customer care, with some customers reporting difficulty in getting responses to their queries. Additionally, some employees have mentioned a lack of job security and unfulfilled promises of bonuses.

No reviews

Solar Power Pros, a solar installation business located in Centennial, CO, has received a significant number of customer reviews on Birdeye. While specific positive and negative aspects are not directly mentioned in the search results, the volume of reviews suggests that many customers have interacted with the company.

Google Reviews

Positive reviews highlight the company’s clear explanations, competitive pricing, and timely work. For instance, a customer from Fort Collins, Colorado praised the company for its competitive prices and standout reviews.
However, there are also some negative reviews. A customer from Lafayette, Colorado mentioned that the post-installation customer care needs improvement. They experienced issues with communication and follow-up when problems arose.

Summarizing: Do we recommend Solar Power Pros services?

Market Leader

With an overall third-party rating of 4+ and positive feedback across more than 10 reviews from different platforms, Solar Power Pros is distinguished as a Market Leader. Their solid presence in 1 states underscores a trusted relationship with homeowners nationwide. If you’re looking for an experienced solar provider known for both quality and reliability, Solar Power Pros stands out as a premier choice in the solar installation industry.

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