Solar Sage review

The goal of the organization known as Solar Sage is to broaden people's understanding of the merits of solar power while simultaneously lowering the cost of solar products and ensuring that everyone has equal access to them. It fulfills these aims through educating prospective consumers about the equipment and its uses, keeping price below the industry average, and giving access to low-money-down payment loans.

Solar Sage overview

The goal of the organization known as Solar Sage is to broaden people's understanding of the merits of solar power while simultaneously lowering the cost of solar products and ensuring that everyone has equal access to them. It fulfills these aims through educating prospective consumers about the equipment and its uses, keeping price below the industry average, and giving access to low-money-down payment loans.

What Solar Sage has to say about itself

At Solar Sage, we are highly enthusiastic about renewable energy and also about providing house owners with the chance to take control of the high and growing electricity expenses that are incurred via their utility provider. We strive to give the most professional and high-quality service in our sector, and we do so while keeping in mind that we are not just delivering a service; rather, we are constructing a new future for ourselves and those who will come after us.

Solar Sage Solar Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasFL
Service TypesSolar panel and battery installations, insulation, energy-efficient air conditioning, general construction
Types PanelsNot specified
Backup BatteryNot specified

Solar Sage website review

Website for Solar Sage is can learn more about their solar power goods and services on their website, including the kinds of solar panels and equipment they employ, how they install them, and the maintenance services they provide. The advantages of solar energy, such as financial savings, environmental impact, and energy independence, may also be explained by them. Potential clients are drawn to the website because of how colorful it is.

Solar Sage price policy

PackagesAveraging around $21,530
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

Solar Sage online reputation

Over the whole of the installation process, several clients voiced their satisfaction with the level of professionalism, expertise, and response shown by the organization. In addition, the organization often earns good rankings for having outstanding communication, being transparent, and being reliable.
"I'm a dissatisfied client. Luis is a decent man who is extremely nice, as salespeople should be, but he sold me a product that was meant to provide 7 kilowatts of power in full light. After being observed for over a year, it only produced 6 in a couple of the finest days of the year. On a typical day with excellent sunshine, it produces a maximum of 5 kwh. Once I complained, I was informed that regretfully, they had made a mathematical error and that I would now need to purchase more solar panels in order to get the output they had originally promised and sold me as this system would be capable of. I discovered they had sold me overpriced equipment after checking around. It's unfortunate that I was unable to complete my homework before making a purchase, but he never disclosed the equipment's brand or model. So, my advice to the readers is to do their research online, look for the real market price, compare companies, and ensure that you hold Solar Sage—or any other company selling solar solutions—responsible for any calculation errors. Demand that they share the make and model of all equipment they will be installing. I regret not having anybody tell me this advice before to purchasing this excessively expensive solar solution, so I hope it may save someone else from making the same mistake I made. They allow you approximately a month to cancel, but until at least six months have passed, nobody will know what the solution really produces. As a result, after they provide you the contract, you will be unable to determine if the goods they sold met your expectations. I've included a system chart that displays the greatest day the system has experienced so far this year. that day didn't even get it to 6kw." - Carlos Santiago
"Excellent customer service, really experienced sales staff, and timely and accurate explanations of the whole process. I was fortunate to work with experts throughout the installation of my solar panels." - Joey DULANTO
"Many thanks to Fabian and Sandra. You should get in touch with them if you want the greatest customer service, honesty, and clarity. These guys have been following the procedure step-by-step from the very beginning. The installation went well and quickly. Everything is spotless and stunning. I wholeheartedly endorse this business." - Miguel Sanchez
"Two batteries and a 16.5 kW system were installed by a Solar Sage team under the direction of Steve Leon. took the promised two days without causing us any trouble, harm, or difficulty. The Crew was diligent and productive, consistently friendly, and provided courteous and truthful answers to queries. The electrical workers, including Paul and a number of other men, were highly productive and clearly communicated each stage of their procedure. 48 panels were installed on four sides of my two-story house by the roof team in the most impressively swift and efficient way. Stucco, sheetrock, and tile repairs were all expertly completed, and the whole project was completed quickly and neatly. All of the exposed conduit was beautifully painted by Joe. It is commendable that Steve moved his personnel in the most effective way possible. Re-permitting has one issue that has been documented and is being fixed as a result of the inverter adjustments." - Sierra Norta Scottsdale Az
"Great, conscientious, the staff is really competent and made me feel like a part of the family. Amazing organization. I hope you succeed in everything!" - Mireya Ruiz Lopez
"It all starts with the Rep. They will explain their goods to you as you sit and how much money you can save by going solar. One of those individuals who needed to see it in order to believe it was Myself. But, their product has been absolutely flawless, and I am already saving a lot of money." - Frances Solar Panels

Solar Sage Social media
Educating its fans on solar energy and associated projects is the only focus of the Solar Sage Facebook page. Since its establishment in 2011, the business has shared news and do-it-yourself solar projects. They also talk about the value of renewable energy sources and practical applications for solar energy. Over 3,000 people follow the page today, including both individuals and companies with an interest in the renewable energy sector. His writings are quite educational and include news on renewable energy, DIY, solar energy projects, and advice for homeowners. The most recent business news is also included in blog entries and videos. With regular updates, quizzes, contests, and in-person Q&A sessions with team members, Solar Sage excels at keeping its subscribers interested. In order to have an even stronger online presence, the business has just started integrating its Twitter and Instagram accounts into its Facebook page. Overall, using Facebook to communicate with your followers and promote renewable energy is a great method to promote Solar Sage. It is a frequently updated page that is open to a large audience, making it a valuable resource for knowledge about solar energy.
A significant part of Solar Sage's social media presence is her LinkedIn profile. Similar to its Facebook page, the page is meant to give its followers information about solar energy and related projects. He also provides corporate updates, job listings, and news about the industry. He has a sizable fan base, all of whom work in the renewable energy sector. He connects to blog entries and articles regarding his services in his posts, which are thorough. In addition to publishing editorials with well-known business leaders, Solar Sage also arranges conversations, webinars, and Twitter events for its followers. All in all, anyone looking to learn more about the renewable energy sector should visit the Solar Sage LinkedIn page. It is in good shape and is a valuable source of knowledge for individuals who work in the field. Additionally, it is a fantastic method for Solar Sage to interact with potential clients and raise brand recognition.
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Solar Sage average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews344.6


Solar Sage Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Locally owned and operated
  • Competitive pricing
  • Limited service area
  • Relatively young company

Solar Sage Final Conclusions

Offering sustainable energy solutions to clients including households, companies, and utilities is Solar Sage's main objective. According to an analysis of customer reviews, Solar Sage is a trustworthy provider of solar panel installation services and offers its clients top-notch support and high-quality goods. Also, customers express great happiness with their solar systems. Several people noted that their systems surpassed their expectations and that they saved a lot of energy. Customers also applauded the business for its dedication to utilizing ecologically friendly and sustainable products, which is consistent with their beliefs. Generally speaking, Solar Sage has established a solid reputation for offering top-notch solar installation services and goods.

Solar Sage locations

Main Address8113 Surf Bird St, Winter Garden FL, 34787
Phone Number(407) 554-1500

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