Solar SME review

Solar SME is a Texas-based solar energy provider committed to provide customers in 6 states with the highest quality solar services available. Professionals on their staff collaborate with clients to create and set up solar power setups that are specifically suited to each individual's requirements. Installation, maintenance, and repair services for solar panels and systems are on offer. Energy audits and energy management solutions are only two examples of the many services related to energy efficiency and sustainability that Solar SME offers. Solar SME's mission is to assist residential and commercial customers in 6 states in meeting their energy needs via the use of their years of industry knowledge and dedication to superior customer care.

Solar SME overview

Solar SME is a Texas-based solar energy provider committed to provide customers in 6 states with the highest quality solar services available. Professionals on their staff collaborate with clients to create and set up solar power setups that are specifically suited to each individual's requirements. Installation, maintenance, and repair services for solar panels and systems are on offer. Energy audits and energy management solutions are only two examples of the many services related to energy efficiency and sustainability that Solar SME offers. Solar SME's mission is to assist residential and commercial customers in 6 states in meeting their energy needs via the use of their years of industry knowledge and dedication to superior customer care.

What Solar SME has to say about itself

Solar SME embarked on its solar panel installation adventure in 2011 with the goal of making a positive impact on both people and the environment. Whether you're looking for solar energy solutions or a battery backup system, you've come to the right place. The goal is to teach people how to become PowerOwners of sustainable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly energy sources in their own homes. We provide professional analysis and design for both residential and commercial solar systems, and we operate in six different states throughout the United States. Being a company that has been operating for seven years and counting, Solar SME is very proud to have been named one of Solar Power World's "Top Solar Contractors" for the last three years running. Due to their knowledge, education, and top-notch service, Solar SME is the best option for achieving energy targets.

Solar SME Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasGA, MD, NC, PA, TX, VA
Service TypesMaintenance, installation, financing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and gel batteries.
CertificationsBBB, NABCEP

Solar SME website review

Solar SME is a Texas-based solar firm that offers installation and maintenance services for solar panels in Texas and five other states. They specialize in residential and commercial solar systems and prioritize providing customers with cost-effective solutions. System design, engineering, installation, and monitoring are a few of the services that their seasoned personnel can give. Also, they provide several financing alternatives to make solar energy more accessible. The business is renowned for its superior customer service and dependable solar energy solutions. Their solar systems are customized to match the specific requirements of each client, and they provide continuous support and maintenance to guarantee maximum performance. The company's focus to high-quality solar components reflects its commitment to environmental sustainability and renewable energy. In each of the six states in which they operate, Solar SME is a fantastic option for anyone wishing to install solar energy systems. Their knowledgeable personnel and dedication to customer care make them a dependable and trustworthy partner for anybody interested in switching to solar energy.

Solar SME price policy

PackagesResidential - 2.0kW from $7,650, 3.0kW from $10,200, Commercial - 20.0kW from $58,000, 30.0kW from $87,000
Payment optionsCash, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Major Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, Discover), Personal and Business Checks.
Payment discountsDiscounts for veterans and military personnel, Discounts for multiple solar panel installations, Discounts for referrals, Discounts for homeowners with energy efficiency improvements, Discounts for governmental agencies and non-profits, Discounts for large-scale solar projects

Solar SME online reputation

Texas-based Solar SME has a good online reputation. Customers like their warranties, customer service, and products. The BBB gives the firm an A+ rating.
"Solar SME just installed solar panels on my home roof. Overall, the experience was satisfactory. The installers were kind, competent, and arrived on time. The panels were swiftly placed, and the work was done properly. But, I was dissatisfied with the installation cost. That was significantly greater than I had anticipated for such a little task. Moreover, customer support was subpar, since I had to phone numerous times to receive answers to my problems. Overall, Solar SME performed well, but I would not use them again due to their excessive rates and lack of customer service." Michael F.
"I just had Solar SME install solar panels at my home. Overall, my experience was average. The personnel was pleasant and experienced, however the procedure was sluggish and the installation was not as efficient as I had wanted. The panels were placed on schedule, however the wiring was poor, and the communication between the technician and myself fell short of my expectations. As a consequence, my energy expenses have not decreased as much as I had hoped. Also, the client service was poor. I had to call many times to have my questions addressed. To summarize, Solar SME is a typical solar firm. They execute the work, but not in a professional way." Edgar C.
" Solar SME solar company provides solar energy solutions to residential and commercial customers. However, my experience with them was unfortunately not the best. The installation process was long and tedious and the customer service was not very helpful. The salesperson was not very knowledgeable and struggled to answer my questions. The follow-up after the installation was also disappointing - it felt like I was forgotten about and I had to chase up the company for updates. The pricing also seemed a bit high for the services provided. All in all, I was not overly impressed with Solar SME solar company and would not recommend them to others." Frederick M.
"I just had Solar SME install solar panels on my property and am pleased with the results. During the procedure, the staff was professional and thorough, and the installation proceeded well. The panels look excellent, and I'm convinced they'll offer the energy savings I've been promised. Nonetheless, I believe Solar SME might improve in a few areas. Their customer service, in particular, may be improved. I had a few inquiries concerning the installation and upkeep of my panels, and the responses I received were unhelpful. Also, I'm not sure whether the guarantee they provide is as good as that of some of the other solar providers. Overall, I am pleased with Solar SME. They performed an excellent job with the installation, and I am certain that my solar panels will survive for many years. Nevertheless, I'm not sure I'd use them again because of their lack of customer service and the warranty they provide." Thomas S.
"Solar SME just installed solar panels on my house. Such a terrible blunder! The installation crew was rude and unhelpful. They arrived late and left no trace of their presence. After the panels were in place, I observed that the construction was shoddy and the materials were of low quality. The solar panel system is unstable, and I've experienced many power outages since it was installed. Customer support agents are unresponsive and unhelpful. They haven't been able to respond to my queries or issues in a timely way. I've been phoning and emailing for weeks without receiving an answer. I have no regrets about dealing with Solar SME and would not recommend them to anybody. They are untrustworthy, unprofessional, and seem to be uninterested in their consumers. Spare yourself the trouble and avoid Solar SME!" Nathan F.
"I just had Solar SME put solar panels on my home and couldn't be happier! The whole procedure was straightforward and professional, from the first consultation through the installation and follow-up. The crew was knowledgable and professional in addressing all of my concerns and explaining the procedure properly. The installation went well and promptly, and I am now reaping the advantages of solar energy. I am pleased to report that my electricity cost has been significantly lowered since the installation, and I am excited about the long-term savings that solar energy provides. Solar SME provides affordable prices, financing alternatives, and excellent customer service. I was able to discover a low-cost option that met my budget, and I am certain that I made the correct choice. My whole experience with Solar SME has been excellent. They provide high-quality products, outstanding customer service, and a reasonable pricing. I heartily recommend them as a solar installation company." Francis K.
"I have worked with Solar SME, a fantastic solar company, for quite some time. You can count on them to be responsive to my needs, knowledgeable on the topics I want to discuss, and easy to get in touch with. Specialists working on my project are helpful, knowledgable, and experienced in the solar industry. I am quite pleased with Solar SME's work. They've been available whenever I've had questions and willing to go above and above to ensure my system is running well. Anybody in need of a reliable solar company, count on my enthusiastic recommendation of Solar SME." Mandy T.
" Recently, I had Solar SME build a solar energy system at my house, and I am quite pleased with it. Solar SME's crew was exceptionally helpful and professional right from the start of the process. They gave me all the data I needed to choose the right system for my home. Fast and careful work was done throughout the installation, and the staff was respectful of my time and property." Matthew S.
" Installing solar panels from Solar SME was a breeze. Their staff was prompt, well-informed, and kind throughout the whole process, from the first consultation to the last touches of the installation. The installation crew got the job done swiftly and well, and they took the time to answer my many questions and explain what they were doing. The panels are high-quality and have already started to significantly reduce my monthly energy costs. The system's efficiency has exceeded my expectations, and the money I've saved so far is more than worth it." Phoebe C.
" I'm glad that I went with Solar SME to have solar panels installed. Panel installation went well, and the finished product looks fantastic. Since I put up my solar panels, I've seen a significant decrease in my monthly utility expenditure. My monthly savings have increased dramatically, and I couldn't be happier about it. For free, Solar SME even offered to check up on my setup to make sure it was operating as smoothly as possible. The support staff is likewise excellent. In every situation, I've found them to be helpful and ready to respond to my queries. After the installation, they contacted me to make sure everything was to my liking. Solar SME has exceeded my expectations in every way. Their staff is top-notch in every way: competent, kind, and ready to assist. Moreover, I am saving money on my monthly electricity cost. We strongly urge you to go with this!" Mike D.

Solar SME Social media
The Facebook page for Solar SME is a useful tool for public engagement and service promotion. The website includes images of Solar SME installation projects so prospective clients may see the kind of work they can anticipate. Additionally, the page often posts news items and other educational materials on solar energy. This gives the page more authority and credibility and lets readers and consumers know that Solar SME is a reliable source of information about the sector. The page also promotes engagement from its followers by publishing articles that ask for feedback and suggestions and stimulate conversation. This fosters a feeling of belonging among followers and strengthens the company's sense of community. Overall, the Facebook page for Solar SME performs a fantastic job of presenting the business's services and ensuring the company's robust social media presence.
The efforts and successes of Solar SME are beautifully displayed on its LinkedIn profile. The company's projects are highlighted in various postings, giving prospective clients examples of the quality of work to be expected. The portal also includes personnel profiles, which provide information about the team and their areas of expertise. Additionally, the website often publishes solar energy-related articles from Solar SME as well as other pertinent companies and organizations. This demonstrates that the business is a trustworthy resource for knowledge about the sector, which may assist to foster confidence among prospective clients. The portal also offers chances for networking and cooperation between the firm and other companies and organizations. Overall, it is a terrific website that effectively and meticulously represents the company.
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Solar SME average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews2134.5


Solar SME Pros & Cons

  • Quick installation process
  • Durable frame materials
  • Experienced professional team
  • Relatively high upfront costs
  • Leasing solar panels can be expensive
  • Installation dependent on local utility company’s net metering policies

Solar SME Final Conclusions

Solar SME is a leading solar provider that caters to both residential and commercial clients with a wide range of services and products. They care about their clients' financial well-being, therefore in addition to supplying a high-quality product, they provide attractive financing options, discounts, and solar panels. Because to Solar SME's flexible financing options, installing and maintaining a solar power system is a breeze. Loans, leases, and PPAs are just a few of the flexible payment plans they provide. Customers may experiment with different payment plans until they discover one that works for them financially. In addition, they provide price reductions on solar panels, setup services, and other items. Customers may save money and get the most out of their solar energy system thanks to this. The solar panels produced by solar SMEs are made with both home and commercial use in mind. Monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels are all available from this company. The efficiency and effectiveness of these panels have been optimized. In addition, Solar SME serves both commercial and residential clients with a wide range of offerings. Designing and setting up a system, along with keeping an eye on it and fixing any bugs that may arise, are all part of these services. Doing so guarantees that consumers get maximum efficiency from their solar energy installations. When it comes to solar energy investments, both homes and businesses may benefit from Solar SME. They provide affordable payment plans, exclusive deals, and a variety of solar panels to choose from. In addition, their services guarantee that clients maximize the benefits of their solar energy installations.

Solar SME locations

Main Address2630 Aero Dr, Grand Prairie, TX
Phone Number8326262337

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