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Solar Solution is a solar energy business that focuses on PV system installations. The organization provides end-to-end support, beginning with system analysis and ending with regular maintenance and upgrades. Solar leasing and outright purchases are only two of the solar finance alternatives offered by Solar Solution.

Solar Solution overview

Solar Solution is a solar energy business that focuses on PV system installations. The organization provides end-to-end support, beginning with system analysis and ending with regular maintenance and upgrades. Solar leasing and outright purchases are only two of the solar finance alternatives offered by Solar Solution.

What Solar Solution has to say about itself

Solar Solution's mission is to provide cutting-edge equipment and extensive solar knowledge to our customers so they can make informed decisions about their solar energy needs. Our wide selection of products, our unique installation services and our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction ensure that you get the best solar energy system available today.

Solar Solution Solar Review

Year Started2008
Service AreasDC
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance, Community Solar
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Solar Solution website review, the company's main website, is sleek and well-designed. It includes a wealth of facts about their offerings, as well as their contact information and other resources. The website has a valid SSL certificate, guaranteeing the security of your personal information during transmission. The credibility of the website is increased as a result. In addition, you may get a better feel for the quality of the company's offerings by reading the reviews and testimonials posted by satisfied clients., the company's main website, seems reliable.

Solar Solution price policy

PackagesHome Solar Package - Starting at $12,000, Business Solar Package - Starting at $25,000, Solar + Energy Storage Package - Starting at $17,500, Commercial Solar Package - Starting at $50,000, Solar Lease Program - Starting at $0, Solar Loan Program - Starting at $0, Solar Power Purchase Agreement - Starting at $0
Payment optionsCash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.
Payment discounts10% off for referrals, 10% off for repeat customers, 5% off for bulk orders, 5% off for military personnel, 5% off for seniors

Solar Solution online reputation

Customers are pleased with their purchases from Solar Solution and have nothing but praise for the company's goods, employees, and customer service on review sites. Customers have also remarked on the company's reasonable pricing and varied offerings. Some consumers have complained about the service's sluggish times and inaccessibility to support staff. Though delays and communication issues are possible, Solar Solution is a dependable firm with reasonably priced goods and friendly customer service.
"At first, they sent a man who was both pleasant and responsive. Once you sign the contract, everything changes. After that, everything was a hassle: they'd set up an installation date, then cancel it the day of or the day before. They repeated the action twice. In addition, it wasn't too difficult of a task for them to arrange with my roofer. However, my roofer was ignored and never contacted. They were unable to communicate effectively after the installation. They instructed me to get in touch with PEPCO about switching over the meter, but PEPCO replied via email that the Solar Solution first needed to complete some paperwork. Poor communication, yet again. There are other solar energy providers out there; please don't go with them. I don't get the rave evaluations they seem to get; maybe they were great before they were too busy to properly handle the business. They are unable to effectively convey information to the client, to one another, or to outside contractors." - Richard C.
"It was a nightmare trying to get these folks to come take the panels off our roof. We informed them that we were selling and requested that they take the machinery with them. Our agreement with them included a clause allowing us to have the system uninstalled prior to a sale. Their representative failed to respond to our requests, lied to us about the terms of our contract, and disregarded the NEW owners' objections to keeping the solar panels. It seemed like we were pounding our heads against a brick wall with all the calls and emails we and the new owners made. It took over a month to finally have a date set for the contractor to remove the system. Then, just recently, one of their employees called me. After the system was taken down, someone apparently misplaced it. It's no longer an issue for me, thank goodness." - Ivan D.
"Even after a year, it's still a terrifying thought. I'm sitting here in the dark after a storm since they unplugged my generator two months ago to "complete installation" and then vanished. It's been a year of noncommittal and broken promises. My legal bills are quickly approaching the price of solar panels.." - Alan E.
"A couple of years ago, we decided to have solar panels placed on our roof. In general, the service received by customers was quite poor. The problem arose when our next-door neighbors said they would be doing roofing repairs that would have an effect on the flashing. The salesman was insensitive to the neighbor's worries, simply suggesting, "you can pay us to move it if you need to." Solar Solution remedied the problem quickly, however they should have known about the height issue before we were cited by historic preservation. I have recently been unable to even receive a response from the firm after inquiring about the steps necessary to sell our home and transfer ownership. They offer a $500 referral money if we tell our friends about them and those people wind up purchasing panels, but I wouldn't suggest them in good faith to anybody I know. You can acquire solar panels from them, and they'll be installed properly, but beyond that, they don't provide much in the way of customer support or help. You should search elsewhere, in my opinion." - Mark J.
"Solar Solution is perfect for you if you prefer working with businesses over the phone rather than in person. It would seem that they would rather make a whole sale than a partial one. We were planning to settle with any old system, but it seemed like they had no interest in doing business. They complained that there wasn't enough room on the roof to cover the whole block, but they clearly haven't seen our four accessory buildings. Sadly, I think they were too busy to help me, so I'll have to search elsewhere. Worst customer service imaginable." - Paul T.
"I can’t believe how easy it was. I signed up in July and got installed in September of 2019. Didn’t have to do a thing except sign the paperwork upfront and installation was in a single day. I can monitor my system online through an app, and since April I have been receiving a negative bill from pepco! I worked with Victor." - Nolan P.
"The system has functioned admirably ever since it was deployed around 3 years ago. Solar Solution's representatives were kind and competent, and the installation went off without a hitch. Consistently, the expected quantity of electricity is generated by the panels. The main problem at first was that, although being top-notch, the system software sometimes missed reading panels. The issue was fixed in an updated piece of software provided by the vendor, and things have been running well ever since. Now, all I have to do is sell my solar renewable energy credits every few months and enjoy my much lower power cost. In a word, yes." - Devin C.
"The first point of contact was with a terrific salesman. She provided excellent, comprehensible explanations, and said that she didn't see herself as a "sales person" since she had so much faith in her wares. We considered our alternatives inside Solar Solution (we joined a cooperative to have panels placed), and the work was completed in a matter of weeks. Professionalism was high among the staff. When we questioned Solar Solution's recommendation to install the panels on our north-facing roof, a member of the paperwork department came out to take another look at our situation and explain why we should follow Solar Solution's recommendation. After a few days, workers returned to finish the job." - Jaxon B.
"The power bill for my all-electric house often topped $500. A solar panel salesperson knocked on my home just as I was beginning to second-guess myself. By the time I received the panels, my monthly winter expenses had already risen to $700. I felt different after the first month! I'm talking about how, two years ago, my bill went down by hundreds of dollars, and how thrilled I am about it. The following day, they were out fixing the damage that the severe rain had caused. Absolutely no issues here; customer service is first rate. I am so glad that I stumbled onto this firm when I did since the rising cost of power has been driving me crazy." - Oscar F.
"To preface, I hardly seldom compose reviews. In contrast, my experience with Solar Solution has been nothing but positive. They are reliable, accommodating, and reasonably priced. Over a dozen of my friends and neighbors have also hired them after hearing about my positive experience with their PV system installations on three of their homes. I now advise them to not even consider a second quotation from a rival company. Just give Solar Solution a call. They can complete the installation in a single day (for most homes) and handle communication with DCRA and Pepco on your behalf." - Collin G.

Solar Solution Social media
The Facebook page for Solar Solution is a reliable page with comprehensible, excellent material. They have 845 Facebook likes as of this writing, and they often post solar energy-related content on the page. The page is fairly well-liked and there are now 8 posts that are live and include useful solar energy-related information. The fact that the website also includes video and image information helps you to obtain a better understanding of the services the business provides. There are various films where staff members are interviewed and discuss the services the business provides. Additionally, they feature a range of graphics and illustrations that illustrate solar panels and other relevant topics. The page also has several connections to other websites that provide further resources and information.
Solar Solution is a professional solar energy company that has an impressive presence on LinkedIn. Their page is growing and has 945 followers. Their website is organized so you can easily get all the information you need about the company, such as their mission statement, updates, and job openings. The credibility of the company's information is evidenced by the many customer testimonials on the site. The Solar Solution page also features a neat, modern design that looks polished and up-to-date. The solar energy sector is home to Solar Solution, a reputable and long-established company. It is a trusted and recognized source of knowledge about solar energy markets, solutions, and trends, with a significant number of fans and an active presence on LinkedIn. This business will undoubtedly remain a trusted source of information in the future with its polished appearance and up-to-date publications.
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Solar Solution average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2324.8


Solar Solution Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Cost-Effective
  • Experienced Team
  • High Initial Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Weather Dependency

Solar Solution Final Conclusions

U.S.-based solar energy company Solar Solution is in business. Products vary from solar panels for homes and businesses to energy storage batteries and monitoring software. Most reviewers offer Solar Solution five stars, praising the company's reasonable prices, helpful staff, and high-caliber goods and services.

Solar Solution locations

Main Address4700 14th St NW Washington, DC 20011
Phone Number2022491112

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