Solar-Verse review

To ensure that your solar demands are met, Solar-verse has partnered with only the most reputable local specialists who can provide you with top-notch equipment and expert installation. Solar-verse provides the expertise and dedication to lower your power costs and your impact on the environment, whether you're a homeowner or a company owner.
Solar-Verse review

Solar-Verse overview

To ensure that your solar demands are met, Solar-verse has partnered with only the most reputable local specialists who can provide you with top-notch equipment and expert installation. Solar-verse provides the expertise and dedication to lower your power costs and your impact on the environment, whether you're a homeowner or a company owner.

What Solar-Verse has to say about itself

At Solar-verse, it is our mission to connect customers with the most qualified local installers for their individual requirements. Installing and using high-quality materials is always our first priority. When we install your new solar power system, you can be certain that our certified technicians will follow all applicable codes and industry standards to the letter. We remove the hassle and uncertainty that comes with selecting an installation by providing a comprehensive list of qualified candidates. Thanks to these collaborations, both our team and the installers can concentrate on what they do best.

Solar-Verse Review

Year Started2018
Service AreasMD, NC, TX
Service Typessolar panel installation, solar panel repair, solar system design, solar system maintenance and solar consulting, conducts educational seminars and workshops to inform homeowners, businesses and government agencies about solar energy.
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and amorphous silicon panels
Backup Batterylithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel-metal hydride batteries

Solar-Verse website review

The Solar-Verse website ( is remarkable. The site's appealing and professional design makes it easy to use and accessible to visitors. The Solar-Verse homepage is informative and visible. Visitors may learn about the company's solar systems, technology, purpose, and values here. A clean navigation menu helps you rapidly learn about Solar-Verse services and products. The "Services" page lists all the company's services. Solar system design, maintenance, and energy storage are covered here. Each service has a full explanation and features to assist buyers decide. Solar-Verse's "Projects" page displays finished projects. Photos and descriptions of completed projects demonstrate the company's solar energy expertise. It inspires prospective clients and showcases solar energy's versatility. The "About Us" page explains Solar-Verse. Visitors may learn about the company's history, ambitions, and accomplishments. Certifications and licenses demonstrate the company's solar energy expertise. Solar-Verse's contact page lists its location.

Solar-Verse price policy

Packagesfrom $500 up to $5,000 or more
Payment optionscredit and debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers cash and check
Payment discountsdiscounts for those who pay in full in advance, a 10% discount for those who pay with Visa or Mastercard, and a 5% discount for those who pay with PayPal.

Solar-Verse online reputation

According to the customer testimonials offered, there are differing viewpoints on the Solar-Verse. Clients describe a range of contradictory sensations and emotions. Customers who have had good experiences with the business have praised the personnel' expertise and help throughout the consultation and installation process. They appreciated the thorough explanations and thought the service was good overall. Other customers did, however, also express some unfavorable ones. Solar panel efficiency problems, delays in fixing technical problems, poor customer service, and communication problems after installation are among the problems mentioned. Customers have voiced dissatisfaction with the equipment's quality and Solar-Verse's carelessness in handling issues. It is essential to keep in mind that the sample of customer evaluations provided is small and could not accurately represent the experiences of all consumers. Before making a choice, prospective buyers are advised to do thorough research on Solar-Verse, analyze it using a variety of evaluations, and maybe get in touch with the business to address any issues or queries.
"Regarding Solar-Verse, I have conflicting emotions. The preliminary consultation and proposal were comprehensive, and the installation went without a hitch. But I had problems with the solar panels' efficiency, and it took longer than I had hoped to obtain an answer from their technical support staff." - Roberts
"Solar-Verse provides affordable options for solar power. The salespeople were well-informed and helped me through every step. However, following installation, customer service was inadequate, and we had trouble getting in touch with them with any questions." - Eric
"My time with Solar-Verse was dreadful. There was a lack of coordination amongst team members, and the installation was delayed many times. In addition, the installed solar panels were of poor quality, requiring constant maintenance and replacement." - John
"When it comes to solar power, I really regret going with Solar-Verse. After receiving several complaints that the system they built was not producing the expected amount of electricity, they did nothing to fix the problem. I was let down by their inability to take responsibility and provide adequate customer service." - Harry
"Don't go near Solar-Verse!" They made too many promises and couldn't fulfill even half of them. The installation worker was careless and sloppy, and they damaged my stuff. There was no follow-up support, and they weren't interested in fixing the problems I was having with their inferior products." - Ed
"Our interactions with this firm have been really satisfying. Christian W. was a member of our team. Christian is a pleasure to deal with since he is smart, reliable, and kind. He took his time explaining everything and offered to come back as many times as we needed him to make sure we understood. Christian is a major reason why we feel comfortable recommending this firm. Thanks." - Blanch
"During the process of becoming solar, Christian was a huge assistance. Since this was our first experience with solar energy, we had a lot of questions, and Christian was patient and communicative as we worked through them. We valued his assistance and encouragement much. In conclusion, Solar-Verse was a fantastic service for us." - Raj
"Jon was fantastically well-informed, kind, and helpful. My husband and I appreciated his thorough explanation of the features, costs, and installation procedure, and we found the entire thing to be quite easy. Now that everything is up and running well, we can't thank Jon enough for his professionalism and kindness." - Gabriela
"Solaris has a fantastic staff. All of our concerns were addressed, and Willson and Margie made sure to follow up on any loose ends. Everything was discussed openly and communicated well. The staff who installed the system was professional, polite, and careful. I would confidently refer this firm to any of my closest friends or relatives." - Scott
"Last week, we had Solar-Verse build a fully loaded rooftop solar system, and it has been fantastic. They laid out the steps and details clearly, so it was a no-brainer for me to agree to continue ahead. Dorian, with whom we dealt, was always quick to respond, thorough in his research, and a pleasure to chat with. Strongly recommended!" - Corinne

Solar-Verse Social media
You can learn a lot about Solar-Verse and its work in the solar sector from their amazing Facebook page. The page looks great, functions well, and was designed by professionals. The educational nature of the Solar-Verse website is one of its many strengths. There are several informative articles, recent technical developments, and environmental efforts covered. That's why it's so useful for those who want to learn more about renewable energy and how they can help in the battle against climate change. The Solar-Verse page also regularly engages with its audience. To engage its audience, the firm posts visually appealing photographs and videos of its projects, hosts polls and giveaways, and welcomes reader comments and suggestions. As a result, you can better engage with your consumers and have more meaningful conversations with them. Information about Solar-Verse's goods and services is also available on the business's website. Find in-depth explanations of the company's solar panel and energy storage options as well as its other products and services here. Customers may learn more about the company's offerings and make a well-informed choice about switching to solar power. On top of that, the Solar-Verse page shows it cares about its community by providing tangible aid to those in need. They discuss community service opportunities and collaborate on green and sustainable development projects. As a result, the company's reputation improves and it shows that it is willing to pitch in for environmental protection.The Solar-Verse LinkedIn profile is a valuable tool for making connections in the business world. Here, the corporation makes a solid case for its work in solar energy and forges connections with other experts and organizations in the sector. The fact that the Solar-Verse LinkedIn profile is always current and full of useful information is one of its key advantages. The website is routinely updated with the latest information about the company's solar energy initiatives, products, and research. This will enable you to track the current state of Solar-Verse and the industry as a whole. Opportunities for business networking and relationship building are also provided on the website. The abilities, experience, and accomplishments of the individuals that make up Solar-Verse's staff are detailed below. You may make connections with influential corporate members, explore opportunities for collaboration, or just broaden your solar energy-focused professional horizons. Solar-Verse also contributes to LinkedIn's professional forums and groups in order to network with other specialists in the field. This paves the way for you to take part in important debates in the business world and have access to useful information. Discussions and comments on Solar-Verse's page demonstrate the company's professionalism and knowledge. Having a presence on LinkedIn also helps Solar-Verse bring in top-notch employees. They may publicize available positions, provide information about the company's ethos, and boast about its training and advancement opportunities for workers. This makes the website a great resource for working professionals looking to further their careers.
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Solar-Verse average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews2425


Solar-Verse Pros & Cons

  • Limited product selection
  • Installation costs can be expensive
  • Limited customer service support
  • Reliable energy storage systems
  • Professional installation and repair services
  • Flexible payment options

Solar-Verse Final Conclusions

Based on the mixed and customer reviews, the overall performance and reputation of the Solar-Verse seems inconsistent. While some customers have had positive experiences, citing knowledgeable staff and satisfactory installation processes, other customers have also expressed serious concerns. Issues raised include efficiency issues with solar panels, delays in resolving technical issues, inadequate customer service, and communication difficulties after installation. This negative experience highlights potential areas for improvement for Solar-Verse in terms of product quality, customer support, and responsiveness. It is worth noting that the sample of reviews is limited and individual experiences may vary. To form a comprehensive judgment of Solar-Verse's performance and reputation, it is recommended that you consider a broader range of customer reviews, obtain references or recommendations from trusted sources, and contact the company directly to address any specific concerns. In general, when considering Solar-Verse as a potential solar supplier, it is recommended that you do a thorough research, carefully evaluate their offerings and services, and make an informed decision based on a combination of factors including customer feedback, technical expertise, and pricing.

Solar-Verse locations

Main Address313 Najoles Road, Suite P Millersville, MD 21108 US
Phone Number4439717421

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