Solar Works Energy review

Solar Works Energy is a solar energy provider that focuses on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for both business and residential clients. From the first consultation and site evaluation through the finished solar installation, commissioning, and continuing maintenance, the firm offers a full turnkey solution for its clients.

Solar Works Energy overview

Solar Works Energy is a solar energy provider that focuses on solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for both business and residential clients. From the first consultation and site evaluation through the finished solar installation, commissioning, and continuing maintenance, the firm offers a full turnkey solution for its clients.

What Solar Works Energy has to say about itself

Installation of solar panels, energy audits, and battery storage are just some of the solar-related services offered by Solar Works Energy. Solar power is their forte, and they serve consumers, businesses, and factories alike. Solar Works Energy work hard to ensure that every one of their clients receives nothing but the best. When consumers work with Solar Works Energy, they save money, lessen their environmental impact, and improve the future.

Solar Works Energy Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasNM, TX, UT
Service TypesInstallations, design and engineering, maintenance and repair services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Solar Works Energy website review

The solar energy solutions provider Solar Works Energy may be found online at The website provides in-depth descriptions of the company's offerings, as well as contact details and reviews from satisfied clients. The website looks great and is very simple to use. It offers a multitude of informational resources on solar energy, including calculators, energy-saving advice, and frequently asked questions. All of this makes the website an excellent resource for anybody curious in solar power. seems like a good place to get information from. The company's dedication to its customers is shown by the frequent upgrades to the website and the inclusion of user testimonials.

Solar Works Energy price policy

PackagesSolar Panel Installation Package - starting at $5,000, Solar Battery Installation Package - starting at $5,500, Solar Panel Maintenance Package - starting at $1,500, Solar Panel Cleaning Package - starting at $500, Solar Panel Monitoring Package - starting at $200, Solar Panel System Design Package - starting at $2,000, Solar Panel Financing Package - starting at $1,000, Solar Panel Repair Package - starting at $900
Payment optionsCash, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
Payment discounts10% discount for Veterans, 10% discount for Military Personnel, 10% discount for Senior Citizens, 10% discount for Multi-System Purchases, 10% discount for Referrals, 5% discount for Loyalty Customers, 5% discount for Cash Purchases, Special discounts for Bulk Purchases

Solar Works Energy online reputation

Solar Works Energy has, on the whole, exceeded expectations in terms of customer service. Customers have praised the firm's quick responses and extensive expertise when it comes to recommending suitable solar power systems. Both the quality of the solar systems and the competence of the crew have been lauded by satisfied customers. However, there have been complaints from consumers about difficulties throughout the installation procedure and delayed responses from customer support. Despite this, Solar Works Energy has maintained its position as a premier solar energy service supplier.
"Reviews suggest they would be a decent choice in Albuquerque. Avoid using them in El Paso, Texas, and southern New Mexico. The worst customer service of any solar company I've ever dealt with. The shopper should use caution. What this means is that I'd rather be sorry than have to deal with this dog sh*t." - Jack M.
"A nightmare, Solar Works Energy has been. The contract for installing 18 solar panels on my roof was signed three months ago. It's been almost a month after the panels were placed, and the system still isn't hooked up to the electric panel. The equipment is not Building Code compliance, thus SCE won't connect it unless it's relocated 8 inches closer to the electric panel. Solar Works Energy is unable to converse and responds very slowly. Many other evaluations have helped me realize that my own experience with Solar Works Energy fits within a larger historical trend. I'm crossing my fingers that we can get it done this year! Wow, that's a MASSIVE letdown." - Nikhil S.
"Five months and three failed solar inspections later, we are still waiting for final certification. Solar Works Energy's newest blunder (which, thankfully, the county spotted) was installing an inadequate main panel. However, the actual maximum amp capacity is just 130, when the plans call for 200. I haven't heard from them at all in the last two weeks since then. Multiple calls to customer service have resulted in the same message: "We are waiting to hear back from the field office." I cannot overstate how frustrating this situation has been for me." - Patrick L.
"Eric, I said you can send a technician, but I'm not paying a service call because Solar Works Energy has already sent a technician out here, and that technician said the panels are hooked up rite then he said the second 9 panels are not working so why should I pay to have a technician coached by you to not tell me that the panels are not working I will take the word of the first technician that you sent here just honor the warranty and stop the BULLSHIT!!!" - Joshua U.
"I posted a review nine days ago complaining that we haven't heard from Solar Works Energy or had anybody come out to repair our panels. We were assured by a representative that we would get a response within 24 hours. Nine days have passed. No one has contacted us about the broken solar panels. They have the worst management I've ever seen, and they should all be fired. I have no idea why that business owner continues to employ any of them. They want your money, but they won't bother to come and repair anything if they already have it. Not a single manager has approached me about tightening the sagging walls." - Ronald B.
"From my first enquiry through the installation and even thereafter, Solar Works Energy was there to assist. Brian was very kind and gave me all the details I requested. They showed me examples of their previous work on houses with metal shingle roofs, which I have. The installation team was efficient and skilled. They have always taken the time to respond to my inquiries on the panels' performance during the previous several months. They were efficient and reasonably priced." - Charles D.
"Solar Works Energy is a well organized and productive business. The first time we spoke was on the phone. Unlike other solar firms I've dealt with, they were honest about their prices and didn't waste my time. Perhaps it's because I'm not in town, but the video email presentation hit all the high notes. They were also incredibly communicative from the start and maintained that level of availability throughout. My interactions were with knowledgeable professionals, not entry-level salespeople." - Aiden T.
"First of all, the fact that the owner is an engineer is a plus in my book, even if my interaction with him was brief. But in general, I like working with them and had a good vibe from them. Daniel fixed my solar panel for me. He was always fast to respond to my inquiries, and if he didn't know the answer himself (for example, to my questions about the wiring in my apartment), he would promptly go look it up and come back to me. From the initial design and installation to final approval, he walked me through it all. I contacted him months after it had been approved and launched when I was ready to set up my WiFi, and he answered promptly and took care of the setup. The installation team was also fantastic, but I don't have any of their names. I had some particular requests for my setup, and they patiently accommodated me until we reached a mutual understanding. It really seemed like a group effort, and I knew I could count on these men to back me up. Fantastic team to work with." - Joseph F.
"To begin, it should be noted that Ankit was a pleasure to deal with and contributed much to the setup going off without a hitch. The installation team, were also fantastic. Having them here was a delight. I appreciated their friendliness and laughed at their banter. Several problems arose that needed solving, and they did so without much fuss. Dylan had to make some choices, so he enlisted the aid of my contractor and electrician before moving further. I found it quite impressive. Then the temperature started to rise. perhaps 100 degrees, or perhaps 110 degrees on the roof. No one has voiced any dissatisfaction. Once again, I was blown away. My interactions with this organization have always reinforced my impression that they handle their clients with honesty and respect." - Manish K.
"In spite of the fact that our solar system went live in the middle of summer 2019, we have had amazingly low electricity costs throughout the year. Solar Works Energy was our first choice out of the four we considered because of the competitive pricing and the warranty they offered. They were fast to respond to problems and provide solutions whenever they arose. A couple of times we called, our sales guy, with questions and he responded promptly. We haven't had such a positive experience at many businesses as we did with Solar Works Energy; they treated us like VIPs even after we paid for the installation. Even though we've just been using for 10 months, we anticipate a long and fruitful partnership with them." - Randy O.

Solar Works Energy Social media
The Solar Works Energy Facebook page professionally presents itself and seems to be reliable. Just over 5,900 people have followed and liked the page, which is a respectable number. The majority of the content on the website consists of company-related blog entries, reviews, news items, and other events. It also explains solar panels, including the many kinds available and how they function. Visitors to the portal may also see images and videos demonstrating the system in action. The page also includes connections to their website so that visitors may learn more about their offerings and get further information that they can trust. If you're thinking about purchasing solar panels from Solar Works Energy, you've come to the right spot.
The LinkedIn profile for Solar Works Energy is a reliable solar energy resource with many glowing recommendations from satisfied clients. The site is well organized with clear tabs for the company's history, goods, and services, as well as recent updates. Links to relevant events, organizations, and employment opportunities are also included. There's a wide range of stuff on the website, from motivational articles to stunning visuals to the latest developments in the field. The graphics are impressive and engaging, including a sleek, minimalist layout. With over 600 followers and 500 monthly visitors, the page is popular and widely used. The LinkedIn profile for Solar Works Energy is a credible and professional resource for learning more about solar power.
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Solar Works Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1584.3


Solar Works Energy Pros & Cons

  • Experienced
  • Affordable
  • Eco-Friendly
  • High cost of installation
  • Limited access to sunlight
  • Maintenance

Solar Works Energy Final Conclusions

Solar Works Energy is energy provider that offers renewable energy products and energy management services to commercial and residential customers. The business provides several options for customers, such as solar panel installation, energy storage, counseling on improving energy efficiency, and more. They have a stellar reputation because to their great customer service.

Solar Works Energy locations

Main Address121 Tijeras Ave NE, Albuquerque NM, 87102
Phone Number5053485571

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