Solar4America review

In addition to being on the California CEC List, our solar modules have been certified by UL, CSA, and ETL. Dividend, MOSAIC, Sunlight Financial, Improvement Funding, and Renew Financial are just few of the financial institutions that have granted us approval.

Solar4America overview

In addition to being on the California CEC List, our solar modules have been certified by UL, CSA, and ETL. Dividend, MOSAIC, Sunlight Financial, Improvement Funding, and Renew Financial are just few of the financial institutions that have granted us approval.

What Solar4America has to say about itself

Sacramento, California is home to Solar4America, a leading producer of solar panels in the United States. Our solar panels are used in homes, businesses, and utilities around the country. In order to serve our American consumers with excellent local customer services and warranties, we have been investing heavily in cutting-edge machinery, technologies, and personnel.

Solar4America Review

Year Started2017
Service AreasCA
Service TypesSolar panel installation, solar panel financing, solar energy system design and installation, energy efficiency, solar thermal heating and cooling, electric vehicle charging and solar energy storage solutions.
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and nickel metal hydride batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, IREC, SEIA,

Solar4America website review

The Solar4America website ( is an official online source that offers information about the business, its solar energy services, and goods. The website's main page extends a warm greeting to visitors and gives a quick overview of the options Solar4America presents as well as the advantages of solar energy. With top-notch graphics and educational slides, it also grabs viewers' attention aesthetically. The website of Solar4America provides comprehensive details on the company's services, which include installing solar panels on residential and commercial buildings, project finance, and energy storage devices like batteries. Visitors may discover the advantages of solar energy, as well as the financial and environmental advantages of installing solar panels. The website also provides details on Solar4America, such as its background, objectives, and guiding principles. Visitors may read client reviews and see projects that the business has performed. Additionally, contact information is included on the website so that site users may get in touch with the Solar4America team for more facts, suggestions, and requests for proposals. Finding the information you want is simple thanks to the Solar4America website's straightforward navigation. The site is appealing and educational to prospective consumers and stakeholders because of its contemporary style and clear, succinct presentation of the material. The general feel of the Solar4America website emphasizes the business' professionalism and commitment to providing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly solar energy solutions.

Solar4America price policy

PackagesFrom $10,000 - $30,000
Payment optionsCredit cards, cash, check
Payment discountsIncentives for customers who pay by cash or check, discounts for customers who subscribe to their payment plans, a discount or other discounts for customers who refer friends or family members to the program.

Solar4America online reputation

Opinions of Solar4America are divided, according to the available customer reviews. Negative Reactions Lack of Customer Support and Communication: A number of customers have complained that they have had trouble getting in touch with Solar4America for updates, repairs, or general inquiries. Positive comments Having received good customer service: Some consumers have given certain staff excellent marks for the customer service they provided, praising their professionalism, expertise, and desire to assist. dedication to the long term and dependability. Long-term clients of PetersenDean have complimented the business's track record for fulfilling warranties, offering first-rate service, and being dependable. It is important to note that the evaluations offered are a small sample and could not accurately represent the opinions of all Solar4America consumers. When selecting Solar4America or any other firm, it is advised that you do in-depth research, obtain additional client testimonials from other sources, and weigh a variety of aspects before making a selection. These variables include reputation, warranties, price, and service quality.
"Out of business because of BJ, with plenty of y serviced roof and solar warranties, but no one to assume their bad debt on this." - Marisa
"After almost three years, there has been no progress. And I heard that they are going to start another solar firm under a new name in order to avoid having to fulfill any of the obligations or duties that are associated with solar 4 America. Made contact with state and county lawyers to discuss the lack of professionalism shown by them." - John
"My house had a $34,000 solar panel system built by PetersenDean, but it was never functional. It wasn't until I called PGE after receiving a $4,000 true-up statement that I realized the solar equipment had generated ZERO electricity. I got in touch with PetersenDean and requested them to pay me back for the electricity they said the system ought to have been generating at the time. They asked for the PGE bill, which I provided them, and then they claimed they weren't to blame. Additionally, the expert they hired to fix their broken equipment produced unattractive patchwork as he filled in the gaps left by the outdated system!" - Steven
"Because Petersen Dean left a space open between my two rooflines when they constructed my roof, the project has now ballooned to an extra cost of $4,100. This gap served as an open invitation for roof rats to make their way into my attic. My previous roof did not have any holes or gaps, so I never used to have to worry about rats getting in there. I am now in the process of having the attic gutted, cleaned, and sanitized, as well as having any holes that Petersen Dean may have left behind shut up." - Jennifer
"I have tried to get a call back to check on my system or ask questions, but I have not been successful. The inbox is already at capacity. Since my setup dates back to 2013, I have an advantage over consumers who purchased their systems more recently. I would need more information on how or where I can go for updates and queries, as well as who I can turn to if I need repairs. I really hope that they would communicate with their clients and let us know if we should stay or go." - Catherine
"This skating rink is where I send my kids for lessons. Classes geared at youngsters are quite enjoyable. The coaches are wonderful with the kids because they are helpful, friendly, and generally fantastic with them. They are quite useful in determining which level of courses is appropriate for your kid if you are unsure of whatever level they are currently at. Even after the beginning of the classes, they will relocate the students to the appropriate group.The amenities at the rink are spotless. I am thankful that they have a bar and restaurant section, as well as plenty of seats and a welcoming atmosphere." - Evelyn
"I want to express my gratitude to one of your employees, Steve Hernandez, Warranty care Manager-Division 50, for the AMAZING customer care I have gotten. Steve had the time to guide me through a procedure over the phone so that I could regain control over my solar panel monitoring. Mr. Hernandez was an AWESOME advocate for your business, being both competent and professional. I'm unsure whether he has a managerial role, but I can assure you that he ought to. He provides excellent customer service. Congratulations to you and your team for selecting such a talented manager. If you need any extra details, don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Since he ought to be aware of Steve Hernandes' excellent job as Warranty Service Manager for Division 50, I really hope that Jim Petersen, President & CEO, receives this communication. Thank you very much, Gonsalves, Philip" - Phil
"I've been a Petersen Dean client for a while. After around 13 years, I had a slight problem with a drip leak originating from one of my three roofs' gutters. I did not want water to drop on the newly built walkways. When I phoned Petersen Dean, they answered right away. The warranty on my roof covered the whole fix of the issue. The roof expert was highly competent and successful. I still have faith in Petersen Dean as a very trustworthy firm for the long term. Unlike many other roofing or solar companies, they have a reputation for providing outstanding service, honoring roof guarantees even 30 years after an installation, and being there if required. I heartily advise everyone I know who is thinking about installing solar panels or roofs on their houses or businesses to do so." - Jim
"Just a little note to say that after over 40 years of working for a utility company, I finally made the decision to go solar and cut my utility bill, which was about $300 per month, for which I was given a 25% reduction. We spent hours drilling their sales consultant Brad to ensure that he understood what he was talking about, and he did! I have to remark that the installation crew and site survey technician executed a textbook installation job. The phrase "you can't see it from my house" is an old one used by unqualified employees who install power lines, but Petersen & Dean construction workers don't use it, and I should know since I constructed power lines for PG&E. I also want to recognize Ana Robinson, my lead project coordinator, who stayed in touch with me for at least six months after the work was finished to ensure that I was satisfied with the project and who was always ready to answer my queries." - Mike
"Thank you very much to the Petersen Dean team, Tim Pham, and Linda Duprel. They excelled. Excellent product at a very reasonable cost. I liked that they were a roofing business and that their installers were long-term employees rather than independent contractors. They were competent in their work. The whole procedure moved well. Tim and Linda spoke with me by phone and email each step of the process to make sure I was informed and that things were progressing. Linda would call and text me to follow up when I didn't get an email, making sure I wasn't the one delaying things." - David

Solar4America Social media
The official Facebook page for solar energy and sustainability is called Solar4America. On this website, you may learn more about Solar4America, the top solar panel installation and supplier in the country. You may discover news on the company's initiatives, updates on the most recent advances in solar technology, and useful advice about the advantages of switching to solar energy on the Solar4America website. The Solar4America team is actively striving to develop green and energy-efficient solutions that assist lessen adverse environmental effects and lessen reliance on conventional energy sources. You may read customer reviews, see samples of completed projects, and learn more about the potential for putting solar panels in your house or place of business by visiting the Solar4America website. In addition, Solar4America provides guidance and aid in selecting the best solar energy system and details on funding opportunities for solar project investments.
LinkedIn is a business networking and professional networking site where Solar4America Technology Inc. showcases its activities and establishes connections with other individuals and businesses in the solar energy sector. You may discover details about Solar4America Technology Inc., its purpose, and objectives, as well as the most recent information on its projects and accomplishments, on the company's LinkedIn profile. To understand more about the team and their backgrounds, you can also check the biographies of some of Solar4America Technology Inc.'s most important personnel on this page. Additionally, Solar4America Technology Inc. frequently engages in communication and interaction with customers, stakeholders, and other professionals via his LinkedIn profile. This might include engaging in group activities, participating in communities, and exchanging information and experience. The LinkedIn profile for Solar4America Technology Inc. is another helpful tool for discovering job vacancies and career possibilities inside the business. Here, you may learn about the criteria and working conditions for the organization as well as information about open positions. We can infer from an analysis of the Solar4America Technology Inc. profile on LinkedIn that it is used to aggressively market the business, create professional relationships, interact with stakeholders, and recruit competent experts. This enables the business to progress in the solar energy sector, enhance its reputation, and broaden its network of connections.
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36 Subscribers

Solar4America average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews91.3


Solar4America Pros & Cons

  • Low maintenance and reliability
  • Discounts and incentives available
  • Can increase the value of a home
  • Requires initial investment
  • Installation can be tricky
  • Solar4America does not offer energy storage solutions

Solar4America Final Conclusions

Based on the material at hand, views on the efficacy and standing of Solar4America are not entirely clear. Customers talk about both good and bad experiences. A good customer service experience where particular staff are commended for their professionalism and expertise is one of Solar4America's work and reputation's positive elements. Additionally, there are allusions to longevity and dependability since clients value the company's track record of upholding warranties and offering dependable service. However, there are also evaluations that are unfavorable, pointing out concerns with bankruptcy, a lack of improvement in the handling of client complaints, and challenges with communication and customer assistance. Customers have complained about hardware problems, gaps in the installation process, and the way their solar panel systems work. It is essential to remember that these evaluations only provide a partial picture and that people's experiences might differ. It is advised that you do further research, get more customer feedback, and carefully consider aspects like reputation, warranties, price, and service quality before selecting Solar4America or any other firm. Making a choice after consulting with experts or getting suggestions from reliable sources may also be beneficial.

Solar4America locations

Main Address4803 Urbani Ave, Sacramento, CA, United States, California
Phone Number9166715606

19 local offices

California – Newark 7980 Enterprise Drive, Newark CA, 94560
California – Anaheim 2210 S. Dupont Drive, Anaheim CA, 92806
California – Fremont 39300 Civic Center Drive Suite 300, Fremont CA, 94538
California – Madera 10770 Highway 41, Madera CA, 93638
California – Riverside 1820 Container Circle, Riverside CA, 92509
California – Santa Clarita 21616 Golden Triangle Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91350
California – Santa Rosa 4165 Santa Rosa Avenue, Santa Rosa CA, 95407
California – San Diego 7010 Carroll Road, San Diego CA, 92121
California – West Sacramento 879 F Street Suite 120, West Sacramento CA, 95605
California – Orange 2164 N. Glassell Street, Orange CA, 92865
California – Fairfield 1705 Enterprise Drive, Fairfield CA, 94533
California – Orangevale 8680 Greenback Ln Suite 220, Orangevale CA, 95662
California – Bakersfield 9545 S Union Avenue, Bakersfield CA, 93307
California – San Jose 2228 Junction Avenue, San Jose CA, 95131
California – McClellan Park 4803 Urbani Ave, McClellan Park CA, 95652
California – Livermore 6950 Preston Ave, Livermore CA, 94551
Texas – Houston 14713 Jersey Shore Drive, Houston TX, 77047
Texas – Lancaster 904 Katy Street, Lancaster TX, 75146
Texas – Pflugerville 16300 Central Commerce Drive, Pflugerville TX, 78660

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