SolarQuest review

SolarQuest is an organization that provides assistance in locating renewable energy options. Their main interest is in solar power systems. The company provides a number of options, including the creation, installation, and upkeep of a solar power system tailored to your specific needs.
SolarQuest review

SolarQuest overview

SolarQuest is an organization that provides assistance in locating renewable energy options. Their main interest is in solar power systems. The company provides a number of options, including the creation, installation, and upkeep of a solar power system tailored to your specific needs.

What SolarQuest has to say about itself

SolarQuest's mission is to expand the availability of renewable energy by developing clean, cost-effective technologies. SolarQuest is visionary and solution-oriented, and we want to change the way homes, towns and cities are powered. The best experts will walk you through the entire process of developing the best solar solution for your needs, from the very first consultation to the final installation. Starting with the choice of installation specifications, we guarantee our customers the highest level of service.

SolarQuest Solar Review

Year Started2013
Service AreasCA
Service TypesDesign & Installation, Maintenance & Repair, Financing, Monitoring, Performance Analysis, Performance Guarantees, Upgrades & Expansion, Troubleshooting & Diagnostics, Consulting & Education
Types Panelsmonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries, AGM batteries, Lead-acid batteries, Gel batteries, Flow batteries

SolarQuest website review is the official website of the company. It tells you about the company and its products, services, and solutions. Aside from that, it gives customers access to an online store where they can buy the things they want and find a lot of information about the different options they have. Also, visitors to the website can use an online customer service center to get help with any questions or concerns they may have about their orders or inquiries.

SolarQuest price policy

PackagesSolar System Package: $2,999 - $17,999, Solar Panel Package: $2,099 - $8,499, Solar Battery Backup Package: $1,799 - $3,999, Solar Add-Ons Package: $399 - $2,199, Solar Installation Package: $2,499 - $7,999, Solar Financing Package: $0 - $20,000
Payment optionscredit card, debit card, check, money order, PayPal, and Amazon Pay.
Payment discounts0% financing - no interest for 6, 12 or 18 months, 5% discount for payment in full within 90 days, 10% discount for payment in full within 60 days, 15% discount for payment in full within 30 days.

SolarQuest online reputation

SolarQuest is a reliable solar energy solutions provider that offers high-quality options to its clientele. The vast majority of comments made about them online are overwhelmingly positive, praising their professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail. Many patrons have praised the staff for being warm and welcoming, as well as knowledgeable and efficient in answering any and all questions. Moreover, many customers express satisfaction with SolarQuest's products and services, and many others say they would recommend SolarQuest to their friends and family.
"DO NOT RECOMMEND Our real estate agent told us about solar quest, which led us to do business with them. She had used them before, so we thought she knew what was best. Alex and Jesse told us an amazing tale. They told us they would give us the best service, and Jesse said that most of his clients send him Christmas cards every year. The solar panels were supposed to be set up in less than a week. Part of the job was to move solar panels that heat the pool, which they assured me was something they had done before. We kept hearing reasons why they couldn't come to work every day (emergency dental appointments, family visiting from deployment, employees volunteering with floods in Texas, sick relatives...). They came up with all kinds of reasons. In the end, it took 2 1/2 weeks to finish the job. They told me that my electrical panel needed to be replaced and upgraded, which would cost $2000. I agreed to this. After the project was done, things started going wrong. First, the solar system that heats my pool started to leak. This was the system that Solar Quest had moved, and we hadn't had any problems with it until the day it was moved. After they came to look at it, it took them about a week and a half to fix it. Then we saw that the solar panels for the pool were coming off the roof. When I called them back, they blamed the people who put in the solar heating system for the pool. They told me to get in touch with them, so I did. When the pool solar company came to check out the system, they found that it had been severely damaged (see pics). Solar Quest tried to hide the damage by spray painting the broken roof tiles and brackets to match our roof. When Solar Quest moved the pool system, to our disappointment, the warranty was no longer valid. The pool solar company told us to file a claim against Solar Quest and even offered to give us a written statement and pictures to back up our claim in court. I ended up paying $1,200 to solar quest to fix the damage they caused because it was cheaper than going with the original pool solar company. Alex said bad things about the pool solar company and its owner every chance he got during this deal. 2 weeks ago (9 months after I chose the WRONG solar company) I was having some electric work done in my house when the electrician cut into the drywall to run some wire into the electrical panel that Solar Quest had installed when they noticed exposed spliced wires in our drywall (not in a junction box). This is a very big fire risk. I sent Solar Quest the pictures. Once again, they gave me the runaround. It's been two weeks, and they haven't come to the house or offered to fix their mistake. Please don't let this company trick you. I wish we hadn't asked our real estate agent for advice on a solar company." - Victor W.
"Our Solar Quest disputes are: 1) Sales force, Joel kept talking about his animated cartoon book that would make him rich. Requested. 2) We had to sign up for Angie's list immediately? compensated $35. 3) We never received a charge breakdown. 4) Eric informed us that we would roll out financing into another account if we failed to meet our contract. Dana (ofc Mgr) evaded our request. 5) We requested a bill adjustment because we saved nothing on electric bills in 2014. (See attached email below). It cost us more, we were lied to, and we had to review all our systems. 6) Patrick (installer) inspected all our jobs on Monday, January 19. We should seek compensation since he found no fault. 7) We also complain about the "bosses" because they don't care about customers. 8) We gave them enough time to find alternative financing (please see dates in email correspondence). We'll pay $1200 in interest because our check won't clear by 24 January. 9) We want a full investment refund. Why spend money on energy-efficient home upgrades if they don't work? They breached the contract." - Peter T.
"After a few months of having the system in place, I noticed that I was actually spending more on my utility bills than before. After calling, I was told to wait until the summer months to see the difference. However, my bills continued to rise even after that time passed. They dispatched a technician to check the setup. They made sure everything was set up properly. They suggested I contact FL Power & Light about the meter, and after sending someone out to look at it, I found out everything was fine. This company has suddenly become unresponsive to my calls. When I contacted the loan provider, they said there was nothing they could do to help." - Richard A.
"A common interaction with customer service that I hope to avoid in the future by employing AL. Around the 26th of February, I called the company to schedule a visit from a technician to fix the solar panels on my pool's roof, which had been leaking. Next day, the technician called to confirm that everything was fine, and I never heard from him again. On the following Wednesday or Thursday, I called the business again to arrange for the repair, and once again received the same "yes," "anytime, next week - okay, I'll get back to you." No further contact with him was ever made." - Oscar M.
"SolarQuest, which is next door, came over to talk to my wife and I about their product. It made sense, but I wasn't going to sign without reading the fine print. When I didn't sign, the salesperson got angry and walked away. In any case, I learned about a "balloon payment" halfway through the contract (which they did not disclose). These scumbags are very unethical, so stay away from them at all costs." - Lukas O.
"Wow, that was fantastic. The owner was wonderful, and his attention to detail and ability to satisfy customers were top-notch. The manager he assigned to the project was fantastic and provided us with lots of information. We are extremely pleased with the current situation because we are now able to save money on our FPL bill." - Marcus B.
"Kaleb made sure that everything was inspected and done properly, and Steven was fantastic overall. This will allow us to save money on our energy bills, which is exciting. The company was great to work with, and as a result, we sent three people Kaleb's way. Their service exceeded our expectations, and we appreciate it very much. In the future, we hope to recommend even more people to you." - Simon P.
"In a word, they rocked. They finished the job in a single day. The workers were helpful and friendly. What followed was excellent. The whole crew, beginning to end, made this process incredibly simple." - Nash M.
"Recently had the pleasure of employing Louis' solar panel installation services for our brand spanking new home. Being able to relax and let Louis take care of most things was a huge help, especially since I was entering this whole adventure with little to no prior experience or knowledge. He instructed us on what to do and when. All the inspections and permits were taken care of by him. As a person, he is easy to talk to and very forthright. It was refreshing to find a business owner who puts his customers first and who operates with such integrity among the many I interact with in the course of my work. His rates were lower than the competition, and he completed the installation in a single day. If you're thinking about going solar, I highly recommend him." - Mark T.
"SolarQuest was GREAT!!! Paul is straightforward, honest, and helpful. When I first met with the other companies, they all tried to "SELL" me something, and one even tried to get me to sign a contract on the spot. I never felt pressure from Paul, he explained the process and what would happen and that is exactly what happened. In addition to being completed on time, the installation went smoothly. The installers were all regular employees of the company, which I greatly appreciated, and they were all very nice people. They started cleaning the night before they left, and by the next day, my place was spotless. Afterward, when the sale and setup were complete, I had a few more inquiries. Paul returned my calls promptly and cheerfully answered all my inquiries. Having a satisfied client who remembers you long after a job is done and paid for is the best feeling ever. Paul gave me a taste of his "service after the sale" philosophy, which many people preach but few actually implement. SOLARQUEST AND MY SYSTEM ARE THE BEST!" - Nico L.

SolarQuest Social media
The Facebook page of SolarQuest is a reliable resource for information about solar energy. The website features a contemporary layout with many blue elements. The website is jam-packed with useful instructional materials, including user advice, success stories, and user-generated content in the form of videos, images, and written pieces. Additionally, there are connections to SolarQuest's website, which is helpful if you need more time. All in all, anybody interested in learning more about solar energy may visit Solarquest's Facebook page, which is educational.A reliable resource for knowledge on solar energy is the SolarQuest LinkedIn profile. The page has a simple, orderly look. Along with a basic contact form, there are areas for corporate updates, employment, and services. Sadly, the website is devoid of any images or videos. But it does give the page a more polished appearance. This page's high follower count and excellent content make it a reputable source of factual information about solar energy.
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SolarQuest average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
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Google reviews15


SolarQuest Pros & Cons

  • Limited product offerings
  • High cost
  • Lack of scalability
  • Robust Technology
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Innovative Solutions

SolarQuest Final Conclusions

SolarQuest is a young company in the solar energy sector that offers installation, storage, and management of solar power systems. Their low prices and high quality of service have made them household names. Many satisfied customers have given SolarQuest a 4.5-star rating, praising the company's professionalism and the expertise of its employees.

SolarQuest locations

Main AddressUnit 3 Northgate Business Park, Brooklyn, Cape Town, 7405
Phone Number210232475

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