Solcium Solar review

Solcium Solar is an organization dedicated to the expansion and financing of solar power. They provide turnkey solar power systems for commercial and residential use. They provide a wide range of services, from conceptualization to completion, including EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), O&M, and more.
Solcium Solar review

Solcium Solar overview

Solcium Solar is an organization dedicated to the expansion and financing of solar power. They provide turnkey solar power systems for commercial and residential use. They provide a wide range of services, from conceptualization to completion, including EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction), O&M, and more.

What Solcium Solar has to say about itself

Solcium Solar's sustainable energy solutions include all aspects of the process, from initial research and planning to final commissioning. Guaranteed to provide the greatest goods at the best price is the Solcium experience. Solcium Solar is a leading solar supplier that rejects pushy sales tactics in favor of providing its partners with comprehensive, objective information on the solar business. This allows our partners to make educated, independent decisions that are best for them.

Solcium Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasFL
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Roofing
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries.

Solcium Solar website review

Customers and future customers alike can find all the information they need on Solcium Solar's official website, There is a plethora of information about the business, its offerings, and its goods and services on the website. Blog articles and printable manuals are also available. The website seems to be regularly updated, which is a good sign that Solcium Solar prioritizes its customers. A current SSL certificate and an encrypted connection give the impression that this is a reliable and trustworthy website. The official website for Solcium Solar provides accurate information, and the firm itself seems trustworthy.

Solcium Solar price policy

PackagesStandard Solar Package: $14,500, Premium Solar Package: $19,500, Ultimate Solar Package: $24,500, Solar + Battery Package: $24,500, Solar + Battery + Home Automation Package: $29,500, Solar System Monitoring Package: $2,990, Solar System Maintenance Package: $1,000, Solar System Upgrade Package: $9,000, Solar System Financing Package: Varies
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), PayPal, and Apple Pay.
Payment discountsFederal Tax Credit: Up to 26%, State Tax Credit: Up to 10%, Property Tax Exemptions: Up to 10%, Utility Rebates: Up to 10%, Local Rebates: Up to 10%

Solcium Solar online reputation

Online evaluations of Solcium Solar have been overwhelmingly good. The high quality of the items, the helpfulness of the service staff, and the simplicity of the setup are all well-regarded by the clientele. A large number of clients have raved about the organization and its experts. However, there have been complaints from clients that the corporation often misses its promised delivery dates and does not respond quickly enough to their inquiries. Solcium Solar has earned widespread acclaim for the quality of its goods.
"The worst business I've ever dealt with; after 1.5 years, they still hadn't completed the work. In response to every inquiry, I am told that our team are working on it." They don't give a damn about us since the loan business had paid them in full. They are master liars." - Jackson H.
"Years ago, I purchased a system from Solcium Solar because of their assurance of maximum output. The first couple of years, I got money back for underachieving. Since then, manufacturing quality has declined and they've stopped honoring their original promise. Solcium Solar sold me the system, and I was assured by their specialists that it would be up to code, but it isn't. I think it's terrible that this has gone on for three years with no conclusion." - Tyler O.
"I've been without power for two whole days. I'm nine months with a 12- and a 1-year-old, respectively. My pool is exactly next to where all the cables will be exposed for tomorrow's Easter celebration. Hundreds of dollars were also missing from my freezer and fridge. The installer never showed up, and Solcium Solar is not answering their phone. No electrician would touch this, they all claimed, so I guess I'll have to get a lawyer. Absolutely terrible business. It's been nearly 24 hours since my meter stopped working. Don't ever hire this firm. I haven't even installed solar yet, and it's already caused me and my family a lot of stress." - Kate N.
"Solcium Solar was the first company we discovered while looking into installing solar panels at our home. We spoke with a sales representative who presented us with a bargain we felt was excellent. However, I was not really fulfilled. We were assured that the panels would be installed the year before they were actually delivered. This was tax deductible, but waiting three months to get the panels placed was frustrating." - Kevin W.
"Working with Solcium Solar was the worst customer service experience of my life. It took them a whole year to implement my system from the time they first inspected my property. Meanwhile, my pals were able to install their system within just three months. Now I'm stuck with a service provider that doesn't answer their emails in a timely way and a system that doesn't generate enough energy to power my house. They promise to appear for scheduled meetings but never do. The telephone is being ignored. Simply said, nobody gives a damn. There is no way to reach a management for help. Other homeowners who have had similar problems have contacted me in hopes of initiating a class action lawsuit. I'm going to join up with that and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If there was a way to award 0 stars, I would. Over $95,000 in expenses with no delivery. How disappointing and dishonest." - Sean O.
"From the installation to the office staff to the follow-up team member sent out to ensure everything was functioning well, I have nothing but praise for this organization. Once a week, I'd get a call updating me on our progress. They called when they said they would and kept their word. Customer service like that is almost extinct nowadays. I was also able to get a new roof with the solar loan, which was a huge relief. What an outstanding business." - Alex D.
"My anger with ever-increasing energy costs has led me to Solcium. Cole from Solcium reached me, and he was quite thorough in outlining the benefits and drawbacks of their service. They were supportive during the eight months it took to replace my roof and begin solar panel installation. If Solcium hadn't remained with me, the corporation would have abandoned me like any other. Having pleasant interactions with the personnel was a highlight. They were incredibly accommodating, since they promptly responded to my calls and went out of their way to locate the information I needed. In a nutshell, everyone who works with Solcium is fantastic. When I tell folks to go there, I know I'm giving them a recommendation they can trust." - Blake R.
"Fantastic Solcium. Solcium was highly communicative and coordinated with me and the rest of the team. The installers were efficient and effective, and the whole process took less than a day. A panel was swiftly changed once it was discovered there was a problem with it at the factory. The setup is neat and tidy and looks amazing. Bryan was responsible for most of the delay, but Solcium was always on hand to check in and make sure he didn't fumble the ball. It's great knowing that I won't be hit with any unexpected price hikes from Bryan in the future. Having control over my own destiny is one of my greatest joys." - Eric P.
"I believed the claims made by those writing about solar's supposed high cost until I did some research and learned otherwise. I contacted three businesses for estimates, and after speaking with Lucas at Solcium, I was convinced. After learning about Duke's impending price rise, I determined that installing solar panels would save me a lot of money. Their warranties protect you not just if anything goes wrong with their system, but also if something goes wrong with the system's production, leakage, or services. My mind was put at ease after realizing that. The company's staff has been nothing but helpful, kind, and lovely. Everyone was great about calling me back when they said they would and keeping me informed about the project's progress. I made a sale, put the money from it toward my debts, and did it all in a little over a month." - Mason L.
"My hopes for Solcium were completely shattered. They made us feel like we were part of the family. Solcium always answered their phones, even on the weekends, and were helpful no matter what time I contacted them. The installation crew was kind and considerate; whenever you walked outside, they struck up a conversation, filled you up on their progress, and patiently answered all your queries. When my neighbor came out to witness my installation, he was surprised to see Solcium's staff behaving so professionally, since his previous installers had been swearing and yelling. There was no hiccup in the process at any point. They were there throughout the whole process, and they delivered as promised. Once again, they completely blew beyond our expectations." - James D.

Solcium Solar Social media
Solcium Solar, a well-known solar energy provider, has a current and active Facebook page. The page has about 500 followers and several hundred people like or comment on each post. The site publishes images related to the company's initiatives, evaluations, and suggestions. You can trust this company because of its attractive layout and polished graphics. The company is trustworthy, as evidenced by numerous customer and client testimonials. In addition, there are links to documents and websites useful in the field of solar energy. Overall, the material seems accurate and relevant to current business practices.
On LinkedIn, Solcium Solar is a well-known solar energy business. Their website, which contains details about their goods and services, seems contemporary and expert. Their personnel, news, and client testimonials are listed on the website. Unfortunately, there aren't enough subscribers for us to endorse the page with certainty just yet, despite the fact that it contains solid material and is clearly the result of much work to make it seem wonderful. Although the page contains some interesting information, there isn't enough activity to classify it as a popular or influential page. Having said that, Solcium Solar is a respectable business, and their website is worth visiting if you're interested in solar power.
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Solcium Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1054.9


Solcium Solar Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Experience
  • Service
  • High Initial Cost
  • Maintenance
  • Dependency on Weather

Solcium Solar Final Conclusions

Solcium Solar is a solar energy business that provides products and services for managing and storing solar power. They specialize in commercial and utility-scale projects and provide comprehensive, integrated solutions. Customers have given Solcium Solar mostly favorable feedback, appreciating the company's knowledge and helpful staff.

Solcium Solar locations

Main Address312 W First Street, Suite 505 Sanford, FL 32771, Sanford FL, 32773
Phone Number6625038540

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