Soleeva Energy review

Soleeva Energy is a renewable energy provider that focuses on serving both business and residential clients. They provide reasonably priced and effective solar energy systems that are simple to set up. Soleeva Energy has received rave reviews from its patrons for its affordable rates, high-quality offerings, and responsive customer service.

Soleeva Energy overview

Soleeva Energy is a renewable energy provider that focuses on serving both business and residential clients. They provide reasonably priced and effective solar energy systems that are simple to set up. Soleeva Energy has received rave reviews from its patrons for its affordable rates, high-quality offerings, and responsive customer service.

What Soleeva Energy has to say about itself

The goal of Soleeva Energy is to provide everyone with access to clean, affordable power. We achieve this by using our knowledge of the technological landscape to design more efficient renewable energy systems and instruct our patrons in the ways of energy conservation. Solar panels aren't the only thing we provide. We cover everything from financing and permits to bespoke systems, roof repairs, and electrical improvements, and we'll gladly explain your choices and help you choose the best one for you.

Soleeva Energy Solar Review

Year Started2010
Service AreasCA
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Manufacturing, Roofing, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead-acid, and flow batteries.

Soleeva Energy website review

You may learn a lot about Soleeva Energy, its goods, and its services by visiting the company's official website ( You may get in-depth explanations of their solar energy solutions, feedback from satisfied clients, and their contact details there. Customers may reach both customer care and technical support staff through the website. The website is trustworthy and safe in all respects. All of your information is safe and secure thanks to frequent updates and cutting-edge safety measures. Therefore, visitors may be certain that the website is a reliable source of information.

Soleeva Energy price policy

PackagesHome solar & battery systems from $14,999, Solar & battery storage from $7,999, Solar panel systems from $4,999, Battery storage from $2,999, Solar financing from $0
Payment optionsCash, check, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as PayPal and Apple Pay.
Payment discounts10% off for signing up for the company's online bill payment service, 5% off for enrolling in the company's automatic payment plan, 2% off for using the company's electronic billing service, 5% off senior citizen, 5% off military veteran or active duty member

Soleeva Energy online reputation

Customers that have dealt with Soleeva Energy have praised the company's accessibility, speed, and overall quality of service. They also highlight the energy savings and high quality of their items. Problems with Soleeva Energy's sluggish response times are often cited in the company's negative online evaluations. Overall, it seems that Soleeva Energy consumers are satisfied with the goods and customer service they get but frustrated with the company's poor response times.
"Someone who had previously worked on my house recommended Soleeva to me, so I hired them. I was all set to hire someone else for the position. Because I put in a 400kwh solar power system at my factory, I am familiar with the technology. The installation is where they really shine. Soleeva doesn't seem to care about its clients, hence the company's assistance has a negative reputation. I'm happy to pay to have the damaged panel replaced, but it's been over 8 months and they still haven't shown up to do it. The solar panel installation is still not complete. There was no longer any help for the system I had spent thousands for." - Caleb O.
"If you're worried about receiving enough assistance after starting Soleeva, I wouldn't suggest it. If you don't require assistance once they've installed it, you're good to go. At the very least, I have put in place two systems. When it comes to after-sales service and assistance, Soleeva ranks dead last. Why should one have any doubts when there are so many firms to choose from?" - Tyler M.
"Since they were disapproved by PGE. They were compelled to return. They phoned me right away, which makes sense given that they are trying to be paid. We agreed on a four-hour timeslot for the meeting. No one called, and nobody showed up. I could have been upset, but I decided to call and reschedule anyway. There was a DROPPOUT. Unbelievable. At this time, I shall submit a formal complaint to PGE." - Dylan R.
"On 11/09/20, I reached out to Soleeva in search of a Solar Proposal. The person I spoke to was helpful, kind, and clearly competent. The fact that they employ American-made panels convinced me to reach out to them. I've tried emailing and calling to follow up on the original contact, but haven't heard back. There was no proposal and no response. Even though they said they'd provide a proposal and we'd take it from there, my house is practically too far for them to go. I am quite frustrated by the lack of response. You can acquire a simple proposal from almost any business in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, I had to go elsewhere for my requirements to be satisfied, but I am holding out hope that Soleeva would at least return my calls. Don't get your hopes up for one of the few American items in Solar Energy if I'm out of your region if you can help it." - Jackson G.
"Better businesses exist. From what I've seen, it seems like there isn't enough help staff at this organization. Having reliable support in place is crucial for a system that is expected to run for two decades. They came up at last to swap out the panel. Because of how well they handle set up, I've given them an extra star. The long-term support is still a worry of mine. Make sure you have a documented guarantee for support if you decide to go ahead and grant them the bid. The replacement of a single panel cost me $2,400. This is the maximum I would have paid; I'm simply fed up with the silence." - Ryan V.
"The firm was accommodating and decent overall. Unlike the typical aggressive salesperson. Excellent service and quick responses are their hallmarks. I was able to make an informed decision with the support of their solar expertise; they took the time to explain concepts like net energy metering and NEM 3.0 in detail." - Malik E.
"When it comes to delivering on their promises, Soleeva is a corporation that can always be counted on. I'd want to express my gratitude to everyone on the team for making sure that everything went off without a hitch and that my calls were always returned promptly. Linda always answered my calls and took care of my inquiries. Everyone on the team, thank you very much for your incredible efforts. The projected completion date and budgeted total both held true. I am really happy that I went with Soleeva solar after requesting quotes from numerous other providers. I was amazed by the level of professionalism shown throughout the whole process. The staff was really helpful and informative if I had any inquiries. I had a lot of issues with my house, which was constructed in the '90s, but they provided me assurance and corrected everything. The staff was great to work with; they were kind, thorough in their cleanup, and the new solar panels and roof they installed looked great. If you need a new roof and want it done well, they're who you should call." - Pedro C.
"When I first began looking into having solar panels installed at my home, Soleeva was not the first company that sprang to mind. I'm relieved to have completed them. Whether it's the ease of the installation or the staff's unwavering professionalism, I've only had good things to say about this place. You won't go wrong with my wholehearted recommendation." - Skyler T.
"Soleeva was a fantastic solar partner. They took a genuine interest in my well-being and addressed my many questions and concerns as I became more knowledgeable about solar energy with their help. I have enjoyed working with Soleeva and I believe that this organization is innovative in its sector." - Kevin F.
"We enjoyed working with Soleeva, and our solar panels are wonderful. It's important to note that we've been interested in going solar for a long time, but most solar contractors have been reluctant to work on our steel roof until lately. It would have been difficult without their cutting-edge equipment, what with our power needs and our rather modest rooftop area. Soleeva met all of our needs exactly. We had some fantastic chats with their very helpful and attentive personnel, and thereafter we were confident in their ability to deal with our particular kind of roof and enthusiasm for their cutting-edge equipment. It's a bonus that they're both a computer firm and a roofing firm. Talk to them about the items they provide and are developing; those who are serious about being green" won't be let down. Since we were so satisfied with Soleeva and they took the time to educate us and answer any questions, I could write a novel about our experience, but I'll try to keep this review as brief as possible: * Everyone who came to work with us throughout this entire process was always professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. Their assistance in solving problems and supplying the paperwork required by our home owner's association was invaluable. They analyzed potential outcomes for our setup and guided us through the process of creating the best possible system with the aid of some fantastic new technologies, one of which they created." - Mason P.

Soleeva Energy Social media
This is the solar energy company Soleeva Energy's official Facebook page. Its sleek and contemporary appearance exemplifies the company's dedication to cutting-edge technology. The page is well-liked and popular with more than 900 followers. The portal includes a range of materials, such as solar energy news and promotions as well as images and videos demonstrating the operation of each energy plant. There are also links to the company's social media sites and website. It is safe to rely on the information on this page since it is accurate and current. The website is well-maintained and a great source of information about the products and services provided by Soleeva Energy.
A reputable solar energy provider with operations in the US is Soleeva. Their LinkedIn profile exudes an air of dependability and modernity. The website is well-structured, with current articles, job openings, employee highlights, and an overview written with assurance. Customer testimonials are also included on the website, which raises its legitimacy. The website features a broad range of business data and statistics, demonstrating its openness and stellar reputation. In addition, followers often provide intelligent comments on blogs, which attests to Soleeva's competence and reliability. In general, the Soleeva LinkedIn profile is a reliable site to get the most recent corporate news and updates.
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Soleeva Energy average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
Google reviews374.5


Soleeva Energy Pros & Cons

  • Renewable Energy
  • Technical Expertise
  • Community Involvement
  • Limited Funding
  • Limited Reach
  • Low Public Awareness

Soleeva Energy Final Conclusions

Soleeva Energy is a renewable energy provider that focuses on serving both business and residential clients. They provide reasonably priced and effective solar energy systems that are simple to set up. Soleeva Energy has received rave reviews from its patrons for its affordable rates, high-quality offerings, and responsive customer service.

Soleeva Energy locations

Main Address1918 Junction Ave San Jose, CA 95131
Phone Number8338208080

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