Solera Energy LLC review

We are pleased to have been the first firm, in conjunction with Gardner Solar, to provide complete solar solutions to the Show-Me State 12 years ago. More Missouri households have been converted to solar power by our staff than by any other firm in the state.
Solera Energy LLC review

Solera Energy LLC overview

We are pleased to have been the first firm, in conjunction with Gardner Solar, to provide complete solar solutions to the Show-Me State 12 years ago. More Missouri households have been converted to solar power by our staff than by any other firm in the state.

What Solera Energy LLC has to say about itself

When it comes to solar power in Missouri and Northwest Arkansas, Solera Energy LLC and Gardner Solar are unrivaled. Since we pioneered solar energy in the Show-Me State a decade ago, no other business in Missouri has installed solar panels on more Missouri homes than we have. Every project is tailored to the unique electrical, investment, and financial requirements of our clients, and you can be certain that we will keep you updated every step of the process since we insist on nothing less than the best. All of our efforts are driven by our dedication to a sustainable future via renewable energy. We all want to make a difference in the lives of our clients, friends, and families, and that's why we work so hard. We think that giving households the option to purchase solar panels outright is the best approach to make sure everyone benefits from cleaner energy in the long run. Moreover, we provide a wide variety of money-saving opportunities, such as our Premium Referral Program.

Solera Energy LLC Solar Review

Year Started2019
Service AreasMO
Service Typesdesign and installation of a solar energy system, energy audit, energy efficiency improvement, solar energy system monitoring, solar energy financing, as well as ongoing maintenance and support
Types Panelsmonocrystalline and polycrystalline
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries and flow batteries

Solera Energy LLC website review

Through its website, Steel City Solar is a renowned and creative provider of solar energy. Steel City Solar, a firm committed to promoting sustainable and clean energy solutions, provides a variety of services and products to aid people in converting to solar power in their homes, workplaces, and communities. The company's objective is briefly summarized on the webpage, with an emphasis on using solar energy to build a greener and more sustainable future. Users may familiarize themselves with the different services and solutions provided by Steel City Solar by visiting the website. Residential solar panel installation, business solar energy solutions, and community solar energy initiatives are a few of them. Each service is backed by comprehensive literature on the advantages, financial savings, and environmental effect of switching to solar power. Additionally, the website provides useful tools like a solar energy calculator that enables users to calculate their potential savings and return on investment (ROI) from converting to solar power. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is also available, and it tackles typical queries and worries about using solar power. Customer reviews and case studies are featured prominently on the Steel City Solar website. These actual cases highlight the beneficial effects solar has had on past clients, highlighting the company's expertise and track record of successful installations. Reviews like this support the credibility of Steel City Solar's offerings. Additionally, the website offers a blog part where users may read educational materials, business news, and pointers for maximizing the advantages of solar energy. As a result, the website of Steel City Solar offers anyone interested in converting to solar energy a visually appealing and educational platform.

Solera Energy LLC price policy

Payment optionsmajor credit cards, as well as checks and cash
Payment discountsstate and federal incentives, as well as payment plans and other funding options, discounts for military personnel, veterans and rescuers

Solera Energy LLC online reputation

There seems to be both favorable and bad criticism about Steel City Solar throughout different customer evaluations. Let us briefly recap the reviews' most salient points: A happy customer who had solar panels installed gave the company high marks for responsiveness and helpfulness. They spoke about how easy it was to work with the team and how much they valued the solar panels' long-term advantages. The reviewer singled out Torrena as a key contributor who deserves particular recognition. Another Kansas City area resident vouched for Solera Energy (supposedly affiliated with Steel City Solar) and their excellent service. They were happy with the solar panels, the installation crew, and the sales representative. The customer said that switching to solar was an easy choice because of the money they would save on their monthly energy expenses. A customer complained that Steel City Solar was being put under strain because of their repeated attempts to reach a person went unanswered. They also complained about the discrepancy in pricing and the lack of information about different kinds of installations. Another reviewer was unhappy with their experience with Steel City Solar because of poor communication, mismanagement, and a prolonged installation timeline. They complained about the poor quality of the installation, citing things like misaligned panels and protruding wiring as examples. Overall, the reviewer was dissatisfied with their experience and the company's reaction to their complaints. It is evident from reading these evaluations that people's interactions with Steel City Solar range widely. While some clients have praised the company's competence, expertise, and reasonable prices, others have complained about poor communication, shoddy work, and unresponsive service. To have the greatest possible experience with Steel City Solar, it is recommended to research their standing, acquire comprehensive bids, and ask plenty of questions.
"It looks like a tough sell, with expensive costs to boot, for their business strategy. There was obviously a lot of pressure put on me to set up an appointment when they called me nine times after they obtained my name as interested. One broker didn't even bother to come to the house to provide an estimate, which turned out to be very ludicrous. The second representative, who introduced themselves as a "Manager," reviewed the work, and then offered a price that was 29% more than the following proposal. Their'standard' installation was not considered, and other options were not considered either. In my opinion, if you're serious about the project, you should have at least one other person go at the plans and submit bids." - Bains
"Though it has taken some time, the solar industry's fraudulent practices are now coming to light. Never will it be enough to pay for your solar energy system. It won't generate enough money to cover its costs, even if you utilize the government subsidy. Except if you put in the equipment yourself. Do not waste your money on this endeavor if you do not think you are capable of completing it."- Gary
"Around the area of Panther Creek, a company marked driver was driving so aggressively that they nearly caused a collision with our vehicle while trying to pass us in the left turn lane on Highway S 13. When we arrive to Springfield, I'm going to phone the highway patrol to let them know about this!!!" - Olivier
"Disappointingly, my dealings with Steel City Solar were. Although the consultation itself was helpful, the installation procedure was marred by poor communication and mismanagement. Due to a number of setbacks and misunderstandings, finishing took much longer than expected. There were also installation difficulties, such as panels that weren't installed properly and exposed wires. It was annoying to have to keep following up on these issues, and the solutions offered were not enough. Unfortunately, my experience with Steel City Solar means I cannot endorse their services. I had hoped for more attention to detail and customer service." - Liam
"Steel City Solar was not the right company for my home solar panel installation. There was a general lack of professionalism and misunderstanding throughout the process. I didn't feel like I was given enough time or information at the first meeting to make a well-informed choice. Every day, employees would turn up late and leave the installation site in shambles. Furthermore, the system's performance was poor, leading to frequent malfunctions and insufficient energy production. Steel City Solar did not respond to our pleas for help and provided no useful suggestions for fixing the problems we were having. To get my solar panel system up and running again, I had to contact a different business to do the necessary repairs. Because of my terrible experience, I strongly advise avoiding utilizing Steel City Solar." - James
"The installation of my solar panels was a pleasant and successful endeavor for me. They made sure I was okay by checking in with me to make sure everything went swimmingly. When I needed to ask a question, they were always accessible to answer it. Getting this product is something that I would strongly suggest doing. In the long term, it will be worthwhile. The staff is wonderful to deal with and really pleasant to interact with. Thank you so much, Torrena." - Janice
"Our home is in the Kansas City metro. Our panels were installed by Solera Energy last autumn. The salesman we dealt with, the panel installers, and the firm all exceeded our expectations. The Solera representative had some difficulty coordinating with KCPL/Evergy at first because of the timing of their switch, but eventually they were able to get our panels up and running. We are now reaping the rewards and enjoying several days of really high solar production. Our most recent Evergy bill was less than $20. It was a no-brainer since we could finance the panels with payments roughly equivalent to our monthly power bill, and we wouldn't have to pay anything up front to have them installed." - Jane
"We've had a fantastic experience with Solare Energy. They were not just accommodating throughout the bid process, but also patient and accommodating while we deliberated. He suggested we acquire some other quotes to evaluate. They were the cheapest option, and building them took just a week. We installed 40 480-Watt commercial panels on a previously unusable slope, and they are now providing us with usable electricity. Most solar panel installers would never contemplate placing their panels on a slant. Dustin Merkley, who works with us, is an excellent salesman. When we required a change, he made it, and when we were confused, he explained it well. We researched many options before settling on Solare Energy, and we couldn't be happier with our decision. The power from the sun is the BEST." - Patricia
"Johnathan Winking is of the highest caliber. The amount of enthusiasm and effort that he puts into his work sets him apart from everyone else. Throughout the whole process of acquiring and installing my solar panel array, he was always accessible to answer any questions that I had whenever I needed him to do so. After two to three years, I am still able to depend on him. I am grateful to you, Jonathan. You're amazing." - Noah
"We did a lot of research and ended up with six different price estimates. After listening to multiple other organizations attempt to sell us on things that didn't really add up, it was nice to hear that Solera was the greatest value for the money and also simply seemed like decent trustworthy guys. BJ Drew did a fantastic job of figuring out what we needed and coming up with some choices for us. He was also really patient with all of the questions I peppered him with. They just finished the installation, and it looks fantastic." - Matt

Solera Energy LLC Social media
The Steel City Solar Facebook page is a useful tool for fostering customer engagement and increasing awareness of the company's offerings in each of these areas. This website includes photographs and videos of their installations, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers and instructional information pertaining to solar power. The page has more than 6,000 people following it. Regular updates are made to the posts, and they often include discounts and promotions. Additionally, the page has links to the company's website as well as contact information, which makes it simple for clients to get in touch with the business. Overall, the Facebook page for Steel City Solar is a fantastic resource for gaining further knowledge about the firm as well as staying current with the latest information on the products and services that are available.The Steel City Solar LinkedIn profile is an excellent resource that can be used to learn more about the organization as well as the individuals that work there. This website offers up-to-date information about the organization, as well as job listings and testimonials from satisfied customers. The page has more than 200 people following it. Customers will find it much simpler to get in touch with her as a result of the inclusion of links to Steel City Solar's website and other contact information. In addition, there are links on this website that go to the social media profiles of the firm. This gives clients an extra venue in which they may engage in conversation with the business. In general, the Steel City Solar LinkedIn profile is a useful resource for gathering additional information about the firm and the products and services it offers.
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Solera Energy LLC average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews964.9


Solera Energy LLC Pros & Cons

  • initial installation cost
  • the need for regular maintenance
  • solar energy depends on the weather
  • high quality products
  • professional installation
  • funding options

Solera Energy LLC Final Conclusions

Steel City Solar's overall performance and reputation are mixed, according on accessible information and client reviews. There are both favorable and negative assessments of the firm, with some praising its expertise, experience, and profitability while others raise difficulties with connection, installation quality, and customer service. Keep in mind that not every client's experience will be the same and that not every review will be representative of the total customer base. Concerns regarding pricing discrepancies, pressure tactics, installation delays, and insufficient issue solutions are warranted, as expressed in the unfavorable evaluations. People may make an educated choice about hiring Steel City Solar to install their solar panels by doing their homework, getting various estimates, and reading reviews written by satisfied customers. Before committing to Steel City Solar, prospective clients are encouraged to do their research, take into account both good and negative feedback, and prioritize their requirements and wants.

Solera Energy LLC locations

Main Address1725 N. Packer Rd., Springfield, MO, United States, Missouri
Phone Number8557452398

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