Southern Solar review

In order to verify the output of your solar panels, Southern Solar makes it simple to use your smartphone or tablet. You have daily access to this data at your fingertips. For further information, speak to your Energy Expert.
Southern Solar review

Southern Solar overview

In order to verify the output of your solar panels, Southern Solar makes it simple to use your smartphone or tablet. You have daily access to this data at your fingertips. For further information, speak to your Energy Expert.

What Southern Solar has to say about itself

At Southern Solar, we take pleasure in offering Dallas-Fort Worth area homeowners an eco-friendly energy choice while upholding our fundamental Southern Values. Your best interests are always at the forefront for our team of Energy Experts! We simply be what we are! Give us a call right now to find out how solar energy might help you save!

Southern Solar Review

Year Started2021
Service AreasTX
Service TypesSolar panel installation, design, energy efficiency audit, energy efficiency upgrades and consulting services
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin-film, and bifacial panels
Backup BatteryLithium ion and lead acid batteries
CertificationsNABCEP, IAEC, SEIA

Southern Solar website review

The website features a contemporary, expert design with straightforward navigation. Black and orange together provide a vibrant and favorable picture of the business. The website is also responsive to mobile devices, which is crucial for a contemporary website. The website's material gives a concise summary of the firm's offerings, including information on solar energy's advantages and residential and commercial solar installation. A blog with educational posts about solar energy and sustainability is also available on the website. Overall, it seems like Southern Solar's website is well-designed and educational, giving visitors a clear grasp of the services offered by the firm and the advantages of solar energy.

Southern Solar price policy

Packages$10,000 to $30,000
Payment optionsCash, check, debit cards, credit cards, and online payments
Payment discountsDiscounts for customers who pay by cash or check.

Southern Solar online reputation

According to the consumer feedback given, Southern Solar's clients have had a variety of opinions about the company. While some customers have enjoyed working with Southern Solar, others have voiced their dissatisfaction with the business. One customer had a bad encounter with Southern Solar. He claims he was promised a refund and a tax deduction, neither of which materialized. Additionally, he asserts that the supplier failed to fulfill his commitments and that he did not get any servicing after installation. On the other side, a number of other customers have been pleased with Southern Solar. The customer commended the firm for its integrity and moral conduct in doing business. Another customer went into her appointment with Southern Solar with high expectations, and she wasn't let down.
"Was promised a $3000 refund (LIE), but only got $2000. Was informed that the government offered a 30% discount off the purchase price (LIE). We don't pay taxes since we are retired; instead, Texas offers a 30% tax credit. No service was provided after installation. No one was contacted, and the salesperson who was supposed to handle our electricity rates and look for the best deals never did. THEY WILL JUST TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN, LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE. a 25-year warranty on my equipment, I was informed yes, that's correct! never received any warranty documents; had to register the equipment with Enphase on my own AVOID DOING BUSINESS WITH THESE PEOPLE AS THEY PROVIDE NO AFTER-SALE SERVICE" - RAUL RIVERA
"Honest, ethical, and consultative! When my uncle started researching solar providers, Southern Solar essentially rescued us. He was informed that he would be eligible for a tax incentive to lower the price by the other firm, which sounded excellent and was worth considering. We were fortunate to have Southern Solar do an examination for us. The thing that shocked me the most was their candor when it came time to talk about tax advantages, for which we discovered that he really WASN'T eligible since he was retired. This demonstrates to me that there are decent salespeople and companies out there that prioritize doing the right thing above making a quick sale that can cause a significant financial hardship for a customer. If you want to go solar, don't even take a chance on other businesses. Doing it correctly looks like this!" - Cristobal Andres
"Five years ago, my husband and I met with a number of solar providers for the first time. The first firm to meet all of our demands and wishes while staying within our budget and yet saving money was Southern Solar. amazing client service." - Elisa Perry
"I had meetings with four different businesses because I never wanted to choose the first one. Southern sunlight completely astounded me. To make sure the appointment time was still convenient for me, they contacted the previous evening. They were really sincere, courteous, knowledgable, and honest. Customer service has never been better for me. I'm extremely appreciative of this business and the money it helped me save!" - Alexandra Rae
"More than the other people I talked to, the woman who answered the phone when I called Southern Solar to make an appointment understood precisely what she was talking about. I had really high expectations for the appointment as a result. Bryan was a great gentleman who thoroughly explained everything. And we are now saving $67 each and every month. They checked in and kept me informed about what would happen next. I'll be sure to pass along Southern Solar's name to everyone!" - Brad Copeland
"We contacted Southern Solar and scheduled a meeting with Dave Ramirez because my wife and I were interested in learning more about solar power. He emerged and guided us through each step. Wonderful visit; that evening, I bought solar panels! The Southern Solar workers performed a VERY NEAT and CLEAN installation. The Southern Solar crew, Ledio, Blake, Josh, and of course DaveBret Gulch deserve a big thank you." - Bret Gulch

Southern Solar Social media
A full-service solar energy installation in Texas is called Southern Solar. Their Facebook page, which has 236 likes and 185 followers, offers frequent updates on their goods and services in addition to informative blog entries and solar energy-related videos. Nearly every day, new entries are made to the website, covering anything from product details and promotions to user reviews. Additionally, they often share client success stories and videos, which add to their reputation as a solar installation business. Links to resources including contact details, FAQs, and energy resources are provided on the website, illustrating the company's dedication to its visitors' needs. Additionally, the website includes a variety of visual elements, such as pictures and videos, which makes it more appealing to subscribers. Posts normally get between 5 and 15 likes and comments. The updates are constant and aid in educating and interacting fans with the Southern Solar brand, even if the number of likes and comments is not very high. Overall, Southern Solar's Facebook page is well run and often updated. The informational and interesting posted material contributes to the favorable brand perception. Additionally, the portal offers useful information about solar energy and a number of tools that might get prospective clients one step closer to switching.
Texas-based Southern Solar is a full-service solar installation with 237 followers on LinkedIn. Customer evaluations as well as information about products and services are often posted on the website. In addition, they publish blogs and provide instructive movies about solar energy and their own services. With links to contact details, frequently asked questions, and energy resources, the page demonstrates the company's dedication to client pleasure. Additionally, the website features visual components like images and videos that enhance the content's appeal. The page has a small amount of activity; postings often get 10 to 15 likes and comments. But this is not always a negative thing, since sustained involvement is arguably more significant than sustained engagement in large bursts. Overall, Southern Solar's LinkedIn profile is effectively run and often updated. The company's brand is strengthened by the useful and entertaining material that has been posted. The website offers useful information on solar energy and tools to assist clients make educated decisions, despite the small involvement.
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Southern Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
yelp.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews5485


Southern Solar Pros & Cons

  • High quality solar panels
  • Competitive prices for the installation of solar panels
  • Wide range of financing options
  • Limited availability in some US regions
  • Installation costs can be high
  • Limited warranty on some of their products

Southern Solar Final Conclusions

It may be assumed that Southern Solar is a reliable Texas-based provider of solar panel installation services. Their utilization of premium solar equipment, knowledgeable installation personnel, and attentive customer care demonstrates their dedication to offering consumers high-quality solar solutions. To make the switch to solar energy more affordable, Southern Solar provides a number of services, such as solar panel installation, system design, and financing choices. Additionally, they place a high value on openness and honesty in all facets of their operations, making sure that clients are well-informed on the advantages of solar energy and what to anticipate throughout the installation process.Overall, Southern Solar is a good choice for anyone wishing to switch to solar in Texas due to their dedication to sustainable energy and customer satisfaction.

Southern Solar locations

Main Address508 Silicon Drive, Southlake, TX 76092
Phone Number(817)751-8911

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