Steel City Solar review

You're probably like us in that you've received at least one power bill that made your head (and pocketbook) spin. Steel City Solar has been working with residents in Southern Colorado since 2016 to help them generate their own electricity and reduce their reliance on utility companies.

Steel City Solar overview

You're probably like us in that you've received at least one power bill that made your head (and pocketbook) spin. Steel City Solar has been working with residents in Southern Colorado since 2016 to help them generate their own electricity and reduce their reliance on utility companies.

What Steel City Solar has to say about itself

We only utilize high-quality solar equipment, and everyone from our master electrician down to our qualified personnel knows it. You can monitor the output of your solar panels in real time using our app. We are a locally owned and run business, and we want to be here for the long haul.

Steel City Solar Review

Year Started2006
Service AreasCO
Service TypesInstallationб Financing, Energy Auditing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film panels
Backup BatteryTesla, LG, and Sonnen
CertificationsNABCEP, SEIA

Steel City Solar website review

A cutting-edge website called Steel City Solar is devoted to provide in-depth knowledge and services about solar energy in the made-up city of Steel City. The website provides an engaging user experience and a plethora of materials for people, companies, and organizations interested in adopting solar energy solutions. It has a slick and contemporary UI. The site's primary navigation menu provides easy-to-use alternatives for navigating the different parts. On the webpage, a summary of Steel City's dedication to renewable energy is given, with a special emphasis on significant solar energy projects and success stories. In order to assist customers in converting to solar energy, Steel City Solar offers a variety of end-to-end services. The Residential Solutions section provides details on the installation procedure, available financing alternatives, and incentives while also introducing homeowners to the advantages of solar energy. Visitors may read educational articles, browse FAQs, and even schedule an appointment with a qualified solar energy specialist. The advantages of incorporating solar energy into operations are discussed for companies and organizations on the Commercial Solutions page. With an emphasis on cost savings, enhanced brand reputation, and beneficial environmental effect, it promotes the success stories of neighborhood companies that have implemented solar solutions. possible customers may assess the viability and possible advantages of adopting solar energy to fulfill their unique demands with the aid of in-depth case studies and ROI calculators. Steel City Solar has a website specifically devoted to resources to help its clients even more. To learn more about solar energy and its uses, visitors may access educational resources such as e-books, white papers, and infographics here. The often updated blog emphasizes the most recent business developments, news, and technological trends, ensuring that users are educated and equipped to make wise choices. In order to promote the advantages of solar energy consumption, Steel City Solar's website offers a platform that is both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

Steel City Solar price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, check, credit card, and financing options
Payment discountsDiscounts and incentives for customers who choose to pay in full, use financing options, or rent solar panels, state and federal tax credits and incentives

Steel City Solar online reputation

According to client reviews, Steel City Solar seems to have a mixed bag of experiences with their service. Here is a list of the comments: Delay in installation and lack of communication: One client said that the installation took longer than anticipated and that as a consequence, their solar system did not start producing electricity for nearly a month. It is possible that poor communication between Steel City Solar and San Isabel Electric had a role in this problem. There have also been concerns about poor communication and contact issues. Billing problems and a delay in activation. After signing the contract, a different consumer complained that the system took longer to activate. They had trouble getting in touch with Steel City Solar to get the required changes and utility connection paperwork. They therefore have pending debt and utility obligations. inadequate customer service and review manipulation. Some clients complained about the company's customer service, claiming that repair services were promised but not quickly provided. Despite this bad experience, Steel City Solar has received praise for its professional and timely service in other evaluations. The sales crew, installers, and management received high marks from customers for their professionalism, communication skills, and dedication to ensuring their pleasure. These pleased customers endorse Steel City Solar because of its affordable prices, first-rate customer support, and simple installation procedure. Overall, Steel City Solar has received both favorable and unfavorable comments. Before making a choice, prospective clients should carefully weigh these aspects and may wish to find out more about the company's communication practices, responsiveness, and dedication to providing high-quality service and support.
"Despite the length of this tale, I will attempt to be concise in expressing my meaning. Steel City Solar and San Isabel electric (whom they collaborate with) installed a solar power system for us. We debated whether or not to include our assignment for quite some time. I contacted San Isabel electric in early March and was informed that it got on line on the 24th of February, thus it seems that the installation process took longer than expected. Just before leaving on vacation, I utilized the San Isabel smart hub app to double-check and came to the conclusion that it wasn't generating. A date of late March was used. When I arrived back from my trip, I had to pay the power bill in addition to my first loan payment (for solar financing). Bad, since the whole point is to avoid paying both. Recognizing that there may be periods of low production due to weather. Just two nights ago, I attended a meeting with steel city solar in San Isabel in the electrical operations building. People who employ solar panels and steel were both present. When I contacted Steel City Solar about the problem, they told me that it was due to a misalignment between the payment cycle and the weather. A representative from Steel City Solar dropped by my home today while I was out of town and left a letter reading, "i have been here to initialize your solar system, as of approx. 1100 am on 04/14/2023 your solar system is producing power." Therefore, it has been sitting there in all its splendour doing nothing for the last 1 and a half months plus the day of final installation and inspection (Completed successfully and ready to commission). The co-op and Steel City Solar have failed miserably as a company, and I am paying the price twice over. You should give solar energy serious consideration. Take notice, Steel City Solars" - Bob
"I'm considering a solar system upgrade. As a handicapped veteran who is half deaf, I am unable to use a telephone. I first tried emailing them, but received no response; then, when I complained to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) about their lack of response to my complaint, they responded by saying they had made no attempts to contact me at all. They have ignored all communications and have made no effort to establish even minimal contact or to make their premises accessible to those with disabilities. This company's treatment of persons with disabilities is disgusting." - KH
"I don't know who was behind the wheel of the late-model Ford F-150 marked as the firm's "corporate vehicle" on northbound I-25 on June 3, but whomever was should have known better than to drive recklessly in a work car." - Steve
"We were assured that work might begin as soon as the beginning of August, so that's when we signed the contract. Typically, the contract stipulated three days. After calling repeatedly and not getting a response for three months, I finally reached someone who was able to arrange the installation for the next week. (Nov 7&8). The installers estimated that it would take two days to two weeks to switch on the service. A month later, I received paperwork from Steel City requesting that the electric company activate the system by installing the net meter. The agreement stipulated that our output could not exceed 120% of consumption from the previous year. 200% is allowed under state legislation. The system is built for 200%, as was assured to me by Mike, the salesperson. When I realized that provision needed to be amended, I gave Steel City a call. Despite the contract stating that "they will process all utility interconnection documentation," I was directed to contact the utility company instead. The utility company I phoned referred me to Steel City. Steel City has not returned my calls after five attempts over the last week. The debt given to Steel City and the utility bills that this technology was supposed to eradicate are coming due shortly." - Earnie
"You had better not have any problems, since they will promise to send a repairman numerous times before really sending one. It's important to notify Google that most of the reviews are likely fabrications by staff members. If you want your system fixed when it breaks down, don't waste your money on this service. In addition, they pay users to delete their bad evaluations." - Jecee
"We looked at several different firms before deciding on Steel City Solar to install our solar panels. Everyone we dealt with at Tyler's, from the salesperson to the installers to the electrician to Tyler himself, was kind, prompt, and competent. Those looking to install solar panels should go with this business." - Dave
"Steel City Solar is the only firm you need to consider or choose for your solar energy project. Steel City Solar had the best pricing and greatest customer service after I researched and spoke with multiple solar firms over the course of two weeks (both locally and from other states). Jim B (the owner), Dan B (the sales director), and the rest of the office and installation team run a tight ship. I'm happy to report that I've had nothing but excellent service from the office, from scheduling an initial consultation and price through the installation and commissioning of the system." - Luis
"My experience with Dan and Jim was fantastic once I was able to access the actual steel city team rather than the imposters pretending to be steel city but then changing your paperwork to big dog or just not responding for weeks. From the beginning of the sales process to the completion of the installation, everything ran smoothly and exactly as planned. If you're thinking about going solar, I urge you to use Steel City. It was easy to get financing. The installation was superb, as was the subsequent inquiry about my satisfaction with the service. Although I seldom take the time to write evaluations, this is one squad you should not overlook." - Shad
"Steel City Solar has transformed my solar energy experience. During my very first meeting with the company's representatives, I was treated like one of the family. Brian and Neil came to my home to provide me all the information I needed and answer any concerns I had so that I could make a well-informed choice. They stood by me throughout my credit repair process so that I could have solar installation. Once approval was given, everything moved quickly and easily. The men who did the actual installing did a fantastic job. They put in a lot of overtime to get my solar installation done. They made sure that everything was spotless and beautiful. Jim checked the work to make sure it was done properly and then he taught me how to use the system. I was never in the dark or confused. Steel City Solar is a company I have and will continue to recommend to my friends and family." - mindy
"From the very beginning to the very end, Steel City Solar was there to assist us out. Easy to work with, competent, and devoted to client satisfaction. They were really pleased to be of assistance, and they took care of us as if we were family, doing everything they could to see that our needs were met." - kris

Steel City Solar Social media
Overall, Steel City Solar's Facebook page is attractive and offers a fascinating and educational look at the business, its offerings, and services. The website often posts updates on the newest projects, pictures of installations that have been completed, and client feedback. Links to the business's website, blog, and other social media profiles are also included. On the users' page, there are more than 2500 active trackings. In order to keep viewers on the website, films and interactive graphics are also used. Being present and reacting to comments and requests from visitors. The website also includes articles on related subjects like climate change and renewable energy. In general, clients may find out a lot about Steel City Solar and its services by visiting the company's Facebook page. account not registered
YouTube Channel
3 Subscribers

Steel City Solar average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews1114.6


Steel City Solar Pros & Cons

  • Variety of funding options and incentives
  • Wide range of solar panel types and designs
  • Full Guarantee
  • Installation cost can be high
  • The installation process may take a long time
  • Local regulations and weather conditions may affect the installation process

Steel City Solar Final Conclusions

Based on user reviews, Steel City Solar's reputation and general performance seem to be mixed. While some clients have been pleased with the business, applauding its affordable prices, first-rate customer support, and easy installation procedure, other clients have encountered different problems and voiced discontent. Installation delays, communication problems, customer service problems, and billing problems are a few of the persistent problems. Additionally, the company's handling of persons with impairments was criticized, and review manipulation was alleged. These elements cast doubt on the business's professionalism and capacity to provide dependable services. Potential customers should carefully read these evaluations and consider the particular issues brought up by former customers. They may want to ask Steel City Solar for further information about their installation procedures, communication policies, and dedication to addressing client questions and issues. It is advised that anybody considering dealing with Steel City Solar do extensive research. This will enable prospective clients to decide if Steel City Solar is the best company for their solar energy project with more knowledge.

Steel City Solar locations

Main Address621 E Enterprise Drive Pueblo West, CO 81007
Phone Number7195695166

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