Sun Services USA review

We're at the forefront of the movement toward cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective power sources. We power the world with our cutting-edge inventions!
Sun Services USA review

Sun Services USA overview

We're at the forefront of the movement toward cleaner, safer, and more cost-effective power sources. We power the world with our cutting-edge inventions!

What Sun Services USA has to say about itself

Some of the top PV manufacturers in the world choose Sun Services USA as their preferred route to market, and our solar experts collaborate with partners to improve product features, shorten lead times, and increase cash flow. We manage the whole process from beginning to end. From the moment your system is switched on, you may start saving money and enjoy a tremendous return on your investment for the following 30+ years. Every step of the way, even if there are no significant developments, we'll keep you informed and check in.

Sun Services USA Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasAZ, FL, NV
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, General Contracting, Solar Repair &Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film, and bifacial
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries
CertificationsSEIA, BBB

Sun Services USA website review

The website has a clean, contemporary style and seems professionally made in terms of design and performance. Information on the website is organized, and the navigation is simple. For consumers visiting the site from various devices, it is crucial that the site loads fast and is mobile-friendly. The website offers details on the company's offerings, such as commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, and electrical services, as well as details on its background, personnel, and service regions. For prospective clients who wish to learn more about the reputation of the business, the website also includes testimonials and customer reviews. Overall, the website presents Sun Services in a reliable and expert manner in terms of style, functionality, and information. Prior to making any judgments or purchases based on information acquired online, it is always advisable to do more research and exercise due diligence.

Sun Services USA price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCredit Cards
Payment discountsDiscounts for cash payments, as well as for referrals and regular customers

Sun Services USA online reputation

Customer feedback on Sun Services USA is conflicted. The company's delayed response time, poor communication, and lack of attention to detail have led to some customers' unfavorable experiences while others have had great ones and have applauded the company's communication and installation procedure. Due to planning problems and poor communication between the business and the power provider, one customer claimed that the installation of solar panels had been delayed significantly. In addition to delays and poor communication, several clients have complained about poor quality concerns with the laying, including broken tiles, inadequate sealing, and hazardous working conditions. Positive evaluations did, however, commend the company's project management and customer service. In terms of planning, communication, and quality assurance, Sun Services USA seems to have room for development overall. Before making a choice, it may be worthwhile to do further research and take into account evaluations from other sources since there are also customers who have had excellent experiences with the business.
"We had hoped to have this service in a few months, but we are currently in the fourth month without it. The early steps—the financing, the paperwork, and—to a certain extent—the installation—seem to go well. When the firm and our power provider started communicating, I saw that the plans had the incorrect source listed. I informed the company to this problem, but it did not change the plans. This caused the revisions to be ordered later than planned. Second, the power provider did not have the plans and specifications on file for some reason; I'm not sure whose fault it was. This set us behind by a few more weeks. We are currently awaiting commissioning since the loan payment has just begun. Thirdly, the business wasn't there when the electricity provider arrived to start the service. As a result, we have not been paid to write this. There are a few tiny flaws that I can see, but I'm hoping they're not usual or unfixable." - johwr
"24 ground-mounted panels, $30,000. Contracts began at $24,000.00. I paid Mosaic extra before they did any work. The county denied roof mounting. They wanted to make holes in my roof to view my home's timber. Insanity. I feel like they basically utilized my credit and pulled out as much money as they wanted, like an open bank account. I repeatedly urged Mosaic and AZ Sun Services to cancel because they were confusing me with several contracts to "VeriSign". No cancellations. My initial contact, who sold me the solar contract, quit the firm after I signed up. I didn't realize this until months later, and I hadn't heard from AZ Sun Services for months, so I contacted when my account was charged for services not given. They began billing my account when I didn't even have a plot staked out on my property. When the real installation occurred, I was never notified, individuals were going into my property without my agreement or knowledge, and I would return home to find things done improperly. So amateurish, like no one owned or lived there. This solar installation was operational after a year. The inverter died after one month. No one was monitoring it, and when I checked into Solar Edge, which no one informed me about or how to use, I saw it had been dead for two weeks. When I contacted Az Sun Services and Solar Edge, it took another two weeks to repair. Since November, I've paid APS power and an inflated solar bill. Very disappointed. I had to change my bank account because Mosaic was doubling and treble charging me, and they still do. After all my struggles, no one explained the additional $6,000.00 they stole from me. They never discussed their mess." - lmayj
"They are really sluggish and cannot get the project authorized with APS, as other reviewers have said. I joined in the middle of September, but my system is still not setup. When you have a stupid (AZ Sun Services) and a dumber (APS), it is difficult to tell. Due to frequent power outages in my location, I'm looking to get a system with a backup battery. The four project requests that AZ Sun made to APS were all rejected while pending revision. If you want your job completed during your lifetime, do yourself a favor and choose a different installer." - Suprise customer
"Subcontractor for Elevation Solar, this business. They didn't bring any replacement tiles when they started the installation. About 80 tiles were damaged throughout the three days (spread out) it took them to install my solar system, and they had to use tiles from my supply to make up the difference. My roofer checked the roof after the project was "completed". He discovered numerous cracked tiles as well as those that were misplaced. To repair the tiles, Elevation Solar sent a representative from a subcontractor. The representative (David) delivered 17 tiles and spent 3.5 hours realigning and fixing 20 damaged tiles in addition to many other tiles to fix the faults his teammates made. Every day the team was different. No crew members used anchors or harnesses, in violation of OSHA safety regulations for personal fall arrest devices. I requested that the 80 tiles from my supply that the subcontractor used be replaced or that Elevation Solar pay me back for their expense. 80 tiles or so were delivered by the subcontractor. If one decides to go solar, I advise having your installer have a stock of replacement tiles on available before you begin your install." - Leo N.
"Despite being quick? Be sure to reconsider. I've had their contract for six months now. Still no solar panels. not even a time or date set. The rest of the firm behaves like they don't know what they are doing, but their salesperson gave us all the information we needed. It took them five months to produce a simple strategy that demonstrated their completion in nine weeks. Finally, in week 22, the new breaker panel was installed. I'll tell you right now: Job One is NOT quality! Until I called them out on it, they weren't even going to caulk it to the wall. With my eyes closed, I'm quite confident I could caulk better. The appearance of the solar panel installation genuinely scares me. AVOID THIS BUSINESS!" - Disappointed Mike
"My solar installation on my home was recently completed by Sun Services. They performed well. Our allocated project manager informed us at every stage of the process. Solar energy installation was simple and stress-free. They answered all of my inquiries promptly, and even helped me with the layout by moving some of the elements I wanted to. I heartily advise making use of this service. Prior to them, I talked with four other businesses, but none of them could match the financing arrangements they were able to provide." - James P
"My salesperson Mitch Wafford was the first to get the five stars; he convinced me of the wisdom of going solar and assured me that I would have an easy experience. Then Sasha took over and followed every promise Mitch had made, and I never had a single problem. My solar system was completed in a single day, was inspected, and is currently operational with no delays. Sasha promised me I could contact her or Mitch at any moment with questions and kept me updated at every stage. We appreciate your company's integrity and the high caliber of your staff." - Melanie Ruiz
"Through an Az Sun approved dealer, I bought this system. They assured me that AZ Sun would guide me through the whole process despite my overall concerns about the project, and wow did they deliver. Reyna, my project manager, gave me a call once a week to make sure I was informed. I had no idea how many various permissions were required to get solar, but AZ Sun took care of everything. I delayed a couple steps of the process since I was out of town, but overall, my system was installed approximately 40 days after signing the contract." - Happy Scottsdale Customer
"AZ Sun Services provided excellent service to us! They were nice, kind, professional, and competitive. Working with Roenic was a pleasure since he made things simple. He was always accessible to us for inquiries and concerns. The whole staff performed an excellent job! As a result of our excellent solar system, Roenic has received inquiries for solar from three members of our family and friends." - Janet J
"This past week, AZ Sun Services assisted and guided me in turning on my solar system. Their personnel was incredibly competent, savvy, dependable, and amiable. Roenic, who I initially spoke with, gave me an explanation of how solar energy works. I asked him a lot of questions, and he patiently answered each one and repeated it to me many times when I didn't understand. Nowadays, almost everything is done electronically (not my strong point), and Roenic patiently guided me through it all without making me feel stupid. I appreciate his assistance a lot. Reyna, who handled all the scheduling and other little matters, was the other person I interacted with the most. She was polite and so easy to deal with. All of the workmen that came to my house were really polite, amiable, and safety-conscious. They were competent and showed up when they were supposed to. For all solar requirements, I strongly recommend AZ Sun Services and their staff." - Cici Horrell

Sun Services USA Social media
The Sun Services USA Facebook page is devoted to disseminating details about the identically named business with offices in Florida. The website offers product details, solar energy news and tips, client testimonials, and information about the company's solar energy solutions for home and commercial customers. More than 120 individuals actively follow the page. The majority of the items on the page are promoting their services, along with educational articles about solar energy and environmental sustainability. In order to maintain a connection with the community, they provide both client success stories and monthly news updates. The postings also include a variety of visuals, including infographics, photos, and videos.Customers praise the company's services and express happiness on the page, contributing to its general pleasant vibe. They also have a high rate of involvement, with many likes and comments on postings. Additionally, Sun Services USA has provided customers with contact information and a list of locations on their Facebook page, along with exclusive deals.In general, Sun Services USA's Facebook page serves as a useful tool for the business to provide pertinent content and interact with its clientele. The page is a benefit to their firm because of its large following, favorable public opinion, and high interaction rate.
The HR department of Sun Services USA oversees their LinkedIn page, where they regularly post updates about their services, employment opportunities, and career accomplishments. With over 450 followers and a 95% engagement rate, the page is popular. Customers can use the page to keep up with the company's news and changes. Posts from Sun Services USA additionally cover staff biographies, events, and business trends and efforts relating to solar energy and their services. Customers and professionals from the industry alike routinely comment, like, and share posts on the page, which projects a professional image and enjoys good sentiment. By responding to inquiries and concerns from users, the page also promotes communication between staff members and other experts. Overall, Sun Services USA's LinkedIn page is a useful channel for connecting with clients and business associates. The page is a fantastic tool for networking and getting up to date on the company's products with frequent changes, interesting content, and strong participation.
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Sun Services USA average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews934.6


Sun Services USA Pros & Cons

  • High quality products
  • Flexible payment options
  • Professional Installation
  • Relatively high cost
  • Limited Warranty Options
  • Limited service area

Sun Services USA Final Conclusions

A reputable solar installation business, Sun Services USA provides a variety of panels and batteries. Although their installation fees are quite exorbitant and their items only have a limited guarantee, they do provide discounts in exchange for money, recommendations, and repeat business. According on the customer testimonials offered, Sun Services USA seems to have a mixed reputation, with some customers reporting favorable and others reporting poor experiences. Numerous clients have complained about poor communication, installation delays, unresolved payment difficulties, and contract terminations. Positive evaluations also highlight the business's timeliness, eagerness to assist, and the quality of work.

Sun Services USA locations

Main Address616 W 24th St. Tempe, AZ 85282
Phone Number(888) 525-2786

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