Sun Solar Solutions review

Sun Solar Solutions is a leading solar energy provider that works with both commercial and residential clients to plan, install, and service solar power systems. Assessments of energy efficiency, solar panel installation and monitoring, energy storage solutions, and more are just some of the services they offer.

Sun Solar Solutions overview

Sun Solar Solutions is a prominent supplier of solar energy that works with home and business customers to develop, build, and maintain solar power systems. Assessments of buildings' energy efficiency are only one of the many services they provide; others include installation and monitoring of solar panels, solutions for energy storage, and more.

What Sun Solar Solutions has to say about itself

Customers may discover an extensive selection of high-quality, reasonably priced renewable energy items at Sun Solar Solutions. The company aims to improve people's lives by guaranteeing a steady energy supply, reducing energy costs, and motivating households to participate in energy conservation initiatives. Sun Solar Solutions distinguishes itself from other businesses with outstanding solar customer service. Three core values guided the company's founding: assuring homeowners fully understood solar panel installation, preserving transparency, and educating consumers.

Sun Solar Solutions Solar Review

Year Started2015
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesDesign, engineering, installation, and maintenance of residential and commercial solar energy systems.
Types PanelsMono-crystalline, poly-crystalline, and amorphous thin film panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, as well as hybrid solutions that combine both types of batteries.

Sun Solar Solutions website review

The primary website for Sun Solar Solutions, a solar energy firm, is With its wealth of content, the site seems to have been professionally developed. It contains an abundance of information on the business as well as the solar energy sector in general. There is a section for instantaneous staff communication along with all the contact details. The website is a useful tool for learning more about the business and its offerings and exudes professionalism.

Sun Solar Solutions price policy

PackagesResidential Solar Package: Starting at $11,999, Commercial Solar Package: Starting at $44,999, Solar & Battery Storage Package: Starting at $22,999, Solar Financing Package: Starting at $0 down and 0% interest for up to 24 months, Solar Panel Cleaning Package: Starting at $149, Solar System Maintenance Package: Starting at $99 per month.
Payment optionsCredit/debit card, Check, PayPal, Google Pay
Payment discounts10% discount for payment in full at the time of installation, 5% discount on financing options, 0% interest financing options, Payment plans with no upfront cost, and Special promotions, such as a free home energy audit with the purchase of a solar system.

Sun Solar Solutions online reputation

Sun Solar Solutions provides choices for solar power. Homeowners, companies, and factories alike may rely on the company's team of knowledgeable experts to provide them with the greatest solar energy systems and services. Sun Solar Solutions' flawless reputation is largely due to the many good evaluations it has gotten from happy clients. Even if just a small percentage of employees are satisfied, the business nonetheless has a good rating. Because of its dedication to cost, quality, and service, Sun Solar Solutions is a leader in the solar energy industry.
"What they put on your roof isn't guaranteed to generate electricity for your home. The following is our experience: Tried three separate project managers. There was a lack of clarity in regard to when our system would be up and running, and there was a general lack of communication. changed plans as we went. It took 4 months to get up and running after installation. Having worked for less than a month, the system's inverter eventually failed. While our system failed to provide any power to our home for an entire month, SunSolar insists we are still obligated to repay the loan. The company "is not responsible for manufacturing defects" even though it selected the manufacturers. After a full workweek with no solar, we had to bring the loss of production to their attention and were assured that someone was watching our system and would fine-tune tune. Additionally, they will remove your Facebook access if you leave any negative feedback. The ostensible proprietor messaged me on Facebook about my Google review but made no effort to address my concerns or make things right. The quality of their products and services appears to be deliberate trade-offs for profit. Switch to a different firm." - Andrew R.
"This was the only company that required a personal meeting before providing any sort of numerical information. Despite providing all the information and photos they requested in advance, they didn't have the proposal ready to share until halfway through the meeting, despite the fact that I had agreed to the meeting. Very disorganized, and they spent a lot of time explaining what set them apart from competitors. However, after getting several quotes from various providers this week, I can say that none of them offer the services they claim their competitors lack. It would appear that they have not recently redone market research to determine how they stand out from the competition. Have your proposal prepared in advance of the meeting if you intend to demand that customers meet with you to obtain information." - Joshua D.
"Customer service is not a priority for anyone from the salesman to the office manager. They are only interested in making a sale and will not return messages or calls afterward. The salesman knew nothing about solar energy or the terms of the contract with Dividend. He gives you a completely false impression of what's going to occur. Never follows up to make sure everything is fine, and never calls the customer to see how they are doing. The manager doesn't know what her subordinates have said or promised, so she makes up stories about why there hasn't been any follow-up or action. Maintains an exculpatory attitude toward the staff. Uninterested in meeting the needs of their customers or growing as a business. This means the Owner either doesn't care about follow-up, delivering on promises, or providing even the most fundamental level of customer service. In light of the foregoing, I cannot stress enough how strongly I advise against using this company if you place any value whatsoever on receiving satisfactory customer service for the price you pay." - Nolan P.
"In the month of August, I became a member of Sunsolar Solutions's team. In September, they lowered the air conditioner's temperature significantly and left every appliance in the home on for one full hour. What they were really doing, I learned, was manipulating my usage. As it turns out, my home is too energy-efficient for the solar system they sold me to be approved by APS. After requesting the cancellation of my contract, I was informed that I would be charged $4,300. To keep me from canceling, they offered to lower the cost of the system by $3,000, which is an admission that I was overcharged. If you can avoid doing business with them, you should. They viewed the new homeowner as a potential target for upselling and excessive pricing." - Adrian L.
"After living in my house for about two years, I made the decision to have sun solar install solar panels. We still had electrical bills in the $200-$300 range about 6 months later. I had them do a study on it, but I kept hearing that everything was fine, and no one could explain why my bills remained so high. I re-examined the situation a year later and found the same thing; there is no explanation for my continued high bills other than the fact that my usage has increased since they first sold me the service. A HISTORY COULD NOT EXIST FOR MY HOUSE AS IT WAS COMPLETELY NEW. I was told numerous times that there would be no problem with this when I inquired about it. I was told a sales representative would contact me after this most recent study to see what could be done, but he hasn't as of yet. This firm is unreliable and does not stand behind its products. My wife and I have had nothing but trouble with this, as our electric bill has gone up and we have a solar payment that does nothing for us. I was so pleased with the solar panels that I urged several of my friends to switch to them. Unfortunately, everyone I referred ended up having nothing but problems, including one whose roof collapsed and required nearly a year of drywall repairs. Once your sun solar panels have been installed and are functioning as intended, sun solar will no longer be responsible for any maintenance on them." - Cameron D.
"Every single time, on time, with no exceptions for quality. This company comes highly recommended due to the clear and regular updates provided on the progress, quality, and timeliness of their work. A friend of mine recommended Sunsolar Solutions to me, and ever since then, I've done all of my business with the company either online or over the phone. I am overjoyed with the outcome." - Eli A.
"It was a pleasure collaborating with Sunsolar. Our manager dropped by to discuss our alternatives. It was helpful that he engaged both my husband and me in conversation. He filled us in on everything we needed to know and didn't waste any of our time. Kate did an excellent job of keeping us updated on the installation's progress up until the point where we were able to turn on the panels. We opted to buy instead of the lease because they provide competitive financing options for buyers with good credit. All went well, and the tax credits and rebates we'll get are the icing on the cake. For any and all solar power requirements, I wholeheartedly endorse them." - Mary L.
"Because of the positive feedback I found about them online, I decided to go with these guys after looking into various solar energy providers. The entire process was excellent, and the bonuses provided at the time of signing were icing on the cake. There was a lot of efficiency in the whole thing, from when Ryan came out and explained everything to when he simply flipped a switch at the end. The installation team was very professional and did a great job, and Angel, the project manager, was great at keeping everyone in the loop. The installation crew is also very knowledgeable, which is helpful because I, the customer, always seem to have a million and one questions. Even though my roof isn't big enough to go solar 100% of the time, I still enjoy not having to pay APS's ridiculous fees and other nonsense charges. Go solar and make a difference." - Cooper T.
"It's not always a walk in the park to complete a task. The end result is worth the wait, and I promise you will be satisfied if you give it time. What gives me the most pleasure is that I just happened to flip a switch and turn everything on. It felt good to know that my efforts were making a positive impact. The team will provide the assistance you requested. Once again, I appreciate your help so much." - Waylon B.
"You have made a brilliant choice. Getting my hands on solar panels wasn't a huge hassle. The main problem was determining which company to buy the panels from. We're pleased with our decision to go with SunSolar Solutions. We were looking for a firm that focused solely on solar energy solutions, not pest or security management. Roman and Axel sat down with us to plan our setup and give us an estimate for solar panels and their installation. Art was flexible enough to revise the initial estimate until we had a solution that met our needs and our budget. Following the launch, we were given a rundown of the steps required to obtain the necessary permits and set up the infrastructure. The installers were pleasant, quick, and thorough in their work. Kate was always willing to assist and kept us updated despite the many setbacks we experienced, including delays in inspection and permitting (mostly due to the city and APS) and a defective optimizer on one of the solar panels. She labored until EVERY problem was fixed to our satisfaction. Our solar power system is now fully operational, and we have already noticed a reduction in our monthly electricity costs. I have an app for my phone that gives me real-time data on how my solar system is performing, and I know that SunSolar Solutions will maintain its stellar level of customer service for as long as our system is operational." - Brooks O.

Sun Solar Solutions Social media
Sun Solar Solutions Facebook page is quite informative and seems to be regularly updated. Over 1,300 people are following the page since it provides relevant information on the company's main services and a frequently updated blog. Reputation is bolstered by the company's videos, photos, client testimonials, reviews, and connections to supplementary resources like government incentives. It is also possible to get in touch with them independently. The page seems reliable. Many subscribers and reviewers attest to the page's widespread appeal. A lot of time and care has been put into this page, which suggests that the firm values its reputation and the quality of its services.
If you're looking for reliable information about solar power, go as far as SunSolar Solutions' official LinkedIn profile. The site lists the company's goals, recent developments, and contact details. Customers may get familiarity with and confidence in the firm this way. The corporation has widespread acclaim as a leader in several markets. They have a deep appreciation for their product and for the work that goes into making it. Visitors to the website may rest assured. This is a fantastic method of contacting the solar energy professionals at SunSolar Solutions.
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105 Subscribers

Sun Solar Solutions average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solarreviews.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews4194.3


Sun Solar Solutions Pros & Cons

  • Quality
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable
  • Poor Customer Service
  • Limited Product Range
  • High Installation Cost

Sun Solar Solutions Final Conclusions

Sun Solar Solutions is a solar energy provider for homes and businesses. They provide solar power plant design, installation, and maintenance services. Numerous satisfied customers speak favorably of Sun Solar Solutions' professional team and high level of service. Sun Solar Solutions has a solid presence on social media. Customers have made many comments about the company mostly good and the company has earned a good rating.

Sun Solar Solutions locations

Main Address9059 W Lake Pleasant Pkwy Suite H800
Phone Number6028489574

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