Sunlight Solar Energy review

American-based solar energy provider Sunlight Solar Energy develops, installs, and maintains solar power systems for homes and businesses. The solar panels and batteries offered by the firm may be installed on your home's roof, or in your yard. Financing options, system upkeep, and energy tracking are all available from Sunlight Solar Energy.
Sunlight Solar Energy review

Sunlight Solar Energy overview

American-based solar energy provider Sunlight Solar Energy develops, installs, and maintains solar power systems for homes and businesses. The solar panels and batteries offered by the firm may be installed on your home's roof, or in your yard. Financing options, system upkeep, and energy tracking are all available from Sunlight Solar Energy.

What Sunlight Solar Energy has to say about itself

Our mission at Sunlight Solar Energy is to provide business and residential clients with clean, renewable energy in order to lessen our reliance on nonrenewable resources. Our mission is to provide our patrons with the best solar power systems available at the most competitive prices. Expert members of our staff are dedicated to satisfying customers while also minimizing our impact on the environment. Sunlight Solar Energy provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to your energy demands.

Sunlight Solar Energy Solar Review

Year Started1988
Service AreasCO, CT, MA, OR
Service TypesInstallation, Financing, Construction, Electrical Contracting, Solar Repair & Maintenance
Types PanelsMonocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin-film solar panels.
Backup BatteryLithium-ion, lead acid, and nickel-iron batteries.

Sunlight Solar Energy website review

The solar energy system installation and design business Sunlight Solar Energy may be found online at their official website, The website has a wealth of data, such as details about the business, its offerings, contact details, and more. Customers may quickly and easily access the data they want thanks to the website's sleek and intuitive layout. To further aid consumers in making an educated purchase choice, we also provide them with materials such as customer reviews, case studies, and more., as a whole, looks to be an authoritative resource with an established and reputable business behind it.

Sunlight Solar Energy price policy

PackagesBasic Solar Package Starting at - $3,000, Deluxe Solar Package Starting at - $5,000, Premium Solar Package Starting at - $7,000, Ultimate Solar Package Starting at - $10,000, Battery Backup Package Starting at - $2,000, Maintenance & Monitoring Package Starting at - $500, Home Automation Package Starting at - $1,000, Off-Grid Package Starting at - $12,000
Payment optionsCheck, credit/debit card, bank transfer, and cash.
Payment discounts10% off for veterans, 10% off for military personnel, 10% off for senior citizens, 5% off for multi-system purchases, 10% off for referrals, 5% off for first-time customers, 10% off for bulk orders, 10% off for returning customers

Sunlight Solar Energy online reputation

Customers have praised Sunlight Solar Energy's quick installations and friendly staff in overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Customers have spoken highly of the company's staff's expertise and professionalism, as well as the reliability of the supplied tools. Some consumers have complained about long wait times for installation, faulty hardware, and a general lack of response from the firm. Although there have been occasional concerns regarding delays and communication, Sunlight Solar Energy overall seems to deliver a dependable and competent service.
"This provider earns a failing grade of 1 since there is no zero. After the first setup, they'll just leave you alone. In 2005, we invested in a 3-kilowatt system for our otherwise passive solar home. About two and a half to three years ago, our system crashed. After a year of calling, I finally got a response. After replacing the inverter, the problem persisted. They then proceeded to inform us that it was possible that our panels had been hit by lightning and so were not covered by warranty. The next year was spent replacing faulty panels. Other panels, it was alleged the day they were placed, were defective and slowing the system down. Still no solar panels after 8 months, and they won't even respond my calls." - Andy P.
"In 2018, Sunlight put a system on our house's roof. It was a joy to work with them. The first several years of warranty service were smooth sailing. There was a change during the last year or so. Eventually, they stopped responding to emails altogether, and each time they promised to visit or call back, they never did. They are not contesting the fact that these parts are covered under warranty. They are just not appearing. Every few years, my optimizers and panels go out, and now I'm facing at paying for repairs out of pocket until I can find another source of reimbursement. Despite their previous excellence, we no longer recommend Sunlight Solar." - Jaxson F.
"So, here we are, ten years later, with an update on our solar system. Sunlight Solar poor customer service and does not appear to adhere to the terms of our contract. Sunlight Solar informed us no, it's just for 5 years and refused to prove it in writing when our roof began leaking lately because of the solar panels. Our contract stated that repairs and maintenance was covered throughout our lease arrangement. After that, we asked how much it would cost to buy out the system and remove it. We made at least 17 attempts to get in touch. We were put on hold for long periods of time, had the phone disconnected from us, or were told someone would contact us back, but never heard from them again. We haven't been able to get a solid pricing to buy out and remove the system despite all of these conversations. Sunlight Solar seems to be ignoring you on customer support and expecting you'll give up, all in the sake of maximizing the tax credits they'll get from your lease. Because of this, they are breaking the terms of their contract, which gives them the right to be bought out and have their system removed. They'll do everything it takes to win you over as a client, and you'll be satisfied for a while, but if you ever have any problems with their services, they'll just ignore you." - Fernando B.
"The first part was fine, but then the contract arrived with conditions that were radically different from and at odds with those in the proposal. They said there was a misunderstanding, but upon closer inspection of the plan, I saw that it was stated twice that the out-of-pocket expense would be $1,500 and that the loan funded with them would be $37,000, both of which are grossly discrepancies. After agreeing to the plan, I was shocked to see that the final contract required me to pay $16,800 upfront while the loan amount was set at $20,000. Since the conditions are subject to change, you should carefully read all the paperwork they provide you." - Derek M.
"Even though I have solar power, my electric bill keeps going up, and I've been trying to contact them about it. I left six messages, each time promising to call me back so I could ask questions and see what alternatives I had. Nothing. I have been trying unsuccessfully to contact them for over two weeks now. If you want help from a corporation, stay away from them." - Omar D.
"In our Sudbury, Massachusetts house, Sunlight Solar Energy installed a 12kW solar and 25kWh storage system. When the REC panels we wanted (from Solaria) were unavailable, Sunlight Solar assisted us in making a decision. They were invaluable in getting us over a rough patch with Eversource, who were doing all they could to stall our project. Even the town inspector was no match for Sunlight Solar. The staff at Sunlight Solar Energy were a joy to deal with in every way imaginable. Our sonnen battery began giving us trouble a year after installation. Sunlight Solar Energy promptly sent a technician to the scene. Sunlight Solar Energy is the best solar and battery company in Massachusetts, in my opinion." - Cohen G.
"We planned to switch to solar energy by year's end and hoped to finish before the federal tax incentives were reduced. We contacted a number of vendors and asked for price estimates and the like. No one was more forthright than Sunlight in telling us that there was no way to finish the project in time to get the 30% tax credit. We really enjoyed the openness and continuity of communication throughout the whole endeavor. Unfortunately, COVID caused a delay in the installation that we had wanted to avoid. Every one of the men that worked on the installation was kind and competent. All in all, we had a fantastic time. We received professional and fair treatment from Sunlight. Extremely content." - Frank K.
"The procedure was delayed for a year owing to our difficult circumstances, but the end product was well worth the wait. When we switched on the panel last week and saw the electricity start flowing, we became really excited. Sunlight Solar did an excellent job, and I appreciate it. Every Sunlight Solar employee I interacted with was kind, knowledgeable, and diligent. Nick Isham's helpfulness in responding to my inquiries was much appreciated. Motivated workers are a welcome sight in any organization. whether I was a new client, I'd figure out whether a Critter Guard was essential. The added cost might be justified if squirrels are a problem. In the future, I want to have my energy supplied by solar panels, and I'll certainly keep Sunlight Solar's staff in mind while doing so." - Pedro T.
"We received our first proposal response from Sunlight. I was able to get an accurate quotation and prompt service when I called this company, and their salesman, was able to efficiently install a large number of solar panels on our roof. They also provided an opportunity to finance the system at a rate of 3%. They had the most competitive price and were genuinely interested in winning our business. Since the 26nd of August, when we turned on our panels, we have been generating 40-45 kWh per day while only using 30-35 kWh. Maximum daily output was 51 kilowatt hours. As they predicted, we would have positive cash flow from day one thanks to the rebates provided by the MA SMART program. The setup process was simple, and the few issues that arose were quickly fixed. Everyone working there was kind and helpful. Additionally, their app that monitors output and intake provides a wealth of information. So far, everything about working with Sunlight Solar has been fantastic." - Lukas E.
"Sunlight Solar's work was of the highest quality throughout. The salesperson exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. There will be zero hard sell tactics. Both the installation crew and the front desk personnel were superb. Rapid and comprehensive processing of all required state and municipal forms, refunds, etc. Every call was answered quickly. I don't know what more to say than that I wholeheartedly endorse them. Well done!" - Erik D.

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Sunlight Solar Energy average reviews

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Sunlight Solar Energy Pros & Cons

  • High Initial Investment
  • Weather Dependent
  • Limited Storage Capacity
  • Renewable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly

Sunlight Solar Energy Final Conclusions

Turnkey solar energy solutions are what Sunlight Solar Energy does, and they provide them to homeowners, businesses, and even governments. Solar system design and engineering, installation, and maintenance are just some of the many services they provide. Sunlight Solar Energy's customer service and quality of work have been praised by numerous satisfied customers.

Sunlight Solar Energy locations

Main Address150 NE Hawthorne Ave #200 Bend, OR 97701
Phone Number(541)322-1910

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