Sunny Energy review

Sunny Energy was formed by four solar industry veterans with various backgrounds, from installation and operations to sales and finance, and became the industry leader and most trusted solar provider in Arizona. The local company does all the work in-house.
Sunny Energy review

Sunny Energy overview

Sunny Energy was formed by four solar industry veterans with various backgrounds, from installation and operations to sales and finance, and became the industry leader and most trusted solar provider in Arizona. The local company does all the work in-house.

What Sunny Energy has to say about itself

Going solar shouldn't have to be difficult or expensive, in our opinion. You get the best-performing system at the lowest cost when you combine the best installation expertise with the best tools and financing options. We take great pleasure in providing excellent customer service and staying in touch with you after installation. We have an A+ rating from the BBB and are accredited. On ROC, we enjoy the best reputation. Going solar is a life choice, choosing Sunny Energy is a decision. Let us provide you with a hassle-free consultation

Sunny Energy solar review

Year Started2009
Service AreasAZ
Service TypesSolar electric/PV system instalattion and repair, battery bank services
Types Panelsmonocrystalline
Backup Batterylithium-ion batteries, energy storage systems
CertificationsNABCEP Cerifed

Sunny Energy website review

Sunny Energy has a good website that stands out for its simplicity - On the website you can get a quote, where you can roughly calculate your solar budget and statistics. There is also a good section with photos of completed projects and reviews. But the site has almost no specific prices for services or any information about payment plans and has only one mention of the certificate.

Sunny Energy price policy

PackagesPrices depend on the amount of work, the term and the selected materials. For detailed information get a quote.
Payment optionscash payments, visa, mastercard
Payment discountsRefferal program for neighbours and friends.

Sunny Energy online reputation

Sunny Energy has excellent customer reviews not only on its website but overall on the Internet. People choose the company because it provides a simple and clear sales pitch and great customer service. Clients note professional installers, courteous sales managers, and efficient specialists overall in all departments. The company responds to all critical comments and negative feedback and tries to find ways to solve problems.
"For us, this process has been fraught with issues. We were told that the panels can be taken with you when you sell your home, which is true in some cases but not all, which is the first issue. What they don't tell you is that you'll need to rebuild your roof, which would cost you about $10,000, in order to move the panels. Moreover, the tax credit is not fully applied in the first year of filing; rather, a significant percentage is carried over to the following tax year. They offer you a 12-month loan with no interest for the portion that is ostensibly covered by a federal tax credit, but in our instance, we only received $9000 of the $15,000, so you can assume that we are responsible for the remaining $6000. I'm just suggesting don't get into the hype. I advise you to hold off a few more years. Also, they mislead you into thinking that installing solar panels will raise the value of your home. I can tell you right now that this is also wrong. According to appraisers, there is just not enough information to permit an increase in property value." - TXREs
"What should and could have been a wonderful addition to the house has instead only been a total misery. This is the worst company—don't be fooled by the selling point that we install & manage it. Nothing makes me regret it more than choosing Sunny, and if I could do it over, I would. This team is the most disorganized, disorderly, and unprofessional I have ever met. The salesman Jason was the one and only one who might have been saved, but even he could use some support at his level. The worst part is that I had hoped that talking to the owner about my problems and worries would help, but all I got in return was silence. When a salesperson expresses embarrassment about how his own organization handled a situation, that says a lot. You are not treated with respect by Sunny, who sells it. Once they get your signature, you will be treated like just another check and number. Nothing of worth. I believe Taylor and Melanie should be fired, along with the entire office. They are acting in an illogical manner." - Cameron28
"In 2017, a system was placed on my house by Mr. Rodgers (the Modern City Solar representative that visited our home) and Sunny Energy LLC (which I have since learned is a sub dealer). We chose the Modern City Sunrun option after being persuaded to do so by Mr. Rodgers. Since then, our system has not provided the promised coverage of our energy costs. The system was significantly underbuilt. Our friend who is a solar technician examined the system for us, and he informed us that it was seriously underbuilt. In addition to being stuck with a lease that has a 2.9 percent rate increase, we also discovered that we were overpaid for it. On top of our $179.97 monthly payment, we also pay $92.31. resulting in an actual monthly payment of $272.28. WITH THAT 2.9 ESCALATOR!! I would have had an average of about $176 without solar, according to the calculations! had several solar representatives confirm our location. AVOID THIS GROUP AND THEIR PARTNERS. All three will be reported to the BBB." - LisaMarie Bates
"On Monday evening, a man came to my house to set up an appointment with their expert to discuss solar. Both husband and wife were supposed to be accessible. Because my spouse and I live in separate (international) time zones, we scheduled our appointment for Thursday afternoon. On Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, there was nothing (in my email or SMS). So I informed my spouse that it was not going to happen. It wasn't until about 2.5 hours before the meeting that I received a text saying the assistant manager (Mat Thorne) is excited to speak with us. I indicated that because we had not received confirmation until today, we would not be able to attend. The following response may be acceptable to some, but it is not acceptable to us: "I apologize for not realizing you had been waiting. I was instructed to contact you on the day of the event. "Over the last week and a half, we've met with about 25 different people, so I've been extremely busy." Customers might be just as harried. How else can you target them if they don't have a home? They must earn a living in order to own a home. "Busy" is not an excuse. I informed them that our timetable is not flexible and that we are no longer interested in doing business with them. "I was under the impression that all you guys wanted to do was go over how Solar worked, I'm just a technician," he said. All right, Assistant Manager. If this is how you handle customer service, I'm not interested in doing business with you or learning about your services and/or goods. Thank you, but no thank you. You have my contact information. Make certain that your staff never come to my door again. I had a sign saying no solicitors, yet your individual still came in. If you can't keep track of items or people, you're running a lousy business. Good luck, and good luck." - Lilliy A
"We've had our system for a little more than a year. Installation went smoothly and all seemed fine. A year later, one of the two Solar Edge HD wave inverters we had failed. It took them two months to resolve this. We lost all of our credit over the cold months. Fast forward a few months, and guess which inverter is now faulty. How long do you think it will take now, Sunny? Do not buy any Solar Edge products. They're junk with an almost 30% failure rate, and this firm couldn't care less after the installation." - Jesse Roman
"I appreciated Sunny Energy's work on my house, and I was happy with it. Getting solar was important to me as a first-time home buyer, and Sunny Energy assisted me in doing so. The team was simple to work with and readily available if I ever had a query while the process was underway. After the installation was complete, they gave me a nice overview of how my system operated and assisted in setting me up with the tools I needed to monitor my solar production directly from my phone. It's comforting to know that Sunny Energy is helping me conserve green while also assisting the environment in a world where prices are rising." - zzaborny
"Amazing business! Working with Sunny Energy LLC for our solar needs has been a true delight. They were supportive and informative, outlining every step along the route. They worked quickly and effectively, finishing the task in the smallest period of time imaginable in the conditions! Any queries you may have will always be welcomed, and they will support you before, during, and even after installation. We are confident that we received the greatest product and service available! I have already recommended them to a few people." - Krysta Watkins
"One of my neighbors utilized Sunny Energy and highly recommended them to me while I was looking into solar company possibilities. I also performed my research, looking at other feasible businesses. I chose Solar Energy because they had excellent reviews, handled all of the installation and equipment service in-house, had a reasonable price, and I liked the reviews of the solar and inverter brands they sell. David Vernon, my salesman, answered all of my questions with the patience of a saint. I had the impression that I was receiving clear answers to all of my inquiries. The entire process—including getting the estimate, signing the contract, obtaining permits (which Sunny Energy handled), installing the system, and turning it on—has gone very smoothly. Every person I interacted with at Sunny Energy was helpful, courteous, affable, knowledgeable, and competent." - ММ
"Although I was looking around to find which firm would be best for me, Sunny Energy was not my first option for solar. I chose my home security system business first because I was impressed with the concepts and plans that were provided to me. Alarm bells began to ring when I performed some research on the business and discovered that they were in the midst of a merger or acquisition. Let me tell you, the nine-month mistake came as a result of my continuous optimism and loyalty to my prior employer. Working with the business entailed no follow-up on my projects and no contact with a live person to inquire about the status. The worst part was when an employee lied to me and said they had submitted a permission months earlier, only for me to discover that this was also bogus. Next thing you know, I fired that business and started looking. I learned from my mistake and did more thorough research before contacting a company. I was shocked to hear how well-known and highly rated Sunny Energy is. Why did I not choose them first? After calling the company, I had a contract, plans, and permits submitted within the first week. Whoa! Well, this is how it should function! My solar system was started on October 7th, and the panels were installed, PTO'd, and producing electricity by December 2nd! Seriously, the permission from the HOA required the longest delay. I received calls, texts, and emails nonstop from REAL PEOPLE updating me on the situation. I had an account on a website where I could check everything independently, and they showed me how to keep an eye on my output and the app's specifics so that I could constantly be informed. The lesson of the story is to look for the best business rather than the easiest. Through that search, you will always find Sunny Energy." - Naploi
"Almost a month has passed since I entered the service. The procedure is simple; from finding financial partners to obtaining permits and overseeing completion, everything is taken care of. You can follow along online so that you are prepared. My salesman was David Vernon, who is highly knowledgable about anything you could ever want to know. There is no pressure, and the prices are excellent for high-quality parts and services. The entire process was finished in 80 days! Ask lots of questions if you are unfamiliar with solar. You will learn from them. The installation went quickly after the permitting procedure; they arrived at 7 am and were finished by 11:30. I couldn't be happier with anything. With the use of an app, I can keep track of production from anywhere. The system is producing 10% more energy than was predicted by the design, which is approximately 52% more energy than I am using. With excellent evaluations, Arizona-based Sunny Energy is a one-stop solar company. My error caused one little installation hiccup, which they immediately and effectively fixed. Sunny Energy does installation, servicing, and warranty work all in-house, and there is only one number to call. I highly recommend them!" - KHanson

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Sunny Energy average reviews

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Sunny Energy Pros & Cons

  • Limited techical information on website
  • Installation delays
  • High upfront cost
  • Continually Improve
  • Invest in People
  • Provide exceptional customer service

Sunny Energy Final Conclusions

Sunny Energy has been an award-winning, locally owned and operated solar company since 2014. Dedicated to helping homeowners take back their power with solar energy, the company has a great reputation and a lot of positive feedback. Their customer service is outstanding. The company provides a range of services and is responsible for the entire installation process ((permitting, install, inspection, PTO)) and will save you unnecessary hassle. We highly recommend Sunny Energy like your solar provider in Arizona.

Sunny Energy locations

Main Address2414 W 14th Street, Suite B, Tempe, AZ 85281 AZ
Phone Number480-257-3283

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