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Solar energy may be used effectively in dwellings of any shape or size. Everyone stands to gain from the savings on energy costs and the increased financial security that a solar system may give. Construction that thoughtfully handles energy consumption, energy conservation, and energy generation is our area of expertise here at SunSource, and it's something we specialize in. Our team will provide outcomes for your building that are both cost-effective and energy-efficient if we concentrate on these areas and work closely with you.

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Solar energy may be used effectively in dwellings of any shape or size. Everyone stands to gain from the savings on energy costs and the increased financial security that a solar system may give. Construction that thoughtfully handles energy consumption, energy conservation, and energy generation is our area of expertise here at SunSource, and it's something we specialize in. Our team will provide outcomes for your building that are both cost-effective and energy-efficient if we concentrate on these areas and work closely with you.

What SunSource Homes has to say about itself

The cornerstone of each project at SunSource is rock-solid quality. The first priority in all of our designs, from solar systems to building and development initiatives, is quality. We never base whatever we do on minimum industry requirements! So that they may make wise judgments, we make sure that all of our methods and material selections are properly explained to our customers. All three fields of architecture and construction are housed together. We have all the necessary people on standby to manage every part of your project, no matter what it is. All of our efforts are coordinated seamlessly since we are all housed under one roof, from permits to engineering to collaboration across disciplines to problem-solving situations that arise in the field! In an effort to provide our customers all they need to finish their tasks, we aim to deliver on this promise.

SunSource Homes Solar Review

Year Started2011
Service AreasMO, IL, FL
Service TypesResidential solar, Commercial solar, Energy audits, Energy monitoring
Types PanelsNot specified
Backup BatteryNot specified
CertificationsNot specified

SunSource Homes website review

Owner of the website at is SunSource Homes, a company that specializes in developing and putting in solar energy systems for residences and commercial buildings. A slideshow of photos and a succinct summary of the services offered by the business are both included on the website's home page. There are sections on backup power systems, business solar, and residential solar on the website. Additionally, the business posts articles on solar energy and other sustainable forms of energy in its blog area. There is also a section devoted to endorsements and consumer reviews. The website offers a Get Started button that potential customers may utilize to arrange a meeting with the business. A map and contact information may also be found on the website's "Contact" page.

SunSource Homes price policy

PackagesNo packages specified
Payment optionsCash, credit cards
Payment discountsTax incentives, Utility discounts, Payback guarantee

SunSource Homes online reputation

It is clear from examining several customer evaluations that SunSource, a business that installs solar panels, has had both good and negative comments from its clients. Customers laud the business for its premium installations, first-rate support, and affordable costs. Many clients claim that every stage of the installation procedure was explained to them and that everything went off without a hitch. However, there were some unhappy customers who encountered the issue with the installation of the panels, namely the durability of the installation robots.
"This business does not support its products and is dishonest. When you get in touch with them, which you have to do many times before you receive a response, they are sluggish to answer and appear as if they are making an effort. It is strongly recommended that you do not buy solar panels from them like I did." - Maureen S.
"Due to the Pandemic, they postponed my installation appointment that was scheduled for the end of March 2020 to the end of May. Since then, they haven't called me back or shown up to install the panels, and they haven't responded to any of my calls or emails. I just want to know whether this business is still operating and if I should cut my losses and look for another solar installation company." - Initial Complaint
"The beneficial ones are the hard workers. Everything else is horrible. In March 2019, they installed our panels, however while doing so, they tripped over a ceiling light in the attic and broke the ceiling. After that, the solar panels caused two separate leaks in our roof. Our roof leaks and bathroom damage weren't remedied for more than six months due to several no call/no show incidents from their workers. My wife and I then asked to meet with a member of the top management to voice our dissatisfaction at this point. At the end of September, the meeting was eventually scheduled. My wife and I left work to meet the president and chairman, but they wouldn't meet with us, so we both had to take time off to go all the way downtown to see them at the appointed time. My wife and I discussed everything that had gone wrong with Keith Graepler and Peter Olson during the meeting. They expressed regret, provided justifications for what transpired, and pledged to make things right. After that, I questioned how they intended to make up to my wife and me for the squandered time and frustration of the previous six months. They pretended that we were being very ridiculous for even posing the question. Both guys made several dubious comments, but the one that stuck out the most to me was when I asked them exactly what they would do if they were in my position. Keith immediately said, "That question is completely irrelevant," saying that "he and Peter were contractors, so they realized how these things worked and my wife and I were not suppliers, so we had no idea how these things worked." "If I were in the same boat as you, I would never want to PISS OFF the people that are in charge of my solar warranty," he said, using identical words. Even though there were a few more very dubious comments, the meeting ultimately ended. Keith and Peter both handed us their personal business cards and instructed us to contact them personally with any more questions going forward by phone or text. They promised to respond to us within the day, if not a few hours. They returned to the property to paint the bathroom two weeks later. Then, on a Saturday, I contacted Peter to let him know what Keith and I had decided on for payment. Being the weekend, I didn't anticipate hearing from him until Monday. Monday arrives, and Peter has not responded. I then sent Keith the exact identical message through text on Monday. And Keith didn't say anything either. I contacted Keith on that Wednesday but got no response. I sent a message, but got no reply. On that Thursday, Peter emails me instead of calling. Although it was in fact NOT what we had agreed, he claims that now that everything has been resolved, they would provide the compensation that "we agreed upon." He continued by saying that my wife and I were being really unreasonable and were attempting to take advantage of SunSource. SunSource pretended to be the victims of the situation throughout. I would under no circumstances suggest these to anybody. Contact me if you want additional information." - AVOID
"On December 13, 2019, I entered into a deal with Sun Source to have them buy and install an 11.17 solar energy system on my house. On December 13, I made a $2,991.31 deposit. On February 21, 2020, I made a second payment of $14,956.55 after the engineering plan's acceptance. A tentative construction schedule broken down by week was given in the contract, with week 1 marking the contract signing. Finalizing the system's design and submitting paperwork to the power provider fall under weeks three through eight. All of this was completed. "Place order for goods required for the installation" is how weeks 5 through 10 are outlined. On February 21, I got an email from the project manager stating, "Great, we will get your product ordered," in response to the submission of the $14,956.55 payment. On April 7, I got word that my items had been ordered. I haven't heard anything from Sun Source since then on the progress of my project. The project managers' most recent emails to me in response are as follows: We are expecting official delivery confirmation as of May 27. We are still aiming for June 4–12 as of right now. I'll keep you up to date. May 18 - ...We anticipate that the product will be delivered by this coming Friday, which would place the installation in the last week of March [she subsequently clarified that she meant May]. May 1 - 5:10 PM - Although it is just a guess, it seems like the week of May 15 will be involved. When I learn more, I'll let you know. The process of establishing your array will continue today, May 1 at 4:34 PM...The week of May 15th is when we will start scheduling our postponed tasks. 7 April - Due to the coronavirus At this time, we are unable to provide a complete schedule for your solar installation. I hope we can. Mar 20 - ...The installation timetable will be delayed... "Solar System Construction" takes place from weeks 10 through 18. Week 10 started on February 17, 2020. 18th week concluded on April 17. This week is week 26. I don't know whether or when my house's 11.17kw solar panel system will be installed." - Kim
"It was fast and simple thanks to SunSource. They took care of the paperwork and permission processing. It looks amazing and was finished much earlier than expected. No unexpected charges emerged. I've enjoyed working with every member of the team. I'm glad to have made my project's vendor selection SunSource." - KSsolarguy
"Sunsource came out on top after I did research on solar systems and had conversations with at least five other installers. Sunsource impressed me with their expertise and readiness to answer all of my numerous questions." - Patt Home
"These individuals are not only knowledgeable in their field but also give service in an open and honest manner, work diligently, and do so while maintaining an excellent level of customer satisfaction. Unqualified endorsement!" - CBam
"Since I've been working in the renewable energy sector for a while, I haven't seen another business that shows such a strong commitment to its staff and clients. The business employs the finest materials and doesn't cut corners during installation. With a genuine concern for the sector, it prioritizes its customers and staff. Because there are no subcontractors, they can ensure quality and appropriate installation. They exclusively sell equipment from Tier 1 that come with a complete 25-year guarantee and lifetime monitoring. SunSource is the supplier to choose if you want a system that will endure, function well, and be installed quickly." - Andrea Cahill
"Fantastic business with outstanding guarantees and guarantees on their items. By a wide margin, the best in town. They give their clients and doing the right thing a lot of genuine attention." - Andrea B.

SunSource Homes Social media
A Facebook page called SunSource Homes promotes solar energy for houses in Arizona. Nearly 5,000 people have liked the page since it was founded in 2013. The majority of the entries on the page are educational and discuss solar energy, as well as its advantages and financial incentives, such as tax rebates and energy bill reductions. Along with consumer reviews, it also includes some business news, such as revisions to solar-related laws. The page has received largely favorable fan response. Clients who have had positive interactions with the business typically leave comments on the blog, sharing personal anecdotes and pictures of their completed solar projects. Overall, the SunSource Homes Facebook page is a helpful tool for both prospective and current clients, offering a lot of knowledge on solar power as well as positive testimonials from actual clients. It provides a great platform for the business to interact and communicate with its consumers, giving them a place to go to get their questions addressed and stay up to date on the most recent business news. account not registered
YouTube channel not registered

SunSource Homes average reviews

SourceVotesAvg. Score
energysage.comNo reviewsNo reviews
solartribune.comNo reviewsNo reviews
Google reviews15


SunSource Homes Pros & Cons

  • Comprehensive service offerings
  • Competent staff
  • Competitive pricing
  • No BBB accreditation
  • Support issues after installation
  • Long wait for installation

SunSource Homes Final Conclusions

A firm called SunSource specializes in offering sustainable energy solutions to consumers in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. By offering them sustainable energy solutions, the firm is dedicated to assisting its clients in lowering their ecological impact and energy expenses. Solar energy is one of SunSource's primary areas of competence. The firm helps consumers produce power from the sun by designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels for residences and commercial buildings. Solar panel systems from SunSource are very effective and may dramatically lessen customers' reliance on conventional energy sources, leading to cheaper energy costs and a smaller environmental impact. Because of their expertise and commitment, as shown by their satisfied customers, they are undoubtedly the ideal option for individuals wishing to invest in solar energy.

SunSource Homes locations

Main Address322 Southwest Blvd., Ste. 200, Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone Number(816)783-3863

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